Chicken Sandwich Wars

Executive Summary:

  • A Tennessee man sues Popeyes for running out of chicken sandwiches
  • A Customer pulls Heat on a Popeyes employee for running out of chicken sandwiches

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor and St. Louis friend Steve Peat Moss for this story about Chicken Sandwiches.  Sarkes is surprised a bit as friend Peat is a meat and potato kind of guy, but he must like Chicken also.

Sarkes doesn’t quite understand this Brew Ha Ha between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes Louisiana Chicken as to who has the better Chicken Sandwich.  In any case, this was marketing genius as Popeyes Louisiana Chicken sold out of its Chicken Sandwich nation wide and in record time.

This woman cannot get a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

One unhappy customer, a Tennessee man Craig Barr, filed a lawsuit against Popeyes this week alleging it engaged in “false advertising” and “deceptive business practices by entity to public.”  Barr is seeking $5,000 in damages.

Barr said he suffered rim and tire damage totaling $1,500 while driving from Popeyes location to location to find a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, and was humiliated when his friends laughed at him.

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich comes in Classic and Spicy versions, Mmm Mmmm

This Chicken Sandwich Brew Ha Ha started when Chick-fil-A took a Jab at the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich stating that its Chicken Sandwich was “The Original”.

The Chic-fil-A Chicken Sandwich comes Breaded or Grilled, Mmm Mmmm

This started a Tweeter war with thousands of Chicken Sandwich Eaters weighing in on whose is their favorite Chicken Sandwich.

Americans prefer the Breaded and Fried Chicken Sandwich over Grilled

In a related story, Police in Houston are searching for a man who pulled a gun on employees at a Popeyes restaurant after they ran out of chicken sandwiches.

Two women, three men and a baby were told at the Popeyes drive-thru window that the Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches were sold out.  The hungry and angry customers got our of their car and one of the men attempted to get inside the restaurant displaying Heat, but one of the Minimum Wage Popeyes worker was alert and locked the door.  These customers were so hungry that they left their baby in the car as they attempted to Invade the Popeyes restaurant.  Oh my!

Popeyes employees were at peril because they ran out of Chicken Sandwiches

After watching these Chicken Sandwich Wars unfold on Fox News Fair and Balanced, the Orange Cheeto Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – September 9 @ 4:56AM

Like Sarkes, I don’t understand this battle over Chicken Sandwiches.  The real battle is at our southern border where we are being Invaded by Mexicans who want to force us all to eat Tacos.  When we win our Tariff War with China, US Beef will be a Great Value for all Americans.

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – September 9 @ 6:03AM

Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers were invented in America.  Other Loser nations try to copy our US Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers but Fail miserably.  And, I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT, I am the fittest President of all time.   

The Orange Whopper prefers a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese over a Chicken Sandwich any day

TV Co-Anchor Looks Like a Gorilla

Executive Summary:

  • A White Newscaster said her Black co-anchor looks like a Gorilla
  • After, the White Newscaster offered a tearful apology

Sarkes has always preferred Print Journalism verses TV or Radio Journalism.  “Many People Say” Sarkes, you have a face for Print Journalism.  In Live TV or Radio Journalism there is a Risk, once you put your Right Foot in your mouth its out there and can never be removed.

Sarkes considered TV Journalism but was told to stick with Print

In a tearful segment that aired on Oklahoma City’s KOCO-TV, morning White anchor Alex Housden apologized to her Black co-anchor Jason Hackett after comparing him to a gorilla during a broadcast Thursday. 

White co-anchor Alex Housden thinks her Black co-anchor looks like a Gorilla

The racist comment occurred after the pair reported on a story about a Gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  The Gorilla is named Finyezi, Fin for short.  White co-anchor Housden ended the segment with the comment: “Kind of looks like you,” directed at Black co-anchor Hackett.

Uh, what, hmmmm, uh oh, she said what

Fin was the focus of a news story at KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City 

In shock, and on live TV, and not sure what to say, Black co-ahchor Hackett said:  “He kind of does, actually, yeah,”  

Uh, what, hmmmm, uh oh, he said what

Does Black co-anchor Jason Hackett look like Fin to you?

The following day, Black co-ahchor Hackett accepted White co-anchor Housden’s apology and said he wanted to take the experience as a teachable moment to his viewers.

Black co-ahchor Hackett said:  “The lesson here is that words matter.  We have to understand the stereotypes, we have to understand each other’s backgrounds and the words that hurt, the words that cut deep.”

White co-anchor Housden called the comment inconsiderate and inappropriate. She said she knows it was wrong and that she would never intentionally hurt her colleague.

White co-anchor tearfully said:  “I hurt people. I want you to know I understand how much I hurt you out there and how much I hurt you”

White co-anchor Housden tearfully apologizes to Black co-anchor Hackett

At least White co-anchor Housden, in her apology, did not say that “she was not a Racist”.  We all know that when someone says they “are not a Racist” they probably are.

Finally, Sarkes is ready to give White co-anchor Housden a pass on her Racist guffaw.  No, not because White co-anchor Housden is a good looking blond in a short, tight fitting dress like the Women on Fox News Fair and Balanced.  Sarkes is not that shallow.  

You see, for those of you who have visited Oklahoma City know that there are very few Blacks.  White co-anchor Housden may have just made an honest mistake.  

Keep My City White

Executive Summary:

– A City Council Candidate in Marysville, Michigan, wants to keep her city White

–  She said What?, Huh, Uh, Oh My, Mmmmmmm

Jean Cramer, a city council candidate in Marysville, Michigan, stunned those assembled at an election Forum with her Racist Comments.   Unfazed, Bigot Cramer later Doubled Down, then Tripled Down on her position. 

Cramer is one of five candidates vying for three open council seats in the  November City Council election.  The Candidates were asked:  “Do you believe the diversity of our community needs to be looked at, and if so, should we be more aggressive in attracting foreign-born citizens?”

Racist Jean Cramer responded that she wants to: “Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible,”.

She said What?, Huh, Uh, Oh My, Mmmmmmm

Racist Jean Cramer wants to keep her city as White as Possible

Racist Cramer’s response, however, was the first of the group, and a brief guffaw fell over the council meeting room at City Hall before forum attendees heard from the other candidates.  Needless to say, the other Council Candidates did not agree with Cramer and her initiative to “Keeping Maryville White”:

Incumbent Councilman Paul Wessel said anyone who can find their way to Marysville “should be allowed to live in Marysville.” 

Council candidate Mike Deising paused before adding, “Just checking the calendar here and making sure it’s still 2019.”

Wayne Pyden, a former councilman added. “In my own heart and my own mind and people around me, people here at the table, everybody’s welcome to Marysville.”

Mayor Dan Damman and other local leaders have called for Racist Cramer to  withdraw from the City Council race (pun intended), “After the initial shock of what she said really sank in and (given) the deep-seated viewpoints that she has, I don’t believe that she is fit to serve as an elected official in Marysville or anywhere else.”

Unlike Racist Cramer, the rest of the Maryville Council Candidates embrace Diversity

But, like all good White Supremacists, Racist Jean Cramer DOUBLED DOWN.  After the forum, Racist Cramer expanded on her beliefs, particularly that people of different races shouldn’t get married.  

She said What?, Huh, Uh, Oh My, Mmmmmmm

Racist Cramer does not want Mixed Marriages in Maryville

Racist Cramer has cited the Bible in backing up her ideology. Despite the widespread condemnation of her views, she said she didn’t believe she was racist.  Then, Racist Cramer TRIPLED DOWN:  “As far as I know, as long as I’ve been here, Marysville has been a white community, a white city, if we have seen a black person here and there, whatever, we’re not bothered by it. I’m not bothered by it.”

She said What?, Huh, Uh, Oh My, Mmmmmmm

Jean Cramer claims that she is not bothered by Black people AND IS NOT A RACIST

Kevin Watkins, president of the Port Huron chapter of the NAACP, said that  he believed individuals like Racist Cramer are more recently emboldened to come forward, “taking a play out of the Trump playbook.”

When asked about the statement of Kevin Watkins, the Orange Chosen One Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – August 27 @ 4:56AM

I DO NOT HAVE A PLAYBOOK.  I AM NOT A RACIST.  I do not have a racist bone in my body. I am the least racist President of all time.  Look at all that I have done for the Blacks, after all, what did they have to lose!  Case Closed.

The Orange Chosen One is NOT A RACIST and often surrounds himself with Blacks, and Blacks love him

In the Hospital While Black in America

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 13th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”
  • In this edition, a black hospital patient went on a walk with an IV drip and was apprehended by a security guard who thought he was stealing medical equipment

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me. 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner subscribers Canadian Bureau Contributor Peter Perrin and St. Louis special correspondent Dave Schepers for this head scratching story of being Black in America.

A Black man says he was racially profiled by White police officers while he was being treated at an Illinois hospital and went for a walk hooked up to an IV drip.  Police arrested Shaquille Dukes, 24, of misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a security guard called them, saying that Black Man Dukes was trying to steal medical equipment.

The Freeport, Illinois Police Department confirmed that Black Man Dukes filed a complaint “alleging unfair and biased conduct by responding officers.” The department said it has retained an outside, third-party investigator to “gather the facts, interview all parties involved, and determine whether officers conducted themselves in adherence to department policies and guidelines.”

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

Black Man Dukes stated that he was on vacation in Freeport, about 100 miles west of Chicago, when he came down with double pneumonia and went to the hospital. Black Man Dukes was admitted to Freeport Memorial Hospital for two days.

Freeport Memorial Hospital, the scene of the crime

On the morning of the second day, Black Man Dukes said he was feeling better and asked doctors if he could go for a walk. He went outside with a friend and his brother, still wearing his hospital gown and pushing a steroid and antibiotic IV drip.  Once outside, Black Man Dukes said a White Security Guard called them over to his car and asked if they were trying to “leave the hospital and sell the IV equipment on eBay.”  Freeport, IL has a population of over 25,000 of which 16% are African American, so the White Security Guard must of had experience with the Criminal Black Man.

Black Man Shaquille Dukes was given permission by doctors to take a walk

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

“I was livid, I was irate,” Black Man Dukes said. “The first thing he said to me wasn’t, ‘What’s your name? Can I help you?’ but ‘Are you stealing this?'” Black Man Dukes said his friend began recording the encounter, as Black Man Dukes was trying to explain to the security guard that they were on a walk.

That’s when the security guard White Security Guard called for police backup. The White Security  Guard told police, “I have three black males attempting to steal medical equipment from the hospital.”

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

Police arrested all three men, charging them with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Two of the men were also charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest, according to the Freeport Police. 

Black Man Dukes was handcuffed and was Perp-Walked to the Patrol Car

Balck Man Dukes stated that police officers took his emergency inhaler and his IV was removed, though not by a doctor. Black Man Dukes was taken back to hospital in handcuffs

The Freeoirt Police department has appointed an independent investigator to look at the case, and the hospital declined to comment, citing patient confidentiality.

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

The Sarkes Corner Medical bureau looked on E Bay but could not find the going resale rate for a steroid and antibiotic IV drip.

Its hard to find an IV Drip on Ebay

The Root Cause of these Mass Murders

Executive Summary:

  • An Ohio politician blames mass shootings on “drag queen advocates”, Obama, open borders, more 
  • Sarkes learns something new every day

“Many People Say” Sarkes, how do you know as much as you do about everything.  Well, Sarkes must admit, that while he has been called a Stable Genius, Sarkes learns something new every day.

Sarkes had always thought that the Tsunami of Mass Murders by Angry White Men were caused by the fact that they are Deranged or embrace a White Supremacy value system.  

Wow, was Sarkes wrong.  Like Sarkes neighbors in the Spring Run Silver Creek Conservative Breakfast club, who teach Sarkes the tenants of Conservatism, Sarkes now knows the Root Cause of all these Mass Murders.  Thanks to Ohio State Representative, Conservative Candice Keller, in a Facebook posting, laid it all out for Sarkes in a way that is easily understood.  

Conservative Candice Keller has figured out the Root Cause of Mass Murders in America, it’s simple

In her Facebook posting, Conservative Candice Keller complained that Liberals play the “Blame Game” after every mass murder perpetrated by Angry White Men.  Conservative Candice Keller said why not place the blame where it belongs.  She went on to identify those to blame for the Mass Murders:

  • Drag Queen Advocates
  • Open Borders
  • Fatherlessness
  • Gay Marriage
  • Violent Video Games
  • Acceptance of Recreational Marijuana
  • Democrats in Congress
  • Barrack Obama

Conservative Candice Keller summed up the root cause of Mass Murders by Deranged White Men – the breakdown of the traditional American Family. 

Drag Queens have caused many of the Mass Murders by Deranged White Men

The Invasion of America by Mexican Caravans have increased Mass Murders by White Supremacists 

If only they had a father, the Mass Murders would stop
Conservative Keller claims that Gay Marriage leads to Mass Murders
The White Man is driven to Mass Murder because of violent Video Games

If Mary Jane was illegal, there would be no Mass Murders

Democrats have driven many a Conservative White Man to become a Mass Murderer

One thing that Sarkes has learned from his Conservative neighbors…it’s always Obama’s fault

It seems simple, if Conservatives can repair the traditional American Family, the Mass Murders will stop.  If anyone can do it, the Conservatives can, after all, the GOP is the Party of Family Values. 

A Caravan of Foreigners is on the Move

Executive Summary:

– London, Ontario, Canada, is the birthplace of Insulin

– A Caravan of Americans is Invading Canada

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Canadian Bureau Chief Dennis Parass for this Breaking Story on an American invasion of Canada.

Disclaimer:  Sarkes has Diabetes and has taken Insulin for over 20 years.  In order to provide Fair and Balanced reporting, this Sarkes Corner was assembled by Sarkes Corner Junior Staffers but Sarkes did proof read to ensure that this story is Accurate, Fair, and Balanced.

London, Ontario, Canada, is the birthplace of Insulin, and the latest stop for desperate American Diabetics.  A Caravan of scores of  American Diabetics are heading to London, Ontario, Canada, to pay homage to Sir Frederick Banting, inventor of Insulin, and to buy cheap Canadian Insulin.

Sir Frederick Banting was a Canadian medical scientist and physician who discovered the therapeutic potential of Insulin to treat people with Diabetes.  In 1923, Banting received the Nobel Prize in Medicine at age 32.  

Canadian Sir Frederick Banting discovered Insulin as a treatment for Diabetes in 1923

American Quinn Nystrom, an American Diabetic, is a Diabetes Advocate, Speaker and Author. With an already impressive resume, Nystrom is adding Anarchist to her resume.  Nystrom is leading a Caravan of American Diabetics with plans Invade Canada.

Quinn Nystrom is leading an Caravan of American Diabetics invading Canada, she doesn’t look like an Anarchist

The Caravan of Diabetic Americans is heading to London, Ontario, to buy cheap insulin at Canadian pharmacies and to pay tribute to the co-founder of the lifesaving medication, Sir Frederick Banting.  The caravan will leave from Minneapolis, picking up American Diabetics in Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois and East Lansing, Mich.

American Diabetics are Invading Canada to buy Cheap Insulin, hmmm don’t Black People take Insulin?

It is estimated that the Diabetic American Invasion of Canada is as Uuuuuuge as the Mexican Invasion of the US Southern Border.

Mexicans are Invading the US to work on our Golf Courses, Hotels, Roofs, Farms, etc

Anarchist Nystrom stated: ”There is an insulin crisis in America. The price of insulin has increased 200 per cent and one in four Americans has been found to be rationing their insulin.”  Nystrom added:  “A vial of the insulin in the US costs $340 but just $30 in Canada.  I was able to get 10 vials of the insulin I need for the price of one vial in America”.

In Canada, insulin is available over the counter. The American Invaders have alerted London, Ontario area pharmacies that they’re coming, so the medication can be made available, and are spreading out to different pharmacies so as not to overburden the supply. 

Nystrom Continued: ”That’s the other shocking thing for Americans. We can just come to Canada and buy what we need. In the U.S., you need a prescription, and it’s a lot of rigamarole. Sometimes, if the contract for our particular Insulin prescription expires, your insurance company will no longer cover it, or if they have a new contract with a new company, you have to switch brands.” 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called an Emergency Meeting of the Canadian Cabinet to determine how Canada will handle the Caravan of American Diabetics invading Canada.  

A source in the Canadian Cabinet, code name “Maple Leaker”, provided Sarkes a summary of that discussion.  “Maple Leaker” reported the options under consideration by the Canadian Cabinet:

Build a Wall – The Canadian Cabinet considered building a Great Big Beautiful Wall to keep out the American Diabetic Invaders. 

Impose Tariffs – While Insulin is offered “over the counter” with no prescription, the Cabinet considered requiring Canadian Pharmacies to require a I.D. to buy Canadian Insulin.  If an American wants to buy the Canadian Insulin, a 1,000 percent Tariff would be imposed. 

Increase Insulin Production – Many in the Canadian Cabinet advocated that American Diabetics are NO threat to Canada.  These Invaders buy their Insulin and return to the United States, they do not want to stay in Canada due to the high Tax rate.  They also argued that since many Diabetics are over weight, they will spend money at Canadian restaurants.  

Import Insulin from China – The Canadian Cabinet discussed addressing the impact on Canadian Insulin production by importing Insulin from China and selling Chinese Insulin to the American Diabetic Invaders. 

The Canadian Cabinet is very Diverse while the American Cabinet is mostly all Rich, Old, White Men

After being informed about the Invasion of Canada by American Diabetics, the Orange Physician Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – July 1 @ 4:56AM

I am the Fittest President EVER EVER in the history of the US, so I don’t know much about Insulin.  But my people tell me that Insulin produced in the US is of the highest Quality and superior to Canadian Insulin.  Our American Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies, and their CEO’s, are entitled to make a FAIR Profit for developing High Quality Insulin.  

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – July 1 @ 5:17AM

Canadian Insulin is NOT that much cheaper than US Insulin.  This is FAKE NEWS by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC).  Like my Russian friend  Vlads and I discussed at the G20, there is FAKE NEWS Everywhere, but more so in Liberal countries like Canada. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – July 1 @ 5:38AM

I bumped into that Panty Waist Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau at the G20 and told him to STOP luring American Diabetics to Canada with Cheap, Fake, Insulin.  I told Trudeau if he did not stop luring American Diabetics to Canada that I would put Uuuuuge Tariffs on Canadian imports which are inferior to American products anyway. 

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – July 1 @ 5:53AM

The Canadians claim that they invented Insulin in 1923, DID NOT HAPPEN!!, FAKE NEWS again.  Like all Great medicines, Insulin was invented by an American in 1905.  Don’t believe what you read from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, they are no better and probably worse than the Failed CNN, New York Time, and Washington Post. 

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – July 1 @ 6:14AM

Liberal Democrats want you to believe that Canadian Insulin is cheaper and just as good as American Insulin.  DO NOT BELIVE THEM.  This is another lie and Liberal strategy to try to win the 2020 Presidential Election.  These Liberals want to take away your Fairly Priced, Great Value, private medical insurance, and to put our Great American Insurance Companies out of business.  The Liberals want to force you to get your medical care in a system like Canada.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN, vote straight Republican in 2020.  I alone have Made America Great Again, we now need to Keep America Great!!!!!

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – July 1 @ 6:28AM

I am trying to get a hold of Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan to immediately order Troops to our Northern Border with Canada to protect our American Diabetics.  He is not answering his phone.  Shanahan, when you read this give me a call IMMEDIATELY!  Sarah Sanders, get on the horn and have Shanahan give me a call.

The Orange MD is not happy with Canada selling cheap, inferior Insulin to American Diabetics and has warned Trudeau to stop immediately  

Limbaugh Sticks it to Stan Kroenke

Executive Summary:

  • Stan Kroenke owes the St. Louis Rams PSL Holders $24M
  • US District Judge Stephen Limbaugh, not Rush, stuck it to Stan

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Special Correspondent Cindy Mamelian for this breaking news out of St. Louis.

It is now official: Stan Kroenke owes former St. Louis Rams Personal Seat License (PSL) holders $24 million for leaving town and not honoring those PSL contracts.

What is a PSL?  A PSL is a fee that entitles the holder the right to buy a Season Ticket for a seat in a Stadium.  PSLs started in 1983 with the construction of the then Carolinas Stadium, home of the NFL Carolina Panthers.    The PSLs, started with the Carolinas Stadium, opened the Flood Gates and now all Sports Stadiums built since have held their Loyal Fans hostage by bilking them out of Billions of dollars in PSL Fees.  

In 1995, Sarkes and Chris, along with Chris’ parents, were original PSL holders for the St. Louis Rams.  We paid $1,000 per PSL for the privilege to buy Season Tickets to the then pitiful Rams.  

Chris enjoyed watching the Greatest Show on Turf
At one time, Sarkes owned much St. Louis Rams merchandise

Alas, there were good times for the St. Louis Rams during the Dick Vermeil / Mike Martz era when the Greatest Show on Turf went to two Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XXXIV.

The Greatest Show on Turf featured all time NFL Greats Kurt Warner, Marshall Falk, Issac Bruce (Bruuuuuce), Tori Holt, Ricky Proehl, more

But Sarkes digresses, so back on point.  US District Judge Stephen Limbaugh gave final approval to the class action lawsuit brought against Kroenke and the Rams this week.  Judge Limbaugh is a cousin to Right Wing Icon Rush Limbaugh.  It is unclear if Judge Stephen Limbaugh is a Conservative cut from the same bolt of cloth as his cousin Rush, Ronald Reagan, and the Orange Dotard.  

Mega Ditto Rush Limbaugh and the Orange Bull Horn are Conservative Icons

St. Louis Rams PSL holders will get 30 percent of their original purchase price, which represents a refund for the nine years that remained on the 30-year license when the Rams left for Los Angeles in 2016.  Sarkes and Chris gave up their PSLs when moving full time to the Gunshine State so will not benefit from this windfall.

Pond Scum Stan Kronke moved the Rams to Los Angeles in 2016 after 20 years in St. Louis

The Rams were still in St. Louis when Greedy Stan Kronke started selling LA Rams merchandise

You know Stan Kronke, native Missourian, named after Cardinal great Stan Musial, and one of the most despicable of ALL despicable owners of Sports franchises.  

In order to justify the move of the Rams to Los Angeles, Pond Scum Kronke convinced the other Greedy NFL Owners that St. Louis could not support an NFL team and that the St. Louis Football stadium was insufficient.  Hey Stan, you Piece of Excrement, the St. Louis Football stadium was sufficient when the Greatest Show on Turf was winning Championships and a Super Bowl.

You would think with all of his money, Stan Kronke could afford a better hair piece

Stan Kronke made his money the old fashioned way, he married an Heiress to the Sam Walton fortune.  Today, Stan Kronke’s net worth is over $9 Billion, $9 Billion, almost as much as the Orange Stable Genius.   But wait, that’s not all.  Stan Kronke’s wife, Ann Walton Kronke, Heiress to the Sam Walton fortune, is worth $7.5 Billion herself.  

Don’t worry about Ann Walton Kronke, she is independently wealthy

Don’t fret for Stan Kronke and his wife Ann Walton, while $24 Million cannot be comprehended by most Sarkes Corner readers, this is but a drop in the bucket, noise level if you will, for Stan Kronke.  What Stan Kronke needs to worry about is his Shrine, the new LA Rams Stadium.  Kronkes new Royal Residence, being financed by Stan Kronke and his wife All Walton, was originally budgeted at $2.6 BILLION, is now estimated to cost over $4 BILLION at completion.

The new LA Rams Stadium is way over budget and behind schedule

The Blues Win The Stanley Cup!

The Blue Note has long been the symbol of the St. Louis Hockey Blues

This Special Edition of Sarkes Corner is brought to you by the Newly created Sarkes Corner Sports Bureau. 

The St. Louis Blues came into the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1967.  While the Blues never really stunk, they have never won the Stanley Cup until now.  After 52 years, the Blues beat the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.

After 52 years, the St. Louis Blues finally win the Stanley Cup

The victory parade for the Blues was like none other ever held in St. Louis, even greater than the 11 previous parades the followed World Series Wins by the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals.  It was anticipated that 500,000 Hockey fans would show up for the Rally and Parade, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch estimated that close to 1 Million Fans attended the Rally and Parade.

St. Louis, Sarkeses hometown, is in Missouri, formally the Show Me State and now better known as the Shoot Me State.  So, what’s even more surprising than the close to 1 Million Fans attending the Rally and Parade, most of them packing Heat, is the fact that NO ONE GOT SHOT!  Given the mass quantities of local Anheuser-Busch products consumed, this is nothing short of a miracle. 

There was a mass of humanity from the St. Louis Arch grounds reaching all the way into downtown.  It is estimated that there was 2 times as many people for the Blues Rally and Parade than for the Orange Cross-Checker’s Inauguration on the National Mall. 

Fans started assembling on the Arch Grounds

More people attended the Blues Rally and Parade that attended the Orange Faceoff’s Inauguration on the National Mall

Uuuuuuge Crowds showed up for the Blues Rally and Parade

A plethora of Celebrities attended the Blues Rally and Parade including St. Louies; Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Jenna Fischer (The Office), and the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales.  Also, many past St. Louis Blues from yesteryear attended including The Golden Brett, Brett Hull.

Brett Hull was a St. Louis Blue for 10 years but now loves his Budweiser and has a hard time lacing up his skates

While the St. Louis Blues fans were celebrating their first Stanley Cup, the Piece of Excrement and Pond Scum known as Stan Kronke could not be forgotten.  Stan Kronke, the unethical and despicable owner of the Los Angels Rams, made his money the Old Fashioned Way, he married Sam Waltons daughter.  

Despicable Kronke lied when he said that  St. Louis Sports Fans do not support their teams

Even in jubilation, the St. Louis fans can take a Shot at Pond Scum Stan Kronke

Shortly after the Blues secured the Stanley Cup, the Orange Slap Shot started tweeting:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 4:56AM

Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues for finally winning the Stanley Cup.  For a half century, the Blues were Looooosers, Looooosers.  After I won Missouri by a record vote in the 2016 Election, the Blues became Winners!!

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 5:09AM

I was a star Hockey player at the University of Pennsylvania and could have been a star in the NHL had it not been for my Bone Spurs.  If I had played for the Blues, it would not have taken them 52 years to win the Stanley Cup.

The Orange Puck could have been a Bigger star than Wayne Gretsky had it not been for his Bone Spurs

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 5:23AM

I suspect that there will be 1000 per cent participation by the St. Louis Blues when I invite them to the White House.  There are no Blacks or Mexicans playing for the St. Louis Blues.   While the Blues are loaded with Canadians, if that Panty Waist Justin Trudeau tries to keep the Canadian Blues from coming to the White House I will hit Canada with so many Tariffs that their heads will spin.

The St. Louis Blues are 1000 Percent White, but do have many Canadians on the team

Canadian Prime Minister JustinTrudeau is a Panty Waist with a Limp Wrist Handshake

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 6:01AM

The failed St. Louis Post-Dispatch, another Fake Newspaper like the New York Times and Washington Post, reported that close to 1 million Fans attended the Blues Rally and Parade which was several times more than attended my inauguration.  Everyone knows that more people attended my Inauguration than ANY OTHER EVENT IN HISTORY, no other event came close, even the Rally in St. Louis. FAKE NEWS. Should be renamed the St. Louis Post-Disgrace.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a Failed, Fake News, Liberal media, All Lies, All The Time

Sarkes Corner – Picnicking While Black in America

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 12th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”.  Previous editions documented “Baby Sitting While Black”, “Black and Living in a Luxury Condo”, “Gardening While Black”,  “Cashing a Check While Black”, “Wrestling While Black”, “Calling While Black”, “Waiting for AAA While Black”, “Eating Yogurt While Black”, “Taking the SAT While Black”, “Picking up Trash While Black” and “Moving While Black”
  • In this edition, a White Woman pulled out her Heat on a Black Couple trying to enjoy a picnic

Is it just Sarkes or does it seem like the Black Man (and Woman) have increasingly become victims of being harassed for no other reason than they are Black in a White Man’s world.  This Sarkes Corner is the 12th installment, in less than a year, in a soon to be Award Winning series of “Blacks in White America”.  Sarkes anticipates a Pulitzer or maybe even a Nobel Prize for this powerful series.

Sarkes also questions the timing of these incidents with the rise of the “Salt of the Earth” Americans, empowered by the Orange Profit, all who proudly wear their Red Make America Great Again hats.  “Many People Say” that these Great MAGA Hat-wearing Americans are NOT RACISTS!.  Rather, they have a legitimate reason to confront the Black Man in places where they do not normally go.  Hmmmmmm.

White MAGA Hat-wearing Americans ARE NOT RACISTS!

A White Campground Worker in Starkville, Mississippi was fired this week after she was caught on video pulling a gun on a Black couple and ordering them to leave the Campground.  The Black victims, Jessica and Franklin Richardson, decided to go to the lake to have a picnic. Not five minutes after arriving at the lake, a Pick Up truck pulled up and a White Lady screamed at the Black Couple, jumping out of her pickup truck with a Gun.

The White Heat-packing Woman pulled out her Heat against the Black Couple

The Black couple had stumbled into an area near the lake that is owned by Starkville Kampgrounds of America (KOA) and is technically private property. Black Woman Richardson stated; “This lady literally just pulled a gun on us because we’re out here and didn’t have reservations.”  After looking down the Barrel of a pistol, Black Woman Richardson told the White Woman; “All you had to do was tell us … We would have left. You didn’t have to pull a gun.”

The Richardsons are Black and like to Picnic

KOA released a statement Tuesday saying the White employee had been fired after Richardson’s video went viral.  “KOA does not condone the use of a firearm in any manner on our properties or those owned and operated by our franchises,” said group spokesman Mike Gast. “The employee involved in the incident has been relieved of her duties.”

Apparently few Black people camp at the KOA in Starkville, MS

America is Invading Mexico

Executive Summary:

  • A new report shows that Older Americans are invading Mexico
  • Mexicans are concerned that invading Americans will negatively impact the Mexican culture. 
  • To stop this invasion, Mexico plans on building a great big beautiful wall 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Washington DC Bureau Chief Ashok Agrawal for his investigative report on the invasion of Mexico by Gray Americans. 

Old, White Americans are immigrating to Mexico in Uuuuuuge numbers.  Mexico is planning to build a great big beautiful wall and make America pay for the wall. Sarkes suspects that these reverse immigrants are all Demon Dems.   Ironic?

There is a little-noticed surge across the U.S. / Mexico border, an invasion if you will, of Americans heading south to Mexico.  The Gray American Barons of the 18th century built its mansions in Mexico, but today, the current Gray Americans invading Mexico are building Pickleball Courts. 

Gray American Invaders love their Pickleball

The invasion started with just a few American retirees. Today, dozen Gray Americans fill the Pickleball courts at the municipal sports center most mornings, swinging paddles at plastic balls. It is anticipated that if the invasion of Gray Americans into Mexico continues, Pickleball will replace Soccer as the national sport of Mexico.

Pickleball will overtake Soccer as the national sport in Mexico

The Orange ICE Agent regularly assails the flow of migrants crossing the Mexican border into the United States. Less noticed has been the surge of people heading in the opposite direction.  The Mexican Government estimated that the U.S. born population in their country has reached 1.5 Million, a fourfold increase since 1990.  With Gray Democrats going to Mexico in record numbers and the elimination of the 5 million Illegal Mexicans who voted for Hillary, the Orange Premier will have a landslide win in 2020.

The Orange Ice Agent is not concerned of the migration of Gray Americans to Mexico as these are mostly Liberal Democrats

Americans, lead by the Gray Invaders, are Mexico’s largest immigrant group. As in the United States, Mexicans are deeply divided over the invasion of the Gray Americans.  While American immigrants in Mexico have largely been welcomed, there is still a concern on how they might impact the Mexican culture and economy.  As an example, in the city of San Miguel, over 10% of the city’s 100,000 residents are the Gray American Invaders.  San Miguel’s mayor now delivers his annual State of the Municipality address in English and Spanish.

Mexican authorities say that many of the Gray American Invaders are undocumented (illegal).  Typically, they’ve overstayed their six-month visas. “Many People (in Mexico) Say” that they do not mind the Illegal Americans as they come to work or just spend their money in Mexico, just like illegal Mexicans living in America.

So why are Gray Americans invading Mexico?  Given the dollar’s strength against the Mexican peso, an American getting by on Social Security and a modest pension can rent a high-ceilinged apartment, hire a maid, and eat out most nights.  So in Mexico, a Lower Middle Class White Democrat can live like a Rich Old White Republican does in America.

A lower middle class White American Democrat can have an opulent life of a Rich Old White Republican in Mexico

The Gray American Invaders are keeping their American Culture and have no need to learn and speak Spanish.  One Gray American Invader, said, 

“For the things you can’t find, you just buy them off Amazon.”  This upsets many Mexicans who say that if the Invading Gringos want to live in Mexico they should speak Mexican.  This is no different than Conservative Queen Sarah Palin who says that Immigrants in the United States should speak American.

Sarah Palin says all Immigrants should speak American, and the Orange Bird Dog likes her big Ta Tas

There’s a dazzling array of activities for the English-speaking Gray American Invaders: the Rotary Club, Quilters’ Circle, American Dancing Clubs, Golf, Alcoholics Anonymous., and, of course, Pickleball.  

Gray American Invaders love to Dance, but not the Cha Cha
Gray American Invaders who drink too much Tequila can go to AA meetings

Since 2015, data from the American Government shows that more Mexicans have returned to Mexico than Mexicans moving to the United States, and the Invasion of Gray Americans is exponentially increasing.

As such, and in concern for the Mexican Culture, a source in the Mexican White House, code name SENIOR LEAKER, has told Sarkes that Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has ordered his Cabinet to start the planning for the building of a Great Big Beautiful Wall to stop the Invasion of the Gray Americans.  And, Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that Americans will pay for the new Wall. After all, Americans are already paying for the big beautiful Trump Wall currently under construction.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to stop the Invasion of Mexico

Mexico will build a wall to keep out the Gray Invaders and American Taxpayers will Pay

Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Sarkes Corner should be the news source for all Americans seeking the Truth.  You will never see this story on Fox News Fair and Balanced.   Sarkes has multiple degrees from several Universities, but none more prestigious than Trump University.

Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Graduate of Trump University