Limbaugh Sticks it to Stan Kroenke

Executive Summary:

  • Stan Kroenke owes the St. Louis Rams PSL Holders $24M
  • US District Judge Stephen Limbaugh, not Rush, stuck it to Stan

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Special Correspondent Cindy Mamelian for this breaking news out of St. Louis.

It is now official: Stan Kroenke owes former St. Louis Rams Personal Seat License (PSL) holders $24 million for leaving town and not honoring those PSL contracts.

What is a PSL?  A PSL is a fee that entitles the holder the right to buy a Season Ticket for a seat in a Stadium.  PSLs started in 1983 with the construction of the then Carolinas Stadium, home of the NFL Carolina Panthers.    The PSLs, started with the Carolinas Stadium, opened the Flood Gates and now all Sports Stadiums built since have held their Loyal Fans hostage by bilking them out of Billions of dollars in PSL Fees.  

In 1995, Sarkes and Chris, along with Chris’ parents, were original PSL holders for the St. Louis Rams.  We paid $1,000 per PSL for the privilege to buy Season Tickets to the then pitiful Rams.  

Chris enjoyed watching the Greatest Show on Turf
At one time, Sarkes owned much St. Louis Rams merchandise

Alas, there were good times for the St. Louis Rams during the Dick Vermeil / Mike Martz era when the Greatest Show on Turf went to two Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XXXIV.

The Greatest Show on Turf featured all time NFL Greats Kurt Warner, Marshall Falk, Issac Bruce (Bruuuuuce), Tori Holt, Ricky Proehl, more

But Sarkes digresses, so back on point.  US District Judge Stephen Limbaugh gave final approval to the class action lawsuit brought against Kroenke and the Rams this week.  Judge Limbaugh is a cousin to Right Wing Icon Rush Limbaugh.  It is unclear if Judge Stephen Limbaugh is a Conservative cut from the same bolt of cloth as his cousin Rush, Ronald Reagan, and the Orange Dotard.  

Mega Ditto Rush Limbaugh and the Orange Bull Horn are Conservative Icons

St. Louis Rams PSL holders will get 30 percent of their original purchase price, which represents a refund for the nine years that remained on the 30-year license when the Rams left for Los Angeles in 2016.  Sarkes and Chris gave up their PSLs when moving full time to the Gunshine State so will not benefit from this windfall.

Pond Scum Stan Kronke moved the Rams to Los Angeles in 2016 after 20 years in St. Louis

The Rams were still in St. Louis when Greedy Stan Kronke started selling LA Rams merchandise

You know Stan Kronke, native Missourian, named after Cardinal great Stan Musial, and one of the most despicable of ALL despicable owners of Sports franchises.  

In order to justify the move of the Rams to Los Angeles, Pond Scum Kronke convinced the other Greedy NFL Owners that St. Louis could not support an NFL team and that the St. Louis Football stadium was insufficient.  Hey Stan, you Piece of Excrement, the St. Louis Football stadium was sufficient when the Greatest Show on Turf was winning Championships and a Super Bowl.

You would think with all of his money, Stan Kronke could afford a better hair piece

Stan Kronke made his money the old fashioned way, he married an Heiress to the Sam Walton fortune.  Today, Stan Kronke’s net worth is over $9 Billion, $9 Billion, almost as much as the Orange Stable Genius.   But wait, that’s not all.  Stan Kronke’s wife, Ann Walton Kronke, Heiress to the Sam Walton fortune, is worth $7.5 Billion herself.  

Don’t worry about Ann Walton Kronke, she is independently wealthy

Don’t fret for Stan Kronke and his wife Ann Walton, while $24 Million cannot be comprehended by most Sarkes Corner readers, this is but a drop in the bucket, noise level if you will, for Stan Kronke.  What Stan Kronke needs to worry about is his Shrine, the new LA Rams Stadium.  Kronkes new Royal Residence, being financed by Stan Kronke and his wife All Walton, was originally budgeted at $2.6 BILLION, is now estimated to cost over $4 BILLION at completion.

The new LA Rams Stadium is way over budget and behind schedule

The Blues Win The Stanley Cup!

The Blue Note has long been the symbol of the St. Louis Hockey Blues

This Special Edition of Sarkes Corner is brought to you by the Newly created Sarkes Corner Sports Bureau. 

The St. Louis Blues came into the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1967.  While the Blues never really stunk, they have never won the Stanley Cup until now.  After 52 years, the Blues beat the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.

After 52 years, the St. Louis Blues finally win the Stanley Cup

The victory parade for the Blues was like none other ever held in St. Louis, even greater than the 11 previous parades the followed World Series Wins by the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals.  It was anticipated that 500,000 Hockey fans would show up for the Rally and Parade, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch estimated that close to 1 Million Fans attended the Rally and Parade.

St. Louis, Sarkeses hometown, is in Missouri, formally the Show Me State and now better known as the Shoot Me State.  So, what’s even more surprising than the close to 1 Million Fans attending the Rally and Parade, most of them packing Heat, is the fact that NO ONE GOT SHOT!  Given the mass quantities of local Anheuser-Busch products consumed, this is nothing short of a miracle. 

There was a mass of humanity from the St. Louis Arch grounds reaching all the way into downtown.  It is estimated that there was 2 times as many people for the Blues Rally and Parade than for the Orange Cross-Checker’s Inauguration on the National Mall. 

Fans started assembling on the Arch Grounds

More people attended the Blues Rally and Parade that attended the Orange Faceoff’s Inauguration on the National Mall

Uuuuuuge Crowds showed up for the Blues Rally and Parade

A plethora of Celebrities attended the Blues Rally and Parade including St. Louies; Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Jenna Fischer (The Office), and the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales.  Also, many past St. Louis Blues from yesteryear attended including The Golden Brett, Brett Hull.

Brett Hull was a St. Louis Blue for 10 years but now loves his Budweiser and has a hard time lacing up his skates

While the St. Louis Blues fans were celebrating their first Stanley Cup, the Piece of Excrement and Pond Scum known as Stan Kronke could not be forgotten.  Stan Kronke, the unethical and despicable owner of the Los Angels Rams, made his money the Old Fashioned Way, he married Sam Waltons daughter.  

Despicable Kronke lied when he said that  St. Louis Sports Fans do not support their teams

Even in jubilation, the St. Louis fans can take a Shot at Pond Scum Stan Kronke

Shortly after the Blues secured the Stanley Cup, the Orange Slap Shot started tweeting:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 4:56AM

Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues for finally winning the Stanley Cup.  For a half century, the Blues were Looooosers, Looooosers.  After I won Missouri by a record vote in the 2016 Election, the Blues became Winners!!

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 5:09AM

I was a star Hockey player at the University of Pennsylvania and could have been a star in the NHL had it not been for my Bone Spurs.  If I had played for the Blues, it would not have taken them 52 years to win the Stanley Cup.

The Orange Puck could have been a Bigger star than Wayne Gretsky had it not been for his Bone Spurs

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 5:23AM

I suspect that there will be 1000 per cent participation by the St. Louis Blues when I invite them to the White House.  There are no Blacks or Mexicans playing for the St. Louis Blues.   While the Blues are loaded with Canadians, if that Panty Waist Justin Trudeau tries to keep the Canadian Blues from coming to the White House I will hit Canada with so many Tariffs that their heads will spin.

The St. Louis Blues are 1000 Percent White, but do have many Canadians on the team

Canadian Prime Minister JustinTrudeau is a Panty Waist with a Limp Wrist Handshake

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – June 17@ 6:01AM

The failed St. Louis Post-Dispatch, another Fake Newspaper like the New York Times and Washington Post, reported that close to 1 million Fans attended the Blues Rally and Parade which was several times more than attended my inauguration.  Everyone knows that more people attended my Inauguration than ANY OTHER EVENT IN HISTORY, no other event came close, even the Rally in St. Louis. FAKE NEWS. Should be renamed the St. Louis Post-Disgrace.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a Failed, Fake News, Liberal media, All Lies, All The Time

Sarkes Corner – Picnicking While Black in America

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 12th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”.  Previous editions documented “Baby Sitting While Black”, “Black and Living in a Luxury Condo”, “Gardening While Black”,  “Cashing a Check While Black”, “Wrestling While Black”, “Calling While Black”, “Waiting for AAA While Black”, “Eating Yogurt While Black”, “Taking the SAT While Black”, “Picking up Trash While Black” and “Moving While Black”
  • In this edition, a White Woman pulled out her Heat on a Black Couple trying to enjoy a picnic

Is it just Sarkes or does it seem like the Black Man (and Woman) have increasingly become victims of being harassed for no other reason than they are Black in a White Man’s world.  This Sarkes Corner is the 12th installment, in less than a year, in a soon to be Award Winning series of “Blacks in White America”.  Sarkes anticipates a Pulitzer or maybe even a Nobel Prize for this powerful series.

Sarkes also questions the timing of these incidents with the rise of the “Salt of the Earth” Americans, empowered by the Orange Profit, all who proudly wear their Red Make America Great Again hats.  “Many People Say” that these Great MAGA Hat-wearing Americans are NOT RACISTS!.  Rather, they have a legitimate reason to confront the Black Man in places where they do not normally go.  Hmmmmmm.

White MAGA Hat-wearing Americans ARE NOT RACISTS!

A White Campground Worker in Starkville, Mississippi was fired this week after she was caught on video pulling a gun on a Black couple and ordering them to leave the Campground.  The Black victims, Jessica and Franklin Richardson, decided to go to the lake to have a picnic. Not five minutes after arriving at the lake, a Pick Up truck pulled up and a White Lady screamed at the Black Couple, jumping out of her pickup truck with a Gun.

The White Heat-packing Woman pulled out her Heat against the Black Couple

The Black couple had stumbled into an area near the lake that is owned by Starkville Kampgrounds of America (KOA) and is technically private property. Black Woman Richardson stated; “This lady literally just pulled a gun on us because we’re out here and didn’t have reservations.”  After looking down the Barrel of a pistol, Black Woman Richardson told the White Woman; “All you had to do was tell us … We would have left. You didn’t have to pull a gun.”

The Richardsons are Black and like to Picnic

KOA released a statement Tuesday saying the White employee had been fired after Richardson’s video went viral.  “KOA does not condone the use of a firearm in any manner on our properties or those owned and operated by our franchises,” said group spokesman Mike Gast. “The employee involved in the incident has been relieved of her duties.”

Apparently few Black people camp at the KOA in Starkville, MS

America is Invading Mexico

Executive Summary:

  • A new report shows that Older Americans are invading Mexico
  • Mexicans are concerned that invading Americans will negatively impact the Mexican culture. 
  • To stop this invasion, Mexico plans on building a great big beautiful wall 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Washington DC Bureau Chief Ashok Agrawal for his investigative report on the invasion of Mexico by Gray Americans. 

Old, White Americans are immigrating to Mexico in Uuuuuuge numbers.  Mexico is planning to build a great big beautiful wall and make America pay for the wall. Sarkes suspects that these reverse immigrants are all Demon Dems.   Ironic?

There is a little-noticed surge across the U.S. / Mexico border, an invasion if you will, of Americans heading south to Mexico.  The Gray American Barons of the 18th century built its mansions in Mexico, but today, the current Gray Americans invading Mexico are building Pickleball Courts. 

Gray American Invaders love their Pickleball

The invasion started with just a few American retirees. Today, dozen Gray Americans fill the Pickleball courts at the municipal sports center most mornings, swinging paddles at plastic balls. It is anticipated that if the invasion of Gray Americans into Mexico continues, Pickleball will replace Soccer as the national sport of Mexico.

Pickleball will overtake Soccer as the national sport in Mexico

The Orange ICE Agent regularly assails the flow of migrants crossing the Mexican border into the United States. Less noticed has been the surge of people heading in the opposite direction.  The Mexican Government estimated that the U.S. born population in their country has reached 1.5 Million, a fourfold increase since 1990.  With Gray Democrats going to Mexico in record numbers and the elimination of the 5 million Illegal Mexicans who voted for Hillary, the Orange Premier will have a landslide win in 2020.

The Orange Ice Agent is not concerned of the migration of Gray Americans to Mexico as these are mostly Liberal Democrats

Americans, lead by the Gray Invaders, are Mexico’s largest immigrant group. As in the United States, Mexicans are deeply divided over the invasion of the Gray Americans.  While American immigrants in Mexico have largely been welcomed, there is still a concern on how they might impact the Mexican culture and economy.  As an example, in the city of San Miguel, over 10% of the city’s 100,000 residents are the Gray American Invaders.  San Miguel’s mayor now delivers his annual State of the Municipality address in English and Spanish.

Mexican authorities say that many of the Gray American Invaders are undocumented (illegal).  Typically, they’ve overstayed their six-month visas. “Many People (in Mexico) Say” that they do not mind the Illegal Americans as they come to work or just spend their money in Mexico, just like illegal Mexicans living in America.

So why are Gray Americans invading Mexico?  Given the dollar’s strength against the Mexican peso, an American getting by on Social Security and a modest pension can rent a high-ceilinged apartment, hire a maid, and eat out most nights.  So in Mexico, a Lower Middle Class White Democrat can live like a Rich Old White Republican does in America.

A lower middle class White American Democrat can have an opulent life of a Rich Old White Republican in Mexico

The Gray American Invaders are keeping their American Culture and have no need to learn and speak Spanish.  One Gray American Invader, said, 

“For the things you can’t find, you just buy them off Amazon.”  This upsets many Mexicans who say that if the Invading Gringos want to live in Mexico they should speak Mexican.  This is no different than Conservative Queen Sarah Palin who says that Immigrants in the United States should speak American.

Sarah Palin says all Immigrants should speak American, and the Orange Bird Dog likes her big Ta Tas

There’s a dazzling array of activities for the English-speaking Gray American Invaders: the Rotary Club, Quilters’ Circle, American Dancing Clubs, Golf, Alcoholics Anonymous., and, of course, Pickleball.  

Gray American Invaders love to Dance, but not the Cha Cha
Gray American Invaders who drink too much Tequila can go to AA meetings

Since 2015, data from the American Government shows that more Mexicans have returned to Mexico than Mexicans moving to the United States, and the Invasion of Gray Americans is exponentially increasing.

As such, and in concern for the Mexican Culture, a source in the Mexican White House, code name SENIOR LEAKER, has told Sarkes that Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has ordered his Cabinet to start the planning for the building of a Great Big Beautiful Wall to stop the Invasion of the Gray Americans.  And, Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that Americans will pay for the new Wall. After all, Americans are already paying for the big beautiful Trump Wall currently under construction.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to stop the Invasion of Mexico

Mexico will build a wall to keep out the Gray Invaders and American Taxpayers will Pay

Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Sarkes Corner should be the news source for all Americans seeking the Truth.  You will never see this story on Fox News Fair and Balanced.   Sarkes has multiple degrees from several Universities, but none more prestigious than Trump University.

Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Graduate of Trump University

Boeing Under Siege

Executive Summary:

  • Boeing has been in the news daily with vicious attacks
  • Boeing is a victim of a Hit Job, Hoax, Which Hunt, Coup, and Failed Take Down

Boeing is under siege by Whistle Blowers, the Liberal Press, The Government Accountably Office (GAO), and Third World Country Airlines.

Boeing has been accused of Design issues in the 737 Max8, and Foreign Object (FO) issues with the 787 and KC46 Tanker programs.

Boeing is the largest Aerospace company in the World and the largest EXPORTER of American Made products.  Boeing employs over 150,000 Americans with high paying technical jobs.  In addition to producing high Quality Commercial airplanes, Boeing produces high Quality products for the US Department of Defense. Just a few of these products are:

F/A 18 a much better value than the F35
B1 Bomber a workhorse for the US Air Force
Apache Helicopter provides close in support
Harpoon is one of many Boeing missiles
C17 State of the Art Cargo Plane
Boeing Satellites work 24/7/365

But wait, “Many People Say”, Sarkes, how can you objectively report on these Boeing scandals as a retired Boeing Executive.  Shouldn’t your Recuse yourself from reporting on Boeing?

Sarkes Responds:  Yes, Sarkes retired from Boeing, gets a Boeing Pension, has a few Boeing shirts, and may have a share or two of Boeing Stock.  Having said that, Sarkes WILL NOT RECUSE himself from reporting on Boeing.  Sarkes, a Truth Machine, is offended that his Journalistic integrity might be questioned.  Sarkes is committed to Fair and Balanced reporting.

Sarkes has an extensive wardrobe of Boeing shirts and hats

On the question of whether Sarkes should Recuse himself for reporting on Boeing, the Orange Orator weighed in via Tweeter on Air Force 1 on his way to another great weekend of Golf at Mir-a-Lago:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – April 27 @ 11:56PM

“Unlike that coward Jeff Sessions, I applaud Sarkes for NOT Recusing himself from reporting on Boeing.  Next to Sean Hannity, there is no more Fair and Objective reporter than Sarkes.  Mr. Magoo Sessions is a Dumb Southerner and should have never Recused himself from the Russian Hoax, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else.  Sarkes should stand strong against the Enemy of the People, the Fake News Media.”

Mr. Magoo Jeff Sessions should have never Recused himself

Boeing has been accused of:

  • Taking short cuts in the accreditation process for the 737 Max8
  • Intimidating and manipulating the FAA
  • Sloppy manufacturing practices in leaving Foreign Objects (shavings, tools, etc) in the 787 and KC46 Tanker programs.  
  • Conflict of Interest charges against Under Sec Def Pat Shanahan, a former Executive VP at Boeing

Sarkes and the crack Investigative Reporters at Sarkes Corner interviewed numerous Boeing employees from Mechanics, QA Inspectors, and Management.  Also interviewed were employees of the FAA and Domestic Air Carriers.  

Sarkeses Findings:

  • In regards to Pat Shanahan, it is true that he called the Lockheed Martin F35 program F – – ked Up.  The GAO found that to be true, the F35 is BILLIONS of dollars over cost and YEARS behind schedule.  Lockheed Martin has been feeding off the US Tax Payer Teat for years with their failed F35 program.  
Sarkes worked for Pat Shanahan at Boeing and has seen that look, and knows exactly what he is thinking

  • In regards to the FAA, Boeing stated that they were following the instructions of the FAA, a regulatory agency, and the FAA had the final approval of the Accreditation of the 737 Max8
  • In regards to the FO in the manufacturing processes, Boeing said that FO has been a part of aircraft manufacturing for years, but Boeing makes sure that all FO is removed from the aircraft before delivery to the customer.
  • Boeing stated that in the few instances were FO was found by the customer, while it was possible it could have been Boeing’s fault, it also could have been the Russians, or the Chinese, or a 400 lb guy sitting on a couch in his mothers basement.

Sarkeses Findings: 

“Many People Say” to Sarkes that they think it’s Boeing’s fault. Sarkes has talked to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg; he said it’s not Boeing. Sarkes will say this: he does not see any reason why it would be.

While Sarkes has great confidence in Whistle Blowers and the Liberal Press, Sarkes will tell you that Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg was extremely strong and powerful in his denial.

Look at Muilenburg — what he’s doing with Boeing — I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Boeing and also rebuilding Boeing period.

Every time Muilenburg talks to Sarkes, he says, ‘We didn’t do that,’ and Sarkes really believes he means it.

Dennis Muilenburg is a strong leader

Sarkes concludes that Boeing has been a victim of of a Hit Job, Hoax, Which Hunt, Coup, and Failed Take Down.  Boeing has been COMPLETELY EXONERATED.

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, should I buy Boeing Stock.  Sarkes says that while past performance is not indicative of future results, and Sarkes is not a Certified Financial Planner, ………the answer is Yes.


The White Man is Still Under Siege

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida Cracker was kicked out of a Sarasota Bar for wearing his Red “Make America Great Again” hat.
  • Before the improbable election of the Orange Emperor in the 2016 Presidential election, the White Man in America was Under Siege…. and still is.  

233 years ago, when the US Constitution was ratified, was the pinnacle for the dominance of the White Man in America.  While on one of the great runs in history, the White Man in America has been on a slow, painful journey to extinction. 

Sarkes, a Constitutional Scholar, provides a brief tutorial on our Constitution for young subscribes to Sarkes Corner who think all Americans have always had equal rights. 

  • This all started in the Declaration of Independence which stated that “All men are created equal” which really meant that “All White men are created equal”
  • The Founding Fathers created our Constitution giving Women NO rights, Black Men (Slaves) were identified as 3/5 of a White Man, and people of color (Red, Yellow, Brown), and LGBTs had NO rights. 
Our Founding Fathers, all Rich, Old, White Guys, did not believe that women and people of color were equal to White Men

  • “Many People Say” that African Americans only attained equal right to White Men with the Civlil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voters Rights Act of 1965.  
  • “Many People Say” that Women only attained equal rights to White Men with the 19th Amendment in 1920 which gave Women the Right to Vote.
  • “Many People Say” that LGBTs only attained equal rights to White Men in the 2000’s with several Supreme Court Cases. 
The 19th Amendment in 1920 allowed Women to get out of the kitchen and vote

So, the White Man in America has had a great, long, run of dominating America.  Alas, as with all great, long, runs, all records are broken.  So will the reign of the White Man in America.  The US Census Bureau projects that the Whites will be the minority in America between 2040 and 2045.

Whites will be the Minority in America in 2045 (Sarkes is in the Yellow slice, OTHER)

But, back on point, what does all of this have to do with the White Man Under Siege?  With the election of the Orange Monarch, “Many People Say” that Whites have been empowered to rule as defined by our Founding Fathers 233 years back. 

Sarkes is here to say that while it SEEMS like the White Man is back in charge as the dominant force in America, Sarkes maintains that the White Man is still Under Siege.  Examples:

  • Far Right Wing Whites are being prohibited from giving speeches on College Campuses
  • White Supremisists are being arrested for exercising their 1st Amendment Rights
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not served in a Restaurant
  • Women and Minorities have been elected to Congress in record numbers
  • And now, another Great American is tossed out of a Bar in Florida for proudly wearing his “Make America Great Again” Red Hat. 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor George Taylor for his story out of Sarasota, Florida.  Florida Cracker, Mark Marlow, was given the Old Heave Ho from the Bahi Hut, which is one of the Sarasota region’s most beloved bars and has been open since 1954.   Cracker Marlow says he was denied service, told to leave the popular Bahi Hut Lounge, and had the police called on him because he was wearing a Red Make America Great Again hat in support of the Orange Stetson.

Mark Marlow, a White Man, got the Old Heave Ho for wearing his Red MAGA Hat

The bar’s owner said that Cracker Marlow was asked to leave it because an employee enforced the business’ no-hats policy. Cracker Marlow said at least one other person in the Bahi Hut was wearing a hat that night and was not asked to leave.

Cracker Marlow stated that after sitting down at a table and waiting for a few minutes, he was approached by a bar employee and told he would not be served and should leave.  Cracker Marlow lamented: “I was not drunk. I was not loud. I was not using profane language. I was not creating a scene — nothing. They said it was just because of the hat.  I just shook my head.”

After waiting another 20 minutes of sitting at the table without being served, Cracker Marlow said he finally decided to leave. Just as Cracker Marlow was walking out the door, officers from the Sarasota Police Department arrived. 

The Orange Commander in Tweets was furious, and Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – March 28 @ 3:56AM

Liberals do not only want to open our Southern Border to Caravans of Mexican Criminals, Druggies and Rapists, they now want to eliminate our 1st Amendment by discriminating against those wearing my great MAGA Red Hat.  Totally Illegal, Witch Hunt, Hoax, an Illegal Take Down.

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – March 28 @4:17AM

Everywhere I go in America I see Great Americans wearing my Red MAGA hat.  This is a best seller, none better.  And, THERE WAS NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA.  I won the 2016 fair and square, and if it wasn’t for the 5 MILLION, MILLION, illegal Mexicans who voted for that Criminal Hillary, I would have won by the largest victory in HISTORY!!!!!

So don’t be fooled, the White Man in America is still under Siege.  

While Sarkes, a recovering Liberal, is a Brown Man, he has a Red MAGA hat.

Sarkes, a Brown Man and recovering Liberal, also has a Red MAGA Hat

Moving While Black in America

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 11th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”.  Previous editions documented “Baby Sitting While Black”, “Black and Living in a Luxury Condo”, “Gardening While Black”,  “Cashing a Check While Black”, “Wrestling While Black”, “Calling While Black”, “Waiting for AAA While Black”, “Eating Yogurt While Black”, “Taking the SAT While Black”, and “Picking up Trash While Black”
  • In this edition, a White Policeman in Kansas handcuffed a Black Man who was moving into his own home.

Karle Robinson had been moving into his newly-purchased home for hours. At 2:30 a.m., on Aug. 19, he was carrying the last item – a 45-inch television set – inside when a Tonganoxie, Kansas, officer pulled up to investigate what he suspected was a burglary in progress.

Black Man Karle Robinson was just moving into his own house

Eight months after Robinson was handcuffed and detained, he wants the involved White Police officers fired. On Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas demanded the state attorney general investigate what it described as deep-rooted racial bias by the Tonganoxie Police Department.  

The department tells a different story: White Police Officer Brady Adams  stumbled upon a lone man, carrying a television near an empty van, at 2:30 a.m. and suspected he had caught a burglar in the act .  Claiming he had “reasonable suspicion” Black Man Robinson was committing a crime, Adams drew his gun and ordered the native Kansan and retired Marine to put down the TV; Robinson complied, trying to explain that he owned the home. 

the Tonganoxie Police are NOT Racists, they even arrested a White Santa

Hmmmmm, what “reasonable suspicion”,  Hmmmmmm:  a Black Man man carrying a TV at 2:30 AM by an empty van.  Now that’s surely a crime in process!  Hmmmmmmmm.

The White Police Officer Adams asked Black Man Robinson if he had any weapons on him and, after patting him down, White Police Officer Adams handcuffed the 61-year-old Black Man and called for Back Up.  

A different White Police Officer Shane Pfannenstiel and White Sergeant Collin Clair arrived soon. They confirmed that Robinson was the homeowner. Robinson was uncuffed, and the officers apologized for the trouble, citing burglaries in the area, and helped him carry the television inside.

In America today, the Black Man has the Right to watch TV

Sarkes ponders: Is this recent bevy of incidents “While Black in America” a coincidence? Hmmmmmmm

Picking up Trash While Black

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 10th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”.  Previous editions documented “Baby Sitting While Black”, “Black and Living in a Luxury Condo”, “Gardening While Black”,  “Cashing a Check While Black”, “Wrestling While Black”, “Calling While Black”, “Waiting for AAA While Black”, “Eating Yogurt While Black”, and “Taking the SAT While Black”
  • In this edition, “Picking Up Trash While Black”, a Black Man picking Up Trash In front Of his own house was confronted by Cops with guns drawn.

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor David Shep Schepers who has a special focus on the Sarkes Corner series Black in America. 

Boulder, Colorado police have launched an internal investigation after several police officers, with guns drawn, confronted a Black man who was picking up trash in front of his own home.

The incident all started when a White Police Officer saw the Black Man sitting in a partially enclosed patio behind a “private property” sign. Possibly the White Police Officer thought Black people can’t live on private property?  Hmmmmm.  The White Police Officer asked the Black Man if he was allowed to be on the property.  Hmmmmmm

The White Police Officer thought something was amiss

The Black Man told the White Police Officer he lived in the building, showing the White Police Officer his identification card, but the White Police Officer still decided to further investigate. 

The White Police Officer requested back up, reporting that the man was uncooperative and didn’t want to put down a blunt object (a harmless claw used to pick up trash). Soon several other White Police Officers were on the scene with their guns drawn.  Hmmmmmmm

A bevy of White Police Officers provided back up

A witness, who said he lived with the Black Man, started yelling at cops:  “Go home.  He’s picking up trash and you have your hand on your gun?”

The Black Man started yelling at the White Police Officers who had guns drawn:  “You’re on my property with a gun in your hand, threatening to shoot me, because I’m picking up trash.  I don’t have a weapon! This is a bucket, this is a clamp.”

Trash Claws, in the hands of a Black Man, could be a weapon

The Black Man continued to defend himself:  “I live here! I’m a resident of this f–king property. I’m picking up garbage from my f–king porch.  Don’t tell me what to f–king do. You guys don’t have a goddamn f–king right to be doing this!”

The incident sparked outrage in the Boulder community, leading to a city council meeting where members grilled the police chief with questions.  Police Chief Greg Testa acknowledged that it is reasonable for officers to draw their guns if they perceive a threat that could result in serious bodily injury or death.  Hmmmmmmmmm

The Founding Fathers, in penning our 2nd Amendment, could never have imagined that a Trash Claw could be used to “Bear Arms”. 

The White Police Officer who first confronted the man with drawn Heat has been placed on administrative leave.

Taking The SAT While Black

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 9th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”.  Previous editions documented “Baby Sitting While Black”, “Black and Living in a Luxury Condo”, “Gardening While Black”,  “Cashing a Check While Black”, “Wrestling While Black”, “Calling While Black”, “Waiting for AAA While Black” and “Eating Yogurt While Black”
  • In this edition, “Taking SAT While Black”, a Black Student claims she was accused of cheating on SAT after her exam was held for review

A Black Florida high school honors student is fighting back after she says her SAT score was held for review following a Uuuuuuuuuuge increase from a test earlier this year.

Black Student, Kamilah Campbell, 18, is calling on the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which administers the SAT, to release her test so she can be considered by college admissions officers.

Black Student Kamilah Campbell is accused of cheating on the SAT

Black Student Campbell’s lawyer Ben Crump, said: ”ETS’s invalidation of Kamilah’s SAT scores has already had a significant negative impact on her and her family, causing extreme emotional pain and suffering, and threatening her future success.”

Crump went on:  ”In concluding that the only way Kamilah could have improved her score so substantially was by cheating, ETS defamed Kamilah’s character and replaced what should have been appropriate and motivating pride with shame and confusion.”

Crump added in the letter that Campbell, a dancer, is looking to attend Florida State University and invalidating the score “has threatened her ability to pay for college by eliminating her consideration for a Bright Futures Scholarship.”

About two weeks after Campbell took the test on Oct. 6, she received a letter from ETS, a non-profit, saying her exam was flagged for review.

ETS officials told Campbell she scored 1,230, which is more than 300 points higher than when she took the SAT in March, the lawyer said. SAT scores range from 400 to 1,600.

The SAT Test, do they still use pencils today, where do they get the pencils?

Lawyer Crump said his client was told her score was flagged because that big of an improvement “indicated to ETS that she likely had ‘prior knowledge’ of the test.”

Black Student Campbell said she explained to ETS that when she took the SAT in March, she hadn’t prepared, so between March and the October exam, she worked hard to improve, using prep resources and working with tutors.

Of course, the ETS, comprised primarily of Old White Educators, claim that they are not racists.  In a statement, the ETS stated:   “We are consistent in our test security procedures for all students. We analyze multiple factors looking for evidence of score invalidity.  The criteria we use in our test security efforts are not determined by race, ethnicity or any other personal attribute.”

Of course, citing privacy concerns, the ETS would not divulge how may students have been cited for cheating this cycle.

Knowing that she could not beat the Old White Man, Black Student Campbell retook the SAT.  

Speak American

Executive Summary:

  • A White customer at Mexican restaurant swears at the Spanish-speaking Manager

A video showing a white woman swearing at the Hispanic Manager of a Mexican restaurant, The Tampico, in West Virginia for speaking Spanish, went viral over the weekend.

The Tampico Restaurant, scene of the Racist Rant

The White woman, only identified as Jill, shouted at Manager Sergio Budar: “English is our first language, so you need to speak English.  Get the f— out of my country.” 

Bigot Jill makes a scene at the Tampico Restaurant

Huh, uh, what, ummm, oh my, what did she say?

This reminds Sarkes of Conservative Queen Sarah Palin who wants all people in the USA to “speak American”.  Just think, Queen Sarah could have been one heartbeat away from being our President.  

According to Palin, we should all be speaking “American”

Hispanic Manager Budar, in an interview after the incident said:  “It makes me feel angry, sad. It’s unbelievable that we’re still seeing this kind of behavior to this day,”

Manager Budar, who’s originally from Mexico, told NBC News. “I’ve been living here for almost two decades, and counting. I got my U.S. citizenship while here, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t speak other languages that are not English.”

Manager Sergio Budar is an American Citizen

The man dining with Bigot Jill tried to stop her from shouting stating “these are good people. If you don’t stop being racist, we’re going to leave.  That’s racist. And this man (Manager Budar) takes care of me”.  Bigot Jill’s companion went on saying:   “We’re going to get out of here because you don’t talk to him like that.”  Bravo to Bigot Jill’s companion.  

Manager Budar told Bigot Jill and her companion that he would pay for their meal if they left the restaurant, which they did.

As they left the Bigot Jill replied, “I’m not racist”  Bigot Jill continued:  “

“We are being raped by illegal aliens. F—ing rapist.”  Sarkes wonders if Bigot Jill got that line from the Orange Sombrero.

The Orange Sombrero loves Mexicans and Mexican love him, he “is not a Racist!”

After their Racist Rants, the standard response from the Racist is that “I am not a Racist!”.  So Bigot Jill is not a racist, they never are.  They are just miss interpreted or taken out of context by the Liberal press.