Mitch McConnell, A Sarkes Corner Quiz

Executive Summary:

– Mitch McConnell has been under fire recently

– Sarkes leverages McConnell’s celebrity for a Sarkes Corner Quiz

Mitch McConnell, aka, Moscow Mitch, has been on a Political Roller Coster ride since the Presidential Election.  “Many People Say” that Moscow Mitch might be having a Bi-Polar episode.  As an example, the Muscovite voted NOT GUILTY in the 2nd Impeachment Trial of the Orange Insurrectionist, and RIGHT after the Orange Victim was Completely Exonerated, he blamed the Orange Commandant for leading the MAGA Terrorists attack on the US Capital, calling for Criminal and Civil action against the Orange Litigant.

Moscow Mitch and the Orange Emperor were once Asshole Buddies
Now, there is no love lost now between Moscow Mitch and the Orange Casualty 

Sarkes and his crack Medical Bureau have determined the reason behind Moscow Mitch’s bizarre and Bi-Polar behavior.  You see, with the STEAL of the 2 Georgia Senate elections, Moscow Mitch is now the Senate MINORITY Leader.  It’s simple, any time you tell a Rich, Old, White Guy that he is a MINORITY, that causes extreme Stress, unparalleled Angst, unbearable Trauma, and tumultuous Anxiety, causing the bizarre behavior being exhibited now by Moscow Mitch.  

Moscow Mitch’s head is spinning out of control these days, Right, then Left, then Right, then …………

The Quiz:  A Moscow Mitch McConnell Look Alike Contest:   Which Celebrity most resembles Moscow Mitch McConnell:

1. Hoody Doody

Could The Doody and Mitch have the same DNA Profiles?

2. Alfred E. Neuman

Twins separated at Birth?

3. A Turtle

Different Species, Same Profile

4. The Cowardly Lion

Different Species, Both Cowards

So, who most resembles MINORITY Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell:

  1. Hoody Doody
  1. Alfred E. Neuman
  1. A Turtle
  1. The Cowardly Lion

Email your vote to Sarkes who will publish the results of this Survey.

Again, Don’t Blame Moscow Mitch, it’s hard being a MINORITY