A Proud White Supremacist

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida man, shouting that he was a White Supremacist, went on a violent Racist Rampage 
  • Instead of asking for a lawyer, the White Supremacist wanted to call Donald Trump

After reading this Sarkes Corner, “Many People Will Say”: Sarkes, you got to be making this up.  People like this don’t exist in America!  Sarkes regrets to report that not only do these people exist, they are growing ever larger in size and influence.  Some people call these White Supremacists; Salt of the Earth or Patriots. Sarkes reports, you decide.

Pop’s Sunset Grill in Nokomis, Florida is a quaint Florida Restaurant and Bar, bringing together Locals and Tourists in peace and harmony.  The occasional White Supremacist patron is also welcomed at Pop’s.

All are welcome at Pop’s, even the occasional White Supremacist

White Supremacist Arnold Schock, 36, who was covered in tattoos displaying Swastikas and other Racist symbols, was arrested and charged with battery and disturbing the peace after hitting a female staff member at Pop’s.

All White Supremacists proudly display their Swastika Tattoos

White Supremacist Shock entered Pop’s cursing and screaming. He undressed down to no shirt and his pants undone, exposing his groin area enough to see his pubic hair.  This must be a new tactic of the White Supremacists: No Shirt, Pants undone, Pubes exposed, i.e., Shock and Awe.

Racist Shock proudly displaying the New Look of the White Supremacist

White Supremacist Schock went on an unprovoked rant shouting: “I’m a White Supremacist. The Aryan nation will rule the world. People covered in tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you.”

Racist Schock believes that White Supremacists will some day rule the World
This guy also believed that White Supremacists would rule the World

Someone at the restaurant asked Racist White Supremacist Schock to pipe down because kids were present, to which he responded … “I don’t give a F–K*”.  

Next, White Supremacist Schock hurled some additional disgusting obscenities.   Undeterred, White Supremacist Shock tried to make his way inside Pop’s.   After making a sexual threat to a woman at a table, Racist Schock walked toward a female staff member, Pop’s Sunset Grill bartender Kisha Biche.  With all his might, Racist shock Sucker Punched Biche hard with an open hand and then punched her. She was knocked out by the assault.

Pop’s employee Kisha Biche suffered a Concussion which has left her unable to work

Todays Right Wing White Supremacists are predominantly men, and highly Misogynists at that, so it comes to no surprise that Racist Schock did not appreciate the fact that a Woman was attempting to block his entry back into Pop’s.

This was the moment right before Kisha Biche got cold cocked 

After White Supremacist Schock delivered his Cheap Shot knockout to Kisah Biche, six men in the vicinity rushed to help her. One man put Schock in a headlock until he could be detained. An arriving deputy said there was a large crowd surrounding a smaller group of people holding Schock down.

The Patrons at Pop’s had enough with White Supremacist Schock 

While being detained by Pop’s patrons, White Supremacist Schock yelled about the Aryan brotherhood and white supremacy.  Shock shouted: “Do you know Donald Trump? If you know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere. Donald Trump will get me off.  Call Donald Trump please.”

White Supremacists have the Orange “Former Guy” on Speed Dial

Now where would White Supremacist Schock get the idea that he had a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” from Donald Trump?   Well, at a rally at the Iowa caucuses during his campaign to become our President, Donald Trump told the audience that he’d been warned about protesters with tomatoes in the audience.  The Orange “Former Guy” said:

“So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of ’em, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell — I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise. I promise.” 

With their 1 call at the Hoosegow, the White Supremacist will always call the Orange “Former Guy”

White Supremacist Schock was arrested and charged with battery, disturbing the peace, and is is being held at the Sarasota County Jail on $55,000 bail. He has a rap sheet from Hardee County that includes 31 cases since 2001.  With this stellar record, Schock has a great future with the ever-growing White Supremacist and MAGA Terrorist movement.  Heck, he may even get a promotion.

Like they say: “There are Good People on Both Sides”

Sarkes Reports, You Decide