An Early Christmas Present for Sarkes

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes had been off the Grid for a while

– Sarkes explains this AWOL

Many People Say:  “Sarkes, why haven’t you been publishing Sarkes Corner?”  Well, Sarkes has had intensive Writers Block.  Why?

Even with a Hemingway-like writing environment, Sarkes has Writers Block

The core sources of topics for Sarkes Corner had all but Dried Up:

Judge Judy ended her decades run of dishing out justice on regular TV and started a new show on Cable TV.  Sarkes admits that he watched 4 episodes of the new show; Judy Justice, and was not impressed.

Judge Judy, the Cases are Real, the People are Real, the Rulings are Final, Judy Justice, no so much

Sarkes Corner Hall of Fame, George Zimmerman, has gone underground, hasn’t been heard from in years.  You know George Zimmerman; serial abuser of women, a Police wannabe, killer of Ice Tea Drinking Skittles Eating Trayvon Martin, killer of Hoodie Sales in Florida, failed Artist, etc. 

Where have you gone George Zimmerman, Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo, woo, woo

Mass shootings and the slaughter of innocent citizens, usually by crazed White Men using Semi-Automatic Weapons, have occurred with such frequency that it is no longer news.  Like a Conservative friend of Sarkes once told him: “These mass shootings are a price we pay for our freedom”

The AR-15 is the preferred weapon of choice for the crazed White Mass Murderer

The Former Guy, the Orange Dotard, is no longer in every news cycle.  Sure, many Orange Mini-Me’s are trying to perpetuate the Big Lie and to minimize the January 6 insurrection / attack on our Democracy, but in general, this is all just noise and not worthy of any further consideration for Sarkes Corner.

The Orange P-Grabber has been silenced ……. for now
This is not your Fathers Ronald Reagan GOP anymore

With the highest standards of Journalism that form the foundation of Sarkes Corner, Sarkes decided that NO reporting is better than junk reporting.   Sarkes still aspires to win the Nobel Prize in Literature and a race to the Bottom with the National Enquirer would be fatal to that cause.

Sarkes will Shut Down Sarkes Corner before it becomes another National Enquirer

Even Florida Man, the Florida Cracker, has not given Sarkes any Sarkes Corner-Worthy stories to report on the past few months.  It’s quite possible that the Covid Virus Pandemic has impacted the Florida Cracker’s ability to go out in public and do Stupid things.  After all, the Florida Cracker is typically White, Republican, Anit-Vaxer, and Covid Hoax believer.  Sarkes hopes that Covid has not adversely “thinned out the Florida Cracker Herd”.

Sarkes Prays that the Florida Cracker has just gone underground and is not on the way to becoming Covid Extinct

But then, on the Eve of Christmas Eve, Sarkes received a very early Christmas gift.  Florida Man has come thru for Sarkes, providing a story that is finally Sarkes Corner worthy!!!!

A Florida man was arrested over the weekend after police said they found baggies of cocaine and meth strapped to his Penis during a traffic stop, his Penis!!!

Patrick Florence, 34, was a passenger in the vehicle when the car was stopped by deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office early Saturday morning when they noticed the car did not have its headlights or tail lights on.   The vehicle was searched by officers who found a gun under the passenger’s seat where Florence was sitting.

Note to Florida Man:  Do not drive at 4am in Pinellas County with no headlights or tail lights!

Florence was then searched by officers, who found two baggies strapped to his Penis with one containing cocaine and the other methamphetamine.

He then denied the narcotics and weapon were his.   Florence was charged with four felonies including possession of cocaine, meth, ammunition and a firearm.  This is where the Main Stream Media reporting of this story stopped.  

Not 1, but 2 bags of Drugs were attached to Florence’s Penis!!!

This was not good enough for Sarkes.  Sarkes assigned his Award Winning Crime Bureau to conduct a more in-depth investigation.  The Police Report of the incident, obtained by Sarkes under the Freedom of Information Act, did NOT disclose:

– Why the Pinellas County Sheriffs Officers decided to Search Florence’s Penis for Drugs.

– How could 2 Bags of Drugs be attached to a Penis.  Could Florence’s Penis be large enough to support not 1 but 2 bags of Drugs. How were the Bags of Drugs attached to the Penis, Duct Tape?

– If Florence is telling the truth, and the Drugs were not his, did the real owner of the Drugs know that Florence had them strapped to his Penis?

While the Main Stream Media is satisfied with the information they receive from the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office, Sarkes will not rest until the entire facts of this case are uncovered.  

In closing, Sarkes graciously thanks Patrick Florence for this early Christmas Present and wishes Florence a Merry Christmas in the Pinellas County Hoosegow.  

Sarkes wishes a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all (except Crazed White Mass Murderers with Semi-Automatic Weapons)

Judge Judy is BACK!

Executive Summary:

  • Judge Judy Sheindlin will return to television on November 1 with her new venue, “Judy Justice” 
  • Judge Judy will arbitrate cases on the little-known IMDb TV, a free streaming service offered by Amazon

Sarkes is pleased to announce that Judge Judy is BACK.  As you know, Sarkes has watched Judge Judy for 25 years, 25 years!  And while most of today’s lawyers paid over $100,000 for an In-State Law School Degree or over $180,000 for a Private School Degree, Sarkes could pass the Bar in any state with his Jurisprudence attained by watching Judge Judy.

With his Legal Acumen, Sarkes, Fair and Balanced, might have made it to the Supreme Court

Judge Judy; The Cases are Real, The People are Real, the Rulings are Final

Judge Judy had a great 25 year run on CBS

Judge Judy Sheindlin is returning to television on Nov. 1 with a new RED robe.  “Judy Justice,” will be available weekdays IMDb TV. 

Judge Judy looks good in Red

Judge Judy has been a mainstay on TV for the past 25 years, becoming the highest paid TV personality (42 Million per year). But amid scheduling changes that led to an ugly battle with CBS, Judge Judy left her series earlier this year, with the final episode airing at the end of July. Now, after a short break, Judge Judy is getting back behind the bench on a new platform. She is taking her legal talents over to streaming for a brand-new show called Judy Justice, and she’ll be joined by a new cast of courtroom experts, including her own granddaughter, Legal Analyst Sarah Rose, Court Stenographer Whitney Kumar, and Bailiff Kevin Rasco.

The new Cast may be powerful but make no mistake; Judge Judy is still in Charge

Sarah Rose, a law clerk and Sheindlin’s granddaughter, will be a legal analyst.  “She’s smart, sassy and opinionated,” Grandma Judy said. “Who knows where she gets those traits?”

Legal Acumen, not Nepotism, was the reason that Sarah Rose got this great job

Whitney Kumar has worked as a deposition and court reporter in California since 2006.  “Whitney was a truly lucky find,” Judge Judy said in a statement. “She has been a skilled court stenographer for 15 years, she brings warmth, great proficiency, and best of all, can refresh my memory in a heartbeat with her machine.”

Whitney Kumar may be a Babe, but her Stenographer Skills got her this job

Kevin Rasco is a retired Probation Officer who spent 20 years overseeing incarcerated juveniles in Los Angeles County, California.  Judge Judy said: “Our bailiff Kevin has been in charge of my security for the last three years. He comes from law enforcement, has a winning smile, a delightful personality, and is always professional,”.

Many People ask Sarkes; “What happened to Officer Byrd”?  Judge Judy’s Bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, has stood by the Judges side for over 12,500 cases.

Officer Byrd and Judge Judy worked together in the New York City court system in the late 80s and he joined Judge Judy since day one on the Judge Judy show.  Viewers have seen Byrd calling the court to order, helping the judge with math problems, showing Judge Judy how to read Text Messages,  and escorting unruly litigants out of the courtroom. 

Post Judge Judy, Officer Byrd is focused on building a following for his own Instagram Live show that he hosts with his wife, titled “Bonding with Byrd.”

Officer Byrd is a no nonsense, tough hombre

Judge Judy, 79, moved to the new show, Judy Justice, when her syndication deal with CBS Media Ventures ended with some acrimony after 25 years. For more than a decade, “Judge Judy” has been syndication’s most popular show.  

Judge Judy was dissed and disrespected by CBS ….. She is not happy

Judge Judy left CBS after she felt slighted by the network, which swapped out her show Hot Bench for The Drew Barrymore Show in a coveted time slot. Judge Judy ranted; ”You disrespected my creation.  And you were wrong. Not only in disrespecting my creation but your gamble in what you put in its place.”

The Drew Barrymore Show…..are you kidding me!!!

Not to be out maneuvered, CBS promptly cut a deal to keep “Judge Judy” reruns on the air by buying the show’s old episodes from Judge Judy. This move enabled CBS to continue selling rights to air old episodes of Judge Judy through the syndication market without having to pay her to make new episodes.

CBS may have out foxed Judge Judy

Judge Judy said that she and CBS “had a nice marriage,” claiming it would be “a Bill and Melinda Gates divorce.” Judge Judy continued: “They have decided to monetize their Judge Judy library of reruns. I wish them good luck with their experiment.”

Bill and Melinda Gates, CBS and Judge Judy, same same

Now, Judge Judy will be up against her own reruns. Bill Carroll, an analyst of the syndication market, told the Associated Press that Judge Judy viewers have been so conditioned to seeing Judge Judy reruns throughout the years that they will likely carry on watching them. He also noted that the show’s format and look have been consistent, which makes episodes timeless.

Reruns of Judge Judy are timeless!

The first episode of Judy Justice will air on Nov. 1 on IMDB TV.  Judge Judy is unconcerned with how well her new show will perform compared to Judge Judy. “I assume that I’ll know if Judy Justice bombs.  At this point, I don’t need that validation of my footprint.”

Judge Judy’s Net Worth is over 450 Million.  If Judy Justice is a flop, don’t worry about Judge Judy, she will be OK.

On her last few years on the show, Judge Judy sported the Ruth Bader Ginsburg look, nice

Have Him Die Somewhere Else

Executive Summary:

  • A driver in Palm Beach Florida was having a seizure in his car, which came to a stop in his neighbor’s yard
  • The owners told a man who rushed to the driver’s aid to “get off our lawn”

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor Betty Wucher who has long found the ways of the Floridans strange and frightening to her.

A driver in Palm Beach Florida was having a seizure in his car, which came to a stop in his neighbor’s yard. The owners told the man who rushed to the driver’s aid to “get off our lawn,” officials said.  It was unclear if the owner of the home was Packing Heat.

Who knows, maybe the Owner had just mowed his Lawn

As the driver convulsed in his car in their front yard, the owners the home started yelling at a Lawn Worker who rushed to the man’s aid.  “Get the man out of here,” the homeowners told the good Samaritan. “Have him die somewhere else.”  Huh, Ummmm, they said Whaaaaaat?

According to the sheriff’s office, the Lawn Worker, identified, as Tony, was walking to work when he saw the driver having a seizure in his car. Good Samaritan Tony ran toward the moving vehicle and grabbed the car’s fender in an attempt to stop it from rolling farther down the street.  The car ran over Good Samaritan Tony’s foot, but thankfully he had steel-toe boots on! The car finally stopped in the homeowners’ yard.

Good Samaritan Tony’s Steel Toe Shoes saved him from serious injury

The convulsing driver was “in terrible shape” when Good Samaritan Tony got to him, according to the Sheriff’s office. The car’s windows were up and the doors locked, so Good Samaritan Tony started screaming and begging for someone to help, authorities said.  That is when the homeowners told him to “get off our lawn,” according to the Sherif Office.

Good Samaritan Tony recognized the driver, remembered he lived nearby, and ran down the street to the man’s house, where he was able to reach the driver’s wife and call 911.

“Because of Tony’s actions, we received a call yesterday from the man he helped,” stated the Sheriff’s Office, “The man called us to ask for Tony’s phone number. The man said, ‘I want to talk to Tony….. He saved my life.’”

“The grateful man and his wife went and found Tony, and gave him a hug,” the sheriff’s office said.

Tony may be a Cracker, but he is a good Samaritan

And no, not all Lawn Workers are Brown…….but most are

Sarkes Corner – Toddler Shoots, Kills Mother

Executive Summary:

– A Florida Toddler shoots his Mother

– The Mother was on a Zoom Call

Due to the frequency and severity of Mass Shootings in America, Sarkes had stopped reporting on Mass Shootings, it was like a broken record.  The Perps are almost always White, 2nd Amendment Zealot, Heat Packing Americans, using Semi-automatic weapons with high capacity magazines.  

But Sarkes will continue to report on another tragic by-product of our 2nd Amendment; Toddlers shooting their Parents, Toddlers shooting their Siblings, Toddlers shooting Strangers, and Toddlers shooting Themselves.   

In 2020, there were 369 unintentional shootings by children resulting 142 deaths.  The relatively low death rate of 39%, when a Toddler shoots their guns, can be attributed to the Toddlers lack of experience Packing Heat.

Toddlers Packing Heat kill 39% of their victims in unintentional shootings

In the latest tragic shooting, a toddler in Altamonte Springs, FL, fatally shot his mother, who was on a Zoom Call, after finding an unsecured handgun.  Someone on the work-related Zoom Conference called 911 and reported that they had seen the Toddler and heard a noise before the woman, Shamaya Lynn, fell backward. 

Shamaya Lynn was the victim of Toddler Gun Crime

A confused and frightened co-worker on the Zoom Call called 911 not knowing where Lynn lived.

“I don’t know where to begin,” the woman told 911. “We’re on a live Zoom Call. One of the girls passed out she was bleeding. She has the camera on. Her baby is crying in the back.  We heard a loud kabloom and then she leaned back and we just saw blood from her face.  She’s not answering or anything. We’re calling her name and she’s not talking or responding.”

Lynn’s toddler could be heard crying in the background, her co-worker said, but they could not see Lynn and she wasn’t responding to them.  The co-worker explained that her manager, who also was on the call, was trying to find Lynn’s address.

Investigators are working with the Seminole-Brevard State Attorney’s Office to determine possible charges against Lynn’s boyfriend, who is the toddler’s father and owner of the Gun.  Investigators determined that the injury was caused by a toddler who found a loaded handgun, which was left unsecured by an adult in the apartment. Police said Lynn was shot in the head.

In a statement released by the NRA, Wayne LaPierre said:  “The NRA is deeply saddened by this accidental shooting, but strongly support the Rights of all Americans to Keep and Bear Arms, even Toddlers.”

Wayne LaPierre and the NRA will not allow guns to be taken from American Toddlers

Florida Father Throws His Baby at Police

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida dad threw his Baby at a deputy after a high-speed chase 
  • Huh, ummmm, ahh, he did what?

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor Betty Wucher for another head scratching story out of Florida, the Gunshine State.

A Florida man faces aggravated child abuse and other charges after hurling his infant at a deputy near the end of a high-speed chase in Indian River County.  The Perp, who Police identified as John Henry James III, left his car carrying his baby after the high speed chase.  According to Police, Perp James ”just turned around, no regard, not a little toss, and overhand threw this two-month-old from about six feet away.”

Without a gun, Perp James had no recourse but to throw his baby at the Police

Deputies caught the baby, who was unhurt, the station reported. The sheriff’s office said deputies then were able to relocate the baby to safety.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating.  Deputy Curby from the sheriff’s department said in a statement:  ”I’ve seen some crazy stuff but this is definitely up there. It was kind of awkward. I couldn’t chase him. I couldn’t tackle him. Not a whole lot I can do because he had the baby.”

After tossing the baby, James tried to get away and struggled with other deputies who eventually tackled him to the ground.

It took numerous Deputies to take down Perp James

Perp James was checked by EMTs and taken to a hospital after telling deputies he could not breathe and that he has asthma.   The pursuit started on State Road 60 in Vero Beach when Deputies tried stopping Perp James for failing to maintain the lane.  Perp James drove off on a 40-minute chase,  at times striking a detective’s vehicle, dodging roadblocks and barreling over tire deflation devices.  

The number of people in a residential area forced deputies to stand down at one point, according to the sheriff’s office.  A law enforcement helicopter relayed James’ location to deputies, who were able to surround his car at an apartment complex.

In addition to two felony counts of aggravated child abuse, Perp James faces counts of aggravated battery of an officer/firefighter/EMT, felony flee and elude, reckless driving and resisting arrest with violence.  

Perp James was medically cleared from a hospital after treatment for what the sheriff’s office said was a pre-existing condition. He was booked and ordered held without bond, according to the sheriff’s office.

The following video details the high speed chase and takedown.  It is 14 minutes long so you may want to fast forward.

Only in Florida, only in Florida.

Adios Judge Judy: Part 2 of 2

Executive Summary:

  • Judge Judy is well known for her quick wit and famous quotes
  • Judge Judy:  The Cases are Real, The People are Real, The Rulings are Final.  

Judge Judy first slammed her TV gravel in 1996, and for 25  years, has been dishing out Justice along with Tough Love.  The last new, original, episode of Judge Judy was filmed in April 2021 and will air sometime in July.  

Over the years, in Judge Judy has rendered historical and benchmark rulings, rulings that rival those of the US Supreme Court. 

The Rulings of the US Supreme Court and Judge Judy have greatly impacted life in America 

During her Court cases, Deliberations, and Rulings, Judge Judy has blurted out words of wisdom that should be part of Law Curriculums in Law Schools across America.  The following are some Sarkeses favorite quotes from Judge Judy.

Judge Judy’s Rulings are far more entertaining than those of the Supreme Court 

Sarkeses favorite Judge Judy quotes:

“Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.”

Judge Judy knows you can’t fix Stupid

“Don’t try to teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work and it annoys the pig.”

“Either you are playing Dumb or it’s not an act.”

“Don’t look up at the heavens. God is not going to help you with this case. Only the truth will set you free.”

Even God cannot intervene in Judge Judy’s Court Room

“I want first-time offenders to think of their first appearance in my courtroom as the second-worst experience of their lives. Circumcision being the first.”

“I eat morons like you for breakfast. You’re gonna be crying before this is over.”

Judge Judy has little patience for Morons

“God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason”

“Put on your listening ears.”

“Two people can’t talk at the same time. When my mouth is moving, it means that you need to be quiet.”

Judge Judy will not let the litigants talk over her

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

“I eat liars for breakfast.”

“I love the truth. If you don’t tell me the truth, you’re gonna be eating your shoes.”

“You know how I can tell is a 17 year old girl is lying?  Her mouth is moving.”

Judge Judy is a Truth Machine, and can easily sniff out a Lier

“If you live to be a hundred, you will never be as smart as me. On your BEST day, you’re not as smart as *I* am on my WORST day.”

“I don’t want you, or anybody else, to think I’m stupid. Old, maybe; stupid, never.”

“Is the word stupid written across my forehead?”

“I’m here because I’m smart, not because I’m young and gorgeous…although I am!”

One thing Judge Judy is NOT, and that is Stupid

“I don’t like to rule by committee. I like sort of an autocratic way of dealing with things.”

“This is my courtroom and I can say what I want. When you become a judge, we will talk.”

There is no doubt as to who is in charge in Judge Judy’s Court Room

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, do you have an all time famous Judge Judy quote.  Hands down, Sarkes does have one that resonates above the rest.  In dozens of cases over the past 25 years, a Plaintiff, always a woman, starts complaining to Judge Judy about the bad behavior and despicable nature of her live-in Boy Friend.  Judge Judy, in disgust says: 

“You say he harasses you, you know who is really harassed here? Me!  What do you want me to do, YOU picked him!”

What do you want Judge Judy to do……….you picked him

Judge Judy:  The Cases are Real, The People are Real, The Rulings are Final.   

Case Closed

Adios Judge Judy: Part 1 of 2

Executive Summary:

  • After 25 Years, Judge Judy’s run is over, ……. for now
  • Judge Judy:  The Cases are Real, The People are Real, The Rulings are Final.  

Sarkes is well know for his knowledge of Journalism, Engineering, Statistics and The Law.  Sarkes could pass the Bar in every State of the Union based on having watched 1st run and Re runs of Judge Judy for over 2 decades.  Sarkes says that you can take your Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, The Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, Love After Lockup, etc, but Sarkes uses his TV Budget watching Judge Judy.  

Judge Judy first slammed her TV gravel in 1996, and for 25  years, has been dishing out Justice along with Tough Love.  The last new, original, episode of Judge Judy was filmed in April 2021 and will air sometime in July.  

Judge Judy:  The Cases are Real, The People are Real, The Rulings are Final.

Judge Judy will not be out of work long.  In July, Judge Judy’s new program, with Amazon Studios, will stream on Amazon’s IMDb TV.  The new Judge Judy show has not been named.  Judge Judy is quiet about the details of her new show, and has even hinted that she may ditch her classic Black Robe.

Sarkes looks forward following Judge Judy in her new jurisdiction, but hopes she keeps her Classic Robe  

Judge Judy was a colorful Family Court Judge in New York City when CBS did a profile pieces on her for “60 Minutes” in 1993.  The popularity of that 60 Minutes show led to the creation of Judge Judy in 1996; The Cases are Real, The People are Real, The Rulings are Final.

Judge Judy is also an Award Winning author.  Her first book was; “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining” in 1996. In total, Judge Judy has written 6 best selling books.

Judge Judy’s career as a best selling author started with this all time classic

Reminiscing about the Judge Judy Pilot show, Judge Judy said:  “I remember that somebody was trying to fit me into a cookie-cutter mold. The cases they brought me to do the Pilot were not genuine, and I don’t react to things that aren’t genuine.  When I’m trying to figure out the truth of a case, and there is no truth, I can’t work.”

Judge Judy is a Truth Machine

Judge Judy says that she is the same in real life as she is on her show.  “Like when a mechanic, or somebody, tries to show me something that I don’t need, or someone trying to give me misinformation, or obfuscate the truth because that’s the way they do business….and, it’s usually the business where women aren’t supposed to have any expertise at all.  I can go ballistic.”

Judge Judy, what you see on TV is what you get off camera

Judge Judy believes that most people find comfort in the good guys coming out on top in a judicial dispute.  “I think that my message has been the same for 25 years, in this Court, and my 25 years in Family Court:  You have to take personal responsibility for what you do, and what you make of yourself, and the choices you make.”

With Judge Judy, if you do the Crime you do the Time

It is well known that Sarkes Connects Dots when most do not even see Dots.  Here and now, Sarkes reveals the REAL reason why Oprah Winfrey retired from daytime TV.   The Oprah Winfrey Show ran for 25 years, from 1986 thru 2011.  During this time, not only was the Oprah Winfrey Show rated the #1 Daytime TV show, but Oprah herself was the Highest paid Daytime TV star. 

Oprah Winfrey was the long time Queen of Daytime TV

Oprah is no fool.  She noticed that Judge Judy’s show was exponentially growing in popularity, and extrapolated that the Judge Judy show would pass The Oprah Winfrey Show in the rating in 2012.  Wanting to go out on top, Oprah Winfrey retired in 2011 and started her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Oprah was right, had she stayed in business is 2012, Judge Judy would have passed her in the Ratings.  

Oprah went out on top, like a true Champion

Away from Court, Judge Judy loves the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.  Judge Judy has six properties worth a total of $65 million, including two places in Naples, Florida (which combined are worth $20 million); one $14 million manor in Greenwich, Connecticut;  a $10 mansion in Newport, RI, a $9 million New York City duplex; a $12 million condo in Beverly Hills. 

Judge Judy loves her Cribs

Judge Judy also has her own personal airplane.

Judge Judy fly’s in luxury in a Cessna 750 Citation X 

And what is Judge Judy’s favorite breakfast?  Judge Judy says; “I still think an Egg McMuffin is the best breakfast.” 

Judge Judy could have Eggs Benedict, but chooses Egg McMuffins

Judge Judy could not have a disciplined Court Room with out the help of the no-nonsense, strong presence of Bailiff Officer Petri Hawkins-Byrd, better known as just “Byrd”.  Officer Byrd often must explain new technology to Judge Judy like; Texting, FaceBook, Tweeter, etc.  Most importantly, Officer Byrd keeps Judge Judy safe from the Dregs of Humanity that are often beaten to submission by Judge Judy.

Litigants do not mess with Officer Byrd
Officer Byrd reviews the Evidence before presenting to Judge Judy

The past few seasons, Judge Judy sported a Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg look.  Not only does Judge Judy resemble Judge Ginsburg, both have storied and impeccable Jurisprudence.  

Judge Judy and Judge Ginsberg, two Peas in a Pod

At the end of her 25 year run, Judge Judy was making 47 Million, that is MILLION dollars per year.  Her Net Worth is over 500 Million.  But money is not everything to Judge Judy.  Recognition from her Peers is most important to Judge Judy.

Judge Judy is an Emmy Award Winner
Judge Judy has been immortalized on Hollywoods Walk of Fame

What more can Sarkes say about Judge Judy except recognizing the Uuuuuge impact that she has made on Sarkes.  Had there been no Judge Judy, there may not have been a Sarkes Corner.

In the next edition of Sarkes Corner, Adios Judge Judy: Part 2 of 2, Sarkes will document some of Judy Judy’s most notable quotes. 

Racist Rant against an LA County Deputy

Executive Summary:

  • A White Woman goes into racist rant after being pulled over by an Hispanic Los Angeles County Deputy 
  • Whites, an endangered species in America, are crawling out from under their Racist Rocks in Record Numbers

The White Man in America is Under Siege. US Census statistics project that the nation will become “minority white” in 2045. During that year, whites will comprise 49.7 percent of the population in contrast to 24.6 percent for Hispanics, 13.1 percent for blacks, 7.9 percent for Asians, and 3.8 percent for multiracial populations.

The White Man becomes the Minority in 2045

The White Man, aware that they are heading for minority status, are increasingly lashing out against Blacks, Browns, Yellow, and Red Americans.  The only hope for The White Man to stay in power is that the People of Color in America do not create a “People of Color” Coalition that would drive The White Man to the Political Minority.

The Orange “Former Guy” opened the flood gates for The White Man to lash out against People of Color in America

Sarkes often criticizes our Founding Fathers.  Those Founding Fathers, all Old, Rich, White Men, originally gave NO Rights to Women and calculated that the Black Man was only 3/5’s of a White Man.  The Founding Fathers never forecasted that 2 plus centuries later in our Republic, Women would hold positions of power and that the time would come when The White Man would be the Minority in America.

Our Founding Fathers – not a Dark face or Skirt in that room

Fueled by the Orange “Former Guys” statements calling the Coronavirus the “China Virus” and “Kung Flu”, Hate Crimes against Asian Americans have grown exponentially this past year. Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Native Americans have not been immune to harassment and attacks by The White Man under Siege.  

The White Man is rising up against Americans of Color

The incident of this story happened when an LA Hispanic Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over a white Mercedes-Benz driven by a White Woman after the Deputy spotted the driver on her cellphone.

As the Hispanic Deputy approaches the vehicle, the White Woman Driver has her cellphone out and is recording.  The interaction quickly turns confrontational as the White Woman Driver questions the Hispanic Deputy’s motives for the stop and accuses him of trying to Murder her.  Murder!, now that’s a serious charge.

Some Rich Old White Women in Mercedes Benz are concerned that the Brown Man are out to Murder them 

Before the Hispanic Deputy explains why she was pulled over, the White Woman interrupts him.  “Yes, I started to record because you’re a murderer,” she says.  The Hispanic Deputy tells the woman she can’t be using her cellphone while driving and the woman responds by saying she was recording because the Hispanic Deputy scared her.

Rich Old White Women are often scared by Hispanic Deputies

The Rich Old White Racist Women continued her rant:  “You’re threatening to kill me and my son.”  When asked for her Driver’s License, the Rich Old White Racist Women said that her driver’s license was at her apartment.

Another deputy arrives on the scene to help diffuse the situation and the Rich Old White Racist Women Tripled down on her racist rant:  “Here you go Mexican racist” (the White Racist Woman says as she returns a pen to the deputy after signing a citation). “You’re always going to be a Mexican. You’ll never be white, you know that, right?  You’ll never be white, which is what you want to be!”  Well, at least the Rich Old White Racist Woman got one thing RIGHT, the Hispanic Deputy will never be White.

This link shows the Rich Old White Racist Woman’s Rant against the Hispanic Deputy (you need to work thru the adds before the report)

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva  says he’s seen the video and is defending the deputy’s actions.  “This Deputy exemplifies the core values of our Department, his demeanor during this traffic stop is just an example of professionalism and patience our Deputies have”

Sheriff Villanueva, a Hispanic, understands the challenges of the job

The more the White Man in America realizes that they will soon be the minority in America, the frequency of these unprovoked attacks on People of Color will increase.  Sarkes says it is safe to assume that our Founding Fathers never saw this coming.

Homecoming Election Fraud FollowUp

Executive Summary:

– The recent Sarkes Corner on Massive Voter Fraud in a High School Homecoming Queen Election sparked much interest

– “Many People” had follow up Questions

As reported in a recent Sarkes Corner,  a Young Perp, Emily Grover, and her Mother, Laura Carroll, an Assistant Principal at Bellview Elementary School, were arrested after authorities said the duo used Mother Perp Carroll’s special access to the Escambia County School District’s student Data System.   After hacking into the Student Data system, the duo cast hundreds of fraudulent votes for Young Perp Grover in the Homecoming Queen election at Tate High School. 

Young Perp Grover and her Mother Perp Carroll committed Massive Voter Fraud to win the Tate HS Homecoming Queen Election

With the ongoing accusations, by the Orange Former Guy and his Lackeys, that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN with MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, there has been much interest in Elections and Election Voter Fraud.  The Orange Former Guy and Fox News, Fair and Balanced, maintain that President Biden was not fairly elected, and should not be President.  Sarkes Corner subscriber Jerry Katz sent a scathing email to Sarkes accusing Sarkes of not digging deeper into this story.  Jerry was not the only subscriber with follow-up questions. 

First, in defense of his actions, Sarkes was NOT on any artificial deadline to publish the Sarkes Corner on Tate High School Voter Fraud.  In retrospect, the Sarkes Corner Copy Editors cut out aspects of the story that should have been left in.

Next, Sarkes provides Answers to Questions asked by Sarkes Corner Subscribers on the Massive Voter Fraud in the Tate High School Homecoming Queen Election:

What was Young Perp Grover and Mother Perp Carroll’s Political Affiliation?

Sarkes Answers ==>  Florida’s 1st congressional district, where Tate HS is located, covers the western most part of the Florida Panhandle.   The district is anchored in Pensacola and includes tourist destinations like Fort Walton Beach and Florida’s Emerald Coast.  Florida’s 1st congressional district is the MOST Republican district in Florida and the 15th MOST Republican in the United States.

Florida’s 1st Congressional District is one of the Brightest Red Congressional Districts in the United States

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Scarborough represented Florida’s 1st Congressional District from 1995 to 2001 as a Conservatives Republican.  Morning Joe has been accused of Murder by the Orange “Former Guy”.  Morning Joe, a Conservative and “Traditional” Republican, has since denounced the Republican Party as an Orange Cult.

Joe “Morning Joe” Scarborough says today’s GOP is the Insurrectionist Party led by Cult Leader, the Orange “Former Guy”

So, the answer to this question is obvious.  Both Young Perp Grover and Mother Perp Carroll are Trumpian Republicans as there are few Democrats in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.   

Were voter machines used?

Sarkes Answers ==> Yes, Dominion Voting Systems voting machines were used.  Current Congressman Matt Geatz has ordered a special audit of Dominion Voting Systems citing the Bamboo found in Dominion Voting Systems machines in Maricopa County, Arizona.

According to GOP controlled Legislatures all over the country, Dominion Voting Systems used Ballots from China that had Bamboo imbedded in the ballots.
Giant Pandas love Bamboo, but Bamboo wrecks havoc in Voting Machines

At what age did Matt Geatz get involved with Young Perp Grover; 14 or 15 or 16 etc?

Sarkes Answers ==> Pervert Geatz likes them young, but not raw, so 16.

Like the Orange “Former Guy”, Sniffer Geatz likes his women with Big Ta Tas
Pervert Geatz also goes for the Young Ones, regardless of the size of their Ta Tas 

What pillow does the Young Perp Grover and Runner-Up Ariyana Wyatt, use?

Sarkes Answers ==> “My Pillow” of course.  “My Pillow” is the pillow of choice for all Republicans. 

All Trump Hotels proudly offer Pillows from Mike Lindell and his company My Pillow

Do either mother or daughter own an AK47 / AR15 Assault Weapon?

Sarkes Answers ==> Silly question, of course they do. 

The AR 15 is the Assault Weapon of choice for Florida women, especially those in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

Did the daughter go to the promo in CAMO?

Sarkes Answers ==> CAMO wear is very popular in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.  For the Tate HS Prom, the Homecoming Queen and her Court dressed up, only wearing CAMO Bra and Panties. 

CAMO is never out of style in Florida’s 1st Congressional District

Did the Homecoming Queen and her Court color their Hair? 

Sarkes Answers ==>  Another silly question, of course the Queen and her Court colored their hair, don’t all High School girls?

The Tate HS Homecoming Court were all Blonds……with a little help from L’Oreal 

Rudy “Rud the Dud” Giuliani used Grecian Formula …… a big mistake

If there are any further questions on the Tate HS Voter Fraud, send them on to Sarkes.

Wide Spread Election Fraud Validated

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida student is accused of Rigging her Homecoming Queen Election
  • She could face a 16-year sentence 
  • Elections can and are RIGGED

A Florida high school student has been accused of Rigging her Homecoming Schools Election.  She will be charged as an adult.

The Young Perp, Emily Grover, and her Mother, Laura Carroll, an Assistant Principal at Bellview Elementary School, were arrested after authorities said the duo used Mother Perp Carroll’s special access to the Escambia County School District’s student Data System.   After hacking into the Student Data system, the duo cast hundreds of fraudulent votes for Young Perp Grover in the Homecoming Queen election at Tate High School.  Although Young Perp Grover was arrested when she was 17 years old, she was charged as an Adult.

Wasn’t Young Perp Grover cute enough to win the Election fairly?

Explaining why Young Perp Grover would be charged as an Adult, States Attorney John Molchan said:  ”This is not unusual with young people of that age.  Juvenile Court cannot do anything or supervise them after they become 18. And so it just makes better sense to move them into Adult court where they can be supervised effectively.”  While Young Perp Grover will be charged as an adult, the court still has the ability to impose juvenile sanctions. 

The Young Perp Grover’s Mug Shot

Mother Perp Carroll remains free on a $6,000 bond, and Young Perp Grover is free on $2,000 bond. Prosecutors said the mother and daughter each face a maximum 16-year sentence, 16 years!

They Duo are each charged with:

– Offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic devices (third-degree felony);

– Unlawful use of a two-way communications device (third-degree felony);

– Criminal use of personally identifiable information (third-degree felony);

-Conspiracy to commit these offenses (first-degree misdemeanor)

This Mother / Daughter Criminal Duo are more notorious than Thelma and Louise

How did the Perps get caught?   The Escambia County School District’s election software application flagged hundreds of votes in the Homecoming Election as fraudulent, causing the district to contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. An investigation revealed the two ultimately cast 246 fraudulent votes.

Like most Criminals, these Perps could not avoid the long arm of the Law

The investigation also found that Young Perp Grover openly used Mother Perp Carroll’s account to access other students’ profiles.  Young Perp Grover was ultimately expelled from Tate High School.  Mother Perp Carroll was suspended from her position after her arrest. School officials have declined to say whether they have since terminated Carroll, citing the ongoing court case.

Tate High School, the Aggies, was the scene of this heinous crime

In most of the media this would be the end of the reporting.  But Sarkeses Crack Investigative Journalist team keep digging until the entire Truth is uncovered.  Sarkeses Crack Investigative Journalist found:

The Matt Geatz Connection:

US Representative Matt Geatz represents Florida’s 1st Congressional District witch is the Panhandle of Florida, the western most part of the state.  Escambia County, where Tate High School is located, is in Matt Geatz’s Congressional District.  Congressman Geatz is an Orange Mini-Me, pledging full allegiance to the Orange “Former Guy”.  And like the Orange “Former Guy”, Congressman Geatz is a First Class P-Grabber, and likes the girls he P-Grabs to be very Young.

Congressman Geatz is a 1st Class Sniffer and P-Grabber and likes them Young

Recently, Congressman Geatz’s friend and confidante, Joel Greenberg, has made a Plea Deal in a Federal Court in Orlando, Florida, witch is expected to confirm that Congressman Geatz has committed several crimes, including the P-Grabbing of an underage girl.  Sarkes Connects Dots where most do not even see Dots:

Dot 1:  Congressman Geatz is a P-Grabber who likes them Young

Dot 2:  Young Perp Grover attends Tate High School which is in Matt Geatz’s Congressional District

The Connected Dots:  Congressman Geatz most likely helped Young Perp Grover fix the Homecoming Queen Election for a little reciprocal P-Grabbing.

Congressman Geatz has been connected with a lot of Women, especially the Young ones, and uses the “Thumbs Up” signature of the Orange “Former Guy”

The Homecoming Queen Runner Up:

The Tate High School student who finished as the Homecoming Queen Runner-Up to Emily Grover was Ariyana Wyatt, a close friend of Young Perp Grover for years.  Runner-Up Wyatt was a Taft HS Cheerleader and active in many other school activities.    

Runner-Up Wyatt was the victim of a Rigged Election and Massive Voter Fraud

Runner-Up Wyatt didn’t believe the rumors of a rigged homecoming election at first.  “I did hear rumors, but I didn’t really think anything of it until I was brought into the office, and it all became real.”  Runner-Up Wyatt said that after the initial shock about the homecoming election, she thought that she could move on.  Later, after considering what had happened, Runner-Up Wyatt was quoted:

“This Homecoming Queen Election is about great voter fraud, fraud that has never been seen like this before.”

“It’s about our poll watchers who were not allowed to watch. So illegal. It’s about ballots that poured in and nobody but a few knew where they came from. … It’s about machinery that was defective, machinery that was stopped.”

“You can’t let another person steal that election from you.”

“I go from winning by a lot to losing a tight race. It’s corrupt.”

“It’s about big leads on election night, tremendous leads, leads where I was being congratulated for a decisive, easy victory, and all of a sudden, by morning or a couple of days later, those leads rapidly evaporated.”

“For the 10th Grade vote, as an example, where we were way up on election night, they ultimately had us miraculously losing by 200 votes. And I can show you right here that for the 10th Grade, we’re leading by a lot, and then at 3:42 in the morning, there was this. It was a massive dump of votes.”

“Taft High School uses Dominion systems, and they found that nearly 275 votes had been wrongly switched from me to Emily Grover. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what we caught. How many didn’t we catch?”

“Bamboo were found in Ballots sent from China and Ballots made in India had special Disappearing Ink which changed votes for me to Emily Grover!” 

“Dead people — and we have many examples — made false applications, then voted in the Homecoming Queen election.”

“For the 11th Grade, large amounts of mail-in and absentee ballots were processed illegally and in secret in without our observers present. They were not allowed to be present. … They were thrown out of the building.”

Runner-Up Wyatt is one bitter young woman

Needless to say, if a Homecoming Queen Election at Taft High School in Escambia County, Florida can be Rigged, it is quite possible that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN from the Orange “Former Guy”.

“Many People Say” that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN from the Orange “Former Guy”
The “Orange Former Guy”, Rud the Dud Giuliani,  and Mr. Pillow all know the Election was STOLEN
The January 6 MAGA Terrorists Insurrectionists all know the Election was STOLEN

If a Homecoming Election in Florida was stolen, for sure, the Presidential Election was stolen.