Hitler for Halloween

Executive Summary:

– A Kentucky Father Dressed his son as Adolph Hitler for Halloween

– This Blue Grass Einstein was Shocked at the Backlash he Received

Sarkes has been working on a book: “The Irreversible Dumbing of America” Sarkes has no shortage of material to support his theory that Americans have a Constitutional Right to be dumb, and are exercising that Right daily.

Such is the case with Kentuckian Bryan Goldbach. This Blue Grass Einstein sparked outrage after a picture emerged online of his five-year-old son dressed like Adolph Hilter and he was dressed as a Gestapo for Halloween.

To support Sarkeses theory of the Irreversible Dumbing of America, a proud Bryan Goldbach thought it was appropriate for him to post the picture on social media. After the posting, Goldbrick started receiving heavy criticism, with many saying his choice of costumes for his family was in poor taste.

Aryan Bryan Goldbach and his family dressed as Nazi’s for Halloween

But Goldbach that he had a sound reason for dressing his son up as Adolph Hitler. He said he chose the uniforms because of his love for portraying historical figures. Sarkes can think of servers HUNDRED historical figures that Goldbach could have selected instead of Adolph Hitler.

Mein Fuhrer Adolph Hitler, a “Historical Figure”

After the fact, Goldbach started Goose Stepping back saying: “I wasn’t trying to make a statement or put my son in any position. It was bad judgment. I want people to know I am sorry.” It is unknown if Aryan Goldbach and family Goose Stepped from house to house to collect candy.

Goose-stepping Nazis

Goldbach could have left it at that but could not resist putting his Goose Stepping Foot in his mouth. He went on to say: “We saw people dressed as murderers, devils, serial killers, blood and gore of all sorts. Nobody batted an eye. But my little boy and I, dress as historical figures, and it merits people not only making snide remarks, but approaching us and threatening my little 5-year-old boy.” Sarkes Comment: “Huh, uh, oh my, are you kidding me, sheesh”

Now on a roll, this Aryan Goose Stepped on, taking a page out of the Orange Gestapos Play Book and blamed Liberals, saying: “Yes liberalism is alive and well. And we had the displeasure of dealing with the fruits of the so called Tolerant Left.”

A reporter, probably from the Fake News Liberal Media, investigated Goldbach’s Facebook Page which included slogans in support of “White Pride”. Hmmmmmmm

Sarkes Memo to Aryan Bryan Goldbach: if your Halloween costume calls to mind an event (the Holocaust) where millions of innocent Men, Women and Children were Murdered, choose another costume, and don’t raise your son to be a bigot like you.

Sarkes quotes our Orange Commander in Tweets who said after the Charlottesville Nazi Rally: “To be fair, you had some very fine people on both sides”

To be fair, Sarkes says: “Oui Vey, you Schmiel Munzer”

It will be difficult for Sarkeses to select the top examples for his book “The Irreversible Dumbing of America”, but dressing your son as Adolph Hitler and joining him as a Gestapo for Halloween is sure to make the cut.

Black Man Living in a White Condo Complex

Executive Summary:

– A Missouri Woman was Fired For Blocking a Black Man From Entering his Condo Complex

– Sarkes had warned about the Slippery Slope

In a recent Sarkes Corner, Sarkes had reported on a case of Babysitting While Black. In that incident, a Black Man was baby sitting two White Children. A White Women was concerned for the Safety of the two While Children and called the Police, after all, what was a Black Man doing with White Children. The Police confronted the Black Man and had to call the White Children’s parents to validate that, indeed, the Black Man was hired to babysit the White Children. This was a case of Babysitting While Black.

With White Folk acting with the Empowerment bestowed on all White Folk by the actions of the Orange Oligarch, Sarkes warned that we are on the brink of the dreaded Slippery Slope.

Well, it happened, and in Sarkeses old home state, Missouri, the Shoot Me State. A White Missouri Woman tried to prevent a Black Man from entering his luxury condo complex. The White Women, Hillary Kronke Mueller, an employee of the condo complex, was not aware that Blacks lived in the condo and felt uncomfortable letting the Black Man into his building. After all, how can a Black Man afford to live in a luxury Condo? The Black Man, D’Arreion Toles, repeatedly asked the White Woman to move but she refused.

D’Arreion Toles – A Black Man living in a Luxury Condo)

Hillary Kronke Mueller was fired by her employer, Tribeca Luxury Apartments. Ironically, Tribeca Luxury Apartments is a minority-owned company.

Of course, Hillary Kronke Mueller denied any wrongdoing and claims, like the Orange MLK, that she is NOT A RACIST. In fact, Mueller placed the blame on the Condo Association Board claiming that she was told to NEVER allow access to the building to someone that she did not know. Obviously, she did not know Black Man Toles or realized that Blacks were living in the building.

Hillary Kronke Mueller – says she is NOT A RACIST

There you have it, we are now heading down the Slippery Slope. Who is next?

Sarkes does not know Hillary Kronke Mueller, but wonders if she is related to the Despicable, Unethical, Deplorable owner of the Los Angeles Rams, Stan Kronke. Stan Kronke might be Pond Scum but surely he is not a racist. After all, 70% of his Los Angels Rams, the team he stole from St. Louis, are Black.

Stan Kronke IS NOT A RACIST – is he related to Hillary Kronke Mueller?

A case of Babysitting While Black

Executive Summary:

– Georgia Woman Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting White Kids

A White Woman, a Georgia Crackerette, called the police on Corey Lewis, a Black Man, who was babysitting two White Children after she reported that she feared for their safety.

Black Man and Babysitter Corey Lewis

The Georgia Crackerette approached Black Man Lewis in a Walmart Parking Lot and asked if she could speak with the White Children. Black Man Lewis said no and the Georgia Crackertte called the police. The Georgia Crackerette then followed him to his mother’s house, where a police officer questioned Black Man Lewis and the White Children. 

The White Parents of the 2 White Children, David Parker and Dana Mango, were called. They told police that they had arranged for Lewis to look after their children weeks ago and were in disbelief when they received their call.

White Parent Mango told Police: “Are you saying that because there’s an African American male driving my two White kids that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned?” The Police answered: “I’m sorry ma’am, that’s exactly what I’m saying”

Sarkes connects Dots where most cannot even see Dots. Sarkes fears that this Babysitting While Black incident is just another case of Underemployed, Uneducated, White Folk And Rich Old White Folk acting with the Empowerment bestowed on all White Folk by the actions of the Orange Oligarch.

Sarkes warns that we are on a Slippery Slope. What is next after Baby Sitting While Black is stopped? Women back into the Kitchen where they belong?, LGBTQ’s back in the Closet?, People of Color under the Thumb of the White Man?

The Trump GOP want Women back in the Kitchen where they belong

Whoa Horse Whoa, Sarkes is overreacting, surely this is just an Isolated Incident. Its clear that Blacks, LGBT’s and People of Color love the Golden Goliath and he loves them.

Trump Loves Blacks and LGBTQs and they Love him

More Cracker on Cracker Violence

Executive Summary:

– A bartender in Florida was arrested for throwing a beer mug at a customer’s head

Sarkeses Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

Cracker on Cracker Violence takes on many forms. Mostly, Florida Crackers take advantage of the Gunshine State’s friendly gun laws and shoot each other. Often, the Cracker chooses knives and sometimes just good old fisticuffs.

While the Florida Cracker is low on the Socio Economic and Intelligence scales, they can be clever. Such is the case in this Cracker on Cracker Violence at the Last Chance Bar in Daytona Beach, Fl.

The Last Chance Bar is not the typical Beach Bar that you may have frequented when doing Spring Break in Daytona Beach in your misguided youth, the Last Chance Bar is a haven for Florida’s Cracker population.

The Last Chance Bar in Daytona Beach, FL

A bartender working at the Last Chance Bar, Nicole Swindle, 28, was arrested for throwing a beer mug at a customer’s head after he made a remark about how long she was in the bathroom. Cracker Swindle was taken into police custody Thursday night.

Crackerette Nicole Swindle

According to police, a man had been waiting 30 minutes to order a beer while Swindle was in the bathroom. When Swindle finally returned to the bar, the customer made a comment in which he said Swindle wouldn’t have taken so long if she wasn’t a drug addict.

Taking offense to the remark, Cracker Swindle threw a beer mug at the man, hitting him in the head and causing a cut. It is not clear if the beer mug was empty or full of beer. Beer is a valuable commodity for the Florida Cracker so Sarkes hopes the beer mug was empty.

A Beer Mug like those used in The Last Chance Bar

Swindle is now facing charges of aggravated battery and is facing drug charges as well as for possession of pills police found on her person.  

Sarkes is Fair and Balanced and takes no sides on these issues, Sarkes reports, you decide. Sarkes has empathy for both Cracker Swindle and her Cracker Victim and believes that both share blame for this act of Violence.

First, a Cracker should NEVER need to wait 30 minutes for a beer in a Cracker Bar. The Cracker Customer was justified in his frustration for waiting so long for his libation. Having said that, the Cracker Customer should have know better, and that his verbal assault would surely result in a negative reaction from Cracker Swindle.

In regards to Cracker Swindle, we may never know why she took 30 minutes in the Last Chance Bar’s Rest Room. Cracker Swindle may have been suffering from Gastric Disruptions, Sarkes for sure feels her pain there. It’s possible that Cracker Swindle was having a Romantic encounter with another Cracker Customer of the Last Chance Bar, for sure that happens in Cracker Bars. Or, Cracker Swindle may have been taking the Drugs found in her possession.

No shots fired, but one Cracker down.

Drive Thru Window for Heroin Sales

Executive Summary:

– A Florida couple sold drugs from their mobile home

– These Crackers set up a Drive Thru Window from their Kitchen Window

Sarkeses Florida Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

A Florida couple accused of selling drugs out of their mobile home’s kitchen window were arrested last week. These innovative Crackers figured that if a Drive Thru Window works for McDonalds, it would work for them.

Florida Crackers Benchmarked McDonalds Drive Thru Window

Cracker William Parrish Jr. and Crackerette McKenzee Dobbs were arrested when police raided their Ocala, Florida, mobile home and found, heroin, fentanyl and drug paraphernalia.

Einstein Crackers Parrish and Dobbs

According to an Ocala Police Department report of the incident, officers found fentanyl prepackaged in foil as well as plastic bags and a digital scale in the kitchen.

Cracker Parrish and Crackerette Dobbs used the window of their Mobile Home as a makeshift drive-thru for their customers. These innovative Crackers used signs to signal when their mobile home was open for sales and where to drive.

The Mobile Home Heroin Drive Thru Window

Ocala police were watching this particular area after a rash of overdose incidents.

When questioned at the Ocala jail, the lawyer for Crackers Parrish and Dobbs thought he could get a pardon from the Orange Dotard as these Cracker Einsteins are Trumps Base and their votes are needed in the upcoming Florida Senate Election between Demon Dem Dinosaur Bill Nelson and GOP Criminal Rick, Tricky Ricky, Scott, the Trickster.

Proof Positive of the Intelligence of Florida Crackers

Executive Summary:

– Florida man’s own Dashboard Camera lands him in jail

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, can the Florida Cracker be as simple as you describe them in Sarkes Corner? “Many People Say”, Sarkes, you are painting an unreal picture of native Floridians just for the sake of sensational Journalism, are your stories about Florida Crackers are Fake New?

Florida Crackers are not the sharpest knifes in the Drawer

Sarkes, a Truth Machine, cannot make this stuff up. Here is another example.

Florida Cracker Xavier Moran was involved in a Traffic accident and told Police that he could prove that he was not at fault as his Dashboard Camera had recorded the accident, and would prove that he was cut off by another driver.

Florida Cracker Xavier Moran

Cracker Moran gave his dashboard camera to Police. While reviewing Moran’s Dashboard Camera, Police not only found footage of the Traffic accident, but also found footage of Cracker Moran burglarizing a beauty store after using a Baseball Bat to break the glass door to the store. Cracker Moran was arrested on Burglary charges.

Technology is too complicated for the Florida Cracker

The is another example and Proof Positive that the Florida Cracker is on the low end of any Socio-Economic and Intelligence measure.

Sarkes is amazed that while most Crackers live paycheck to paycheck, they always seem to have enough money to buy Hand Guns, AR-15s, Beer, and apparently, Dash Cams.

Have Florida Crackers Infiltrated South Carolina?

Executive Summary:

– A man with a tattoo of a gun on his face is charged with illegally possessing a gun

A man with a handgun tattooed on his forehead has been charged by South Carolina police with illegally possessing a firearm.

According to Greenville, South Carolina, police, Michael Vines attempted to ditch a loaded .38-caliber revolver after a recent car wreck by throwing it into a grassy area.

Vines is prohibited from Packing Heat, so he had a handgun tattooed on his forehead. Vines, is part of the Orange Howitzers Base, and is another proud, Heat Packing, Great American.

Einstein Michael Vines

When Sarkes first read the story of a White guy with a handgun tattooed on his face, he naturally assumed that this was another great Florida Cracker story. Lowly and Beholy, this story is out of South Carolina!

Sarkes then assumed that Michael Vines may be a Florida Cracker who may have moved to South Carolina, but that is not the case. So, apparently, there are Poor, Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural White guys, i.e., the Golden Glocks Base, in South Carolina also. Who would have thought?

The Golden Glock Packing Heat

A Press Release from the NRA stated: “While we don’t condone the illegal acts of Mr. Vines, we support his right to tattoo a hand gun on his face, and we will vigorously fight any efforts to implement Gun Tattoo Control. While the NRA is all about the 2nd Amendment, all Americans have the Right to tattoo a hand gun anywhere they want on their body as this is a Right protected by the 1st Amendment.”

This may be a first. Sarkes agrees with the NRA. As Americans, we have the Right to do imbecilic things and to look stupid. These are rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Thank you Founding Fathers.

A Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural White Guy, Trumps Base MAGA

Another Senseless Cracker Crime

Executive Summary:

– A man with no arms stabbed a tourist in Miami Beach

– Could this be a windfall for the Perp?

Thanks to Sarkes Corner contributor Steve Moss for this strange Cracker Crime story out of Miami.

Sarkeses Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze. It seems like the number of ways that Crackers can inflict pain on each other is endless. In this case, the victim was a tourist from Chicago.

Miami Beach police say 46-year-old Cracker Jonathan Crenshaw, who has no arms, held a pair of scissors with his feet and stabbed 22-year-old tourist Cesar Coronado just after midnight last week.

Mug Shot of Cracker Crenshaw

Cracker Crenshaw is a well-known Miami Beach street artist who uses his feet to paint. Cracker Crenshaw’s paintings are colorful mosaics that feature eyes, and sell for as much as $60.

Cracker Crenshaw in his Studio

Tourist Coronado and a friend told police that Coronado had only asked for directions before the vicious attack. Tourist Coronado was bleeding from his left arm when he was admitted to a local hospital.

Cracker Crenshaw claimed he acted in self-defense after Coronado punched him in the head. That’s the problem with our judicial system, our jails are filled with innocent people. Alas, in this case, Cracker Crenshaw has had multiple run-ins with police, including violent crime charges like battery on a police officer.

Who knows, maybe Cracker Artist Crenshaw’s street paintings will be more in demand now and the prices could exponentially inflate, just like the Portfolios of us Rich, Old, White, Guys. Unlike the Fake News spewed by the Liberal Press, Trickle Down comes in many different ways and is not just reserved for Rich, Old, White guys.

An Original Crenshaw which could now have a greater value

A Clean, Thoroughbred, White Girl

Executive Summary:

– A woman, stopped for a DUI, tells police she’s a “clean, thoroughbred, white girl”
– Will White Supremacy become a new Defense strategy?

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor and sister Cindy Mamelian for this story out of Bluffton, South Carolina.

Police in Bluffton, South Carolina say a woman they saw speed through a stop sign at 60 mph told officers she should not be arrested because she’s a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl.”

The Bluffton Police report says 32-year-old Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw was slurring her words and a breathalyzer showed her blood-alcohol level at .18 percent, but she said shouldn’t be jailed because she was a cheerleader and a sorority girl who graduated from a “high accredited university,” and her partner’s “a cop.”

Lauren Cutshaw Has a Degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw, a Clean, Thoroughbred, White Girl

Taken to the police station in handcuffs, she described herself as a white “thoroughbred” and “went on to say ‘I’m a white, clean girl,’”. When asked what being a “white, clean girl” had to do with anything; she replied, “You’re a cop, you should know what that means.” Cutshaw was jailed Saturday on charges including drunken driving, speeding and marijuana possession.

Mug Shot of Cutshaw

While many subscribers of Sarkes Corner may think that this is just another amusing story about a Drunk, Sarkes digs deeper. Sarkes Connects Dots where most do not even see the Dots. In this case, Sarkes sees some disturbing Dots.

Sarkes Connects Dots where most do not see Dots

The Dots:

1. For whatever reason, the election of the Orange Mac & Cheese has brought the White Supremacists out of the closet and onto the streets of America. In today’s political environment, the White Supremacists feels empowered to spread their doctrine, which is that the White Race is inherently superior to other races, and that White people should have control over people of other races. This is disturbing to Sarkes as Sarkes, as an Armenian, is Brown.

2. With the exception of Kenya West, Ben Carson, Diamond & Silk and the Black guy at the Trump political rallies, most all Conservatives are white.

Diamond & Silk with the Orange Ameba

3. With the inevitable confirmation of Conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, our Supreme Court will be A Super Majority Conservative Supreme Court.

The Dots: White Supremacists -> Conservatives are primarily White -> A Conservative Supreme Court

After Sarkes Connects the Dots, he ponders……will our Conservative Supreme Court rule that being a Clean, Thoroughbred, White person become a legal defense to a DUI and other crimes?

Florida Cracker Charged with DUI

Executive Summary:

– It is not unusual for a Florida Cracker to Drink and Drive

– What makes this special is that this Florida Cracker chugged his can of Beer during the DUI stop

Sarkes continues to lament that he cannot make this stuff up. Sarkeses neighbors, the Florida Cracker, never ceases to amaze. But here at Sarkes Corner, you get the Truth, Sarkes Corner is a Truth Machine. Sarkes Corner – No Spin, You Win.

A Florida Cracker, Daryl Royal Riedel, was pulled over by police on suspicion of drunk driving but continued to drink even after being stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. While waiting for the deputy to approach his car, Cracker Ridel raised a can of Busch beer and chugged down the suds.

Cracker Daryl Royal Riedel
Busch Beer – A favorite brew of the Cracker

Minutes earlier, Cracker Riedel had sped off after being pulled over for the first time due to a suspended license, leading police on a two-mile car chase. Cracker Riedel told the deputies that he drove away the first time because he was scared.

Cracker Riedel has 3 previous DUI convictions and is out on bail for a 4th DUI infraction. Apparently drinking and driving by Crackers in Florida is no big deal.

Cracker Riedel is now facing charges including felony DUI, fleeing from a deputy, driving with a suspended license, and failure to submit a breath test.
Asked why he drove with a suspended license, Cracker Riedel said, “because I still have to work.”

Sarkeses analysis:

While Florida Crackers score very low on the Socio-Economic and Intelligence measures, many are hard workers, albeit working minimum wage jobs. One of Sarkeses Rich, Old, White, Florida neighbors describe the Florida Cracker as “the Salt of the Earth”.

Sarkes is still investigating how Cracker Riedel can have 3 previous DUI convictions, been charged with a 4th, and is still driving! Has he been given lenient sentences by Juries of his Cracker Peers? This makes no sense as the Gunshine State, with a super majority GOP state legislature, should be tough on crime. Something here stinks.

In any case, Sarkes understands why Cracker Riedel would chug his beer in the presence of deputies who are ready to arrest him. While Bush Beer is a low end, cheap beer, it’s like Champaign to a uneducated, underemployed, Florida Cracker.

Florida Crackers Chugging Beer

Interviewed after his arrest, Cracker Riedels lawyer said it was unfair that Police will not let citizens “suspected” of DUI to finish their beers before being arrested. Since Cracker Riedel is a solid part of the Orange Budweiser’s Base, the lawyer plans on contacting the White House to get Cracker Riedel a Presidential Pardon.