Homecoming Election Fraud FollowUp

Executive Summary:

– The recent Sarkes Corner on Massive Voter Fraud in a High School Homecoming Queen Election sparked much interest

– “Many People” had follow up Questions

As reported in a recent Sarkes Corner,  a Young Perp, Emily Grover, and her Mother, Laura Carroll, an Assistant Principal at Bellview Elementary School, were arrested after authorities said the duo used Mother Perp Carroll’s special access to the Escambia County School District’s student Data System.   After hacking into the Student Data system, the duo cast hundreds of fraudulent votes for Young Perp Grover in the Homecoming Queen election at Tate High School. 

Young Perp Grover and her Mother Perp Carroll committed Massive Voter Fraud to win the Tate HS Homecoming Queen Election

With the ongoing accusations, by the Orange Former Guy and his Lackeys, that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN with MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, there has been much interest in Elections and Election Voter Fraud.  The Orange Former Guy and Fox News, Fair and Balanced, maintain that President Biden was not fairly elected, and should not be President.  Sarkes Corner subscriber Jerry Katz sent a scathing email to Sarkes accusing Sarkes of not digging deeper into this story.  Jerry was not the only subscriber with follow-up questions. 

First, in defense of his actions, Sarkes was NOT on any artificial deadline to publish the Sarkes Corner on Tate High School Voter Fraud.  In retrospect, the Sarkes Corner Copy Editors cut out aspects of the story that should have been left in.

Next, Sarkes provides Answers to Questions asked by Sarkes Corner Subscribers on the Massive Voter Fraud in the Tate High School Homecoming Queen Election:

What was Young Perp Grover and Mother Perp Carroll’s Political Affiliation?

Sarkes Answers ==>  Florida’s 1st congressional district, where Tate HS is located, covers the western most part of the Florida Panhandle.   The district is anchored in Pensacola and includes tourist destinations like Fort Walton Beach and Florida’s Emerald Coast.  Florida’s 1st congressional district is the MOST Republican district in Florida and the 15th MOST Republican in the United States.

Florida’s 1st Congressional District is one of the Brightest Red Congressional Districts in the United States

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Scarborough represented Florida’s 1st Congressional District from 1995 to 2001 as a Conservatives Republican.  Morning Joe has been accused of Murder by the Orange “Former Guy”.  Morning Joe, a Conservative and “Traditional” Republican, has since denounced the Republican Party as an Orange Cult.

Joe “Morning Joe” Scarborough says today’s GOP is the Insurrectionist Party led by Cult Leader, the Orange “Former Guy”

So, the answer to this question is obvious.  Both Young Perp Grover and Mother Perp Carroll are Trumpian Republicans as there are few Democrats in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.   

Were voter machines used?

Sarkes Answers ==> Yes, Dominion Voting Systems voting machines were used.  Current Congressman Matt Geatz has ordered a special audit of Dominion Voting Systems citing the Bamboo found in Dominion Voting Systems machines in Maricopa County, Arizona.

According to GOP controlled Legislatures all over the country, Dominion Voting Systems used Ballots from China that had Bamboo imbedded in the ballots.
Giant Pandas love Bamboo, but Bamboo wrecks havoc in Voting Machines

At what age did Matt Geatz get involved with Young Perp Grover; 14 or 15 or 16 etc?

Sarkes Answers ==> Pervert Geatz likes them young, but not raw, so 16.

Like the Orange “Former Guy”, Sniffer Geatz likes his women with Big Ta Tas
Pervert Geatz also goes for the Young Ones, regardless of the size of their Ta Tas 

What pillow does the Young Perp Grover and Runner-Up Ariyana Wyatt, use?

Sarkes Answers ==> “My Pillow” of course.  “My Pillow” is the pillow of choice for all Republicans. 

All Trump Hotels proudly offer Pillows from Mike Lindell and his company My Pillow

Do either mother or daughter own an AK47 / AR15 Assault Weapon?

Sarkes Answers ==> Silly question, of course they do. 

The AR 15 is the Assault Weapon of choice for Florida women, especially those in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

Did the daughter go to the promo in CAMO?

Sarkes Answers ==> CAMO wear is very popular in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.  For the Tate HS Prom, the Homecoming Queen and her Court dressed up, only wearing CAMO Bra and Panties. 

CAMO is never out of style in Florida’s 1st Congressional District

Did the Homecoming Queen and her Court color their Hair? 

Sarkes Answers ==>  Another silly question, of course the Queen and her Court colored their hair, don’t all High School girls?

The Tate HS Homecoming Court were all Blonds……with a little help from L’Oreal 

Rudy “Rud the Dud” Giuliani used Grecian Formula …… a big mistake

If there are any further questions on the Tate HS Voter Fraud, send them on to Sarkes.

Wide Spread Election Fraud Validated

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida student is accused of Rigging her Homecoming Queen Election
  • She could face a 16-year sentence 
  • Elections can and are RIGGED

A Florida high school student has been accused of Rigging her Homecoming Schools Election.  She will be charged as an adult.

The Young Perp, Emily Grover, and her Mother, Laura Carroll, an Assistant Principal at Bellview Elementary School, were arrested after authorities said the duo used Mother Perp Carroll’s special access to the Escambia County School District’s student Data System.   After hacking into the Student Data system, the duo cast hundreds of fraudulent votes for Young Perp Grover in the Homecoming Queen election at Tate High School.  Although Young Perp Grover was arrested when she was 17 years old, she was charged as an Adult.

Wasn’t Young Perp Grover cute enough to win the Election fairly?

Explaining why Young Perp Grover would be charged as an Adult, States Attorney John Molchan said:  ”This is not unusual with young people of that age.  Juvenile Court cannot do anything or supervise them after they become 18. And so it just makes better sense to move them into Adult court where they can be supervised effectively.”  While Young Perp Grover will be charged as an adult, the court still has the ability to impose juvenile sanctions. 

The Young Perp Grover’s Mug Shot

Mother Perp Carroll remains free on a $6,000 bond, and Young Perp Grover is free on $2,000 bond. Prosecutors said the mother and daughter each face a maximum 16-year sentence, 16 years!

They Duo are each charged with:

– Offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic devices (third-degree felony);

– Unlawful use of a two-way communications device (third-degree felony);

– Criminal use of personally identifiable information (third-degree felony);

-Conspiracy to commit these offenses (first-degree misdemeanor)

This Mother / Daughter Criminal Duo are more notorious than Thelma and Louise

How did the Perps get caught?   The Escambia County School District’s election software application flagged hundreds of votes in the Homecoming Election as fraudulent, causing the district to contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. An investigation revealed the two ultimately cast 246 fraudulent votes.

Like most Criminals, these Perps could not avoid the long arm of the Law

The investigation also found that Young Perp Grover openly used Mother Perp Carroll’s account to access other students’ profiles.  Young Perp Grover was ultimately expelled from Tate High School.  Mother Perp Carroll was suspended from her position after her arrest. School officials have declined to say whether they have since terminated Carroll, citing the ongoing court case.

Tate High School, the Aggies, was the scene of this heinous crime

In most of the media this would be the end of the reporting.  But Sarkeses Crack Investigative Journalist team keep digging until the entire Truth is uncovered.  Sarkeses Crack Investigative Journalist found:

The Matt Geatz Connection:

US Representative Matt Geatz represents Florida’s 1st Congressional District witch is the Panhandle of Florida, the western most part of the state.  Escambia County, where Tate High School is located, is in Matt Geatz’s Congressional District.  Congressman Geatz is an Orange Mini-Me, pledging full allegiance to the Orange “Former Guy”.  And like the Orange “Former Guy”, Congressman Geatz is a First Class P-Grabber, and likes the girls he P-Grabs to be very Young.

Congressman Geatz is a 1st Class Sniffer and P-Grabber and likes them Young

Recently, Congressman Geatz’s friend and confidante, Joel Greenberg, has made a Plea Deal in a Federal Court in Orlando, Florida, witch is expected to confirm that Congressman Geatz has committed several crimes, including the P-Grabbing of an underage girl.  Sarkes Connects Dots where most do not even see Dots:

Dot 1:  Congressman Geatz is a P-Grabber who likes them Young

Dot 2:  Young Perp Grover attends Tate High School which is in Matt Geatz’s Congressional District

The Connected Dots:  Congressman Geatz most likely helped Young Perp Grover fix the Homecoming Queen Election for a little reciprocal P-Grabbing.

Congressman Geatz has been connected with a lot of Women, especially the Young ones, and uses the “Thumbs Up” signature of the Orange “Former Guy”

The Homecoming Queen Runner Up:

The Tate High School student who finished as the Homecoming Queen Runner-Up to Emily Grover was Ariyana Wyatt, a close friend of Young Perp Grover for years.  Runner-Up Wyatt was a Taft HS Cheerleader and active in many other school activities.    

Runner-Up Wyatt was the victim of a Rigged Election and Massive Voter Fraud

Runner-Up Wyatt didn’t believe the rumors of a rigged homecoming election at first.  “I did hear rumors, but I didn’t really think anything of it until I was brought into the office, and it all became real.”  Runner-Up Wyatt said that after the initial shock about the homecoming election, she thought that she could move on.  Later, after considering what had happened, Runner-Up Wyatt was quoted:

“This Homecoming Queen Election is about great voter fraud, fraud that has never been seen like this before.”

“It’s about our poll watchers who were not allowed to watch. So illegal. It’s about ballots that poured in and nobody but a few knew where they came from. … It’s about machinery that was defective, machinery that was stopped.”

“You can’t let another person steal that election from you.”

“I go from winning by a lot to losing a tight race. It’s corrupt.”

“It’s about big leads on election night, tremendous leads, leads where I was being congratulated for a decisive, easy victory, and all of a sudden, by morning or a couple of days later, those leads rapidly evaporated.”

“For the 10th Grade vote, as an example, where we were way up on election night, they ultimately had us miraculously losing by 200 votes. And I can show you right here that for the 10th Grade, we’re leading by a lot, and then at 3:42 in the morning, there was this. It was a massive dump of votes.”

“Taft High School uses Dominion systems, and they found that nearly 275 votes had been wrongly switched from me to Emily Grover. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what we caught. How many didn’t we catch?”

“Bamboo were found in Ballots sent from China and Ballots made in India had special Disappearing Ink which changed votes for me to Emily Grover!” 

“Dead people — and we have many examples — made false applications, then voted in the Homecoming Queen election.”

“For the 11th Grade, large amounts of mail-in and absentee ballots were processed illegally and in secret in without our observers present. They were not allowed to be present. … They were thrown out of the building.”

Runner-Up Wyatt is one bitter young woman

Needless to say, if a Homecoming Queen Election at Taft High School in Escambia County, Florida can be Rigged, it is quite possible that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN from the Orange “Former Guy”.

“Many People Say” that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN from the Orange “Former Guy”
The “Orange Former Guy”, Rud the Dud Giuliani,  and Mr. Pillow all know the Election was STOLEN
The January 6 MAGA Terrorists Insurrectionists all know the Election was STOLEN

If a Homecoming Election in Florida was stolen, for sure, the Presidential Election was stolen.

Special Edition – The Armenian Genocide Anniversary

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes pauses to recognize the 106th anniversary of the Genocide of the Armenian nation by the Ottoman Turks
  • April 24, 1915 is considered the beginning of the Armenian Genocide
  • The United States Government has finally recognized the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire

Sarkes is a descendent of survivors of the Armenian Genocide where all 4 of his grandparents immigrated to the United States, one illegally.  

Sarkeses Paternal Grandparents Sarkis and Khanem Korkoian with father Yero on the pedestal 

Sarkeses Maternal Grandparents Soghomon and Zaghig Ossian, mother Alice back row middle

The Armenian Genocide was the systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing of 1.5 million (of approximately 2 million) ethnic Armenians from their traditional homeland within the Ottoman Empire during World War I.  

The anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is commemorated every year on April 24.   April 24, 1915 is considered the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, which started with the deportation and execution of Armenian intellectuals and political leaders.

The United States Government has been slow to recognize this Genocide of the Armenia people primarily due to a strong Turkish Lobby,  and fears of the political ramifications of disrupting relations with Turkey.  Turkey is a key NATO ally and the US maintains military operations, and Nuclear weapons, in Turkey as the first line of defense against Russia.  

In late 2019, both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate passed resolutions recognizing the Genocide of the Armenian people. Recently, President Biden has also recognized this Genocide.  With Biden’s recognition,  the United States Government has now formally recognized the Genocide of the Armenian people.  Why this took 106 years cannot be logically explained.

The History:

The Ottoman Empire, which started in the 16th Century, was ruled by Turks who had conquered lands extending from Eastern Europe to North Africa and West Asia. Within the Ottoman Empire, an Islamic State, other religions (Christian, Jews, etc)  lived in relative peace but as 2nd class citizens, being denied participation in government, paying discriminatory taxes, and more.  

In the 19th Century, the Ottoman Empire was in serious decline.  By 1914, the Ottoman Empire had lost all of its conquered lands in Eastern Europe and Africa.  These losses created enormous internal pressures which contributed to the intensification of ethnic tensions.  Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, having seen the secession of former Ottoman territories in Europe and Africa, aspired for greater representation and participation.  

As the Ottoman Empire declined in the late 1800’s, a new political group, the Young Turks seized power.  As the Ottoman armies suffered a string of military defeats, a convenient scapegoat was the Armenian people who were blamed as collaborating with the enemies of the Ottoman Empire, especially Russia.  When World War I broke out in 1914, the Ottoman Empire joined Germany and Austria-Hungary and declared war on Russia, Great Britain and France.

The Young Turks had a strategy of making the Ottoman Empire a homogeneous Islamic state, and used the war as a convenient excuse to order the deportation of thousands of Armenians from their homeland thru the Syrian desert to Allepo.  In fact, this “resettlement program” were death marches designed to surgically remove Armenians from the Ottoman Empire with little or no destruction of their property. 

The “resettlement” of the Armenian people was actually a death march where few survived

After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the current Republic of Turkey was formed, and all related matters of resettlement and restitution to the Armenian survivors of the Genocide was soon forgotten.  What were the consequences of not immediately addressing the Armenian Genocide?  In Nazi Germany, as Adolph Hitler planned the Genocide of the Jews in Europe, when challenged about ramifications, Hitler said:   “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” We all know how that worked out.

The Republic of Turkey was formed at the end of World War I and after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  From day one, this new Turkish Government has strongly denied that the Ottoman Empire had committed Genocide against the Armenian people.  Their denial is based on the assumption that the “relocation” of Armenians was a legitimate state action in response to a real Armenian uprising that threatened the existence of the empire during wartime. The Turkish Governments positions that the Ottoman Empire intended to resettle Armenians rather than kill them. They claim the death toll is exaggerated or attribute the deaths to other factors, such as a disease, bad weather, rogue local officials, or bands of Kurds and outlaws. Therefore, their main argument is that “There was no genocide, and the Armenians were to blame for it.”    Turkish denial is usually accompanied by rhetoric of Armenian treachery, aggression, criminality, and territorial ambition”.  Let Sarkes interpret:  The Ottoman Empire almost eliminated the entire Armenian nation, and it was all the fault of the Armenians. 

In summary, the population of historic Armenia was eliminated from the region.  The surviving refugees spread throughout the world, and Armenian diaspora now numbers 11 million with 1 million in the United States.  The current population of the Republic of Armenia is 3 million. 

Follow Up:  Sarkes recommends to those of you who might be interested, to do some reading about OPERATION NEMESIS.  1921, a tightly knit band of Armenian assassins set out to avenge the deaths of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. They were a humble bunch: an accountant, a life insurance salesman, a newspaper editor, an engineering student, and a diplomat. Together they formed one of the most effective assassination squads in history, hunting down and killing the leaders of the Ottoman Empire and architects to the Armenian Genocide.  

Sarkes outside the Gardens of the Armenian Embassy in Washington, DC

Note:  If interested, one can Google “Armenian Genocide Images”, but be prepared for some very horrific and unsettling pictures of the Armenian Genocide.

Another Senseless Mass Shooting: Wilmington, NC

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes has NOT reported on the recent Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC
  • Sarkes provides an explanation

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, there was another Mass Shooting, this time in Wilmington, NC.  It’s been close to a week, why haven’t you reported on this latest Mass Shooting using your Mass Shooting Standard Form?

Simple, you see, Mass Shootings by Great Americans, mostly Angry White Men, seem to be a weekly occurrence.   These Americans have a Constitutional Right to “keep and bear arms”, including Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons.

In the recent Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC, ONLY 3 Innocent people were Killed and 4 were Injured.  The Sarkes Corner Executive Board has dictated that Sarkes can only report on Mass Shootings in America when a Minimum of 4 innocent people are murdered.  Obviously, this latest Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC did not Qualify.

With limited staff, Sarkes cannot report every time another Angry American, exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights, goes on a shooting rampage with Semi Automatic Assault Weapons. Sorry.

Sarkes increased his Journalism Acumen when he was Editor-in-Chief of the Missouri Science & Technology Yearbook, the ROLLAMO.  Even back then, in the mid 1970’s, Sarkes was accountable to an Executive Board.

The ROLLAMO Staff – Sarkes is at the head of the table with the Pipe 

The Sarkes Corner Executive Board join our Senators and Representatives in offering “Thoughts and Prayers, Thought and Prayers”, to those murdered in the lates Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC.

The Election WAS Rigged and Stolen!

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes had previously analyzed the ways that the Deep State could Rig the Presidential Election
  • Sarkes now has proof that the Deep State has Rigged and Stolen the Presidential Election

In the Sarkes Corner published on October 13:  Voter Fraud & A Rigged Election, Sarkes analyzed the charges made by the Orange Chosen One that the Deep State was Rigging the November Presidential Election.  The Orange Profit claimed that the Deep State was:

  • Placing Fake Ballot Boxes in Conservative Neighborhoods and collecting, then trashing, the Ballots from unsuspecting Conservatives
  • Paying children to steal Ballots from Mail Boxes in Conservative neighborhoods, paying a bounty of $5 for each stolen Ballot
  • Rigging the Voter Rosters by adding Dead people who would then vote for Joe Biden
  • Sneaking into the US Illegal Mexicans to vote for Joe Biden, just like Hillary Clinton
  • Paying corrupt Postal Workers to divert Ballots from Conservative neighborhoods to Poor Liberal neighborhoods where they would be filled out for Joe Biden
  • Printing Ballots in Foreign countries with special disappearing Ink that would fade out any ballots cast for the Orange Victim

After that exhaustive analysis on the many ways that the Deep State was Rigging the November election, Sarkes concluded that it WAS quite possible that the November election could be Rigged.

Fast Forward to Today

As you know, Sarkes had been off the Grid for about 3 weeks after the election.  Sarkeses head had been spinning with the daily political news, charges, acquisitions and general bull shit that we Americans were exposed.  So Sarkes took a Mental Health Break, focusing on re runs of Judge Judy, and just recently retuned to the busy Sarkes Corner News Room.

After 3 weeks taking a Mental Health Break, with good Coffee and reruns of Judge Judy, Sarkes is back in the Sarkes Corner News Room

At the first Editorial Board Meeting with Sarkes Corner reporters after his return, Sarkes sensed that something was seriously wrong.  Sarkes Corner reporters, mostly graduates from the finest Journalism School in the country, the University of Missouri, had their heads down and avoiding eye contact with Sarkes.  Sarkes told the reporters: “Listen, you know Sarkes is cool, collected, flexible, unflappable, a Stable Genius, so come out with it, what’s wrong.”

Finally, Sarkes was given the Harsh Truth.  The Sarkes Corner Investigative Reporters told Sarkes that they had uncovered indisputable evidence that the November HAD been Rigged……………………and that their evidence was against Sarkes sweet granddaughter, 3 year old Addison Katz-Korkoian.  

Sarkes Corner Reporters charged granddaughter Addie with Voter Fraud and more

Needless to say, Sarkes was in shock and calmly asked the Reporters what evidence they had to charge little Addie with these serious charges.  The Reporters reluctantly provided the evidence.

On October 29, a Sarkes Corner field team found little Addie, assisted by her mother Meredith, STEALING Ballots from a Washington DC Ballot Box.

Little Addie was allegedly receiving $5 for each stolen Conservative Ballot 

Next, the Sarkes Corner Reporters, accessing Addie’s Facebook Account, found the following evidence proving that she had illegally voted for Joe Biden.

Little Addie, at 3 years old, admitted to have voted for Joe Biden

Sarkes, a Truth Machine, had no choice but to report these felonies to the proper authorities.  Sarkes first call was to the Orange Exalted Leader’s personal attorney, William Barr.  Sarkes was told to leave a message but to not expect a return call as Barr was booked up until January 20.  

Personal Attorney William Barr, working on his resume, was too busy to talk to Sarkes

Sarkes then called the head of the Orange Eminence’s Election Legal Team, Rudy (Rud the Dud) Giuliani.  Rud the Dud was busy getting a hair cut and dye but Sarkes was assured that Rudy would get back to Sarkes.

Rud the Dud would surely use this evidence to prove Massive, Uuuuuuge Voter Fraud

After those calls, Sarkes decided to appeal to the Highest Authority, and called the Orange Premier.  Sarkes was told that the Orange Commander in Tweets was watching Fox News, but would call Sarkes during a commercial break between Tucker Carlson and Sean O’Hannity.   

The Orange Nielsen has Split Screen capabilities so he can simultaneously watch Fox News AND One America News Network

True to his word, and when has the Orange Commandant ever lied to the American People, Sarkes received a call back.  A transcript of that call is next:

Sarkes:  Mr. President, thank you so much for calling me back.

Donald Trump:  Anytime Sarkes, I am extremely busy, but never too busy to call you.  What can I do for you.

Sarkes:  Well Mr. President, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that I have indisputable evidence that the November Election was Rigged and Stolen from you. I have forwarded that information to the head of your Legal Team, Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump: That is good news Sarkes.  This was an election that we won easily. We won it by a lot. Very sad to say it, this election was rigged and we can’t let that happen. We can’t let it happen for our country. This election has to be turned around.

Donald Trump:  Thanks Sarkes, but what is the bad news?

Sarkes:  Well Mr. President, I regret to report that the main perpetrator is my sweet 3 year old Grandaughter, Addison Katz-Korkoian.  What I need is for you is to Pardon Addison.  She is too young to spend time in the Slammer and Sarkes commits to work with Addision to convert her to become a Great Conservative like you and Ronald Reagan.  I am asking for you to give Addison a break by giving her an unconditional Pardon.

Donald Trump:  Considerate done Sarkes.  I will get on it right away, well, after I watch Laura Ingraham tonight, she is one fine looking skit eh?  I am heading to my Virginia Golf resort tomorrow morning but someone should call you after that to confirm the Pardon.

Sarkes: Thanks Mr. President, see you soon at Mir-A-Lago.

The Orange Bird Dog would love to P-Grab Laura Ingraham
Sarkes and Trump at a recent Rally in Naples, FL

Special Edition, The 2nd Presidential Debate

Executive Summary:

–  The 2nd Presidential Debate is scheduled for Thursday, October 22


The 2nd Presidential Debate between the Orange Stable Genus and Sleepy Joe Biden will air on Thursday, October 22.  Sarkes warned you to NOT watch the 1st Debate but many of you disregarded Sarkeses Sage Advice and watched it any way.  Shame on you.  DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!!!!!

You should have listened to Sarkes, don’t screw up a second time

In an Award Winning Sarkes Corner posted on September 17, 2020 titled “Trump v Biden, The Presidential Debate” Sarkes predicted EXACTLY what would happen in the 1st Debate.  Of course, Sarkes was 1,000 Percent Correct.  DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!!!!!

Sarkes argues that NONE OF YOU are UNDECIDED, you know who will get your vote.  Heck, many of you have already voted.   So, why would you watch this garbage TV, WHY?  If, for some reason, you like to watch a Train Wreck, or 2 Septuagenarian interrupting and talking over each other, or other tragic events, you can get your instant gratification:

-If you have already voted for Trump or will be voting for Trump, watch Fox News Fair and Balanced or America One Network on Friday Morning.

-If you have already voted for Biden or will be voting for Biden, watch CNN and MSNBC on Friday Morning.

Sarkes will be watching Re Runs of Judge Judy (the Cased are Real, the People are Real, the Rulings are Final).  But, Sarkes understands that some of you may not like Judge Judy.  So, watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Acorn, anything but this Stupid Debate. 


Ronald McDonald and Ronald McDonald Donald both give the now famous 2 Thumbs Up
Bozo the Clown and Bozo Joe Biden both Football Fans, give the Touchdown Signal

The Fly?

Executive Summary:

  • During the Vice Presidential Debate Last Night, a Fly landed on the head of VP Pence
  • Was this really a Fly? Hmmmmm
How did a Fly get into this Controlled Environment?

Let the record show that Sarkes DID NOT watch the Vice Presidential Debate last night, but had a gaggle of Sarkes Corner reporters assigned to watch and report.  Sarkes pays his reporters so they have no say in their assignments.  On the other hand, Sarkes has choices, and decided to watch re-runs of Judge Judy instead of wasting time on watching the Debate.   Judge Judy, the Cases are Real, the People are Real, the Rulings are Final.

Judge Judy says that Losers choose to watch Political Debates instead of watching her dish out justice.  

During the Debate last night, the Vice Presidential candidates were in a serious moment when a Black Bug, which looked like a Fly, landed on Mike Pence’s thick, stark white hair. Most viewers’ attention then turned to the Fly, which rested in Pence’s hair for over 2 minutes, then flew away.

How could a Fly stay stuck in Pence’s Hair for 2 minutes, Brylcreem?

While on the surface, this might seemed like an innocent, humorous moment, it turns out that it was much much more.  

Sarkes has an Informant in the Trump / Pence Campaign Office, LEAKER.  Sarkes is fortunate that LEAKER is one of the few Trump / Pence Campaign Office Staffers WITHOUT having tested Positive for the Caronavirus.  

LEAKER does not have the Caronavirus like the rest of Trump’s staff …………. yet

LEAKER called Sarkes with startling, Breaking News.  LEAKER reported that the Secret Service has determined that the Black object stuck in Pence’s White Hair WAS NOT a Fly, rather it was a Mini Micro Drone!

Great Tech companies like Boeing are able to miniaturize Drones, obviously, some as small as a FLY

LEAKER told Sarkes that the Secret Service determined that the Mini Micro Drone was not stuck in Pence’s thick White Brylcreem laden hair, rather the Mini Micro Drone was injecting a foreign substance into the VP.  LEAKER told Sarkes that this explains why Pence continued to babble nonsense long after his time was up on the Debate Clock. 

Pence is not to be blamed for his long winded babbling, he was drugged

LEAKER then told Sarkes that the Secret Service wanted to take VP Pence to Walter Reed hospital, but was overridden by the Orange Physician who was quoted:  “Only Panty Wastes and Girly Boys go to a hospital.  I can’t believe that I let my Failed Medical Staff talk me into going to Walter Reed.  That won’t happen again, and for sure I won’t let Pence go and further embarrass  me.”

Don’t Blame the Secret Service, they tried
Trump is a Mans Man, stricken with Caronavirus, he don’t need no Stink’n Mask

Results of The Presidential Debate

Executive Summary:

– The first Presidential Debate was held on Tuesday, September 29

– How did Sarkes do in predicting the results?

The first Presidential Debate, between Slo Mo Jo Biden and the Orange Emperor Donald J. Trump, was held on Tuesday, September 29.   Sarkes refused to waste his time watching these Garbage TV debates.  Sarkes had no interest in watching two, old white guys yell and insult each other.   instead, Sarkes watched socially redeeming TV……reruns of Judge Judy, the Cases are Real, the People are Real, the Judgements are FINAL!

The past few seasons, Judge Judy sported a Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hair Do
Reruns of Judge Judy, or ANY TV, would be better than watching these Clowns

BUT, since Sarkes has a Fiduciary duty to Subscribers of Sarkes Corner, he provided a Summary of the Presidential Debate 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DEBATE!

Sarkes had predicted:

If you watched FOX NEWS or ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK after the debate you will learn:

  • Donald J. Trump clearly won the Debate
  • Biden is a tool of the Radical Liberal Left
  • A Biden Presidency will turn America into a Socialist state
  • Biden will confiscate your Guns and Ammo
  • Under Biden, small business will close and millions laid off permanently
  • Biden has dementia 
  • Biden is easy on China
  • Biden will let Black Mobs invade the Suburbs and threaten White Women
  • Biden will empty the Prisons and Criminals will run rampant 
  • There will be riots and chaos in the streets if Biden gets elected
  • Biden is using the Caronavirus to Rig and Steal the November Election
  • Kamala Harris is not eligible to be VP, her parents were not US Citizens
According to Fox News and OAN, Trump was the clear winner of the Debate

If you watch CNN or MSNBC after the debate you will learn:

  • Joe Biden clearly won the Debate
  • Trump is a dismal failure and has failed to do his job
  • Trump throws gas on the fire, dividing America
  • Trump is Corrupt and unfit for office
  • Trump’s America is for the Rich White or Uneducated White
  • The GOP has become a Trump Booster Club without a Platform
  • Trump botched the Caronavirus killing 10s of thousands Americans
  • Trump calls our Military heroes Losers and Suckers
  • Trump is a serial lier and continues to lie to America
  • Trump embraces Americas enemies and has shunned our allies
  • Trump is a friend of the White Supremacist
  • Trump’s policies have driven our Record Debt and Deficits   
According to CNN and MSNBC, Biden was the clear winner of the Debate

So how did Sarkes do?  Sarkes selected 6 Sarkes Corner Staff Members, 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats, to watch the Debate between Sleepy Joe Biden and the Orange Pinocchio.  Sarkes tasked these 6 Staff Members to evaluate how well Sarkes predicted the results of the Debate.  All 6 Staff Members gave Sarkes an A+, an A+, reporting that Sarkeses prediction of the Debate was perfect, perfect.  

The Staff of Sarkes Corner are knowledgeable, dedicated, and the Best in the Business

“Many People Say” Sarkes, the evaluation of the Debate by your 6 Staff Members is tainted.  First, you paid them overtime, and, more importantly, your Staff are Puppets, Lemmings, Dodo birds, Shills, Stooges, Lackeys, Boot Lickers, Brownnoses, Yes Men, and Yes Women, who Kowtow to your every whim.  In fact, “Many People Say”, your staff is worse than Donald J. Trumps Cabinet and Staff.  

Sarkes vigorously states that this is Fake News, Fake News!  First, Donald J. Trumps Cabinet and Staff are the BENCHMARK for Puppets, Lemmings, Dodo birds, Shills, Stooges, Lackeys, Boot Lickers, Brownnoses, Yes Men, and Yes Women.

When it comes to Yes Men and Yes Women, Trumps Staff are the Best in History, History!

Secondly, Sarkes is a retired Boeing Executive.  Boeing Executives are recognized as the Best in the Business, Best in Class,  Managing using modern Management tools like Collaboration, Teamwork, Coordination, Collegial, Participative, and Coaching. Boeing Executives are not Bullies and DO NOT Lead thru fear and intimidation.  

Sarkes was part of an Elite Confederation….Boeing Executives

So, Sarkes deserves an A+ for predicting, 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, what would be said during the Trump Biden Debate.  Sarkes is 1,000 Percent Correct, Perfect, Perfecto, Did Nothing Wrong, Complete Exoneration, Complete Vindication, Case Closed.  

In full open kimono, Sarkes did say that one or both of these Septuagenarians might nod off due to the late starting time of the Debate.  Sarkeses Staff Members reported that both Bozo Joe Biden and Ronald McDonald Donald stayed awake during the entire Debate.

It was a miracle that these 2 Septuagenarian Clowns stayed awake during the Debate

Another Senseless Mass Shooting: Santa Clarita, CA

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes uses his Mass Shooting Standard Form. 
  • This time, the Mass Shooting was at a High School in Santa Clarita, CA

Another Mass Murder, by an angry White Man, has happened.  In this case, the Mass Murder was in (Fill in the Location) Santa Clarita, CA.

The Mass Murder happened at the (Fill in the venue, example: school, mall, church, concert) Saugus High School.  

(Fill in the number of innocent people killed) 2 people were murdered and 3 were injured. 

The Mass Murderer, an angry White Man (Fill in the Murders Name and other details) Nathaniel Berhow, 16 years old.

The Mass Murderer used (Identify the weapon used) an .45 semi-automatic pistol.

When an AR-15 is not practical, the Mass Murderer in America prefers the .45 Caliber Semi-Automatic pistol

The Angry White Man Mass Murderer (Select one: killed himself, was killed by Police, was Captured by Police) shot himself and is expected to die

Shortly after the Mass Murder:

  • A spokesman for the NRA said:  “Guns don’t kill People, People kill People.”
  • President Trump, the Orange Rifleman, said: “If there was an Armed Guards patrolling the halls at Saugus High School the results would have been far better.”
  • The President of the NRA said:  “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” 
  • A Conservative Friend of Sarkes said:  “These Mass Murders with semi automatic weapons are just the price of our Freedom” 
  • Countless Politicians said:  “Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the victims of this shooting and their families, Thoughts and Prayers.”
  • Another Conservative Friend of Sarkes said:  “Mass Shooters go to Gun Free Zones, like California, what do you expect”.

That’s if for this latest Mass Murder packing Heat.  Sarkeses use of the Standard Form should makes reporting the next Mass Murder much easier.

Vegan in Distress

Executive Summary:

– An Australian Vegan woman sued her neighbors for barbecuing in their backyard

– What, huh, um, uh oh, she did what?!

A Vegan woman has filed a suit against her neighbors after complaining about the smell of meat and fish emanating from their barbecues.

Australians love their Beef and Sausages on the Barbie, although a lot of smoke is generated

Australian Cilla Carden took her case to the Supreme Court of Western Australia, citing her neighbors’ barbecuing, smoking, children playing basketball, among other complaints. 

Australian Cilla Carden does not appreciate Chicken on the Barbie

Carden accused her neighbors of intentionally setting up these nuisances.

“It’s deliberate, all I can smell is fish. I can’t enjoy my backyard.”

The smell of Fish on the Barbie nauseates Vegan Carden

Carden had filed nearly 600 pages of documents in her appeal of the case.

Australian Courts were not convinced. A lower court threw out the case in February but Carden appealed.  Then, the Australian Supreme Court also rejected her claims dismissing the case.

Carden responded:  “I’m a good person. I just want peace and quiet.”  Carden intends to continue the legal fight but it is not clear what she is talking about since there is no court beyond the Australian Supreme Court. 

A spokesman for Outback Steakhouse said:  “While most Australians are carnivores and enjoy a great Steak or Chicken on the Barbie, Outback Steakhouse does cater to Vegans with our Bloom’n Onion offering”

Outback Steakhouse caters to meat loving Carnivores

The Bloom’n Onion at Outback Steakhouse is Vegan friendly

When questioned about this lawsuit, the Orange Sirloin Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – October 8 @ 4:56AM

Australians love their Beef and the decision by the Australian Supreme Court will protect the rights of all meat eating Australians.  The Liberal Vegans are conducting a Witch Hunt.  Vegans are Beleaguered, Losers, Fools, Low Life, Low Energy, Climate Change Thugs.  

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – October 8 @ 5:30AM

I need to check to see if I have imposed Tariffs on Australia.  If so, I will back off.  Any country that loves Beef as much as I do is doing the right thing.  I love Beef so much that I sell Trump Steaks.  Trump Steaks are Winners, the best Steaks of all time!!!  All I eat is Beef and I am the fittest President of all time.

The Orange Porterhouse loves his Beef and is in top shape, the fittest President in our History