Mitch McConnell, A Sarkes Corner Quiz

Executive Summary:

– Mitch McConnell has been under fire recently

– Sarkes leverages McConnell’s celebrity for a Sarkes Corner Quiz

Mitch McConnell, aka, Moscow Mitch, has been on a Political Roller Coster ride since the Presidential Election.  “Many People Say” that Moscow Mitch might be having a Bi-Polar episode.  As an example, the Muscovite voted NOT GUILTY in the 2nd Impeachment Trial of the Orange Insurrectionist, and RIGHT after the Orange Victim was Completely Exonerated, he blamed the Orange Commandant for leading the MAGA Terrorists attack on the US Capital, calling for Criminal and Civil action against the Orange Litigant.

Moscow Mitch and the Orange Emperor were once Asshole Buddies
Now, there is no love lost now between Moscow Mitch and the Orange Casualty 

Sarkes and his crack Medical Bureau have determined the reason behind Moscow Mitch’s bizarre and Bi-Polar behavior.  You see, with the STEAL of the 2 Georgia Senate elections, Moscow Mitch is now the Senate MINORITY Leader.  It’s simple, any time you tell a Rich, Old, White Guy that he is a MINORITY, that causes extreme Stress, unparalleled Angst, unbearable Trauma, and tumultuous Anxiety, causing the bizarre behavior being exhibited now by Moscow Mitch.  

Moscow Mitch’s head is spinning out of control these days, Right, then Left, then Right, then …………

The Quiz:  A Moscow Mitch McConnell Look Alike Contest:   Which Celebrity most resembles Moscow Mitch McConnell:

1. Hoody Doody

Could The Doody and Mitch have the same DNA Profiles?

2. Alfred E. Neuman

Twins separated at Birth?

3. A Turtle

Different Species, Same Profile

4. The Cowardly Lion

Different Species, Both Cowards

So, who most resembles MINORITY Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell:

  1. Hoody Doody
  1. Alfred E. Neuman
  1. A Turtle
  1. The Cowardly Lion

Email your vote to Sarkes who will publish the results of this Survey.

Again, Don’t Blame Moscow Mitch, it’s hard being a MINORITY

The 2024 Presidential Election

Executive Summary:

– Florida will have 5 well qualified Candidates for President in the 2024 election

– This is the Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll, its never too early

Florida, the Gunshine State, is blessed to have 5 qualified Candidates for President in the 2024 Election.  All 5 Candidates come with impressive resumes.  3 Candidates are Republicans, and 2 Candidates are from Independent parties.  All are rich, 3 are White and 2 are Brown.   

Sarkes provides a brief resume for each Gunshine State Candidate and then asks you to cast your ballot for the Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll.

Candidate 1:  Rick Scott, Junior Senator from the Gunshine State

Rick “Tricky Ricky” Scott was the former CEO of Columbia/HCA.  Under The Tricksters Leadership, Columbia/HCA committed massive Medicare Fraud, and agreed to pay $1.7 billion in fines, then the largest health care fraud case in the country.  After Tricky Ricky’s Golden Parachute (5.1 MILLION Severance, 300 MILLION in Stock, and $950,000 per year consulting contract for 5 years)  Tricky Ricky served 8 years as Governor of the Gunshine State, and is currently the Gunshine’s State Junior Senator.

If elected President in 2024, Tricky Ricky, a Republican, will be the Baldest President in US history

Candidate 2:  Ron DeSantis, Governor of the Gunshine State

Ron DUHSANTIS, a Donald Trump Disciple, has been the Governor of the Gunshine State since 2018.  Before that, the Orange Mini-Me was the US Representative from the Sunshine State’s 6th Congressional District, on the Florida East Gulf Coast around Daytona Beach.  There is consensus that DUHSantis has screwed up Florida’s handling of the Carona Virus and has now doubled down by screwing up the Vaccination program in the State.

DUHSantis, a Republican, is an Orange Mini-Me, and has great Presidential hair

Candidate 3:  Marco Rubio, Senior Senator from the Gunshine State

Marco Rubio has been the Senator from the Gunshine State since 2011.  Before then, “Little” Marco was in the Florida State Legislature, serving as Speaker of the House.  Little Marco, a Republican and a Brown Man, is a Cuban from Miami.  In the Senate, Little Marco is recognized as the virtual secretary of state for Latin America.  Little Marco is best known for sweating bullets and gulping water during a Republican Presidential Primary Debate in 2015.  During those Debates,  Little Marco criticized Donald Trump for having small hands, Trump counter punched stating that he may have small hands, but he has a large Ying Yang. 

Like most Latinos, Little Marco sweats profusely, but drinks lots of water to compensate, its not clear if Little Marco colors his jet Black hair

Candidate 4:  Donald J. Trump, US President – Retired

Donald J. Trump, kiddingly called the “Orange Dotard” by his Strong Man Fraternity Brother Kim Jung UN, was the 1st US President Impeached TWICE while becoming a 1 Term President.  The Orange Victim maintains that the Deep State Stole the 2020 Presidential Election.  “Many People Say” that the Orange Oligarch planned the 1st US Coup since the Revolutionary War in order to “Stop The Steal”.  If the Orange Defendant does not go to the Hoosegow in the next few years, he will run for President for the new Independent PATRIOT PARTY.  The Orange Aryan is strongly supported by the Proud Boys, the Michigan Militia, QANon, and other White Supremacist    organizations, who, by the way, have some “Very Fine People”.

If he had pulled off his Coup, the Orange Fuher had plans to replace his 2 Thumbs Up with a Zeig Heil, and was the first US President with an Orange Face and Hair.
The Orange Candidate will run in 2024 if he avoids the Hoosegow

Candidate 5:  Craig Sarkes Korkoian, Editor – Sarkes Corner

Craig Sarkes Korkoian is currently the Editor in Chief of Sarkes Corner, a Fair and Balanced Publication.  Sarkes, a Brown Man, has been the victim of discrimination against the Brown Man by the Swedish Nobel Prize Committee for Literature.  The Committee consists of Pale, White, mostly Men, Sweeds.  Sarkes is also recognized as an expert in Juris Prudence having watched every episode of Judge Judy for the past 25 years, the Cases are Real, the People are Real, the Rulings are Final.  Sarkes retired from The Boeing Company, after pumping out High Quality Military Airplanes and Missiles, On Time, Below Cost, and Exceeding Technical Requirements.  Sarkes is running as the Candidate from the Sarkes Independent Party. 

If Sarkes is elected President, he will make wearing a suit and tie optional in all Government offices and is hair challenged 
F15, F18, AV8 Harrier, and T45, all great Boeing Military Jets built by Sarkes

The Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll:  After carefully reviewing the resume of these 5 strong candidates from the Gunshine State, select the one Candidate that you believe will win the Presidential Election:

Candidate 1:  Tricky Ricky Scott, Republican

Candidate 2:  Ron DUHSantis, Republican

Candidate 3:  Little Marco Rubio, Republican

Candidate 4:  The Orange Oligarch, Patriot Party

Candidate 5:  Sarkes, Sarkes Independent Party

Send you vote via email to:  Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll at: 

Sarkes will publish the results of the Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll in a future edition of Sarkes Corner.

Sarkes Declares the Election was RIGGED, STOLEN!

Executive Summary:

– Many States are certifying the final vote counts from the November Election

– Sarkes received just a fraction of the votes predicted

The Final vote count for the Presidential Election are in:

Joe Biden received 81,270,700 for 51.3%

Donald Trump received 74,216,308 for 46.9%

Sarkes received 17 votes for .00000001%

What!  How is this possible.  While Sarkes had not formally declared his bid for the Presidency, the staff of Sarkes Corner predicted that Sarkes would receive over 500 write in ballot votes. While Sarkes had no chance or winning the 2020 Presidential Election, he is concerned that many supporters of Sarkes for President did not have their ballots counted.

Everyone talks about Trump and Biden, but what about Sarkes??!!!

Sarkes was interviewed by the Sarkes Corner Political Bureau.  Normally, Sarkes is cool, calm, collected, reasonable, flexible, and a Stable Genius.  But uncharacteristically, Sarkes ranted and made the following incoherent, nonsensical  statements in regard to the results of the Presidential Election:

“This is a fraud on the American public.”

“Sarkes says, Count every vote.”

“This election is far from over.”

“Beginning Monday, the Sarkes Legal team will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated,”

“The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots.”

“We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over.” 

“I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

“Highly suspect ballots were cast that amounted to absolute fraud.”

“Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.”

“Obviously, Sarkes is not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question.” 

“This has a long way to go.”

“There has been massive fraud!”

“I think you’re dealing with a very fraudulent system. I’m very worried about that. Many People are very disappointed that we were robbed.”

“It’s gonna be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud.”

“Sarkes demands that every legal vote be counted and every illegal vote be discarded!”

“Stop The Steal!!!!!”

Sarkes hopes that the Rigged Election system is fixed before the 2024 Presidential Election and supporters of Sarkes will have their votes counted.  In 2024, Sarkes will be 74 years old, which is rather young for a US President these days.  

If Sarkes monitors his Blood Sugar and keeps up his exercise regime, he should be in good shape to run for President in 2024

The Election WAS Rigged and Stolen!

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes had previously analyzed the ways that the Deep State could Rig the Presidential Election
  • Sarkes now has proof that the Deep State has Rigged and Stolen the Presidential Election

In the Sarkes Corner published on October 13:  Voter Fraud & A Rigged Election, Sarkes analyzed the charges made by the Orange Chosen One that the Deep State was Rigging the November Presidential Election.  The Orange Profit claimed that the Deep State was:

  • Placing Fake Ballot Boxes in Conservative Neighborhoods and collecting, then trashing, the Ballots from unsuspecting Conservatives
  • Paying children to steal Ballots from Mail Boxes in Conservative neighborhoods, paying a bounty of $5 for each stolen Ballot
  • Rigging the Voter Rosters by adding Dead people who would then vote for Joe Biden
  • Sneaking into the US Illegal Mexicans to vote for Joe Biden, just like Hillary Clinton
  • Paying corrupt Postal Workers to divert Ballots from Conservative neighborhoods to Poor Liberal neighborhoods where they would be filled out for Joe Biden
  • Printing Ballots in Foreign countries with special disappearing Ink that would fade out any ballots cast for the Orange Victim

After that exhaustive analysis on the many ways that the Deep State was Rigging the November election, Sarkes concluded that it WAS quite possible that the November election could be Rigged.

Fast Forward to Today

As you know, Sarkes had been off the Grid for about 3 weeks after the election.  Sarkeses head had been spinning with the daily political news, charges, acquisitions and general bull shit that we Americans were exposed.  So Sarkes took a Mental Health Break, focusing on re runs of Judge Judy, and just recently retuned to the busy Sarkes Corner News Room.

After 3 weeks taking a Mental Health Break, with good Coffee and reruns of Judge Judy, Sarkes is back in the Sarkes Corner News Room

At the first Editorial Board Meeting with Sarkes Corner reporters after his return, Sarkes sensed that something was seriously wrong.  Sarkes Corner reporters, mostly graduates from the finest Journalism School in the country, the University of Missouri, had their heads down and avoiding eye contact with Sarkes.  Sarkes told the reporters: “Listen, you know Sarkes is cool, collected, flexible, unflappable, a Stable Genius, so come out with it, what’s wrong.”

Finally, Sarkes was given the Harsh Truth.  The Sarkes Corner Investigative Reporters told Sarkes that they had uncovered indisputable evidence that the November HAD been Rigged……………………and that their evidence was against Sarkes sweet granddaughter, 3 year old Addison Katz-Korkoian.  

Sarkes Corner Reporters charged granddaughter Addie with Voter Fraud and more

Needless to say, Sarkes was in shock and calmly asked the Reporters what evidence they had to charge little Addie with these serious charges.  The Reporters reluctantly provided the evidence.

On October 29, a Sarkes Corner field team found little Addie, assisted by her mother Meredith, STEALING Ballots from a Washington DC Ballot Box.

Little Addie was allegedly receiving $5 for each stolen Conservative Ballot 

Next, the Sarkes Corner Reporters, accessing Addie’s Facebook Account, found the following evidence proving that she had illegally voted for Joe Biden.

Little Addie, at 3 years old, admitted to have voted for Joe Biden

Sarkes, a Truth Machine, had no choice but to report these felonies to the proper authorities.  Sarkes first call was to the Orange Exalted Leader’s personal attorney, William Barr.  Sarkes was told to leave a message but to not expect a return call as Barr was booked up until January 20.  

Personal Attorney William Barr, working on his resume, was too busy to talk to Sarkes

Sarkes then called the head of the Orange Eminence’s Election Legal Team, Rudy (Rud the Dud) Giuliani.  Rud the Dud was busy getting a hair cut and dye but Sarkes was assured that Rudy would get back to Sarkes.

Rud the Dud would surely use this evidence to prove Massive, Uuuuuuge Voter Fraud

After those calls, Sarkes decided to appeal to the Highest Authority, and called the Orange Premier.  Sarkes was told that the Orange Commander in Tweets was watching Fox News, but would call Sarkes during a commercial break between Tucker Carlson and Sean O’Hannity.   

The Orange Nielsen has Split Screen capabilities so he can simultaneously watch Fox News AND One America News Network

True to his word, and when has the Orange Commandant ever lied to the American People, Sarkes received a call back.  A transcript of that call is next:

Sarkes:  Mr. President, thank you so much for calling me back.

Donald Trump:  Anytime Sarkes, I am extremely busy, but never too busy to call you.  What can I do for you.

Sarkes:  Well Mr. President, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that I have indisputable evidence that the November Election was Rigged and Stolen from you. I have forwarded that information to the head of your Legal Team, Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump: That is good news Sarkes.  This was an election that we won easily. We won it by a lot. Very sad to say it, this election was rigged and we can’t let that happen. We can’t let it happen for our country. This election has to be turned around.

Donald Trump:  Thanks Sarkes, but what is the bad news?

Sarkes:  Well Mr. President, I regret to report that the main perpetrator is my sweet 3 year old Grandaughter, Addison Katz-Korkoian.  What I need is for you is to Pardon Addison.  She is too young to spend time in the Slammer and Sarkes commits to work with Addision to convert her to become a Great Conservative like you and Ronald Reagan.  I am asking for you to give Addison a break by giving her an unconditional Pardon.

Donald Trump:  Considerate done Sarkes.  I will get on it right away, well, after I watch Laura Ingraham tonight, she is one fine looking skit eh?  I am heading to my Virginia Golf resort tomorrow morning but someone should call you after that to confirm the Pardon.

Sarkes: Thanks Mr. President, see you soon at Mir-A-Lago.

The Orange Bird Dog would love to P-Grab Laura Ingraham
Sarkes and Trump at a recent Rally in Naples, FL

The Nobel Prizes are RIGGED!

Executive Summary:

  • The Orange Peace Keeper was NOT selected for the Nobel PEACE Prize
  • Sarkes was NOT selected for the Noble Prize for LITERATURE
  • The Nobel selection process is RIGGED!, RIGGED!
  • Is the Nobel selection process biased against People of Color?

The various Nobel Prizes were recently announced.  FRONT RUNNERS in two Award categories, The Nobel Peace Prize (Donald J. Trump) and The Nobel Prize in Literature (Craig Sarkes Korkoian) were bypassed and less worthy Candidates were selected.  

These gross decisions by the Nobel Committees are Fake News, Alternate Facts, Phony, a Failed Take Down, Witch Hunt, Charade, Hoax, Hit Job, a Thousand Stabs, Sham, Scam, Set Up, Treasonous, Brutal Assassination, Harassment, Lynching, Triple Hearsay, Crusade, and a Terrible Thing.  

History will show that the Nobel Committees were wrong, and Donald J. Trump and Craig Sarkes Korkoian were 1,000 Percent worthy,  Perfect, Perfecto, Did Nothing Wrong.  Trump and Sarkes will be Completely  Exonerated, Completely Vindicated, Case Closed.

The Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is responsible for the Nobel Peace Prize. This committee is both the working body and the deciding body for the Nobel Peace Prize.   How could the Norwegian Nobel Committee turn on the Orange Aryan who is on record wanting fewer immigrants from “shit hole countries” and more from places like Norway, Norway!

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is loaded with Old, White, Mostly Men with a few Token Women

The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to The World Food Programme (WFP).  WHAT?!!  The World Food Programme is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and the world’s largest humanitarian organization focused on hunger and food security. Founded in 1961, it is headquartered in Rome and has offices in 80 countries.  

Feeding the World’s Poor cannot compete with the Accomplishments of the Orange Profit

Sure, the WFP has done good work, but how can they top the fact that our Orange Kissinger brokered Peace in the Middle East, something that NO US President has ever accomplished.  Heck, not even our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ has been able to negotiate Peace in the Middle East.

The Orange King of the Jews was so confident that he had tens of thousands of autographed photos made, suitable for framing

Making matters worse is that The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the  Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 is to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.  

Rubbing Salt in the Orange Wound is the fact that Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize, Oh The Humanity!

The Nobel Prize in Literature

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences of the Swedish Academy is the body that selects the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. 

Like the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the Royal Swedish Academy is loaded with Old, White, Mostly Men with a few Token Women

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Louise Elisabeth Glück, an American poet and essayist. WHO?  Glück has won numerous major literary awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, National Humanities Medal, National Book Award, National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Bollingen Prize. From 2003 to 2004, she was Poet Laureate of the United States. 

Sure, Glück has an impressive resume, but she is NO SARKES

Sarkes has been overlooked the past few years by the biased Royal Swedish Academy.  Sarkes works tirelessly as a Fair and Balanced Journalist, a Truth Machine, serving Unbiased News to America as Editor in Chief of the fabled, award winning, Sarkes Corner.

Sarkes works tirelessly under adverse conditions to meet the deadlines for Sarkes Corner

So, BOTH Donald J. Trump AND Sarkes were spurned by the Nobel Committees.  What do they have in common? …………. both are esteemed Americans AND Men of Color.  Donald J. Trump (an Orange Man) and Sarkes (a Brown Man).

The Orange Oracle and Sarkes are both Men of Color AND Fans of Stormy Daniels

Sarkeses Source in the White House, LEAKER, sent Sarkes a transcript of an Emergency Meeting called by the Orange Maharajah in the aftermath of the Noble Prize announcements.

Mark Meadows – White House Chief of Staff:  Steve, Bill, thanks for showing up at such short notice.  The President is PISSED, and this is not Roid Rage from his Caronavirus Steroid treatments.

Steven Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary:  Mark, what’s this all about?  We have already cleared up the debacle of sending 1.4 Billion Dollars in Stimulus Recovery Checks to the Dead.

William Barr – Trump’s Personal Lawyer:  I hope this doesn’t take too long, I need to get those indictments rolling against Hunter Biden and Slo Mo Joe Biden.

Donald J. Trump barges into the Conference Room 15 minutes late.

Donald J. Trump – President of the USA:  What the F – – K!!!! Did you hear the news.  I did not win the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Sweeds or Norwegians gave the Peace Prize to some Food Bank, not even a person!  What the F – – K is that all about.  I bring Peace to the Middle East and what is my reward, NOTHING!!!!!  Not only is the US Election RIGGED, but so is the Nobel Prize selections!  These Nobel Committees are White like us, what the F – – K!  Why did they turn on me!!!!!

Meadows, Mnuchin, and Barr in Unison:  Unbelievable Boss, what a travesty, you should have won the Peace Prize.  You are the best, most effective US President and better than any other President in the world. You brought Peace to the Middle East when no-one else could.

Donald J. Trump – President of the USA:  Steve, I want ALL US Funding to the Nobel Committee stopped IMMEDIATELY, and, I want the US to pull out of the Nobel Prize Treaty.  You got it!!!

Steven Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary: (whispering to Mark Meadows) We don’t Fund the Nobel Committees and we don’t have a Treaty with them.  What the F – – K.

Mark Meadows – White House Chief of Staff: (whispering to Steve Mnuchin)  Don’t worry Steve, just agree with him, he won’t remember anyway.

Steven Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary: Don’t worry Boss, consider it done.  Funding for the Nobel Committees stops today.  I can’t help with the Treaty, that’s Bill Barrs sand box.

William Barr – Trump’s Personal Lawyer:  What, ah, …….. actually, that one is for Secretary of State Pompeo.  I’ll get with Mike and we will get out of Treaty with the Nobel Committee today.  

Donald J. Trump – President of the USA: Finally, I want a 25% Tariff against all Nordic Countries, that will teach those ungrateful Aryans.  I thought they were one of us, what happened to them?

Steven Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary: Don’t worry Boss, consider it done.  Tariffs start today.

Donald J. Trump – President of the USA:  OK, that’s all, I need to get back to the Oval Office to listen to Rush Limbaugh and watch Fox News.

Trump has assembled a World Class Cabinet and Staff, second to none

Voter Fraud & A Rigged Election

Executive Summary:

  • According to the Orange Supreme Leader, the November Election will be fraught with Voter Fraud initiated by the Deep State
  • Sarkes investigated the various ways that the Deep State is attempting to Rig the November Election, according to the Orange Chosen One
  • Will the November Presidential Election be Rigged?

The Orange Profit stated at a recent campaign rally:  “The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged.”  Knowing that the Orange Exalted Leader has never lied to the American People, Sarkes investigated the various ways that the Deep State will Rig the November election, according to his Orange Royal Highness. 


A prosecutor in Michigan has flushed a complaint about a Toilet that was promoted as a place to drop absentee ballots.  The election clerk in Ingham County informed police about a Toilet on the front lawn of a home in Mason, near Lansing, a home of a Registered Democrat. A sign said, “Place mail in ballots here.”

Dozens of Mail Ballots from Conservatives were found deposited in this Ballot Box

The Deep State understands that a large part of the Orange Monarchs Conservative Base are Uneducated, Underemployed, Lazy White Folk who aren’t too bright.  The Deep State knew that these ignorant Conservatives would drop their Ballots in the Toilet Ballot Box.  Then, the Deep State would burn the Ballots.

Its a wonder that Trumps Base can even figure out how to fill out a Ballot


The Orange Eminence has proof that Poor Children, mostly Black and Hispanic have been trained by the Deep State to raid and steal Ballots from Mail Boxes in Rich, White, Republican neighborhoods.  It is reported that, like a bounty, the Poor Children get $5.00 for each Conservative Ballot they steal and turn into the Deep State.  $5.00 per is a fortune to a Poor Black or Hispanic child.

No one thinks that small children would commit felonies so they go unnoticed


The Dead have been voting since 1955 in Chicago, IL, first recruited by Democratic Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.  So, the Deep State has benchmarked Mayor Daley’s Best Practice and are enabling the Dead to vote in all 50 states.

Mayor Richard Daley never lost an election, and was backed by Unions and the Dead
The Deep State is not hiding the fact that they are getting the Dead to Vote

The Deep State are banking that the Dead Voting would not be a big deal for the Republicans.  You see, the Orange Treasury Department issued over 1.1 million Stimulus payments, totaling almost $1.4 Billion dollars, in Stimulus Checks to the Dead.  So, Republicans are all in with engaging the Dead. 

Sarkes deceased mother, Alice, received her Stimulus Check over a year after she passed, thanks to the benevolent Orange Mortician 


The Orange Stable Genius claims that he DID NOT lose the Popular Vote in the 2016 Presidential, rather, over 5 million Illegal Mexicans were recruited by Hillary Clinton to vote illegally.  While the Illegal Mexican vote did not impact the Electoral College, it did allow Hillary Clinton to win the Popular Vote by over 3 million voters, 3 million.  Using the Hillary Clinton model, the Deep State has been quietly smuggling in millions of Illegal Mexicans to vote in November.

Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote by smuggling in over 5 million Illegal Mexicans
Despite the Big Beautiful Orange Wall, the Deep State is continually smuggling in Illegal Mexicans to vote in November


The Orange Oligarch claims that he has evidence, from Postmaster General Louis Dejoy, that Mail Ballots are purposely being manipulated to be sent to Democratic areas and NOT Republican areas.   Postmaster Louis DeJoy has only been in the Office since May 2020, but quickly found the the Deep State had infiltrated the United States Postal Service, bribing Postal Workers to deliver Mail Ballots to Poor Neighborhoods and to trash Ballots that were to go to Rich Neighborhoods.

On the surface, Postmaster General DeJoy appears to be a Moron, but he sniffed out the Mail Ballot Scam
Mail Ballots are being delivered to Poor Neighborhoods, but not to Rich Neighborhoods


The Orange Potentate also has evidence that Millions, that’s Millions, of Mail In Ballots are being Printed in Foreign Countries.  On the surface, the ignorant and uniformed would wonder what difference does it make where a Ballot is printed.  Contrare Mon Fare, The Deep State has identified Foreign Countries that have Printing Presses that have the ability to Print Ballots that have a special coating.  On the Ballot, if a Voter selects a Republican, the Foreign Ballot will fade out that vote and replace with a vote for a Democrat.  

Millions, Millions of Rigged Ballots are being printed in Foreign Countries.

What Countries are Printing these tainted, rigged, Ballots?  The Orange Oracle has stated that: “It could be Russia, but it could also be China, could be India, it could also be lots of other countries, it also could be somebody that weighs 400 pounds, sitting on their couch, in the Basement of their Mothers home with a Printing Press.”  His Orange Excellency continued:  “The printing of Mail Ballots in Foreign Countries will be the Scandal of our Times!”.  

There you have it. While Sarkes, a Fair and Balanced Journalist, never jumps to conclusions before investigating a story, must admit that he had some doubt that the charges of Voter Fraud by the Orange General Secretary was at best Political Hooey or at least out right lies.  

The Orange Cynic does not Trust the Deep State, but also does not Trust Melania to vote for him

Sarkes stands corrected, it’s clear that the Deep State has come up with many strange and innovative ways to steal the November Election from the Orange El Jefe.  Who would have thought.

So, if Biden wins the November Presidential Election, the Election was Rigged.  But, if the Orange Czar wins??????

Sarkes would have bet a Dunkin Donut coffee that the Orange Latte was making up the charges of Voter Fraud.  Wow, Sarkes was wrong.

The Strongman Love Triangle

  • The Orange Romeo has had a love affair with both his Boy Toys; Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un
  • Now, it is reported that Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un are hooking up

Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a summit meant to highlight North Koreas pivot toward Moscow amid increasingly strained ties with Washington.  While on the surface, this would appear to be a Political move, Sarkes believes that there is much more to this meeting. 

Sarkes connects Dots where most cannot see Dots.  The Dots that Sarkes is connecting here is that there is a Love Triangle. A Love Triangle between the Orange Sniffer and his two Boy Toys, Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un.

There is something strange going on with this high powered Love Triangle

First, the Golden Sombrero has been linked with Russian Strong Man Vlads Putin.  The Orange Oligarch has embraced and defended Russia and their Premier like no other US President.   

On Putin, the Orange Commandant has said:

“But our relationship has never been worse than it is now. However, that changed as of about four hours ago. I really believe that.”

“My people came to me, they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

“So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

“Look at Putin — what he’s doing with Russia — I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period,”

 “Every time he sees me, he says, ‘I didn’t do that,’ and I really believe… he means it.”

Vlads and the Orange Babuska enjoying a day in the Russian Country
In the name of Detente, Trump and Putin decided to issue and joint Christmas Card

Trump & Putin, has their relationship gone South?

With the relationship between the Golden Gulag and his Boy Toy Vlads strained, a new relationship has been developing between the Orange Zest and North Korean Strong Man Kim Jun Un.

On Jung Un, the Golden Fortune Cookie has said:

“Great personality and very smart. Good combination. He’s a worthy negotiator. We had a terrific day, and we learned a lot about each other and about our countries.”

“We have exchanged letters and we fell in love”

“I like him. I get along with him great, we have a fantastic chemistry.”

“Kim is a great leader and his country has tremendous economic potential, unbelievable, unlimited”

Surely Nuclear Lovers would never push the button…..would they?
Trump and his boy toy Jung Un enjoying a public appearance

Trump and Jung Un have also issued a joint Christmas Card

It should come to no surprise that the Orange Cantaloupe is a temperamental lover and that his relationships with both Vlads and Kim have been like a roller coaster ride.  From this has developed a new relationship between Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un.  Again, on the surface, this may seem like a political move to leverage the Russian and North Korean positions with the US.  But once more, Sarkes has connected the Dots where most can not see the Dots.  Sarkes believes that Vlads and Kim are hooking up.

Vlads and Kim Creating Nuclear Heat 
Vlads and Kim enjoying a quiet afternoon in the Russian countryside

So there you have it.  Love Triangles rarely turn out well.  A Love Triangle with the World’s Strongmen with Nuclear arsenals are a formula for disaster.

The Strongman Love Triangle in better times dancing to the Korean Hit “Gangnam Style”

Sarkes Weighs in on the Mueller Investigation

Executive Summary:

“Many People Say” Sarkes, what is your take on the Mueller Investigation?

Sarkes, Fair and Balanced, and a Truth Machine, always calls them as he sees them.  In the case of the Mueller Investigation, Sarkes agrees with the Orange Sufferer.

The Orange Dotard was a victim of Mueller’s Hoax, Witch Hunt, and Failed Illegal Take Down

Sarkes analyzes the Mueller Investigation:

The Mueller Investigation started on May 2017 and ended in March 2019. 

So with an Engineering Degree from Missouri Science & Technology, Sarkes estimates that the Mueller Investigation lasted 1 year and 10 months.

The Mueller Investigation was conducted by the Liberal Mueller and his “17 Angry Democrats”.

Mueller and some of his “17 Angry Democrats”

The Mueller investigation’s scope included the allegation that there were links or coordination between the Orange Traffic Cone’s Campaign and Putin’s Russian Commies. 

Vlads Putin insists he did not interfere with the US 2016 Elections, his Boy Toy has no reason to doubt

In addition, the scope stated that Mueller could also investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation”, aka, other Rabbit Holes.

It is estimated that the Mueller Investigation cost 35 Million dollars.

Now, Sarkes analyzes the Ken Starr Investigation of Slick Willey Clinton:

Te Ken Starr started in August 1994 and ended in September 1998.

So, the Ken Starr Investigation lasted 4 years and 1 month.

The Ken Starr Investigation was conducted by Conservative Starr and his “20 Level Headed Republicans”.

Starr and some of his “20 Level Headed Republicans”

The Scope of the Ken Starr investigation started with the investigation into the death of Vince Foster but then went down many many other Rabbit Holes including; the firing of White House Travel Office personnel, political abuse of confidential FBI files, Madison Guaranty, Rose Law Firm, Paula Jones, and, perjury and obstruction of justice to cover up Slick Willey’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Slick Willey DID NOT have Sex with that Woman, Monica Lewinsky (where is his right hand?)

It is estimated that the Ken Starr Investigation cost 80 Million dollars.

Sarkes Concludes:

Comparing the analysis between the Mueller and Starr Investigations, it is clear to see the the Mueller Investigation was inferior to the Starr Investigation, turning it into a Hoax, Witch Hunt, and a Failed Illegal Take Down. 

Had Mueller followed the Republican Ken Starr Special Investigator Process, Mueller would have:

  • Followed the Ken Starr Model and Investigated for 2 MORE plus years.  Mueller could not do a comprehensive investigation in just 1 year and 10 months.
  • Hired at least 3 more Investigators and gotten rid of all of his Angry Democrats and replaced them with Level Headed Republicans.
  • Spent 45 Million MORE dollars.  After all, the Trumpian TAX CUT and SPEND economic model would have provided unlimited funds to do a proper investigation.

So, America deserved much more from Robert Mueller.  Had Mueller just followed the Ken Starr Best Practice Model for Special Prosecutors, the American people might have gotten the to the truth.

Robert Mueller did not use the Ken Starr Best Practice of Special Prosecution 

Black Face is a No No Today

Executive Summary:

– Michael Ertel, the newly appointed Florida Secretary of State, has resigned after photos emerged of him posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface.

– Michael Ertel is White

Photos of Michael Ertel in Black Face that were obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat were shown to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Shortly after, Michael Ertel got the Old Heave Ho. Michael Ertel is White.

Michael Ertel, a White Man, got the Old Heave Ho for Black Face.

To avoid confusion, Sarkes must point out that this story is about White Man Michael Ertel, not the famous Actor Steve Urkel, who is Black.

Actor Steve Urkel is Black.

The photos of White Man Ertel in Black Face were taken in 2005, two months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. White Man Ertel dressed up in blackface, red lipstick, earrings, a New Orleans Saints bandanna, and falsies under a purple T-shirt that had “Katrina Victim” written on it.

White Man Ertel in Black Face.

More White Man Ertel in Black Face.

Sarkes tips his hat to White Man Ertel who manned up when questioned about these pictures. Most Old White Men accused of P-Grabbing, financial crimes, or doing / saying stupid things usually say: “I am innocent, this was a which hunt, I was misinterpreted, this was taken out of context, etc, etc.” Ertel simply said: “There’s nothing I can say”. Bravo to you Michael Ertel.

The Black Face Photos are the sole blemish on a seemingly spotless public career for Ertel, highlighted by a record of increasing Florida Voter Registration and making the elections office more accessible to Minorities. Ironically, the City of Longwood, Florida gave Michael their Martin Luther King Jr. award for registering voters.

Erkel earned the prestigious MLK Award.

When asked for Comment:

Actor Steve Urkel said: “Why do you keep asking me about this Michael Ertel. We are not related, he is White, I am Black. When Ertel puts on Black Face he doesn’t look Black. I should know, I’m Black”.

Steve Urkel is confused.

Congressman Steve King, R-Iowa, said: “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one. White nationalist, white supremacist, Black Face, — how did that language become offensive? First of all, I think you have to be White to do Black Face. Black Face must be a derogatory today, why? But today, you dress up in Black Face and they imply you are a racist.”

Congressman Steve King clears this all up.

The Orange Commander in Tweets Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 1 @ 3:56AM
This is another Witch Hunt by the Liberal Media to take down another Great American, Michael Ertel. The Tallahassee Democrat is a Failed Paper, their ratings are down. They are doing this to increase ratings, it won’t work!!!!!

The Orange Commander in Tweets supports Michael Ertel, the White one.

The Orange Commander in Tweet continued:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 1 @ 4:17AM
What’s the Big Deal in coloring your face. Take Sarkes, he is a White Guy but looks Brown, he must be coloring his face, no one says anything. Heck, on occasion, sometimes I look Orange. SO WHAT!!!

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 1 @ 5:03AM
This PC stuff is out of control. The Witch Hunt attack on Michael Ertel was Rigged, Beleaguered, Cowardly, Evil, Crooked, Garbage Journalism, Covfefe. What’s next, purging ALL record of Great Entertainers like Al Jolsen???!!!

White Man Al Jolsen in Black Face.

Government Serfs, Let Them Eat Cake

Executive Summary:

– The Furlough of Government Employees just ended.…at least for 3 weeks.
– Senior Leaders and Advisers of the Trump Administration are empathetic.

Even though Senior Leaders and Advisers to King Donald I are Billionaires and Millionaires, they are sympathetic to the plight of furloughed Government workers, their Serfs if you will. The Orange Oligarch and his team, which includes the wealthiest Cabinet ever assembled, deliver a full dose of empathy for those Furloughed Government Serfs who live pay check to paycheck. The Orange Lord has assembled a Strong Leadership Team.

These Government Serfs work at the Agriculture Department

The sage advise provided by the Golden Exalted Leader and Senior Staff:

Billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross questioned why cash-poor Serfs were using food banks instead of taking out loans. “Well, I know they are, and I don’t really quite understand why”. Billionaire Ross provide sage advise for the Government Serf: “The obligations that they would undertake, say borrowing from a bank or a credit union, are, in effect, federally guaranteed. So the 30 days of pay that some people will be out … there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be able to get a loan against it.”

Billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross encourages Furloughed Government Serfs to get Loans instead of going to Soup Kitchens and Food Banks.

White House Economic Adviser Millionaire Kevin Hassett said furloughed Serfs who are not getting paid during the government shutdown are “better off” because they didn’t have to use vacation days. Hassett provided a logical analysis: “Huge share of government workers were going to take vacation days, say between Christmas and New Year’s. And then we have a shutdown and so they can’t go to work, and so then they have the vacation but they don’t have to use their vacation days”. Finally, Hassett argues: “And then they come back and then they get their back pay, in some sense they’re better off”.

Economic Adviser Kevin Hassett says Furloughed Government Serfs have a Free Vacation and they are better off not working.

Reelection Campaign Adviser and Donald Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Millionaire Lara Trump had a message for the furloughed Serfs and Serfs working without pay: It will be worth it. Like a mother comforting her suffering children, Lara tells Furloughed Government Serfs: “Listen, it’s not fair to you, and we all get this, but this is so much bigger than any one person. It’s a little bit of pain, but it’s going to be for the future of our country.” Lara concludes: “Future Americans will be grateful for the shutdown. Their children and their grandchildren will thank them for their sacrifice right now.”

Campaign Adviser Lara Trump tells Furloughed Government Serfs that a little pain is good for the country. Lara was poor once and had to wear Genes with holes.

The Orange Billionaire also weighed in on the plight of the Furloughed Government Serf:

“Many furloughed government workers told me they’re fine with not getting paid as long as I secures additional funding for a border wall”.
“Most of the people not getting paid are Democrats.”
“Workers simply need to make adjustments.”
“I love them. I respect them. I really appreciate the great job they’re doing.”
“Banks and Grocery stores will work along with federal employees because they know the people.”

Now that’s Strong Leadership in these trying times. The Orange Monarch just may be Right when he declares that he has accomplished more in 2 years than any other President in History, History.

President Trump is providing Strong Leadership during the Government Shutdown

US Ambassador to France Millionaire Marie Antoinette believes that the Furloughed Government Serf will be fine. Her advise: “Let Them Eat Cake”.

Marie Antoinette believes that Furloughed Government Serfs will be fine just eating Cake.

A Government Serf enjoying his cake.