Thoughts and Prayers

Executive Summary:

– There has been 2 Mass Murder Shootings within a Week

– Politicians send their “Thoughts and Prayers”

Sarkes was reflecting on the 2 recent Mass Murders that have occurred within 1 week.  8 innocent people Murdered in Atlanta, GA, and 10 innocent people, including a Police Officer, were Murdered in Boulder, CO.  All were murdered by Americans who have the right to “bear” Semi-Automatic Assault weapons.

Sarkes is normally calm, cool, collected, and never gets emotional.  But when our elected Politicians started with their “Thoughts and Prayers” mantra after these past 2 Mass Murders, Sarkes snapped.

All the Politicians give us after Mass Murders is their “Thoughts and Prayers”
The Politicians “Thoughts and Prayers” are a Big help to the Families of those  Murdered

Sarkes does not believe that the Founding Fathers, when they created the 2nd Amendment, had the vision that Semi Automatic Assault Weapons would be used in Mass Murders all across America.  It took our Supreme Court and the NRA to get us where we are today.  All Americans, even those with a Mental Defect, have “the right to keep and bear arms”.

Our Founding Fathers knew nothing but Single Shot Muskets

Sarkes has had enough of this “Thoughts and Prayers” Bullshit.  If Sarkes hears one more Politician say they send their “Thoughts and Prayers” to the Families of the Murder Victims, Sarkes will go out and buy an AR-15.  

Wait, Whoooo Horse, Hold On …………….. that’s a bad idea, a very bad idea.  

Sarkes has no idea how to:

  • buy an AR-15
  • hold an AR-15
  • Load and Lock an AR-15
  • find the Safety on an AR-15
  • shoot an AR-15

If Sarkes ever bought an AR-15, he would probably be his own first victim.  So, no, no AR-15 for Sarkes.  Sarkes will be content to Bitch and Moan when our elected Senators and Representatives send their “Thoughts and Prayers” to the victims and their families of Mass Murders.

“Thoughts and Prayers” are not enough for many Americans today

So, the only Heat that Sarkes has is his Semi Automatic Lighter that he uses to light the charcoal in his Big Green Egg.

The Only Heat Sarkes owns is his Semi Automatic Lighter
Sarkes could not light his Big Green Egg without his Semi Automatic Lighter

If Sarkes hears another Politician give their “Thoughts and Prayers” to the family of those Mass Murdered, he may check himself into a mental institution…………but could still buy an AR-15. God Bless the NRA and Supreme Court.