Presidential Golf

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes analyzes Presidential Golfers

– Sarkeses in-depth analysis produces surprising results

Sarkes assigned his crack Sarkes Corner Sports Bureau the assignment to identify the Who’s Who of Presidential Golfers.  Specifically, Sarkes wanted to know:  Which Presidents played the most rounds of Golf during their Presidency, Who was the Best Golfer of all the Presidents, and Who was the worst Golfer of all the Presidents.  The results were surprising. 

Who Played the Most Rounds of Golf?  “Many People Say” it’s a No Brainer, it had to be the Orange Duffer.  Well, not so.  The top 4 Presidents who played the most rounds of Golf were:

Coming in at #4 playing 42 Rounds per Year – Barrack Obama

Obama enjoyed golf but was handicapped as he played Left-Handed

Coming in at #3 playing 75 Rounds per Year – Donald Trump

The Orange Shanker always shot a better score than anyone he played with, and looked good in a Golf shirt

Coming in at #2 playing 100 Rounds per Year – Dwight Eisenhower

After WW II, Ike deserved to relax on the Golf Course

Coming in at # 1 playing 200 Rounds per Year – Woodrow Wilson

When not on the Golf Course, Wilson led America thru WW I and created the Federal Reserve System

Cleary, Presidential Golf crosses Party Lines as 2 of the Top 4 Presidential Golfers were Republican and 2 were Democrats.

No inference can be made about who plays more Golf, GOPs or Dems

Who was the Best Golfer of all our Presidents? While he did not play a lot of rounds of Golf, John F. Kennedy is generally recognized as our Best Presidential Golfer, with the best Swing and lowest strokes per round.

JFK was a world class Golfer in addition to being a world class Sniffing Cock Hound

Who was the Worst Golfer of all of our President’s?  Hands down, Gerald Ford.  It is estimated that Ford, who loved to play in Pro-AM Golf Tournaments, had hit at least 5 spectators, 5!, with his errant Tee shots.  Sarkes has no empathy for Ford’s victims.  After the first victim, the others should have known better.

Ford was a genuinely nice person, but really sucked at Golf

Sarkes himself loves to play Golf, but if he was President, he just might have beaten Gerald Ford as the worst Presidential Golfer.

Sarkeses friends made Sarkes an Armenian Rage Club to throw, which saves his good Golf Clubs from damage