Letters to the Editor

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes gets a Uuuuuuge amount of Letters to the Editor of Sarkes Corner, i.e., Sarkes
  • While most of those letters are strong endorsements, Sarkes does get some letters of criticism.

Sarkes, Fair and Balanced, is a Truth Machine.  In that spirit, and with open kimono, Sarkes provides several Letters to the Editor that criticize Sarkes Corner as a publication and Sarkes personally.  Sarkes does not identify the letter writers by name, only initials and location.

From DT from Mir-a-Lago, FL:  Sarkes, you claim to be a recovering Liberal who wants to be a Conservative, but you aren’t fooling anyone.  You know that a TRUE Conservative, Donald Trump, has accomplished more in 2 years than any other president in History, History, yet you give him no credit.  You, Sarkes, are a Brown Buffon, Psycho, Beleaguered, Low Energy, Cowardly, Low IQ, Dumb as a Rock, and a Horse Face.

Sarkeses reply:  Dear DT, Sarkes may be a Brown Buffon, but the fact that  Sarkes has a large Armenian nose does not mean he has a Horse Face.  SARKES DOES NOT HAVE A HORSE FACE.

Sarkes may be a Brown Buffon but he does not have a Horse Face

From BK, Westminster, NY:  Sarkes, you running for President in 2020 as an Independent is a scam.  This is a cheap ploy to increase circulation for your Failed Sarkes Corner.  Stop it now.  As a Progressive Conservative, you will be taking votes from the Greatest President in our history, our history, Donald J. Trump.

Sarkeses reply:  Dear BK, Make no mistake, Sarkes is a serious candidate for President in 2020.  Sarkes will get his votes from MODERATE Republicans and MODERATE Democrats.  Early polling indicates that Sarkes will get the entire 5 Million votes cast by Illegal Immigrants in 2016 for Hillary Clinton.

Illegal Immigrants will vote as a block for Sarkes in 2020

From BW from Birmingham, AL:  Sarkes, I am disgusted with your series “XXX while Black in America”.  How about discrimination against White People.  I am a proud white man from Alabama and cannot help that I am superior to those other people, I was born that a way.  I HAVE NOT come out from under a rock, I proudly own a Double Wide Trailer.  I am one of Trumps Base, and proudly wear my MAGA hat every day.

Sarkes reply:  Dear BW, Sarkes continues to look for stories of discrimination against White Folk but cannot find one.  The good news, in 2040 or earlier, you White Folk will be the Minority with Hispanics in the Majority.  When that happens, there will be many stories of discrimination against Whites.  Sarkes also owns a MAGA Hat. 

BW’s Double Wide Trailer in Alabama.  BW is a superior White Man
Sarkes also owns a MAGA Hat

From JS, Dallas, TX:  Sarkes, you are a real piece of work and a first class hypocrite.  You claim to be a Fair and Balanced reporter holding Politicians, Crackers, etc accountable for their actions.  Yet, you have your 15 month old Granddaughter, Addison, working on the staff at Sarkes Corner.  Have  you ever heard of Child Labor Laws!  You should be ashamed.  Lock Sarkes Up, Lock Sarkes Up, Lock Sarkes Up!

Sarkeses Reply:  Dear JS, first of all, Baby Adds only helps Sarkes publish Sarkes Corner when Sarkes is in DC.  Baby Adds never leaves the comfort of her home when working on Sarkes Corner.  Sarkes is 66 years old and there will come a time when Sarkes will not be able to maintain the high standards of Sarkes Corner.  At that time, Sarkes will turn over the keys to Sarkes Corner to Baby Adds.  

Baby Adds, future Editor in Chief of Sarkes Corner
Baby Adds will also inherent Sarkeses 2019 Mini Cooper Convertible 

Sarkes Back on the Grid

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes and staff are back from an Excellent vacation to cities in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.  

Sarkes and staff are back from our Croatia vacation with side trips to Bosnia and Slovenia.  Sarkes Corner has it’s first European subscriber, Tour Guide Marina.  It’s just a matter of time until Sarkes Corner will be spreading the Truth across the entire European Union. 

Sarkes, a benevolent employer, has given the Sarkes Corner Staff the rest of this week off.  With no Sarkes Corner worthy stories ready for Publication, Sarkes will pass on a Poem sent to Sarkes while he was in Croatia.

The author of the Poem wished to remain anonymous. 

Ode to Stormy Daniels

by:  Anonymous

This is the story of Porn Actress and Stripper Stormy D

Who, in 2006, had sex with the Orange Grabber of P


Details of this adulteress affair is just now hitting the press

The Gold Bird Dog liked the way Stormy filled out her dress



Fake News! cried the Orange Sniffer, oh who do we believe


130 Large paid to Stormy by Scheister Michel Cohen

The Gold Lothario had no idea the cash was a flowin


Stormy slapped the Orange Skirt Chaser on the Ass

Time Magazine, Trump on the cover, an issue from the past


When asked about the size of the Golden Gigolo’s member

Stormy shrugged, Orange was its color, that’s all I remember


Don’t blame the Orange Adulterer, this is so far in the past

3 wives and a yearning Johnson, his marriages don’ t last


Evangelists endorse the Gold Don Juan, they continue to give

Adultery no longer a sin, our Savior and Lord Jesus forgives


Will this story, exaggerated by the Liberal Press, affect the Orange Crown

Not at all, after all, the only thing that’s important is TRICKLE DOWN


Many victims of this story, Stormy, the Golden Stud, and more

The real victims are the citizens of America, disgusted to the Core


Sarkes thanks Anonymous for backing up Sarkes

Sarkes Corner – Sarkes on Vacation

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes and Sarkes Corner Staff will be vacationing in Croatia
  • Sarkes will be off the Grid until April 23

Sarkes and the Sarkes Corner Staff will be taking a well deserved vacation starting today and ending on April 23.  The vacation is in Croatia and Sarkes and the Sarkes Corner staff will not have Internet connectivity and will be off the Grid.

This vacation is well deserved and Sarkes and the Sarkes Corner Staff have been working Overtime since the Election of the Orange Emperor. It seems like the Golden Bugler has dominated the News cycle every day.  Sarkes, for one, is exhausted.  

Stories that Sarkes is working on but has not yet completed:

1.  Is the Bromance between Vlads Putin and the Orange Jumpsuit over?  OR, is the Bully language by both lovers a smoke screen for their Bromance which has been criticized by both Russians and Americans? 

2.  Did Speaker of the House Paul Ryan decide not to run for reelection to spend more time with his family?  OR, is Ryan suffering from TRUMPVERTIGO, that is, constant dizziness and loss of balance caused by the constant Flipping and Change of Positions of the Golden Goose.  

3.  Are the actions of the FBI and Special Prosecuter Robert Mueller really an “ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY” as claimed by the Orange Nehi?  If yes, can’t a President just eliminate the FBI?    And why is this a “WITCH HUNT”?  Isn’t that sexist, what isn’t this a SORCERER HUNT?

4.  Will the Orange Mac & Cheese fire:

a. Prosecutor Robert Mueller

b. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

c. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

d. Saturday Night Live Actor Alex (Alec) Baldwin

e. (a., b., and c.) above

5.  Did the Golden Lathario really tap Stormy Daniels and  Karen McDougal in an Extra Marital Affair?  When did the Evangelical Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists eliminate Adultery as a Sin?

6.  Why are most P-Grabbers and A-Pinchers Old White Rich Men?  Is Bill Cosby really White?  

7.  If, for some reason, the Orange Cheeto does not / cannot finish his term as President, is Stan Kronke, Owner of the LA Rams, a viable replacement?  After all, the Gold Goliath and Stan Kronke are two Peas in a Pod.  Kronke is an unethical, unscrupulous, ruthless Business man who made his money the Old Fashioned way, he married Sam Walton’s Daughter.  

Sarkes will finish these stories upon his return from Croatia.  

Since Sarkes will be off the Grid, in his absence, he asks all subscribers to Sarkes Corner to email him any stories about: George Zimmerman, Judge Judy, Infant on Infant Shootings, Crackers being Crackers, Stupid Human Tricks, etc.  Send you emails to:  sarkescorner@yahoo.com .    

Sarkes Is Pissed

Executive Summary:  Sarkes is not happy with the Trade War With China

OK, enough is enough.

It is well documented that Sarkes, a Recovering Liberal, has gone all in, to become a Reagan/Trumpian Conservative.

Sarkes is on the Record as stating that it’s all about the TRICKLE DOWN, nothing else matters.

Sarkes has embraced the tenants of the NEW Conservative GOP:
– Tax Cut and Spend
– Increase the Deficit, who cares
– increase our Military to protect the Mexican Border to keep out Rapists, Criminals, and Drug Dealers
– America first, America only, we are the Big Dog, screw everyone else
– Family Values abandoned, P-Grabbing, A-Pinching and Sniffing now acceptable
– Massive, Uuuuuuuge cuts in regulations on Corporations who are people too, they have learned their lesson and will not screw us anymore
– Uuuuuuge, Tax Cut, Sarkes got more than his fair share of TD here

So why is Sarkes pissed?!!!

Well, it’s simple, the Orange Dotard may have gone too far with this Tarrif Bull S – – t, Trade War with China.

Let the Record also show that Sarkes, in general, could care less about a Tariff War which will increases costs to American consumers. You see, Sarkeses TRICKLE DOWN will more than compensate for increased product costs.

So why is Sarkes going ballistic like a Boeing ICBM?

Yesterday, China, in retaliation to the Golden Gemucks Tarrifs, announced a 25% Tariff on Boeing Commercial Aircraft. A 737 delivered to China was $90 Million before the Orange Traffic Cones Tariff War will now be $112.5 Million.  What the F – – -, what is the Golden Parachute thinking!

The Trade War Score Card For Commercial Aircraft:

– AirBus, this European, Government Subsidized, Commercial Aircraft company could now pass Boeing in deliveries of Commercial airplanes.  Tragic, Beleaguered,  Carnage, Evil, Cowardly, Phony, Death Spiral, Deplorable, Failed, Seriously Flawed, Thugs, Covfefe.

– America, Boeing is the Biggest Exporter of American products, well, that could end
– 145,000 Boeing employees who have Great Paying Manufacturing and Engineering Jobs under strong leaders like Sarkes
– Sarkes, whose portfolio is under seige. Boeing stock dropped 3% yesterday, more to come.

So Sarkes shouts to the Orange Ameba:  Stop it Now,  Your stupid campaign promises are negatively impacting Sarkes

Sarkes is now considering a 2020 Run for President on the Sarkes Independent Party.