Trump verses The Generals

Executive Summary:

– The Orange Commandant has won the war with the generals

During the Republican Primary for the 2016 Presidential Election, the Golden Exalted Leader systematically eliminated 16 other GOP candidates on his way to winning the Presidential election by the largest margin in US History, History!

During the Republican Primary and later, the Orange Generali unleashed a vicious attack on the Generals of our United Stated Military. Notable quotes from the Golden Admiral about our Generals:

– “I know more about ISIS than the generals do, Believe me.”
– “The Generals don’t know much because they’re not winning,”
– (American Generals) “have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing to our country.”
– “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.”
– “I would have made a great General”

Gerneralimisio Donald Trump in full General’s Regatta

So it was somewhat surprising that when the Orange Oligarch put his Senior Leadership Team and Cabinet together, he selected several high-profile Generals. The act of selecting ignorant and ineffective Generals for his Cabinet is evidence that the Golden Palomino is a kind, benevolent Leader, giving the ignorant and ineffective Generals a chance for redemption.

Alas, the Orange Einstein should have followed his initial instinct, after all, he is “a very stable genius”. The ignorant and ineffective Generals have now gotten the Old Heave Ho.

Trumps Generals got the Old Heave Ho

Sarkes takes inventory of the ignorant and ineffective Generals:

General 1: Retired three star Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was selected as the National Security Adviser. Flynn became a senior advisor to the Orange Emperor during his presidential campaign and served as the National Security Advisor from January 23 to February 13, 2017. Flynn resigned after information surfaced that he had misled the FBI and Vice President Pence about the nature and content of his communications with Commie Ambassador to the U.S. Sergy Kislvak. Flynn’s tenure of just 24 days is the shortest in the office’s history.

Disgraced, Ignorant and Ineffective General Michael Flynn

General 2: After Flynn was forced out of the White House, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster assumed the role of national security adviser. McMaster remained on active duty as a lieutenant general while serving as National Security Advisor, and retired in May 2018. McMaster resigned as National Security Advisor on March 22, 2018.

Ignorant and Ineffective General H. R. McMaster

General 3: General Francis Kelly is a retired Marine Corps General who served as the White House Chief of Staff for the Golden Exalted Leader. Kelly was selected as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kelly earned a reputation for being an aggressive enforcer of immigration law. After six months, he was selected to replace Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff in an attempt to bring more stability to the White House. Over time the Trump / Kelly bromance fizzled, and Kelly, no longer on speaking terms with the President, left as chief of staff at the end of December 2018.

Ignorant and Ineffective General John Kelly

General 4: General James Norman Mattis (Maddog) served as the Secretary of Defense from January 2017 until December 2018. He resigned over policy differences with the Orange 5 Star on troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. Maddog is a retired Marine Corp General who served in the Persian Gulf War, War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. Maddog occasionally voiced his disagreement with certain Golden Goliath’s administration policies, opposing the proposed withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and budget cuts. The Orange Marmalade believed that Maddog was really a Democrat.

Ignorant and Ineffective General Maddog Mattis was a Democrat

General 5: Admiral William Harry McRaven is a former Navy officer who last served as commander of the US Special Operations Command from August 8, 2011, to August 28, 2014. Chris Wallace, of Fox News Fair and Balanced, asked the Golden Commandant about retired Adm. Bill McRaven’s comments that his attacks on the news media were “the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.” The Orange Oligarch told Wallace that McRaven was a “Hillary fan,” and when Wallace pointed out that McRaven was the architect of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011, the Golden Goliath said, “Wouldn’t it have been nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that, wouldn’t it have been nice?”

Ignorant and Ineffective, Hillary Fan, Admiral William Harry McRaven took too long to catch Osama bin Laden

General 6: Stanley McChrystal, led Joint Special Operations Command during the Iraq War and had turned it into one of the most efficient killing machines in history. McChrystal later resigned as the commander of the Afghan War in 2010 following disparaging remarks that some officers on his staff had made to a Rolling Stone reporter about top officials working for President Barack Obama. In an interview with ABC, McChrystal described Trump as both immoral and dishonest. The Orange Counterpuncher tweeted: ”’General’ McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama. Last assignment a total bust. Known for big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover!”

Ignorant and Ineffective General Stanley McCrystal is a Hillary Lover, total bust, and dumb as a Dog

Sarkes understands that many Americans were skeptical when the Orange Pinocchio said that he was smarter than all of our Generals. Just think of how much more the Golden Exhaled Leader could have accomplished if he had Generals like Patton or Ike.

Trump needs Generals like General George Patton, a Real Mans Man

Kenya West, Blexit, and The Bromance

Executive Summary:

– Kanye West is now distancing himself from Blexit and Donald Trump claiming: “I’ve been used to spread bad messages”

– This has Uuuuuuuuge ramifications on Sarkeses Prediction that the Orange Oracle will win the 2020 Presidential Election on the coat tails of Blacks.

Frist, Sarkes is sure that his Rich, Old, White, Friends have no idea what is Blexit. Blexit is short for “Black Exit,” a movement and clothes line urging Black voters to leave the Democratic Party. The Blexit movement encourages Blacks to abandon the emotionally abusive relationship with the Democratic party in pursuit of freedom over tyranny.

Like the Orange MLK said to Blacks during his historical run for President: “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?”

Well, several Black Leaders; Omarosa Manigault, Mike Tyson, Diamond & Silk, Terrel Ownes, and Dennis Rodman are passionate supporters of the Golden Brutha. But none more powerful than Ye, formerly know as Kenya West.

Trump Supporter Mike Tyson
Trump Supporters Diamond and Silk
Trump Supporter and US Ambassador to North Korea Dennis Rodman

But now, Kenya West says that he is done with politics and that his Bromance with the Orange Casanova is over. In Street language, Donald Trump is no longer Kenya’s Bitch.

Less than a month after his bizarre visit with the Golden Commandant at the White House, where Kenya spewed a nonsensical, meandering, 10 minute, F-Bomb ladened, monologue, Kenya told the world that he had been misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when he was actually merely sleep deprived.

Kenya West at the White House with the Orange Brutha

Well, Kenya must have caught up on his sleep. He now claims that he has been used and become a Political Pawn. Kenya said: “My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being Creative!!!”

Kenya also wants to clear his name after the Blexit campaign launched a line of Shirts and Hats that touted: “Design by Kanye West”. Kenya now claims that he never wanted any association with Blexit or it’s founder Candace Owens.

Blexit Founder and Reagan / Trumpian Conservative Candace Owens

Candace Owens said: “Blexit is a renaissance movement and I am blessed to say that the Blexit logo and Blexit colors were created by my dear friend and superhero Kenya West”

Order your Quality Blexit Merchandise before the Mid Term Elections

Kenya wanting to set the record straight said: “I have nothing to do with Blexit”

Sarkes understands that we may never know the truth here and there are more questions than answers such as:

Was Kenya sleep deprived when he developed the Blexit clothing line and just doesn’t remember?

Is Kenya’s Bromance with his Orange Bitch really over?

Is the Bromance Over?

While Kenya and Omarosa have turned on the Golden Brutha, will other Black supporters; Mike Tyson, Diamond & Silk, Terrel Ownes, Hershell Walker, and Dennis Rodman stay committed?

Benedict Arnold Turncoat Omarosa

And where is the Black Guy with the White “Blacks for Trump” T-shirt at the Orange Monarch’s Political Rallies? He has been no where to be seen recently, has he turned on the Orange Brutha?

Why has Michael the Black Guy been missing from recent Trump Rallies?

Will Sarkes need to walk back his prediction that the Golden Gulag will win the 2020 Presidential Election on the coat tails of Blacks? Since Sarkes is rarely wrong, he is confident that Black America will come thru for Orange MLK in 2020, after all, “What the hell do they have to lose”.

Donald Trump and Ass Wipe

Executive Summary:

– The Orange Charmin boards Air Force One with Toilet Paper stuck to his shoe

“Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!”

Forget this brew ha ha over the Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation hearings, the big news from last week is that the Golden Cottonelle boarded Air Force 1 with a strip of Ass Wipe hanging off the back of his loafer.

“Cottonelle, Looking out for the Family”

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, Ass Wipe!, Ass Wipe!, what are you talking about? Well, when Sarkes was an Engineering student at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T), toilet paper was called Ass Wipe. Sarkes cannot make this stuff up. This can be confirmed by thousands of Engineers who attended S&T in the 1970’s.

Missouri S&T Mascot Joe Miner Packs Heat and a Slide Rule

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, when you were an Engineering Student at S&T did you drink Beer? Sarkes responds: Sometimes Sarkes had too many beers. Sarkes liked beer. Sarkes does not like beer anymore. But Sarkes never drank beer to the point of blacking out. Sarkes is innocent, innocent of any charges associated with his time at S&T!

At MO S&T, sometimes Sarkes had too many beers, but Sarkes never drank beer to the point of blacking out.
Sarkes and Chris at MO S&T, Sarkes drank beer and girlfriend Chris (now wife) drank Diet Coke.

But Sarkes digresses, back of Point.

The Ass Wipe incident happened as The Orange Scotts was departing Minneapolis. After sticking with the president all the way up the stairs to Air Force 1, the Toilet paper finally loosened its grip once Trump walked aboard. 

“Scott Toilet Paper, Going, Going, still not Gone.”

Now Sarkes says, who amongst us has not walked out of a toilet only to find that we were dragging a piece of Ass Wipe on our shoes or hanging out the bottom of our pants? But what is interesting here is that NO ONE stopped the Golden Papyrus from walking up the stairs to Air Force 1 with Ass Wipe stuck to his shoe, NO ONE? This was not just a small piece of Ass Wipe stuck to a shoe. Someone; the Secret Service, the Marine Guard, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Someone, had to see this Ass Wipe dragging behind the Orange Toilet Roll.

Trump starts up stairs to Air Force 1 with Ass Wipe on his shoe.
Trump reaches the top of the stairs to Air For 1 with Ass Wipe on his shoe.

The Golden Crapper is always surrounded by at least a dozen people at all times. Is this just another step in the Mega Conspiracy to bring down the Reich of our Orange Fuhrer? History will show that this Conspiracy was Uuuuuge, a conspiracy of Demon Dems, Liberal Media, RINOs, and Benedict Arnolds. Is the Secret Service part of this Conspiracy?

Sarkeses White House Source, LEAKER, has told Sarkes that the Orange Thug is pissed that no-one stopped him from boarding Air Force 1 with Ass Wipe on his shoe. LEAKER says that the Golden Counter Puncher has ordered the FBI to determine which company; Proctor and Gamble, Kleenex, or the Scott Paper Company, produced the Ass Wipe that stuck to his shoe. There will be hell to pay.

Finally, the Orange Merchandiser is very familiar with Ass Wipe. The Trump Enterprises Merchandise offerings include: ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses, spring water, vodka, education (Trump University), and of course, Ass Wipe.

Donald Trump Ass Wipe, very popular and profitable.

Is Donald Trump Bi-Sexual?

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes believes that the Orange Gigolo is Bi-Sexual

Sarkes Connects the Dots where most do not even see the Dots. Sarkes connects the Dots and believes that the Golden Casanova is Bi-Sexual.

Dot 1: The Orange Skirt-Chaser is a Serial Adulterer who cheats on his wives with younger Big Breasted Women. The Golden Don Juan is also an self confessed P-Grabber of Big Breasted Women. It clear that the Orange Bird Dog is Heterosexual.

All of Trumps 3 wives; Ivana, Marla, Melania, are Big Breasted
Trump P-Grabs Big Breasted Women Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Summer Dervos, Others

Dot 2: At the Republican National Convention in 2016, the Golden Retriever
promised to “do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens,”. Given the anti-LGBTQ plank in the GOP Platform, this declaration was heralded as a sign of hope that Trump would prove more moderate in his gay-rights policies than the GOP. This statement drove a Uuuuuuuuge applause from the GOPs in attendance, but it was later discovered that they were just responding to the “Loud Applause Now” signs being held up by Convention organizers. In any case, the Orange Creamsicle’s commitment to protect the LGBTQs is a departure from the Anti-GOP position against the LGBTQ community.

Conservatives at the GOP Convention did not realize they were applauding for Gay Rights protection
Trump loves the LGBTQ Community and they love him

DOT 3: The Golden Goliath’s Bromance with his Boy Toy Vlads Putin was a head scratcher for all America. The Great GOP President Ronald Reagan once said about the Russian Commies: “Trust but Verify”. What Reagan really meant was “Don’t ever trust those Godless Commies”. Yet the Orange Oligarch continues to heap praise on Vlads Putin, Mr. KGB. It is suspected that the Bromance between Vlads Putin and the Golden Gulag is in trouble. Who knows what starts these lover’s spats.

Trump and His Boy Toy Vlads Putin in a quiet moment in the Russian Countyside

DOT 3 Continued: And at his rally in West Virginia this weekend, the Orange Cheese Ball said of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un: “I like him. He likes me. I guess that’s OK. Am I allowed to say that?” Then the Golden Romeo got a little weird saying: “I was being really tough and so was he. And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters. They were great letters. And then we fell in love.”

Trump and His New Boy Toy Kim Jung-un
Trump and Kim Jung-un in Nuclear Porn

So, the Orange Cantaloupe Bromances with Vlads Putin and Kim Jong-un is evidence that the Golden Goose is Gay.

There you have it, it’s clear that Donald Trump is our first Bi-Sexual President……..or so we believe.

Sarkeses White House Source – LEAKER

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes Corner White House Source – LEAKER, recently called Sarkes, he was very upset

– Sarkes recorded the conversation and provides it here

Since day 1 of the Trump Presidency, Sarkes has had a source in the White House, LEAKER. LEAKER has provided Sarkes transcripts of the Orange Oracles Staff Meetings and other great information. LEAKER has provided Sarkes this information at great risk to his employment.

Phone Rings

Sarkes: Sarkes Corner, Sarkes Speaking.

LEAKER: Sarkes, this is LEAKER, we need to talk….

Sarkes: LEAKER!, I told you never call me on the Sarkes Corner Business Line. Who knows who is bugging this line; the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Secret Service, now call me back like we agreed.

A Different Phone Rings

LEAKER: (calling from his Burner Phone to Sarkeses Burner Phone). Thanks for taking my call Sarkes, I need your advice.

A Burner Phone Sarkes uses with Confidential Sources

Sarkes: LEAKER, you sound upset, whats wrong?

LEAKER: Sarkes, it’s crazy here in the White House. Since the Bob Woodward book and now the Unanimous New York Times Op Ed, President Trump has gone ballistic.

He is ranting and threatening to fire all of us, he is going to make us take a lie detector test by God! Trump is claiming that anyone who is caught Leaking will be charged with Treason!, Treason! What happened to the 1st Amendment?

The Orange Monarch will charge Leakers with Treason

Sarkes: LEAKER, did you write the New York Times Op Ed?

LEAKER: God no Sarkes, it was someone else.

Sarkes: How many Leakers are there in the White House?

LEAKER: Well, I don’t know them all, but it’s quite a few, dozens, maybe more. Sarkes, it’s getting unbearable here, I don’t know how long I can work under these conditions. Trump claims that he is a Stable Genius, in fact, he is an Unstable Moron. I really think he has a mental defect!

Sarkes: Now LEAKER, let me stop you there. Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Sarkes Corner is Fair and Balanced. Sarkes reports, Subscribers decide. Sarkes cannot publish unsubstantiated information. Is there a second source who can validate your charges that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a mental defect?

LEAKER: Well Sarkes, there are a few people, but we are all scared shitless, I don’t know if anyone would step up now, maybe after things cool down a bit.

Sarkes: Listen LEAKER, let’s assume that you have proof and another source that will validate that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a mental defect, America might not care.

LEAKER: That’s absurd Sarkes, what do you mean?

Sarkes: It’s simple math LEAKER. First, you have 35% of the Electorate who are Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural, White Folk, Trump’s Base. Trump can shoot someone point blank on 5th Avenue in New York and these people would still vote for him.

LEAKER: Yeah, that’s correct, Trump is right about that.

Sarkes: Then you have all of the Old, Rich, White Guys with Stock Portfolios. These people may believe that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a mental defect, but they don’t care, all they know is that their Portfolios have been growing exponentially under the Trump presidency. Truth be told LEAKER, Sarkes is one of these Old, Rich, White Guys with a Stock Portfolio.

LEAKER: I see what you mean Sarkes, that makes a lot of sense.

Sarkes: Then you have the African Americans. Like Trump said to the African American community…”Vote for me, what the Hell do you have to lose”. Kenya West, Diamond and Silk, and the Black Guy at Trump rallies have convinced that African American community that Trump is their savior. The African American community could care less that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a Mental Defect.

And most people think that Hispanics hate Trump for his actions on Immigration, but this is not all Hispanics. As an example, Cubans love Trump.

LEAKER: Sarkes, you sure have a grasp on the Big Picture don’t you.

Sarkes: Indeed LEAKER, no go back and get me solid evidence that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a Mental Defect. And Sarkes will need several cooperating witnesses. Got it. And remember, only call Sarkes using the Burner phones.

LEAKER: Got it Sarkes, thank you.

Trump’s Eulogy for John McCain

Executive Summary:

– A Source in the White House, Leaker, leaked a copy of the Orange Orators planned Eulogy for John McCain’s Memorial Service

– Alas, the Golden Preacher was not invited so the Eulogy was not delivered

The Orange Orator writes a Eulogy to John McCain

First, Sarkes is a upset. Sarkes had thought that his Source in the White House, Leaker, was feeding Sarkes and Sarkes Corner EXCLUSIVE stories out of the White House.

In this case, Leaker sent a copy of the Orange Pontificators Eulogy to Tom Toles of the Washington Post. Perhaps the Washington Post, owned by Billionaire Jeff Bezos, offered more money to Leaker than Sarkes for this story. Sarkes pays NO money for stories as Sarkes Corner is a low budget operation.

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributors, Ashok Agrawal and Peggy Morgan, Subscribers to the Washington Post, for sending this to Sarkes.

Washington Post publishes Trumps Eulogy

In any case, the Eulogy was never delivered as the Golden Mouthpiece was not invited to John McCain’s Memorial Service at the National Cathedral. All was not lost, the Orange Duffer was able to get in a round of golf at his Trump International Golf course in Virginia.

The Orange Duffer gets a round in during the Memorial Service

WARNING WARNING WARNING: Since the Orange Windbag is wordy, his planned Eulogy to John McCain below is long, but worth the read. WARNING WARNING WARNING

Published by Tom Toles in the Washington Post:

Donald Trump’s Eulogy to John McCain (Draft, never delivered)

We are gathered here today to listen to me speak. I have many things to say, all of them valuable. And true. Very, very true. No Fake News like the Enemy of the People.

We have been reminded that life does not last forever, but I should point out to you that I myself am very much still alive, both personally and politically. I am the healthiest President in History. The angry Democrats working for the out-of-control Mueller investigation have done their best, in their Witch Hunt, to hurt me politically, but here I am. I have accomplished more than any other President in History, History!

But enough about me. We are here to remember what John McCain thought about me. Not enough. They say “speak no ill of the dead,” but what about “speak no ill of the president”? That’s important, too. More important. Not everybody seems to have heard it.

A lot has been said already about heroism and loyalty. As for loyalty, Sen. McCain wasn’t loyal to me. And I shouldn’t need to point out that I won the presidency, and he didn’t. But I will point it out, because it’s true. And I won with the largest majority in U.S. history, larger even than the majority won by the legendary Abe Lincoln and all the other Republican presidents — put together. Sen. McCain didn’t win at all, and some call him a hero!

What is heroism? Heroism is having the courage to put the White House flag back up to full-staff, even as disloyal aides kept trying to keep it at half-staff. Half-staff is surrender, essentially the same as being captured in war, like McCain. Where was his loyalty to me, where was he? Disloyal. Put the flag back up to full-staff.

I don’t mean to be critical. We have to remember that we are all Americans, and that as Americans we need to come together and support the president, no matter the personal sacrifice required. When we think of sacrifice, we should think of making them for me. I do. I sacrifice every day for me and my family.

Yes, Sen. McCain and I had our disagreements, but at the end of the day, I won the all the arguments, by a record amount. So let the American flag fly proudly, over my office, at full-staff, and let that be a lesson to you all. Goodby John McCain, we can now repeal ObamaCare.

(End of Eulogy)

Trump 2020, Was Sarkes Wrong?

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes had predicted a Presidential win in 2020 by the Orange Ameba with the Black Vote being the deciding factor.

– Sarkes now admits his prediction might have been premature.

Sarkes had boldly predicted a landslide victory for the Orange Dotard in 2020. “Many People Say, Sarkes, are you nuts. There is a Blue Wave coming and Women will not vote for the Golden P-Grabber”. To that, Sarkes said phooey. Sarkes predicted that while the Orange Sniffer may lose the Woman’s vote, Blacks would come out in record numbers to bring home a Trump victory in 2020. To quote the Golden Hip Hop’s message to Blacks in 2016: “What the Hell do you have to Lose!”.

Sarkes pointed out that influential Blacks had shifted from being Dems to supporting the Orange MLK. Sarkes provided proof:

Angry Black Women, Diamond and Silk, are a powerful force with a message that is reaching Poor, Young, Angry, Black women. Obama can be blamed for the Dems losing the vote of the Poor, Young, Angry, Black Woman as Obama gave them Free phones which they are using to watch Diamond and Silk on U-Tube.

Diamond & Silk with the Orange Dotard, all Thumbs Up

Kenya West, once a Democratic Presidential Candidate, is now firmly in the corner of the Golden Nugget. Kenya West is influential with the Black Hip Hop community and is bringing to the GOP the Poor, Young, Angry Black Man.

The Golden MLK and Kenya West, 2 Angry Hombres

The Black guy in a “Blacks for Trump” White T-shirt is showcased at every one of the Orange Cheeto’s Rallies. This guy has sent a powerful message that Blacks ARE welcome in the GOP, and that the Golden Gloves rallies are not just attended by Angry, Uneducated, Underemployed, Poor, Rural White Folk. Any Black person who is watching Fox News Fair and Balanced has been converted by the “Blacks for Trump” Black guy.

Blacks for Trump welcomed at the Rallies

Omarosa, the Token Black Woman on the Orange Jumpsuits White House staff, was doing an excellent job of being the White House liaison with Black voters, especially Middle and Upper Middle class Blacks. Middle and Upper Middle Class Blacks are flocking to the GOP.

Omarosa and the Orange Sniffer, 1 thumb up and the other grabbing ass

Ben Carson is the Token Black Man in the Golden Parachutes Cabinet. Carson has secured the vote of the Rich, Old, Black Man who see nothing wrong with buying a $30,000 dining room set. While there might not be many Rich, Old, Black Men, Ben Carson has influenced the Upper Middle Class Blacks to vote GOP.

Dr. Ben Carson, Token

“Many People Say, Sarkes, why are you now Flipping, you have provided powerful data to support your prediction that the Orange Monarch will win the 2020 Presidential Election and it’s the Blacks that will bring home this victory.”

Alas, Sarkeses prediction may have been premature. Sarkes did not see this coming, Sarkes is never wrong. What happened?

First of all, the Golden Gate Bridge gave Omarosa the Old Heave Ho. Omarosa, and Angry, Black Woman, is not going quietly. She has hundreds of tapes and videos to prove that the Orange Profit is a Racist. Sarkes knows that one thing that Blacks will not tolerate is Racism. Omarosa’s Old Heave Ho could cost the Golden Globe millions of Black Votes.

Next, Blacks are turning on Ben Carson. There was a Portrait of Ben Carson that used to hang in the hallway of the Archbishop Borders School in Baltimore. The Portrait has a smiling Dr. Ben Carson in surgical scrubs. The Portrait has a Ben Carson quote: “The person who has the most to do with your success is you”

Picture of Ben Carson in Scrubs removed

Archbishop Borders School Principal Alicia Freeman has since moved the Portrait from the school’s second floor hallway to a less visible spot inside a reading room bearing Carson’s name. The reason; Carson’s role in the Trump administration has left many Blacks who admired him feeling betrayed.

So now, Sarkes is not so sure. Will Diamond and Silk, Kenya West, and the Black Guy at Trump Rallies bring enough Black votes to elect the Orange Bobblehead? Will Blacks allegiance to Omarosa and rejection of Ben Carson take away a significant number of Black votes? For now, Sarkes is Flipping and says the 2020 Presidential Election is now too close to call.

Omarosa v Trump, Tale of the Tape

Executive Summary:

– The fight between Omarosa and the Orange Counter Puncher is on
– Sarkes evaluates the fighters and predicts the winner

The fight between fired White House Advisor Omarosa and the Golden Assailant is on and is shaping to be the greatest fight in history since “The Thrilla in Manila”, Ali v Frazier, and “The Rumble in the Jungle” Ali v Foreman.

The Thrilla in Manila, Ali v Frazier
Rumble in the Jungle Ali v Foreman

Omarosa v Trump will be called “The Romp in the Swamp”. Unlike traditional fights that are held in Boxing arenas and viewed on Pay-For-View, “The Romp in the Swamp” will be fought in Tweeter, TV Interviews, and Press Conferences, all free for all Americans. “The Romp in the Swamp” is yet another example of Making America Great Again, and will make all other countries envious of America.

The Romp in the Swamp Omarosa v Trump

Sarkes Corner Sports Bureau provide the Tale of the Tape for Omarosa and Orange Mercenary.

Measure Omarosa Trump Advantage

Age 44 72 Omarosa

Heigth 6’ 3” 5’ 10” Trump

Weight Slim Lard Ass Omarosa

Reach 69” 61” Trump

Stance Steady Unstable Omarosa

Believability Questionable Habitual Liar Omarosa

Health Fit Un Fit Omarosa

Diet Salads Greasy Burgers Omarosa

Hair Style Conservative Orange Combover Omarosa

Intangible Bully Angry Black Woman Omarosa

With the Tale of the Tape, Sarkes predicts a victory in “The Romp in the Swamp”, in 10 rounds for Omarosa.

The Canadian Border Wall

Executive Summary:

– The Orange Constructor continues planning the annexation of the Canadian Niagara Falls

– The Golden Architect plans for a Great, Big, Beautiful Wall around the annexed Canadian Niagara Falls

In the Situation Room:

Donald Trump: “You know John, I like this Situation Room. It seems so secure. I’m doing such a great job as President that we don’t have any “Situations” so we might as well use this Situation Room for something.”

John Kelly: “Well Boss, there was a leak from your meeting yesterday here in the Situation Room when you got the briefing from the Pentagon on the strength of the Canadian Military. I think it was the Russians, I don’t know how they do it.”

Donald Trump: “John, John, John, my man Vlads said that the Russians are not bugging the Situation Room, it could be others. Anyway, let’s get on with business.”

Donald Trump: “Kevin, I called you in today to discuss what it would take to build a Great, Big, Beautiful Wall around the Canadian Niagara Falls. I am going to annex that area soon.”

Kevin McAleenan (Commissioner U.S. Customs and Border Protection): “Uh, Mr. President, I don’t understand”

Donald Trump: (whispering to John Kelly) “Did I pick this moron or is he a hold over from that Kenyan Obama”.

Donald Trump: “Kevin, it’s simple, I am going to annex the area around the Canadian Niagara Falls and make it part of the United States. While I don’t think that Canada will respond, I don’t trust that Panty Waste, Limp Wristed, Pretty Boy, Justin Trudeau. He is just dumb enough to think that he can take back the Canadian Niagara Falls with his paltry, meager, insignificant military.”

Kevin McAleenan: “Uh, well, Mr. President, we are not completed with the down select from Prototypes built earlier this year. We need to complete the down select, then negotiate contracts, etc, this all takes time.”

Mexican Border Wall Prototypes

Donald Trump: “Shit Kevin, were you in Congress before you took this job! I told my Base that we would Drain The Swamp, and this is a great example. Down Select, Contracts, Jesus Christ, those are just details. If I want a Great, Big, Beautiful Wall built around the Canadian Niagara Fall then it will be built. John, do we still have Seabees like I saw in the John Wayne movies? I bet the Seebees could build the Wall around the Canadian Niagara Falls! I bet the Seebees don’t need to Down Select, Contracts, and that other Bull Shit!”

John Wayne in The Fighting Seebees

John Kelly: “Uh, Boss….”

Donald Trump: “I’m finished with this conversation. I”ll help you with your down select, pick the wall that I told you I liked a few months back. Jesus Christ, why can’t we get anything done around this Swamp. BUILD THE F – – KING WALL, NOW”

Donald Trump like this Border Wall Prototype

Kevin McAleenan: “Uh, OK, well, will do. John, can I have a word after we are done”.

Donald Trump: “John, show me how to get out of this Situation Room”, I need to make my Tee Time at the Great Trump resort in New Jersey”.

Donald Trump and Friends in The Situation Room

United States vs Canada – Who Would Win

Executive Summary:

– After Sarkeses phone conversation with POTUS, the Orange Commandant decided to annex the Canadian Niagara Falls

– The Golden Generali asked the Pentagon for a Military Brief

After his phone call with Vlads Putin oh how he annexed Crimea, the Orange Conqueror asked General Mad Dog Mattis for a comparison of the US Military verses the Canadian Military.

In the Situation Room:

Donald Trump: “Wow, who would have thought. I had never been in this Situation Room until you guys made me come down here after my meeting with Vlads in Helsinki, and here I am again. I am such a great President that we never have “Situations”.

General Maddog Mattis: “Boss, you asked for a comparison between the US Military and the Canadian Military, we have that for you”

Donald Trump: “Yeah Maddog, with a Panty Waste President like Trudeau, I figured this would be easy. But how did you do this so fast, I just asked you for this an hour ago”.

General Maddog Mattis: “Well Boss, a few days ago we hacked the Canadian Military and found a study by a Dennis Parass. We are a big confused as this Dennis Parass is not Military. His code name is “The Canadian Scout”. The best we can determine, he is just another Old, Rich, White Canadian. His company was a supplier to Lockheed Martin on the F-35 which is probably why that Program is Millions over budget and years behind schedule, we should never use Canadian suppliers. But none the less, his analysis is spot on”

Donald Trump: “Well Maddog, let’s get on with it, I don’t want to miss my Tee Time at my Great Golf Club in New Jersey”.

General Maddog Mattis: “No problem Boss, this is all summarized in a short 7 minute U-Tube video that you can watch on your way to your New Jersey Golf Club. You will need to watch a 30 second commercial or just skip it.

Donald Trump: ‘Nice work Maddog”.

“United States vs Canada – Who Would Win – Army / Military Comparison”

The Orange Admiral watching TV on Air Force 1