Florida Father Throws His Baby at Police

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida dad threw his Baby at a deputy after a high-speed chase 
  • Huh, ummmm, ahh, he did what?

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor Betty Wucher for another head scratching story out of Florida, the Gunshine State.

A Florida man faces aggravated child abuse and other charges after hurling his infant at a deputy near the end of a high-speed chase in Indian River County.  The Perp, who Police identified as John Henry James III, left his car carrying his baby after the high speed chase.  According to Police, Perp James ”just turned around, no regard, not a little toss, and overhand threw this two-month-old from about six feet away.”

Without a gun, Perp James had no recourse but to throw his baby at the Police

Deputies caught the baby, who was unhurt, the station reported. The sheriff’s office said deputies then were able to relocate the baby to safety.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating.  Deputy Curby from the sheriff’s department said in a statement:  ”I’ve seen some crazy stuff but this is definitely up there. It was kind of awkward. I couldn’t chase him. I couldn’t tackle him. Not a whole lot I can do because he had the baby.”

After tossing the baby, James tried to get away and struggled with other deputies who eventually tackled him to the ground.

It took numerous Deputies to take down Perp James

Perp James was checked by EMTs and taken to a hospital after telling deputies he could not breathe and that he has asthma.   The pursuit started on State Road 60 in Vero Beach when Deputies tried stopping Perp James for failing to maintain the lane.  Perp James drove off on a 40-minute chase,  at times striking a detective’s vehicle, dodging roadblocks and barreling over tire deflation devices.  

The number of people in a residential area forced deputies to stand down at one point, according to the sheriff’s office.  A law enforcement helicopter relayed James’ location to deputies, who were able to surround his car at an apartment complex.

In addition to two felony counts of aggravated child abuse, Perp James faces counts of aggravated battery of an officer/firefighter/EMT, felony flee and elude, reckless driving and resisting arrest with violence.  

Perp James was medically cleared from a hospital after treatment for what the sheriff’s office said was a pre-existing condition. He was booked and ordered held without bond, according to the sheriff’s office.

The following video details the high speed chase and takedown.  It is 14 minutes long so you may want to fast forward.


Only in Florida, only in Florida.