Sarkes Corner – Sarkes on Vacation

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes and Sarkes Corner Staff will be vacationing in Croatia
  • Sarkes will be off the Grid until April 23

Sarkes and the Sarkes Corner Staff will be taking a well deserved vacation starting today and ending on April 23.  The vacation is in Croatia and Sarkes and the Sarkes Corner staff will not have Internet connectivity and will be off the Grid.

This vacation is well deserved and Sarkes and the Sarkes Corner Staff have been working Overtime since the Election of the Orange Emperor. It seems like the Golden Bugler has dominated the News cycle every day.  Sarkes, for one, is exhausted.  

Stories that Sarkes is working on but has not yet completed:

1.  Is the Bromance between Vlads Putin and the Orange Jumpsuit over?  OR, is the Bully language by both lovers a smoke screen for their Bromance which has been criticized by both Russians and Americans? 

2.  Did Speaker of the House Paul Ryan decide not to run for reelection to spend more time with his family?  OR, is Ryan suffering from TRUMPVERTIGO, that is, constant dizziness and loss of balance caused by the constant Flipping and Change of Positions of the Golden Goose.  

3.  Are the actions of the FBI and Special Prosecuter Robert Mueller really an “ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY” as claimed by the Orange Nehi?  If yes, can’t a President just eliminate the FBI?    And why is this a “WITCH HUNT”?  Isn’t that sexist, what isn’t this a SORCERER HUNT?

4.  Will the Orange Mac & Cheese fire:

a. Prosecutor Robert Mueller

b. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

c. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

d. Saturday Night Live Actor Alex (Alec) Baldwin

e. (a., b., and c.) above

5.  Did the Golden Lathario really tap Stormy Daniels and  Karen McDougal in an Extra Marital Affair?  When did the Evangelical Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists eliminate Adultery as a Sin?

6.  Why are most P-Grabbers and A-Pinchers Old White Rich Men?  Is Bill Cosby really White?  

7.  If, for some reason, the Orange Cheeto does not / cannot finish his term as President, is Stan Kronke, Owner of the LA Rams, a viable replacement?  After all, the Gold Goliath and Stan Kronke are two Peas in a Pod.  Kronke is an unethical, unscrupulous, ruthless Business man who made his money the Old Fashioned way, he married Sam Walton’s Daughter.  

Sarkes will finish these stories upon his return from Croatia.  

Since Sarkes will be off the Grid, in his absence, he asks all subscribers to Sarkes Corner to email him any stories about: George Zimmerman, Judge Judy, Infant on Infant Shootings, Crackers being Crackers, Stupid Human Tricks, etc.  Send you emails to: .