A Protective Mother Crackerette

Executive Summary:

  • There is nothing more dangerous than a Mother protecting her children
  • This is amplified if the Mother is a Crackerette 
There is nothing Stronger than a Mother protecting her Child 

Sarkeses Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.  Sarkes cannot make this stuff up. 

A Florida mom, with a boxing glove superglued to one hand, fought a student at her daughter’s school.   The Crackerette, Edith Riddle, 34, showed up at the school wearing one boxing glove.  The Beatdown occurred at Dupont Middle School in Jacksonville, FL.

Crackerette Riddle has Anger issues for sure

A school safety officer heard a frantic announcement over their school radio around noon that there was a fight underway outside the cafeteria.  According to police, Crackerette Riddle had just left the school with her daughter after a meeting with the Principal about her eighth-grader’s “hostile outbursts” at another student.

The young Crackerette Daughter must also have Anger issues like her Mother

Instead of leaving the campus after the meeting, the Crackerette Daughter made a beeline for the cafeteria to fight the Girl. The Daughter Crackerette was pummeling the other girl when the Mother Crackerette Riddle joined in, throwing punches herself, with her Boxing Gloved hand.   Crackerette Riddle told Police that the Boxing Glove was superglued to her wrist and that she couldn’t remove it.  What, she did what, she said what, huh, uh, oh my, are you kidding me. 

Apparently it is normal for a Cracker to wear a Boxing Glove to a School conference 

The Victim was found with abrasions on her knees and forearms.  The Victims Mother arrived at the school and told police she wanted to pursue criminal charges before taking the child to a nearby hospital.  Crackerette Riddle was arrested and charged with: child abuse with a personal/special weapon.

Regardless of Species, do not mess with a Mother protecting her Children  
Sarkes knows who he is placing his money on amongst these Great Fighters

In most cases, erratic Cracker behavior is associated with excess booze or drug consumption.  In this case, there is no evidence that Crackerette Riddle was under the Influence.

No, Sarkes cannot make this stuff up.