Homecoming Election Fraud FollowUp

Executive Summary:

– The recent Sarkes Corner on Massive Voter Fraud in a High School Homecoming Queen Election sparked much interest

– “Many People” had follow up Questions

As reported in a recent Sarkes Corner,  a Young Perp, Emily Grover, and her Mother, Laura Carroll, an Assistant Principal at Bellview Elementary School, were arrested after authorities said the duo used Mother Perp Carroll’s special access to the Escambia County School District’s student Data System.   After hacking into the Student Data system, the duo cast hundreds of fraudulent votes for Young Perp Grover in the Homecoming Queen election at Tate High School. 

Young Perp Grover and her Mother Perp Carroll committed Massive Voter Fraud to win the Tate HS Homecoming Queen Election

With the ongoing accusations, by the Orange Former Guy and his Lackeys, that the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN with MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, there has been much interest in Elections and Election Voter Fraud.  The Orange Former Guy and Fox News, Fair and Balanced, maintain that President Biden was not fairly elected, and should not be President.  Sarkes Corner subscriber Jerry Katz sent a scathing email to Sarkes accusing Sarkes of not digging deeper into this story.  Jerry was not the only subscriber with follow-up questions. 

First, in defense of his actions, Sarkes was NOT on any artificial deadline to publish the Sarkes Corner on Tate High School Voter Fraud.  In retrospect, the Sarkes Corner Copy Editors cut out aspects of the story that should have been left in.

Next, Sarkes provides Answers to Questions asked by Sarkes Corner Subscribers on the Massive Voter Fraud in the Tate High School Homecoming Queen Election:

What was Young Perp Grover and Mother Perp Carroll’s Political Affiliation?

Sarkes Answers ==>  Florida’s 1st congressional district, where Tate HS is located, covers the western most part of the Florida Panhandle.   The district is anchored in Pensacola and includes tourist destinations like Fort Walton Beach and Florida’s Emerald Coast.  Florida’s 1st congressional district is the MOST Republican district in Florida and the 15th MOST Republican in the United States.

Florida’s 1st Congressional District is one of the Brightest Red Congressional Districts in the United States

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Scarborough represented Florida’s 1st Congressional District from 1995 to 2001 as a Conservatives Republican.  Morning Joe has been accused of Murder by the Orange “Former Guy”.  Morning Joe, a Conservative and “Traditional” Republican, has since denounced the Republican Party as an Orange Cult.

Joe “Morning Joe” Scarborough says today’s GOP is the Insurrectionist Party led by Cult Leader, the Orange “Former Guy”

So, the answer to this question is obvious.  Both Young Perp Grover and Mother Perp Carroll are Trumpian Republicans as there are few Democrats in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.   

Were voter machines used?

Sarkes Answers ==> Yes, Dominion Voting Systems voting machines were used.  Current Congressman Matt Geatz has ordered a special audit of Dominion Voting Systems citing the Bamboo found in Dominion Voting Systems machines in Maricopa County, Arizona.

According to GOP controlled Legislatures all over the country, Dominion Voting Systems used Ballots from China that had Bamboo imbedded in the ballots.
Giant Pandas love Bamboo, but Bamboo wrecks havoc in Voting Machines

At what age did Matt Geatz get involved with Young Perp Grover; 14 or 15 or 16 etc?

Sarkes Answers ==> Pervert Geatz likes them young, but not raw, so 16.

Like the Orange “Former Guy”, Sniffer Geatz likes his women with Big Ta Tas
Pervert Geatz also goes for the Young Ones, regardless of the size of their Ta Tas 

What pillow does the Young Perp Grover and Runner-Up Ariyana Wyatt, use?

Sarkes Answers ==> “My Pillow” of course.  “My Pillow” is the pillow of choice for all Republicans. 

All Trump Hotels proudly offer Pillows from Mike Lindell and his company My Pillow

Do either mother or daughter own an AK47 / AR15 Assault Weapon?

Sarkes Answers ==> Silly question, of course they do. 

The AR 15 is the Assault Weapon of choice for Florida women, especially those in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

Did the daughter go to the promo in CAMO?

Sarkes Answers ==> CAMO wear is very popular in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.  For the Tate HS Prom, the Homecoming Queen and her Court dressed up, only wearing CAMO Bra and Panties. 

CAMO is never out of style in Florida’s 1st Congressional District

Did the Homecoming Queen and her Court color their Hair? 

Sarkes Answers ==>  Another silly question, of course the Queen and her Court colored their hair, don’t all High School girls?

The Tate HS Homecoming Court were all Blonds……with a little help from L’Oreal 

Rudy “Rud the Dud” Giuliani used Grecian Formula …… a big mistake

If there are any further questions on the Tate HS Voter Fraud, send them on to Sarkes.