The Strongman Love Triangle

  • The Orange Romeo has had a love affair with both his Boy Toys; Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un
  • Now, it is reported that Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un are hooking up

Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a summit meant to highlight North Koreas pivot toward Moscow amid increasingly strained ties with Washington.  While on the surface, this would appear to be a Political move, Sarkes believes that there is much more to this meeting. 

Sarkes connects Dots where most cannot see Dots.  The Dots that Sarkes is connecting here is that there is a Love Triangle. A Love Triangle between the Orange Sniffer and his two Boy Toys, Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un.

There is something strange going on with this high powered Love Triangle

First, the Golden Sombrero has been linked with Russian Strong Man Vlads Putin.  The Orange Oligarch has embraced and defended Russia and their Premier like no other US President.   

On Putin, the Orange Commandant has said:

“But our relationship has never been worse than it is now. However, that changed as of about four hours ago. I really believe that.”

“My people came to me, they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

“So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

“Look at Putin — what he’s doing with Russia — I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period,”

 “Every time he sees me, he says, ‘I didn’t do that,’ and I really believe… he means it.”

Vlads and the Orange Babuska enjoying a day in the Russian Country
In the name of Detente, Trump and Putin decided to issue and joint Christmas Card

Trump & Putin, has their relationship gone South?

With the relationship between the Golden Gulag and his Boy Toy Vlads strained, a new relationship has been developing between the Orange Zest and North Korean Strong Man Kim Jun Un.

On Jung Un, the Golden Fortune Cookie has said:

“Great personality and very smart. Good combination. He’s a worthy negotiator. We had a terrific day, and we learned a lot about each other and about our countries.”

“We have exchanged letters and we fell in love”

“I like him. I get along with him great, we have a fantastic chemistry.”

“Kim is a great leader and his country has tremendous economic potential, unbelievable, unlimited”

Surely Nuclear Lovers would never push the button…..would they?
Trump and his boy toy Jung Un enjoying a public appearance

Trump and Jung Un have also issued a joint Christmas Card

It should come to no surprise that the Orange Cantaloupe is a temperamental lover and that his relationships with both Vlads and Kim have been like a roller coaster ride.  From this has developed a new relationship between Vlads Putin and Kim Jung Un.  Again, on the surface, this may seem like a political move to leverage the Russian and North Korean positions with the US.  But once more, Sarkes has connected the Dots where most can not see the Dots.  Sarkes believes that Vlads and Kim are hooking up.

Vlads and Kim Creating Nuclear Heat 
Vlads and Kim enjoying a quiet afternoon in the Russian countryside

So there you have it.  Love Triangles rarely turn out well.  A Love Triangle with the World’s Strongmen with Nuclear arsenals are a formula for disaster.

The Strongman Love Triangle in better times dancing to the Korean Hit “Gangnam Style”

Sarkes Weighs in on the Mueller Investigation

Executive Summary:

“Many People Say” Sarkes, what is your take on the Mueller Investigation?

Sarkes, Fair and Balanced, and a Truth Machine, always calls them as he sees them.  In the case of the Mueller Investigation, Sarkes agrees with the Orange Sufferer.

The Orange Dotard was a victim of Mueller’s Hoax, Witch Hunt, and Failed Illegal Take Down

Sarkes analyzes the Mueller Investigation:

The Mueller Investigation started on May 2017 and ended in March 2019. 

So with an Engineering Degree from Missouri Science & Technology, Sarkes estimates that the Mueller Investigation lasted 1 year and 10 months.

The Mueller Investigation was conducted by the Liberal Mueller and his “17 Angry Democrats”.

Mueller and some of his “17 Angry Democrats”

The Mueller investigation’s scope included the allegation that there were links or coordination between the Orange Traffic Cone’s Campaign and Putin’s Russian Commies. 

Vlads Putin insists he did not interfere with the US 2016 Elections, his Boy Toy has no reason to doubt

In addition, the scope stated that Mueller could also investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation”, aka, other Rabbit Holes.

It is estimated that the Mueller Investigation cost 35 Million dollars.

Now, Sarkes analyzes the Ken Starr Investigation of Slick Willey Clinton:

Te Ken Starr started in August 1994 and ended in September 1998.

So, the Ken Starr Investigation lasted 4 years and 1 month.

The Ken Starr Investigation was conducted by Conservative Starr and his “20 Level Headed Republicans”.

Starr and some of his “20 Level Headed Republicans”

The Scope of the Ken Starr investigation started with the investigation into the death of Vince Foster but then went down many many other Rabbit Holes including; the firing of White House Travel Office personnel, political abuse of confidential FBI files, Madison Guaranty, Rose Law Firm, Paula Jones, and, perjury and obstruction of justice to cover up Slick Willey’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Slick Willey DID NOT have Sex with that Woman, Monica Lewinsky (where is his right hand?)

It is estimated that the Ken Starr Investigation cost 80 Million dollars.

Sarkes Concludes:

Comparing the analysis between the Mueller and Starr Investigations, it is clear to see the the Mueller Investigation was inferior to the Starr Investigation, turning it into a Hoax, Witch Hunt, and a Failed Illegal Take Down. 

Had Mueller followed the Republican Ken Starr Special Investigator Process, Mueller would have:

  • Followed the Ken Starr Model and Investigated for 2 MORE plus years.  Mueller could not do a comprehensive investigation in just 1 year and 10 months.
  • Hired at least 3 more Investigators and gotten rid of all of his Angry Democrats and replaced them with Level Headed Republicans.
  • Spent 45 Million MORE dollars.  After all, the Trumpian TAX CUT and SPEND economic model would have provided unlimited funds to do a proper investigation.

So, America deserved much more from Robert Mueller.  Had Mueller just followed the Ken Starr Best Practice Model for Special Prosecutors, the American people might have gotten the to the truth.

Robert Mueller did not use the Ken Starr Best Practice of Special Prosecution 

Black Face is a No No Today

Executive Summary:

– Michael Ertel, the newly appointed Florida Secretary of State, has resigned after photos emerged of him posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface.

– Michael Ertel is White

Photos of Michael Ertel in Black Face that were obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat were shown to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Shortly after, Michael Ertel got the Old Heave Ho. Michael Ertel is White.

Michael Ertel, a White Man, got the Old Heave Ho for Black Face.

To avoid confusion, Sarkes must point out that this story is about White Man Michael Ertel, not the famous Actor Steve Urkel, who is Black.

Actor Steve Urkel is Black.

The photos of White Man Ertel in Black Face were taken in 2005, two months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. White Man Ertel dressed up in blackface, red lipstick, earrings, a New Orleans Saints bandanna, and falsies under a purple T-shirt that had “Katrina Victim” written on it.

White Man Ertel in Black Face.

More White Man Ertel in Black Face.

Sarkes tips his hat to White Man Ertel who manned up when questioned about these pictures. Most Old White Men accused of P-Grabbing, financial crimes, or doing / saying stupid things usually say: “I am innocent, this was a which hunt, I was misinterpreted, this was taken out of context, etc, etc.” Ertel simply said: “There’s nothing I can say”. Bravo to you Michael Ertel.

The Black Face Photos are the sole blemish on a seemingly spotless public career for Ertel, highlighted by a record of increasing Florida Voter Registration and making the elections office more accessible to Minorities. Ironically, the City of Longwood, Florida gave Michael their Martin Luther King Jr. award for registering voters.

Erkel earned the prestigious MLK Award.

When asked for Comment:

Actor Steve Urkel said: “Why do you keep asking me about this Michael Ertel. We are not related, he is White, I am Black. When Ertel puts on Black Face he doesn’t look Black. I should know, I’m Black”.

Steve Urkel is confused.

Congressman Steve King, R-Iowa, said: “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one. White nationalist, white supremacist, Black Face, — how did that language become offensive? First of all, I think you have to be White to do Black Face. Black Face must be a derogatory today, why? But today, you dress up in Black Face and they imply you are a racist.”

Congressman Steve King clears this all up.

The Orange Commander in Tweets Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 1 @ 3:56AM
This is another Witch Hunt by the Liberal Media to take down another Great American, Michael Ertel. The Tallahassee Democrat is a Failed Paper, their ratings are down. They are doing this to increase ratings, it won’t work!!!!!

The Orange Commander in Tweets supports Michael Ertel, the White one.

The Orange Commander in Tweet continued:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 1 @ 4:17AM
What’s the Big Deal in coloring your face. Take Sarkes, he is a White Guy but looks Brown, he must be coloring his face, no one says anything. Heck, on occasion, sometimes I look Orange. SO WHAT!!!

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 1 @ 5:03AM
This PC stuff is out of control. The Witch Hunt attack on Michael Ertel was Rigged, Beleaguered, Cowardly, Evil, Crooked, Garbage Journalism, Covfefe. What’s next, purging ALL record of Great Entertainers like Al Jolsen???!!!

White Man Al Jolsen in Black Face.

Government Serfs, Let Them Eat Cake

Executive Summary:

– The Furlough of Government Employees just ended.…at least for 3 weeks.
– Senior Leaders and Advisers of the Trump Administration are empathetic.

Even though Senior Leaders and Advisers to King Donald I are Billionaires and Millionaires, they are sympathetic to the plight of furloughed Government workers, their Serfs if you will. The Orange Oligarch and his team, which includes the wealthiest Cabinet ever assembled, deliver a full dose of empathy for those Furloughed Government Serfs who live pay check to paycheck. The Orange Lord has assembled a Strong Leadership Team.

These Government Serfs work at the Agriculture Department

The sage advise provided by the Golden Exalted Leader and Senior Staff:

Billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross questioned why cash-poor Serfs were using food banks instead of taking out loans. “Well, I know they are, and I don’t really quite understand why”. Billionaire Ross provide sage advise for the Government Serf: “The obligations that they would undertake, say borrowing from a bank or a credit union, are, in effect, federally guaranteed. So the 30 days of pay that some people will be out … there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be able to get a loan against it.”

Billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross encourages Furloughed Government Serfs to get Loans instead of going to Soup Kitchens and Food Banks.

White House Economic Adviser Millionaire Kevin Hassett said furloughed Serfs who are not getting paid during the government shutdown are “better off” because they didn’t have to use vacation days. Hassett provided a logical analysis: “Huge share of government workers were going to take vacation days, say between Christmas and New Year’s. And then we have a shutdown and so they can’t go to work, and so then they have the vacation but they don’t have to use their vacation days”. Finally, Hassett argues: “And then they come back and then they get their back pay, in some sense they’re better off”.

Economic Adviser Kevin Hassett says Furloughed Government Serfs have a Free Vacation and they are better off not working.

Reelection Campaign Adviser and Donald Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Millionaire Lara Trump had a message for the furloughed Serfs and Serfs working without pay: It will be worth it. Like a mother comforting her suffering children, Lara tells Furloughed Government Serfs: “Listen, it’s not fair to you, and we all get this, but this is so much bigger than any one person. It’s a little bit of pain, but it’s going to be for the future of our country.” Lara concludes: “Future Americans will be grateful for the shutdown. Their children and their grandchildren will thank them for their sacrifice right now.”

Campaign Adviser Lara Trump tells Furloughed Government Serfs that a little pain is good for the country. Lara was poor once and had to wear Genes with holes.

The Orange Billionaire also weighed in on the plight of the Furloughed Government Serf:

“Many furloughed government workers told me they’re fine with not getting paid as long as I secures additional funding for a border wall”.
“Most of the people not getting paid are Democrats.”
“Workers simply need to make adjustments.”
“I love them. I respect them. I really appreciate the great job they’re doing.”
“Banks and Grocery stores will work along with federal employees because they know the people.”

Now that’s Strong Leadership in these trying times. The Orange Monarch just may be Right when he declares that he has accomplished more in 2 years than any other President in History, History.

President Trump is providing Strong Leadership during the Government Shutdown

US Ambassador to France Millionaire Marie Antoinette believes that the Furloughed Government Serf will be fine. Her advise: “Let Them Eat Cake”.

Marie Antoinette believes that Furloughed Government Serfs will be fine just eating Cake.

A Government Serf enjoying his cake.

Sarkes is running for President in 2020

Executive Summary:

– Today, Monday, January 21, Sarkes is in WDC, The Swamp, visiting granddaughter Baby Adds
– In this appropriate setting, Sarkes hereby officially announces that he will run for President in 2020

Well, Sarkes really tried to avoid this but has no choice. Sarkes declares that our current government is not working and wholesale changes are needed. Our House and Senate, Both Dems and GOPs, have paralyzed our government and the Giant Orange Earth Brain is ruling only for his Base; uneducated, underemployed, rural, white folk. It is now time for change.

Sarkes cannot do this alone. Sarkes is calling for:
– Americans MUST vote out ALL incumbents in the House and Senate in 2020
– Americans MUST vote for Sarkes for President in 2020

“Many People Say” Sarkes, you are on record that since you have retired from Boeing, you want to be a JAFO (Just Another F – – – ing Observer). Isn’t running for President anything but being a JAFO?

Sarkes Responds: While it’s true that Sarkes wants to be a JAFO in retirement, he is putting those plans on hold for the good of the county. In fact, Sarkes won the coveted Leadership Magazine’s 2018 Man of the Year Award.

Processed with MOLDIV

“Many People Say” Sarkes, its about time, but what is your Platform?

Sarkes Responds: Sarkes is running as an Independent on the Sarkes Independent Party. Sarkes will self impose a term limit. Sarkes will serve only 1 term as President.

The Platform of the Sarkes Independent Party is in development, but there are 2 Planks already established.

Sarkes Independent Party Plank 1 – Organization

Sarkes WILL NOT have a Cabinet. Rather, Sarkes will have a small cadre of Generals which will create The Sarkes Tribunal. Sarkes IS NOT smarter than the Generals. In fact, there are a bevy of Generals available to serve on Sarkeses Tribunal now that the Orange Commandant has given them all the Old Heave Ho.

Sarkeses Tribunal, all Generals

No Government offices / departments (State, Defense, etc) people will be eliminated. Rather, the Government offices / departments will be delegated authority to serve the people of the US. Over site of these Government offices / departments will be provided by The Sarkes Tribunal.

Sarkes may need to start his Presidential term with a Sarkes Tribunal consisting of all Old White Male Generals, but Sarkes is committed to finding some Generals who are Women, Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red…………..surely some of these Generals exist………….don’t they?

Sarkes Independent Party Plank 2 – Build The Wall

Sarkes will build a Wall on BOTH our Southern and Northern Border. The Sarkes Wall will be a Big UGLY Wall and will cover the entire Southern and Northern borders.

The Sarkes Big UGLY Wall will cost the US Tax Payers little to NO tax dollars. “Many People Say”, Sarkes, are you on Meth? How can you build a Border wall that will not be paid by the Taxpayers.

Simple, the Sarkes Big UGLY Wall will be built entirely of used tires; car tires, truck tires, tractor tires, any and all tires.

You see, over 250 MILLION used tires must be recycled every year in the US. Sarkeses friend and neighbor, Jim Helgeson, Owner and CEO of Riley Park Tires in Greenfield, IN, is a Tire Expert, and tells Sarkes that his company pays between $2.00 and $35.00 for each tire, depending on the size of the tire, to recycle. Of course, this cost is transferred to the consumer as a “Disposal Fee”.

Tire Dealers all across America pay MILLIONS, MILLIONS, to recycle old Tires

Under Sarkeses plan, instead of paying between $2.00 and $35.00 per tire to recycle, Tire companies all over America will send their used tires to the Southern and Northern Borders to build the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall.

The Liberal Press Fake News Media have challenged Sarkes about his plan to build the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall out of used tires. Here are their questions:

Question: Sarkes, you said the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall will not cost the Taxpayers anything, how can that be?

Sarkes Answers: The used tires will be transported to the Southern and Northern Borders by US Military Transport Trucks. You see, the Military is already funded and properly equipped. And, the Navy CB’s will build the Wall. Tire Dealers all over America will save Billions of Dollars in recycle costs, Billions, and these savings will be TRICKLED DOWN to consumers. This is a Win, Win, Win.

The US Military has plenty of Trucks to move the Tires

Question: But Sarkes, won’t a tire wall be easy to breech?

Sarkes Answers: Quite the opposite, the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall be designed to make it virtually impossible breech. The tires will be strategically piled so the Evil Doer who is invading our country will either give up or fall thru to the bottom of the tire pile. If the Evil Doer falls thru to the bottom of the tire wall, they will be extracted and sent back to their homeland.

A Prototype of the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall made of Used Tires

Question: Sarkes, you said that the Big Ugly Wall will be “virtually” impossible to breech. What will Customs & Border Protection do if someone does happen to breech the wall?

Sarkes Answers: Sarkes, a benevolent Leader, is so confident that his Big Ugly Wall of tires will NOT be breeched, that he will give any illegal, without a criminal record, IMMEDIATE Citizenship and a great paying job at a Roofing Company or Landscaper if they breech the Big Ugly Wall.

Sarkes offers immediate citizenship and a job to any who breech the Big Ugly wall

Last Question: Sarkes, will the Big Ugly Wall be able to protect against the Caravans of Illegals that we have recently experienced.

Sarkes Answers: Now Sarkes knows that this will be controversial, but if America is invaded by a Caravan of Illegals, our Customs & Border Protection officers will set that section of the Big Ugly Tire Wall on fire. Have you ever seen a Tire fire? This will repel and turn around the Caravan. The Sarkes Big Ugly Wall can then be easily repaired.

Caravans of Illegals will not be able to breech the Big Ugly Wall

The Big Ugly Wall can be lit to repel Caravans of Illegals

More Planks of the Sarkes Independent Party will be published when established.

Until then, spread the word. Sarkes for President in 2020. Help Sarkes save America.

Is Sarkes Guilty of a Conspiracy and COLLUSION?

Executive Summary:

– Before Sarkes and Staff went on Assignment to Cuba, he published a story about a possible Ethics violation by US Representative Elect Abigail Spanberger

– It now appears that Sarkes may have had a Conflict of Interest, but COLLUSION?

A recent Sarkes Corner had reported that Congress Women Elect Abigail Spanberger, Democrat VA, had self reported a possible Ethics violation for helping her daughter sell Girl Scout Cookies. Spanberger was ultimately cleared of any Ethics violations by the House Ethics committee.

Congress Women Elect Abigail Spanberger and Daughter selling Girl Scout Cookies

Sarkes had commented that it was refreshing that a Female Congress Women was concerned about the Ethics of helping her daughter sell Thin Mints, Tag Alongs and Savannah’s when recent House Ethics violations were perpetrated by Rich, Old, White Guys for P-Grabbing and Financial wrong-doings (reference Duncan Hunter, Chris Collins, Blake Farenhold, and Timothy Murphy).

While on Assignment in Cuba, Sarkes received a call on his Sarkes Corner Burner Phone from his Source in the White House, LEAKER. Sarkes had assumed LEAKER was going to provide scoop on the recent Rats fleeing the White House staff (Haley, Sessions, Kelly, etc) or the nomination of the Big Breasted, Tight Skirt Wearing, Fox News Babe Heather Nauert as our next Ambassador to the UN.

Boy, was Sarkes wrong. LEAKER called to give Sarkes a heads-up that the Orange Marmalade had directed the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, to start an investigation on a potential Conflict of Interest against Sarkes, AND that Sarkes had COLLUDED to get Abigail Spanberger elected.

It seems that while Sarkes was publishing the story about Congress Women Elect Abigail Spanberger, Sarkeses Granddaughter Addison (Baby Adds) had been out campaigning for Congress Women Elect Abigail Spanberger. In fact, the Golden Pinocchio also claims that Baby Adds bought several boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from Congress Women Elect Abigail Spanberger.

Baby Adds Campaigning for Abigail Spanberger

Baby Adds often helps Sarkes create Sarkes Corner

While this all looks suspicious, Sarkes is furious and adamant, shouting “there was NO collusion by Sarkes with the election of Abigail Spanberger!!!!”

Sarkes, incensed that his reputation was being besmirched, went on a Tweeter Rant:

Sarkes@realSarkes – December 11 @3:45AM
“The FBI will NOT find a Smocking Gun tying Sarkes to the election of Abigail Spanberger. No Smocking Gun…No Collusion. This is a total Witch Hunt”

Sarkes@realSarkes – December 11 @4:11AM
“Sarkes and Sarkes Corner has accomplished more than any other U.S. News Source in 5 years of existence, & we are having a great time doing it! All of this despite the Fox News reporting that Sarkes COLLUDED to get Abigail Spanberger elected. This is a total Witch Hunt!!!, FAKE NEWS”

Sarkes@realSarkes – December 11@5:02AM
“The FBI and the 17 Angry Democrats will find NO COLLUSION because there was NO COLLUSION with Sarkes or Sarkeses granddaughter, Baby Adds, to elect Abigail Spanberger.”

Sakes@realSarkes – December 11@5:23AM
“The fact that the FBI is targeting Baby Adds is deplorable. What kid does not like Girl Scout Cookies? Baby Adds particularly enjoys Tagalongs, Trefoils, and Do-Si-Dos. Is that COLLUSION? If so, everyone who bought Girl Scout Cookies is guilty of COLLUSION.”

Like all children, Baby Adds enjoys Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies in the Swamp

Executive Summary:

– Cookie ethics: Congresswoman-elect asks if she’s still allowed to sell Girl Scout cookies

Now that she’s a Congresswoman-elect, Abigail Spanberger is in angst over Girl Scout cookie season. Spanberger is one of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop leaders.

As Spanberger (D-VA) prepares for her new job representing Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, she wonders if she has an ethical conflict of interest. “Can I go in the neighborhood and sell Girl Scout cookies or are people going to feel compelled to buy because I’m now their representative in Congress? I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Congresswomen-elect Abigail Spanberger has an ethical issue with Girl Scout Cookies

Given the sex and financial scandals by Old White Men in Congress, it seems odd that a Female Congresswoman-elect would fret over selling Thin Mints. How refreshing.

Thin Mints and other Girl Scout Cookies in the center of this ethics dilemma

Congressional Management Foundation President Bradford Fitch said, like any boss, members of Congress would need to be careful about selling cookies to their staff, but he didn’t see any ethical violations with them helping their daughters sell to constituents. They just can’t use their post to pressure people to buy cookies.

As more and more women become members of the House of Representatives and Senate, the type of ethics scandals will shift.

Recent Scandals with Rich Old White Guys serving in the U.S. House of Representatives:

U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and wife were indicted in federal court on dozens of charges, including wire fraud and using campaign funds for personal use.

Duncan Hunter, victim of a Left Wing Witch Hunt, threw his wife under the Bus

U.S. Representative Chris Collins (R-NY) was arrested by the FBI and charged with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, seven counts of securities fraud, and lying to the FBI.

Chris Collins, victim of a Left Wing Witch Hunt, did nothing wrong

U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX) resigned in the wake of reports he used public funds to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit and had created an intensely hostile work environment for women in his congressional office.

Blake Farenthold, victim of a Left Wing Witch Hunt and victim of a bad comb over

US Representative Timothy F. Murphy (R-PA), the married, anti-abortion congressman resigned just before an investigation could begin concerning his allegedly urging his mistress to seek an abortion.

Tim Murphy, victim of a Left Wing Witch Hunt and the ultimate hypocrite

Of course, all of these Rich Old White Guys proclaimed their innocence and were victims of the Left Wing Which Hunt Conspiracy with the Liberal Media.

Sarkes connects Dots where most cannot even see the Dots, but even an Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural, White guy can spot this trend.

Trump Will Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Executive Summary:

– In previous Sarkes Corners, Sarkes had made the Bold prediction that the Orange ATM would handily win the 2020 Presidential Election.

– Sarkes still maintains that the Golden Profit will win the 2020 Presidential Election in a landslide but for different reason than before.

– With this discovery, Sarkes believes he will win the Nobel Prize for Political Science

Sarkes connects Dots where most do not even see the Dots. Such is the case with the 2020 Presidential election.

Gallop was the first polling organization to conduct accurate opinion polling for Presidential Elections starting with the 1936 Presidential Election. Political Polling for Presidential elections has typically been analyzed and used to determine where to spend campaign dollars and focus campaign resources.

The focus Demographics for decades have been: Age (Young , Old), Race (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red), Wealth (Rich, Poor), Sex (Male, Female), and Locale (Urban, Suburban, Rural).

Sarkes has uncovered that the Orange Statistician has changed the focus of his polling and has developed all new Demographic categories. The Golden Maestro will garner votes for the 2020 Presidential Election by focusing on MUSIC GENRES.

Here is how the Golden Instrumentalist will reach the American Electorate:

African American vote: The Orange Rapper has all but assured to have African Americans vote for him as he has embraced HIP HOP King Kenya West. Kenya has a Bromance with his Golden “Nigga” and will bring home the Black vote in 2020.

Kenya West has a Bromance with his Golden “Nigga”

Young White Man vote: The Orange Minstrel has all but assured to have Young White Men vote for him as he has embraced ROCK Music star Kid Rock. Kid Rock is a frequent visitor to the White House.

When he is not drunk, Kid Rock stumps for the Orange Minstrel

Rural and Suburban White Man and Women vote: The Golden Virtuoso has all but assured to have the Rural and Suburban White Man and Women vote for him as he has embraced COUNTRY WESTERN star Track Adkins. Trace is a passionate supporter of the Orange Steel Guitar.

Trace Adkins appeals to the Golden Virtuoso’s Base, Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural White Folk

2nd Amendment Lemmings: The Golden Rifleman has all but assured to have any great American who packs Heat, Republican and Democrats alike, vote for him as he has embraced Ted Nugent. Nugent, lead singer and ROCK guitarist for the Amboy Dukes, is the Poster Boy for the NRA and self admitted Obama hater.

Aging Rocker Ted Nugent Packs Heat and Loads and Locks for the Golden Rifleman

Hispanics: “Many People Say” Sarkes, you know that Hispanics hate the Orange Sombrero. Como Se Dice Sarkes retorts. Cuban Hispanics love Trump and Cuban American CALIENTA Queen Gloria Estefan will bring home the Cuban vote and maybe some other Hispanics.

Calienta Sala Queen Gloria Estefan could deliver the Hispanic vote

“Many People Say” Sarkes, there are several other important American Demographics that are not covered by a MUSIC GENRE, how can the Golden Composer win those votes?

Sarkes called his source in the White House, LEAKER. LEAKER confirmed that the Trump organization is focusing on MUSIC GENRES and recognize that they have some work to do. LEAKER said that they have approached:

For Old Rich White Man: The Orange Bassoon has had conversations with POP star Neil Diamond who has great appeal to the Old Rich White Man. Diamond, who is suffering from the early stages of Parkinson disease is considering doing Commercials for the Golden Trumpet to bring home the Old Rich White Man vote, but is not healthy enough to tour.

An ailing Neil Diamond could help bring home the vote of the Rich Old White Man

For Old Rich White Women: The Orange Fiddle has had fruitful conversations with POP star Ann Murray who has great appeal to the Old Rich White Woman. While Murray is a Canadian lives in retirement in an All White, Gated Community in Southwest Florida, she likes what the Golden Stock Ticker has done for her Portfolio and seems to be willing to help for the 2020 election.

Rich Old White Women love Ann Murray, even though she is a Canadian

For The LGBT Community: The Orange Clarinet is a big fan of Barry Manilow and was shocked when the Crooner outed himself a few years back. While the Golden Tuba has lost favor with the LGBT community, an endorsement by Barry Manilow could restore these lost votes.

Will Barry Manilow be enough to get the LGBT vote for the Orange Clarinet?

For Young White Women Vote: The Orange Harp had thought he had COUNTRY / POP Star Taylor Swift all but sewed up for an endorsement but at the last minute, Swift turned allegiances and is endorsing Democrats. This is a major blow to the Golden Fiddle who must know find a POP music star who appeals to Young White Women.

Taylor Swift has turned on the Orange Harp and is now supporting Demon Dems

Sarkes has connected some Dots which no-one outside the Orange Conductor’s team have ever seen. The Orange Trombone has developed a polling strategy which must be recognized for it’s Brilliance.

By connecting these Dots, and with this discovery, Sarkes expects to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Political Science, it should be a no brainer.

Sarkes is all but guaranteed the Nobel Prize for Political Science

Judge Kavanaugh

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes weighs in on the Kavanaugh / Ford Senate Hearings

“Many People Say” Sarkes, what is your take on the Kavanaugh / Ford hearings.

Sarkes says: “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Sarkes explains and provides the Harsh Truth. The Kavanaugh / Ford Hearings are a Political Sham, pure Jackology. You see, if you are a Conservative you will believe Kavanaugh and if you are a Liberal you will believe Ford. There is no in between.

The Orange Ameba’s Base and Rich Old White Men will believe that Ford is a pawn of the Libs and lying to bring down the Trump Administration. Demon Dems will believe that Kavanaugh is a Sex-crazed, P-Grabbing Lothario not worthy to be on our Supreme Court. There is no in between.

Kavanaugh and Ford at the Hearings

Sarkes is reminded of what his mentor Judge Judy says. Let Sarkes set up the scene. A young woman decides to move in and live with her boyfriend outside the benefit of Clergy. The boyfriend turns out to be a bum, cheats on the girl, and they eventually break up. Now the girl is suing the bum for all of the things she bought the bum saying that these were not gifts, rather loans.

Judge Judy, The Cases are Real, The People are Real, The Decisions are Final

Often the young women strays off the facts of the case and complains about the behavior of the bum and attacking his character. Here is where Judge Judy says: “What do you want me to do, you Picked him!?”

Such is the case here in America. Americans elected the Golden Monarch in a landslide Electoral Collage vote and a record Popular Vote victory if you remove the 5 million votes casted for Hillary by Illegal Mexicans.

Illegal Mexican Landscaper voting for Hillary

Illegal Mexican Hotel Housekeeper voting for Hillary

Americans knew that the Orange Ameba was a serial Adulterer, a confessed P-Grabber, and full time Lothario, it didn’t matter, we elected him President. So, at this point, what difference does it make. Americans have lowered the bar for the moral and ethical behaviors of our elected officials.

Like Judge Judy would say to America: “What do you want me to do, you Elected him?”

Missouri – The Show MEAT State

Executive Summary:

– The Bright Red Missouri Legislature has passed a law protecting citizens from unwittingly buying Fake Meat, yes, Fake Meat

– Missouri, formerly the Show Me State, and now called the SHOOT Me State, can now be called the SHOW MEAT STATE

Sarkes thanks New Mexico University Professor Todd Ruecker; Sarkes Corner Contributor, Intellect, and Missouri Native, for this story from the Bright Red Missouri Legislature.

Like Sarkes, Professor Ruecker was born and raised in Missouri. Both Sarkes and Professor Ruecker watch the happenings in our home state with horror. Missouri, a once proud “Swing State”, has morphed into one of the Brightest Red states of our Union.

In all fairness, the former Show Me State’s conversion to a bastion of Conservatism cannot be blamed on the Orange Jumpsuit. Rather, George Bush 2 can take credit for Missouri’s transformation. George 2 flushed Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists out of the closet and they voted in mass during his 2000 Presidential Election victory.

George Bush 2 flushed out the Christian Fundamentalist in the 2000 Election

But the formal recognition of Missouri’s conversion as a Bright Red state was when Mizzou joined the SEC in 2012. Missouri is now peas in a Pod with the likes of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee. The SEC, Football first, Basketball second, Education not needed.

Missouri Officially became a Bright Red State when Mizzou joined the SEC

Missouri is a state where most of it’s residents are Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural, White, Folk, i.e., the Goldie Locks Base. Also, the Southwest quadrant of Missouri is the epicenter of the Bible Belt, with countless Mega Churches lining Interstate 44 around Springfield.

A Mega Church in SW Missouri, Ground Zero for the Bible Belt, God Bless

Having finished their work to make Missouri the friendliest state to Pack Heat, the Shoot Me State’s Bright Red Legislature put their cross hairs on another inalienable right, the Right to Eat Real Meat.

Rural Missourians are not too bright, so the Missouri Legislature was apparently unsure if their citizens could identify Real Meat. So the Missouri Legislature enacted the first law in the nation prohibiting food producers from using the word “Meat” to describe anything “that is not derived from harvested production livestock or poultry,”.

Huh, what, uh, oh my, duh, are you s – – ting me!

Sarkes believes that the Bright Red Missouri Legislature is not giving it’s citizens enough credit. Sarkes, born and raised in Missouri, can confidently say that Missourians will not be deceived, Missourians know Real Meat.

This Missourian does NOT need a Label to know Real Meat

This Missourian enjoying a Tasty burger like the Orange Ground Round

State lawmakers and industry trade groups contend the law was necessary to protect Missourians from being misled by meat alternatives.

The Show Meat law puts the heat on plant-based meat alternatives which now must strike “meat” from their marketing materials.

No one can mistake Tofurkey for Real Meat

The Missouri Law prohibiting food producers from using the word “Meat” to describe anything “that is not derived from harvested production livestock or poultry,” is yet another example of a Bright Red GOP Legislature finding a solution to a problem that does not exist.

Subscribers to Sarkes Corner can now feel protected when they travel to or through Missouri. Not only can you feel safe knowing that most of the people around you will be Packing Concealed Heat, but you can rest assured that you are eating Real Meat.