One Honest Cracker

Executive Summary:

  • Florida Cracker told police that he was racing home after cheating on his wife
  • Florida Crackers, so often misunderstood, are generally honest, Good People, Salt of the Earth

Sarkeses Florida Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

Florida Cracker John Earl Pickard, 52, was going above 90 mph in a 55 mph zone on U.S. 19 in Tarpon Springs when he was pulled over by police.  Cracker Pickard told the Tarpon Springs Police Officer that his driving was reckless and endangering because he needed to get home in a hurry ………. because he had been cheating on his wife.  What, huh, oh my, mmmmm, he said what?

Pickard is one Honest Cracker

While taking Cracker Pickard into custody, an officer found Crack Cocaine in a plastic sandwich baggie in his front T-shirt pocket.  Cracker Pickard told the officer he had just purchased the Crack Cocaine for $50.  Cracker Pickard is one honest Cracker.  Cracker Pickard was cuffed and cited for reckless driving. 

Mixing Crack Cocaine and a Cracker is a formula for disaster

Like most Crackers, Cracker Pickard has run afoul with the law in the past.  According to jail records, Cracker Pickard has been previously charged with domestic battery, a common crime committed by the Florida Cracker, usually facilitated by a drunken or drug induced stupor.

A Cracker hopped up on booze or drugs is no stranger to the Hoosegow

The Florida Cracker is often misunderstood.  Yes, the Florida Cracker Drinks to excess, Packs Heat, and is no Stranger to the Criminal Justice System.  But in general, the Florida Cracker is Good People, Salt of the Earth, and a very Honest person.