Another Senseless Mass Shooting: Wilmington, NC

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes has NOT reported on the recent Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC
  • Sarkes provides an explanation

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, there was another Mass Shooting, this time in Wilmington, NC.  It’s been close to a week, why haven’t you reported on this latest Mass Shooting using your Mass Shooting Standard Form?

Simple, you see, Mass Shootings by Great Americans, mostly Angry White Men, seem to be a weekly occurrence.   These Americans have a Constitutional Right to “keep and bear arms”, including Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons.

In the recent Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC, ONLY 3 Innocent people were Killed and 4 were Injured.  The Sarkes Corner Executive Board has dictated that Sarkes can only report on Mass Shootings in America when a Minimum of 4 innocent people are murdered.  Obviously, this latest Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC did not Qualify.

With limited staff, Sarkes cannot report every time another Angry American, exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights, goes on a shooting rampage with Semi Automatic Assault Weapons. Sorry.

Sarkes increased his Journalism Acumen when he was Editor-in-Chief of the Missouri Science & Technology Yearbook, the ROLLAMO.  Even back then, in the mid 1970’s, Sarkes was accountable to an Executive Board.

The ROLLAMO Staff – Sarkes is at the head of the table with the Pipe 

The Sarkes Corner Executive Board join our Senators and Representatives in offering “Thoughts and Prayers, Thought and Prayers”, to those murdered in the lates Mass Shooting in Wilmington, NC.