Yet Another Tragic Cracker Shooting

Executive Summary:

– Florida Cracker Shot His Twin Brother 

– They were just Joking around

23-year-old Cracker Thomas Parkinson-Freeman, and his Twin brother Mathias, were sitting in a parked 1995 Nissan Pathfinder vehicle with another Cracker friend outside their home.   Cracker Mathias pulled out a concealed handgun and pointed it at his Twin Brother Cracker Thomas. Cracker Thomas reacted by pulling out a handgun of his own, pointing it at his Twin brother. Cracker Thomas then pulled the trigger and Twin Brother Cracker Mathias was mortally wounded after being struck in the face.

Cracker Thomas killed his Twin Brother Mathias in another tragic Cracker Heat incident 
The Parkinson-Freeman Cracker abode, the scene of this tragic crime.

Police reported: “The brothers talked and joking around just before the shooting, and there was no indication of any sort of conflict.”  When he was arrested, Cracker Thomas was wearing a gun belt to show it off to the other Crackers.

While rare, some Crackers proudly Pack their Heat in functional and fashionable gun belts

Police concluded that Cracker Thomas was NOT acting in self-defense when he drew and fired his gun because he told detectives that he was not in fear,   and that he did not believe Twin Brother Cracker Mathias had any intention of shooting him. As such, Florida’s Heat Friendly “Stand Your Ground” Law, made famous by the George Zimmerman killing of Trayvon Martin, did not apply.  

George Zimmerman made Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law an NRA Best Practice
The young Cracker Twins in a more innocent time

Cracker Thomas claims that he was reacting based on Training.   Training, Training, what Training?!!  Are these Crackers Twins White Supremacists, far Right Neo-Fascists like The Proud Boys or other such groups?  One of the side benefits of joining a White Supremacist group is access to top of the line Automatic Weapons and first class firearm Training.  

The Proud Boys; are Great Americans, Pack Automatic Heat, are Well Trained, and MAGA

Cracker Thomas has been charged with manslaughter.

What can be said about this incident:

  • A Tragedy 
  • Very Unfortunate
  • What a Waste
  • Truly Heartbreaking
  • Thinning The Herd
The Proud Boys have been instructed by their Orange Commandant to Stand Back, Stand By