One Brazen Cracker

Executive Summary:

  • Florida Cracker Anthony James David took his Neighbors to an NFL Game and paid with a credit card that he stole from them. 
  • Is this one Brazen Cracker or what

Sarkeses Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.  Sarkes is a Truth Machine, he cannot make this stuff up.

A Florida Cracker, Anthony James David, generously offered to treat his neighbors to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game.  Investigators in Hernando County said that Cracker David paid for the tickets to the Bucs game using a credit card he stole from the people he invited to the game. 

On the surface, Cracker David seemed like a generous neighbor

Cracker David was arrested on various fraud charges.  The arrest came after neighbors Bill and Melissa Callahan reported their credit cards had been used fraudulently to purchase a wide variety of goods and services including flowers from a florist, food from Panera, and $750 worth of legal services from an attorney (Morgan and Morgan, For The People)

Cracker David made various purchases with the stolen credit card

But the biggest score Cracker David made off the Callahans was when he treated them to a Tampa Bay Bucs game using one of their credit cards.  

Bill Callahan stated:  “As it turned out looking at our credit card statement, we had actually financed the entire day.  He seemed like a really nice guy. Introduced himself as a pharmaceutical rep, and everything seemed pretty accurate with what he was telling us.”  Cracker David was caught when surveillance video from some of the purchases implicated him.

Tickets, Food, and Drinks for 3 at a Tampa Bay Bucs game = $$$$$$$$$$

If Sarkes was the Prosecuting Attorney in Tampa, he would add a Hate Crime rider to the charges against Cracker David.  What makes this a Hate Crime?  Despite winning the Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Bucs have the UGLIEST uniforms of ANY professional sports team.  Red and Pewter, …….. Pewter, what’s with Pewter.  The Tampa Bay Bucs uniforms STINK.  So, not only did the Callahans pay for the game with their stolen credit cards, they had to watch a football game with the ugliest uniforms in all of Pro Teams.  Now, that is Cruel.

Tom Brady may be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, but he cannot make the Red and Pewter look good