Florida MAGA Terrorist Attacks a Hispanic Man

Executive Summary:

  • A Pro-Trump Florida Doctor has been charged with Hate Crime in an attack on a Hispanic man on January 20, Inauguration Day
  • MAGA Terrorists are not always responsible for their actions

Thanks to the smartest subscriber to Sarkes Corner, Todd Ruecker.   Todd is an intellect with multiple degrees from Tier 1 Universities, and is infatuated with, and is studying the antics of, Floridians.  Floridans, like most Americans, have the Constitutional Right to be Stupid.

A Florida anesthesiologist, Jennifer Susan Wright, 58, is known as an ardent support of former President Donald Trump.  Wright has been arrested and charged with a Hate Crime against a Hispanic man who she assaulted outside a Publix supermarket. 

MAGA Terrorist Wright just wanted to Stop the Steal, and, is no fan of Hispanics

The incident took place January 20, the day President Joe Biden was inaugurated, in Hialeah, a working-class city in Miami-Dade County with a heavy Hipanic population. The Hispanic man was at a Publix Supermarket when he asked Racist Wright, who was in line behind him, to maintain social distancing.  The Hispanics man made a crucial mistake…..…he talked to her in Spanish.  The incident could have all been avoided if Sarah Palin had been elected as our Vice President in 2008 as she ran on a platform of making “Merican” the official language of the United States.

The Orange Bird Dog would love to Tap Sarah Palin as she has nice Ta Tas
In Florida, Publix is the Supermarket of Choice for MAGA Terrorists

When MAGA Terrorist Wright ignored the Hispanic Man, the man asked again in English, which she also ignored.  Racist Wright then followed the Hispanic man to his car.  

In the Parking Lot of Publix, Wright walked up to the Hispanic man and stood Right in his face. The Hispanic man asked Racist Wright to step back, which enraged her even more.  After the Hispanic Man asked Wright to back up, she became angry, calling the Hispanic Man a “Spic” also saying: “we should have gotten rid of all of you when we could. This is NOT going to be Biden’s America, this is MY America.  We should have burned it all.”

MAGA Terrorist Wright was disappointed that her comrades did not “Burn it all Down” on January 6

Racist Wright was not done with the Hispanic Man.  She took out her keys and scratched the victim’s car while saying he needed to “go back to his Country”.  The Hispanic Man tried calling 911 but MAGA Terrorist Wright punched him, causing his cell phone to fall to the ground. When the Hispanic Man tried to pick up his phone, Racist Wright kicked him and stomped on the phone.

Racist Wright felt like “keying” the Hispanic Man’s car was the RIGHT thing to do
The Hispanic man was not going to call 911 on MAGA Terrorist Wright’s watch

Racist Wright was arrested outside her home in Miami Springs, where neighbors say that she is known as a fanatical, Uuuuuuge, Trump supporter. Before Halloween, Wright placed a menacing-looking mannequin that resembled Joe Biden with a sign:  “Expose the Biden Crime family.”

On Fox News Fair & Balanced, Sean O’Hannity broke the story about the “Biden Crime Family”

Racist Wright is an Anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center who issued a statement announcing that Wright:  “was no longer responsible for patient care” at its medical center.  Let Sarkes interpret:  “Wright has been suspended and is in the process of getting the OLD HEAVE HO”.

Mount Sinai Medical Center did not realize that they had a MAGA Terrorist employed as a senior doctor

On social media, MAGA Terrorist Wright has claimed that Trump won the election and alleges that Dominion Voting System machines changed ballot counts. She also posted images of herself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Trump rally, and a post that said, “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.”

All Jennifer Susan Wright wants to do is to Make America WHITE Again

Wright was arrested and charged with tampering with a victim, criminal mischief and battery with prejudice, which is classified as a Hate Crime.  

Sarkeses Juris Prudence is beyond reproach having learned from watching Judge Judy for 22 years (The Cases are Real, The People are Real, the Rulings are Final).  If Sarkes represented Jennifer Susan Wright in Criminal Court, she would be Completely Exonerated, there would be Complete Vindication.  You see, Sarkes could prove that MAGA Terrorist Wright was under extreme Stress and Angst, and was NOT responsible for here Actions the day she attacked the Hispanic man.  You see, on that day, January 20, Joe “He is not my President” Biden was completing the Steal of the Presidency from her God-Like Idol Donald Trump AND she had an encounter with an inferior Mexican at Publix.  Not Guilty, Cased Closed

ONLY Sarkes or Judge Judy could get a Not Guilty verdict for MAGA Terrorist
Jennifer Susan Wright

Publix Under Siege

Executive Summary:

  • Floridians are boycotting Publix after a member of the founding family donated $300,000 to the Trump rally that preceded the January 6 deadly Capitol attack
  • If the boycott puts Publix out of business, where are Floridians to get their food

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributors Cindy Mamelian and Cheryl Katz for this high impact story out of The Gunshine State.  

A grass roots boycott of Uuuuuuuge Grocery Chain, Publix, is gaining speed after a member of the Publix Founding Family donated $300,000 to the Trump rally that preceded the January 6 deadly attack on the US Capital.

The attack on the US Capital by MAGA Terrorists left 5 dead and hundreds injured
This is what $300,000 buys you

Publix Grocery Chain’s long time slogan is: “Where shopping is a pleasure”. Thousands of families in the South have gotten their groceries for generations at Publix.  Publix were innovators in the grocery industry by; creating the Publix Baby Club, weekly BOGO Free deals, Free cookies to children from the Bakery, perks for the family’s pets thru their Publix Paws program, Senior Discount days, Tier 1 Deli,  and more. 

Customers love Publix BOGO deals

Publix, the Florida-based grocery chain, operates more than 1,200 stores across seven south-eastern states.  Publix is an institution in Florida, the company growing from Depression-era roots in the 1930s to a regional behemoth with 225,000 workers, and its founding Jenkins family now worth $8.8 Billion, that’s Billion!  

Publix, “Where shopping is a pleasure”…… well, maybe not so much now

But now the decades-long love affair is over. After a member of Publix’s founding family, Julie Jenkins Fancelli, donated 3 Large, $300,000 (that’s $300,000) to the January 6 Trump Rally that preceded January’s deadly Capitol riots.   

Publix heir Julie Jenkins Fancelli just wants to Stop The Steal AND to Make America Great Again

Now, long time Publix customers are boycotting the iconic grocery chain.  One customer, Wendy Mize, is boycotting Publix, stating:  “This was the last straw. Insurrection at the Capitol, images of the police officer with his head being crushed, individuals dressed as Vikings on the floor of the Senate … we’re not going to call this normal. Publix is a private company and it is their business how they want to contribute their money, but it’s also my right to decide where I want to spend my dollars.”

Many loyal Publix customers are now Boycotting the iconic chain
Hell NO, we won’t Go, Hell No, we won’t Go

Publix, the company and its founders, have donated often and generously to Partisan, Conservative causes, including more than 2 Million, that’s Million, by Julie Jenkins Fancilli alone, to the Republican National Committee and Trump’s failed re-election campaign.  Fancelli is the daughter of the late Publix founder George Jenkins, a passionate Conservative.

Like they say, Apples don’t fall far from the Tree

In a brief statement, Publix attempted to distance itself from Julie Jenkins Fancilli, noting that Fancilli’s actions were essentially those of a private citizen not involved in the company.   Let Sarkes Interpret:  Corporate 2 step, Corporate “Cover our Ass”,  Corporate Dick Dance, Julie Jenkins Fancilli WHO?

Publix is Guilty By Association with Julie Jenkins Fancilli

The 2024 Presidential Election

Executive Summary:

– Florida will have 5 well qualified Candidates for President in the 2024 election

– This is the Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll, its never too early

Florida, the Gunshine State, is blessed to have 5 qualified Candidates for President in the 2024 Election.  All 5 Candidates come with impressive resumes.  3 Candidates are Republicans, and 2 Candidates are from Independent parties.  All are rich, 3 are White and 2 are Brown.   

Sarkes provides a brief resume for each Gunshine State Candidate and then asks you to cast your ballot for the Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll.

Candidate 1:  Rick Scott, Junior Senator from the Gunshine State

Rick “Tricky Ricky” Scott was the former CEO of Columbia/HCA.  Under The Tricksters Leadership, Columbia/HCA committed massive Medicare Fraud, and agreed to pay $1.7 billion in fines, then the largest health care fraud case in the country.  After Tricky Ricky’s Golden Parachute (5.1 MILLION Severance, 300 MILLION in Stock, and $950,000 per year consulting contract for 5 years)  Tricky Ricky served 8 years as Governor of the Gunshine State, and is currently the Gunshine’s State Junior Senator.

If elected President in 2024, Tricky Ricky, a Republican, will be the Baldest President in US history

Candidate 2:  Ron DeSantis, Governor of the Gunshine State

Ron DUHSANTIS, a Donald Trump Disciple, has been the Governor of the Gunshine State since 2018.  Before that, the Orange Mini-Me was the US Representative from the Sunshine State’s 6th Congressional District, on the Florida East Gulf Coast around Daytona Beach.  There is consensus that DUHSantis has screwed up Florida’s handling of the Carona Virus and has now doubled down by screwing up the Vaccination program in the State.

DUHSantis, a Republican, is an Orange Mini-Me, and has great Presidential hair

Candidate 3:  Marco Rubio, Senior Senator from the Gunshine State

Marco Rubio has been the Senator from the Gunshine State since 2011.  Before then, “Little” Marco was in the Florida State Legislature, serving as Speaker of the House.  Little Marco, a Republican and a Brown Man, is a Cuban from Miami.  In the Senate, Little Marco is recognized as the virtual secretary of state for Latin America.  Little Marco is best known for sweating bullets and gulping water during a Republican Presidential Primary Debate in 2015.  During those Debates,  Little Marco criticized Donald Trump for having small hands, Trump counter punched stating that he may have small hands, but he has a large Ying Yang. 

Like most Latinos, Little Marco sweats profusely, but drinks lots of water to compensate, its not clear if Little Marco colors his jet Black hair

Candidate 4:  Donald J. Trump, US President – Retired

Donald J. Trump, kiddingly called the “Orange Dotard” by his Strong Man Fraternity Brother Kim Jung UN, was the 1st US President Impeached TWICE while becoming a 1 Term President.  The Orange Victim maintains that the Deep State Stole the 2020 Presidential Election.  “Many People Say” that the Orange Oligarch planned the 1st US Coup since the Revolutionary War in order to “Stop The Steal”.  If the Orange Defendant does not go to the Hoosegow in the next few years, he will run for President for the new Independent PATRIOT PARTY.  The Orange Aryan is strongly supported by the Proud Boys, the Michigan Militia, QANon, and other White Supremacist    organizations, who, by the way, have some “Very Fine People”.

If he had pulled off his Coup, the Orange Fuher had plans to replace his 2 Thumbs Up with a Zeig Heil, and was the first US President with an Orange Face and Hair.
The Orange Candidate will run in 2024 if he avoids the Hoosegow

Candidate 5:  Craig Sarkes Korkoian, Editor – Sarkes Corner

Craig Sarkes Korkoian is currently the Editor in Chief of Sarkes Corner, a Fair and Balanced Publication.  Sarkes, a Brown Man, has been the victim of discrimination against the Brown Man by the Swedish Nobel Prize Committee for Literature.  The Committee consists of Pale, White, mostly Men, Sweeds.  Sarkes is also recognized as an expert in Juris Prudence having watched every episode of Judge Judy for the past 25 years, the Cases are Real, the People are Real, the Rulings are Final.  Sarkes retired from The Boeing Company, after pumping out High Quality Military Airplanes and Missiles, On Time, Below Cost, and Exceeding Technical Requirements.  Sarkes is running as the Candidate from the Sarkes Independent Party. 

If Sarkes is elected President, he will make wearing a suit and tie optional in all Government offices and is hair challenged 
F15, F18, AV8 Harrier, and T45, all great Boeing Military Jets built by Sarkes

The Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll:  After carefully reviewing the resume of these 5 strong candidates from the Gunshine State, select the one Candidate that you believe will win the Presidential Election:

Candidate 1:  Tricky Ricky Scott, Republican

Candidate 2:  Ron DUHSantis, Republican

Candidate 3:  Little Marco Rubio, Republican

Candidate 4:  The Orange Oligarch, Patriot Party

Candidate 5:  Sarkes, Sarkes Independent Party

Send you vote via email to:  Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll at:  craig.s.korkoian@gmail.com 

Sarkes will publish the results of the Initial Sarkes Corner 2024 Presidential Poll in a future edition of Sarkes Corner.