Sarkeses Op Ed to Donald J. Trump

Executive Summary:

  • A Sarkes Op Ed to Donald J. Trump will be published next Sunday
  • Major Conservative and Liberal Media Outlets will publish the Sarkes Op Ed

Sarkes has written an Op Ed to Donald J. Trump which will soon be published in both Conservative Media (Fox News, One America News Network, etc), and Liberal Media (Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, etc), along with Independent Media like Sarkes Corner Fair & Balanced.

Sarkes provides the Op Ed to subscribers of Sarkes Corner in advance before it is published in the other Media next Sunday.

The Sarkes Op Ed to Donald J. Trump – May 24, 2020:

To:  Donald J. Trump

Sarkes would like to recognize your work in defeating the Covid-19 Virus that has plagued America.  History will show that you are the Greatest War-Time President in our history, the greatest.  As  result of your Strong Leadership,  the United States is open for business, and in record time, far ahead of all other nations in the world.   Americans can now go to Church, Bars, Restaurants, Barbers/Salons, the Beach, etc without fear of contracting Covid-19.  

The Orange Commander-In-Chief is our Greatest War-Time President, despite painful Bone Spurs

Despite the “sky is falling” crying by American Scientists and Physicians, you convinced Americans to use Hydroxychloroquine, Lysol Disinfectant Injections, and Internal Laser treatments,  resulting in American deaths being limited to only 100,000.  Without your strong Leadership, American deaths might have surpassed a Quarter Million or more!  These numbers are a tribute and a “Badge of Honor”.

Hydroxychloroquine, Lysol Disinfectant Injections, and Internal Laser treatments have saved many American lives

You have always said that you know more than all of the Generals, Scientists, and Physicians, and that Only You Can Fix This.  While some in America may have questioned these claims, your Leadership in defeating Covid-19 proves that you are right, Only You Could Fixed This, and you did.  Thank You.

The Orange Stable Genius knows more than Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scarf Lady

Now that the war against Covid-19 is over and America is open again for business, Sarkes asks that you now shift your attention to stop the Hostage situation that has been ongoing for close to a year, that is, the BOEING HOSTAGES BEING HELD BY THE FAA.

Sarkes asks that you go to the Orville Wright Federal Building, 800 Independence Avenue SW, Washington D.C (The Swamp).  This is the Headquarter of the FAA where 50,000 Angry Democrats are holding Boeing and the 737Max airplane Hostage. 

The FAA Headquarters in The Swamp where the Boeing and the 737Max is being held Hostage

There is probably no bigger Bureaucracy in The Swamp than the FAA.  The FAA will NOT Certify the 737Max even after Boeing has made and tested several changes to software and hardware to get those planes flying again.  It is time for your intervention.  Like in the war against Covid-19, Only You Can Fix This.

The Boeing 737Max is a high quality airplane being held Hostage by the FAA

Boeing is Americas largest Exporter by dollars,  Americas largest Aerospace Company, and Americas leader in both Commercial and Military / Space programs.  Boeing is a company with over 160,000 employees, all with high paying jobs and great insurance.  Boeing employees do not need ObamaCare which you have been trying to eliminate since your inauguration. 

If Boeing continues to be held hostage by the FAA,  150,000 employees may need to apply for ObamaCare

So, Donald J. Trump, it is up to you to go to the FAA and insist that the 50,000 Angry Democrats at the FAA RELEASE THEIR BOEING HOSTAGES, NOW!

Sarkes is proud to wear his 737Max Bicycle Jersey in support of the Boeing Hostages being held by the FAA

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida Dialysis Center won’t allow a Life-Sized Card Board Trump as Emotional Support
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has now infiltrated Medical Facilities

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor Dr. Todd Ruecker for this story about the uncontrolled spread to Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Dr. Ruecker is probably the smartest subscriber to Sarkes Corner.  Dr. Ruecker is a Tenured Professor at the University of Nevada Reno, and is currently studying in Columbia (the Country) as a Fulbright Scholar. 

Dr. Todd Ruecker is a Childhood friend of Sarkeses Son David Korkoian

Todd Ruecker is not related to Darius Rucker, Award Winning Musician

While the Liberal Press is focusing on the Coronavirus currently spreading around the world with savage devastation, somehow, Trump Derangement Syndrome is being ignored.    TDS is the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies and antics of the Orange Monarch, President Donald J. Trump.

TDS has spread like wild fire with Young Americans

It is estimated that Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected over 75 Million Americans.  Liberals are mostly at Risk for TDS, but Conservatives are not immune.   The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta claim that there is no known cure for TDS.  Sad.  Like most infectious diseases, TDS can spread to Stage 4.

The CDC claim that the 2020 Victory of the Orange Chosen One will negatively affect Americans with TDS

A Florida man, Nelson Gibson, undergoing Kidney Dialysis three times a week, was told that he is not allowed to bring a life-sized cardboard cutout of the Orange Messiah to his Dialysis sessions for emotional support.

Nelson is a big fan of the Orange Emperor

Nelson Gibson claims that this family cannot sit with him during his three-and-a-half-hour treatments. In their absence, he began bringing a picture of Trump as a comfort item.  Later, he started bringing a small cardboard cutout of himself standing next to a photo of Trump.  No one complained, he said, adding that some people even took photos with it.

Nelson Gibson gets comfort during Dialysis with the Orange Stable Genius

When Gibson later returned for Dialysis with the presidential Cut Out, he was told: “They told me it was too much and that his Dialysis wasn’t a Trump rally,”.  Gibson’s son contacted officials at the facility to find out what was the problem.  He was told that the Orange Potentate’s Cut Out was: “an issue of safety for infectious disease” 

In a statement, a Fresenius Kidney Care spokesman said: “While we cannot discuss any specific individual, we strongly support the ability of all our patients to express their views, which includes bringing reasonably sized items into our dialysis centers that do not create safety or infection control issues, or interfere with caregivers on the treatment floor.”  Now that is Prize Worthy corporate mumbo jumbo.

TDS has infected The Fresenius Kidney Center as demonstrated by their non sensical statement 

Sarkes is not treating Trump Derangement Syndrome lightly.  Sarkes has dozens of Family and Friends suffering from TDS.  The only cure for TDS is that the Orange Royal Highness will not get reelected in 2020.  Since this is not likely, Sarkes is concerned about his Family and Friends after the Orange Exalted Leader gets reelected. 

Sarkes is concerned about Family and Friends with TDS

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – March 1 @ 3:56AM

This Trump Derangement Syndrome is Fake News, Alternative Facts, Phony, a Failed Take Down, a Thousand Stabs, Sham, Scam, Set Up, Treasonous, Presidential Harassment, a Crusade and Terrible Thing.

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – March 1 @ 4:37AM

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!!!!!  Blacks Love me, Jews Love me, Chinks Love me, everyone but the Illegal Mexicans Love me.  I Did Nothing Wrong and will be Completely Exonerated.  There will be Vindication, Read the Transcript.  Case Closed.

The Orange Profit does not recognize TDS

Sarkes gets Comfort with his Picture with the Orange Educator after getting his Degree from Trump University

The Orange Creamsicle

Executive Summary:

  • At his TV address to the nation last night, the Orange Julius had an Orange Face and White Hands
  • Sarkes Daughter Caryn wondered how this could be.

In his address to the nation last night, the Orange Cantaloupe had a strange hue, his face was Orange yet his Tiny hands were White.  Sarkeses daughter was so confused that she called Sarkes with questions.  

the Orange Slurrpee appeared two toned, Orange and White, like a Creamsicle

the Classic Creamsicle, like our President, is Orange and White

Sarkes was not watching the Presidential address by the Orange Traffic Cone as he was watching taped recordings of Judge Judy, but Sarkes was able to provide several reasons as to why the Orange Zest was two toned.

Sarkes prefers reruns of Judge Judy than to watch the Orange Orator

Sarkes told Daughter Caryn that there were several reasons why the Orange Carrot Top’s face was Orange but his Tiny hands were White:

The LED lights were shining on his face and not his hands.

LED Lights give All Americans an Orange hue and should be eliminated

The Liberal Press Photo-Shopped the Press Conference.  The Liberal Press will do ANYTHING to make our President look bad.

The Truth can only be found on Fox News and Sarkes Corner

Obama was behind this Fake image, Phony picture, Failed Take Down, Witch Hunt, Charade, Hoax, Hit Job, Sham, Scam, Set Up, Treasonous act, Presidential Assassination, Harassment, Lynching, Triple Hearsay, Crusade, Terrible Thing.

It’s always Obama’s Fault

The International Electrical Workers Union are part of the Deep State and rigged the lighting at the Presidential address.

For some reason, Electricians are anti-Trump and are part of the Deep State

Sarkeses explanations as to why the Orange Juices face was Orange yet his tiny Hands were White seemed to satisfy Sarkeses Daughter Caryn. 

The Orange Educator

Executive Summary:

  • The United States ranks low in the world in Reading, Science, and Mathematics
  • Only the Orange Professor Can Fix This

At great risk, Sarkeses source in the White House, LEAKER, sent Sarkes an audio tape of a meeting between the Orange Pedagogue and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Sarkes provides a transcript of that meeting.  Sarkes cannot reveal LEAKERs identity as the White House Staff has been threatened to be charged with Treason if they Leak anything to the Press.

LEAKER does not want to charged with Treason

Start of Transcript:

Mick Mulvaney (Chief of Staff):  Boss, your next meeting is with Secretary Betsy DeVos.  

Donald Trump:  Who is Betsy DeVos?

Mick Mulvaney:  DeVos is your Secretary of Education.

Donald Trump:  Is DeVos that older, good looking Blond with Big Ta Tas at our Cabinet Meetings?

Mick Mulvaney:  That’s her Boss.  She donated a ton of money for your 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Betsy DeVos is qualified to lead the Department of Eduction, she donated a ton of money to the Trump Campaign and has big Ta Tas

Donald Trump:  But Mick, we already have Filly in the Cabinet, Mitch McConnells wife, you know, the Chink, what’s her name?

Mick Mulvaney:  That would be Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.  So you have one Rich White Woman and one Asian Woman connected to the Senate Majority Leader.

Elaine Chao is qualified to lead the Transportion Department, she is an Asian married to Moscow Mitch McConnell, not to be confused with Hoody Dooty

Donald Trump:  Got it Mick, I have the most diverse Cabinet in History, History.  What does DeVos want to talk about.

Mick Mulvaney:  Secretary DeVos wants to talk about our low Education rankings in the world.  

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos enters the room.

Betsy DeVos:  Good Morning Mr. President, thank you for seeing me.

Donald Trump (whispering to Mick Mulvaney):  Wow, DeVos may be a bit old, but I could Tap that for sure.

The Orange Bird Dog cannot help but look at DeVos’ big Ta Tas

Donald Trump:  What do you have Betsy?

Betsy DeVos:  Well Mr. President, our Education rankings in the World are slipping.  Of the top 72 countries, we rank 24th in Reading, 25th in Science, and 40th in Math.  I have some ideas…….

Donald Trump (interrupting and raising his voice): Well, if it weren’t for the Blacks, Hispanics and Immigrants from the Shit Hole countries, we would be Number 1, Number 1!!!

Betsy DeVos:  Mr. President, what I would like to do …….

Donald Trump (interrupting and raising his voice):  Listen Betsy, no offense, but ONLY I CAN FIX THIS.  Here is what we are going to do.  We will convert ALL Public Schools to TRUMP UNIVERSITY PREPARATORY Schools.   Every Public School in the country, got it.

Trump University was another successful Trump project

Betsy DeVos:  Uh, oh, but Mr. President ……..

Donald Trump (interrupting):  If it wasn’t for the Angry Democrats and Failed States Attorneys, my Trump University would be producing highly educated and competent graduates.  The Trump University Mascot was a Lion and our School Colors were WHITE and ORANGE.  There were no Losers at Trump University.  

The Fighting White Orange Lions of Trump University are a ferocious mascot

Donald Trump:  So Betsy, go make it happen.  ALL Public Schools in America will be converted to Trump University Preparatory Schools by the end of the year, got it.

Betsy DeVos:  Got it Boss, will do.

Betsy DeVos leaves the Room;

Donald Trump:  Well Mick, that went well don’t you think.

Mick Mulvaney:  Uh, yes Boss, it sure did.  As usual, Only You Can Fix This.  Great solution.

The Orange Tutor is the smartest President in US History, History

Mick Mulvaney has kept his job by being a Brown Nosing Yes Man

An Orange Miracle

Executive Summary:

  • A Woman Sees Donald Trump In Her Vegan Butter
  • This is an Orange Apparition

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Religious Bureau Chief and Sister Cindy Mamelian for documenting this Orange Apparition. 

Sarkes is not a Catholic so before reporting this story Sarkes had no idea what was an Apparition.  An Apparition is a Supernatural image of a person.  Most Apparitions are images of Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ or Mary.  Apparitions are one time events.

Jesus can show up anywhere, here in a Tasty Flatbread

The Catholic Church has a formal process for validating and documenting Apparitions and Apparitions have been documented for Centuries mostly in Europe and South America. 

The Catholic Church is big on Miracles and Apparitions

A St. Louis woman, Jan Castellano,  was getting ready to have some breakfast when she almost lost her lunch. She opened a tub of Earth Balance Organic Spread with plans to put the vegan butter on her toast.  Lowly and Beholy, Castellano stopped short when she saw an image of the Orange Potentate looking right back at her in the tub of Spread.

Earth Balance Organic Spread is a Healthy option to Butter

Castellano said: “It wasn’t necessarily appetizing, but it was entertaining.

This was pretty much before I had coffee, so I was easily amused.  I needed to put on my glasses to make sure it was him.”

Jan Castellano did not expect to see the Orange Profit in her Earth Balance Organic Spread

Castellano, obviously a Liberal, continued:  “I wasn’t thrilled to see The Donald, mainly because he is everywhere these days.  I thought about saving the Trump-enhanced spread and sell it on eBay, and donate the money to Elizabeth Warren.”  Alas, short-term hunger won out over long-term wealth and Castellano ate the Butter after taking a picture as proof.  

An image of the Orange Excellency in butter is frightening to a Liberal
This is Not Fake News, the Orange Eminence’s image is in the Spread

Sarkes Corner reporters interviewed Archbishop Robert Carlson of the St. Louis Diocese and asked if the Catholic Church would approve the Trump image in the Earth Balance Organic Spread as a Miracle or Apparition. Archbishop Carlson said that the Catholic Church could not investigate this Apparition as the evidence has been destroyed and there was only one witness, Castellano.

Archbishop Carlson will not approve the Orange Image as a Miracle

After informed about the Earth Balance Organic Spread, the Orange Diocesan Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – January 19 @ 4:56AM 

I am disappointed that the Failed Catholic Church would not approve my image in the Butter.  Everyone knows that I am the Chosen One, the Second Coming of God.  

The Orange Chosen One is a devout Christian, just ask him

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – January 19 @ 5:23AM 

The Catholic Church should have investigated the Butter.  I am the healthiest President in History so I don’t eat Butter, but I have no doubt that my image was in the Butter.  It was a miracle and the Catholic Church needs to step up.  The lack of action by the Catholic Church is a Sham, Charade, Crusade, a Terrible Thing.

The Orange Disciple is the most religious President in our History

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – January 19 @ 5:47AM 

I am confident that my Evangelical friends will classify my image in the butter as a Miracle.  I am the King of the Jews and should be recognized accordingly.  The Evangelicals are truly religious, not phony like other denominations.  

The Evangelicals will recognize The Orange King of the Jews

A Sarkes Corner Quiz

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes offers a Multiple Choice Political Quiz

The Quiz:  Identify who said the following:

“The party that lost the 2016 election, the Democratic Party, is trying to achieve results by other means.  The Democrats accused Trump of conspiracy with Russia, there was no conspiracy at all.  These are all made up charges.”

Was it:

A. Jim Jordon, Republican Representative from Ohio

Jim Jordan, like Sarkes, does not like to wear suits

B. Devin Nunes, Republican Representative from California

Devin Nunes is an Endangered Species, a Republican in California

C. Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas

Ted Cruz now sports a beard to confuse ICE when he goes back to Texas

D. Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader

Moscow Mitch has a strong resemblance to Howdy Doody

E. Vlads Putin, President for Life – Russian Federation

Vlads Putin is a Man’s Man

And the answer is D. Vlads Putin.  No, Sarkes cannot make this stuff up.  Vlads, commenting after the House Impeached the Orange Martyr,  vigorously defended his Boy Toy.  

Vlads and Donnie share a relaxing moment

We are definitely smack dab in the middle of Bizzaro World.  “Many People Say” that Vlads is setting up the Orange Credulous to get the Russian Federation invited to the G8 to be held at Trump Doral in 2020.  

The Russian Federation will join the G8 in 2020

Finally, Sarkeses source in the White House, LEAKER, reports that when the Orange Premier gets reelected in 2020, his Orange Majesty will create a “Worlds Strongman Club” to include his buds Putin, Erdogan, Xi, Durarte, and Jung Un

This is a Who’s Who of Strongmen

Trump IS an Environmentalist

Executive Summary:

  • “Many People Say” that the Orange Ecologist is anti environment
  • Sarkes has data to rebuke that charge

“Many People Say” that the Orange Conservationist believes that the movement to save our environment is as big a Hoax as the Impeachment Inquiry.   The Orange Tree Hugger and his GOP Lemmings claims that the Billions spent on cleaning up the Environment is a waste of Taxpayer dollars.  The Orange Preservationist claims that the “sky is falling” is a Ruse perpetrated by thousands of Angry Democrats and ill-informed Liberal Scientists.

Liberal Environmental Scientists are perpetrating a Hoax on America

Sure, on the surface, it would appear that the Orange Nature-Lover is anti-Environment based on his actions like:

  • Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Repealing or reducing many Obama Era Environmental Regulations like:

   o the Clean Power Plan

   o Toxic Air Pollution regulations

   o Fuel Economy Standards

   o the Clean Water Act

Yeah Yeah, on the surface, it would appear that the Orange Eco-Freak is anti-Environment.  But unlike most media outlooks, the crack Journalist at Sarkes corner dig much deeper into a topic and have concluded that:  Trump IS an Environmentalist.

All of the 16 Trump Golf Courses are Environmentally ECO Friendly

Many of Sarkes Corner readers are Liberal and are now shaking their heads in disbelief and are shouting, “Sarkes, have they legalized Marijuana in Florida, are you high, have you gone mad, what gives?”

Sarkes, a Truth Machine, provides proof positive that Trump IS an Environmentalist.  

The Orange Lavatory has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to do a nationwide review of water efficiency standards.  The Orange Urinal claims that because of issues with “sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms, People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times as opposed to once. They end up using more water.” 

The Orange Latrine amplified: “We have a situation where we’re looking very strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms, where you turn the faucet on in areas where there’s tremendous amounts of water, where it rushes out to sea because you could never handle it. And you don’t get any water. You turn on the faucet and you don’t get any water”.  Better than any other President in our history, the Orange Commode has a way of communicating in clear and concise “Merican” language that all Americans can comprehend and understand. 

In America today, toilets must be flushed 10 to 15 times

American Urinals are more efficient, only 5 flushes are needed

Porta Potties may Stink but do not need to be flushed 10 to 15 times

On an Environmental roll, the Orange Privy said that the White House would need to change out the lightbulbs because the new ones are expensive and “give you an orange look.” The Orange Porta Potty has made similar comments before when complaining  about the energy efficiency requirements directed under former President Barack Obama.

Poor Americans cannot afford to buy expensive LED Lights

Again, the Orange Electrician amplified:  ”The new bulb is many times more expensive, and, I hate to say it, it doesn’t make you look as good. It gives you an orange look. I don’t want an orange look. Has anyone noticed that?”

LED Lights give Trump an Orange hue

So, Sarkes has proved proof positive that our President IS an Environmentalist.   With the Economy humming on all cylinders, unemployment never lower, stock market skyrocketing like a Boeing ICBM, Blacks turning into Republicans, the Orange Crapper is taking on Real Environmental issues never before addressed. 

Sarkes has proven that Trump IS an Environmentalist 

Even the Liberals with Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome must agree that it takes 10 to 15 flushes with today’s toilets.  Sarkes can give testimony to the Orange Crappers newest Environment  initiative. Sarkes cannot count the number of times that he must flush his toilet 10 to 15 times.  

Not only are we wasting water, but Americans are spending wasted hours on the Throne.  

A New Florida Citizen

Executive Summary:

  • The Orange Baron is now a Floridian

The Orange Caesar and wife Melania are now residents of Florida, the Gunshine State.  Also, Melania’s parents, the last immigrants to make it on the Chain Immigration program, will also move to the Gunshine State with the Orange Duke and his wife.

“Many People Say” that there is not a rotten Apple in the Trump Orchard, Nooooo
Melania Trump’s parents escaped Slovenia and were one of the last immigrants to come to America under Chain Migration 

The Orange El Jefe will call Mir-a-Lago home.  This great property, second only to Doral, could host any event like the G7 or other great gathering.  If the Orange Potentate wins in 2020, “Many People Say” that he will do an End Run around the Constitution and become President for Life life his buddies; Putin, Erdaron, Duarte, Xi, and Jung Un.  This is a Who’s Who Strong Mans Club. 

Mir-a-Lago, a property fit for a King, King Donald 1, makes Buckingham Palace look like a Ghetto Housing Project

While other Presidents vacationed in Florida; “Give’m Hell” Harry Truman and “Tricky Dick” Richard Nixon, the Orange Maharajah is the first to call the Gunshine State home.

The Buck stopped with Harry Truman at the Little White House in Key West

“Tricky Dick” Nixon may have been a Crook but had a nice Crib in Key Biscayne 

More recently, Vice President Mike Pence vacations regularly in Sarkeses neighborhood, Sanibel Island.  Pence retreats to Sanibel for peace and tranquility and to be able to communicate and get guidance from our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  

Mike Pence vacations on Sanibel Island and gets his marching orders from Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, not the Constitution

Sarkes cannot wait for the Orange Stable Genius and Family to settle in their Mar-a-Lago home.  Sarkes and the Orange Educator are Tight.  You see, Sarkes was one of the first Graduates of that great educational institution, Trump University.  Sarkes attained a Journalism degree from Trump University, no Fake News taught at Trump University, the Journalism curriculum was Fair and Balanced.  

Sarkes Graduation picture from Trump University

Mir-a-Lago is a short 2 hour drive from Sarkeses Crib in Bonita Springs, so Sarkes looks forward to visiting the Orange Royal Highness, bring a House Warming Gift, and maybe play a round or two of Golf.  Sarkeses handicap using, the USGA Handicap system is a 27.  But playing at Mir-a-Lago with the Orange Sand Trap, Sarkes handicap, using the Trump Handicap system, with be a 6.  

The Orange Divot is a scratch golfer using the Trump Handicap system

Orange People: America’s Smallest Minority

Executive Summary:

  • Trump says that Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs make him Look Orange
  • Sarkes calls for Equal Rights for Orange People 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor and Minnesota Bureau Chief Eric Pederson for this breaking news about our Orange POTUS. 

Faster than Walmart can Roll-Back prices on millions of products, the Orange Monarch’s administration has rolled-back HUNDREDS of Obama-era regulations.  One of the Orange Eminences Obama Roll Backs was for Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.

The Orange Cheeto Rolls Back Regulations like Walmart Rolls Back Prices

It turns out that the Roll Backs on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs was NOT about Making America Great Again, rather, this Roll Back occurred because the Orange Premier believes that Energy Efficient Light Bulbs make him look Orange.  The Orange Scientist claims his Orange hue is caused because the light emitted from the energy efficient bulbs is “not good”.  

The Orange Scientist claims Energy Efficient Light Bulbs are BAD for America

Its clear that the Orange Baron knows more about Science than the Scientists.  

For years, Scientists and the Media have tried to determine the source of the Orange Caesars Orange Hue.  The “Official” statement from the White House claims that the Orange Hue on the Orange Chosen One is caused by “Good Genes”.  Another school claimed the Orange Hue comes from Fake Tanning.  Now, the Orange Commandant blames Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.

The Orange Exalted Leader explained the Science behind his edict to Roll Back standards on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs:  

  • “The light bulb. People said what’s with the light bulb? I said here’s the story.  I looked at it, the bulb that we’re being forced to use, number one to me, most importantly, the light’s no good. I always look orange. And so do you. The light is the worst.”
  • “But number two, it’s many times more expensive than that old incandescent bulb that worked very well. And very importantly—I don’t know if you know this—they have warnings. If it breaks it’s considered a hazardous waste site. It’s gasses inside”
  • “I am not a vain person…but I look better under an incandescent light than these crazy lights that are beaming down.”
Donald Trump blames Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for his Orange Hue

Sarkes understands the position of the Orange Czar.  You see, Sarkes, a Brown Man, understands the life of person of Color living in America today.  When Sarkes goes to breakfast with the Spring Run Conservative Men’s Breakfast Club at local eateries, Sarkes is always at Risk of getting caught up in a ICE Raid looking for Illegal Mexican Cooks and Table Cleaners.

Sarkes is Brown but Granddaughter Addi is stone White

Sarkes believes that Orange People have an even tougher time in America verses Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow Americans.  The Orange People minority is So Small that most Racists Americans just assume that Orange People are just the victims of a Bad Tanning job.

Largely Ignored, Orange People are America’s smallest Minority

Sarkes is hereby starting a movement to get America to recognize Orange People for who they are, America’s Smallest Minority.  It time to get Orange People out of the Closet and allow them to live Free in America without making excuses like “Energy Efficient Light Bulbs make them look Orange”.  This is no way to live.

And what better time to push for Equal Rights for Orange People since the most powerful person in the Free World is himself an Orange Man.

Even Donald Trump, America’s 1st Orange President, gets ridiculed for his Orange Color 

Like all People of Orange Color, Donald Trump has no control over his Orange Hue

More “Send Him Back”

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes talks to the Orange Monarch
  • Sarkes provides a transcript of that Phone Call

Sarkes called the Orange Commander in Tweets to discuss how he was treated at the Philadelphia airport upon returning from Europe.

Donald Trump:  “Hello Sarkes, its been a while since we have talked, how was your European vacation, what can I do for you?”

Sarkes:  “Donnie, Sarkes is PISSED.  I was assaulted by your crazy Base in the Philadelphia airport after clearing Customs.  They were shouting:  “Send Him Back!  Send Him Back! Send Him Back!.  They were like an angry mob.  I didn’t know what this was all about until I caught up reading the on-line Fox News Fair and Balanced.

Donald Trump:  “Sarkes Sarkes, you know there are just a few Journalist I trust, specifically you and Sean Hannity.  This was all a big misunderstanding.

Sarkes:  “With all due respect Donnie, misunderstanding my ass.  This crazed mob of your Base were wearing red MAGA and were shouting at anyone who was Brown, Yellow or Black, Sarkes included.”

Donald Trump:  “Now settle down Sarkes, let me explain.  This all started earlier this week when I called out those 4 Socialist Congressman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.  These ungrateful people do not love America and I suggested they go back to their country of origin. They just all happened to be people of color.

Sarkes:  “Donnie, you said what!?”

Donald Trump:  “Now Sarkes, settle down, this got overblown as usual by the lying Liberal Press.  This is nothing. I do not have a Racist Bone in my body, I am the least racist President of all time.”

Sarkes:  “What about your rally in North Carolina when your crazy White Base started shouting “Send Her Back, Send Her Back, Send Her Back”.

Donald Trump:  “Yeah Sarkes, I was not happy with that chant, and I started to speak quickly to stop it.  I disagree with it. But again, I didn’t say that, they did, but these are good people, passionate people, they love America and are not pleased with these Socialists.  I can’t blame them.”

Sarkes:  “Donnie, why did the crazed White Mob verbally assault Sarkes at the Philadelphia airport?”

Donald Trump:  “I don’t know Sarkes, maybe it’s because you are Brown and they mistook you for a Hispanic or Arab, you could pass for both.  You know I love Armenians and Armenians love me.  You know that all of my carpets in the Trump International Resorts are bought from Armenians, mostly Asadorian Carpets.  And, all of my Dry Cleaning is done by Armenians, I don’t trust the Chinks.”

Sarkes:  “Donnie, you know we Armenians are hot headed, Sarkes is still pissed, but will get over it.  Talk to you later.

Donald Trump:  “OK Sarkes, keep up the good reporting in Sarkes Corner,  you are a Truth Machine.”