Results of The Presidential Debate

Executive Summary:

– The first Presidential Debate was held on Tuesday, September 29

– How did Sarkes do in predicting the results?

The first Presidential Debate, between Slo Mo Jo Biden and the Orange Emperor Donald J. Trump, was held on Tuesday, September 29.   Sarkes refused to waste his time watching these Garbage TV debates.  Sarkes had no interest in watching two, old white guys yell and insult each other.   instead, Sarkes watched socially redeeming TV……reruns of Judge Judy, the Cases are Real, the People are Real, the Judgements are FINAL!

The past few seasons, Judge Judy sported a Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hair Do
Reruns of Judge Judy, or ANY TV, would be better than watching these Clowns

BUT, since Sarkes has a Fiduciary duty to Subscribers of Sarkes Corner, he provided a Summary of the Presidential Debate 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DEBATE!

Sarkes had predicted:

If you watched FOX NEWS or ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK after the debate you will learn:

  • Donald J. Trump clearly won the Debate
  • Biden is a tool of the Radical Liberal Left
  • A Biden Presidency will turn America into a Socialist state
  • Biden will confiscate your Guns and Ammo
  • Under Biden, small business will close and millions laid off permanently
  • Biden has dementia 
  • Biden is easy on China
  • Biden will let Black Mobs invade the Suburbs and threaten White Women
  • Biden will empty the Prisons and Criminals will run rampant 
  • There will be riots and chaos in the streets if Biden gets elected
  • Biden is using the Caronavirus to Rig and Steal the November Election
  • Kamala Harris is not eligible to be VP, her parents were not US Citizens
According to Fox News and OAN, Trump was the clear winner of the Debate

If you watch CNN or MSNBC after the debate you will learn:

  • Joe Biden clearly won the Debate
  • Trump is a dismal failure and has failed to do his job
  • Trump throws gas on the fire, dividing America
  • Trump is Corrupt and unfit for office
  • Trump’s America is for the Rich White or Uneducated White
  • The GOP has become a Trump Booster Club without a Platform
  • Trump botched the Caronavirus killing 10s of thousands Americans
  • Trump calls our Military heroes Losers and Suckers
  • Trump is a serial lier and continues to lie to America
  • Trump embraces Americas enemies and has shunned our allies
  • Trump is a friend of the White Supremacist
  • Trump’s policies have driven our Record Debt and Deficits   
According to CNN and MSNBC, Biden was the clear winner of the Debate

So how did Sarkes do?  Sarkes selected 6 Sarkes Corner Staff Members, 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats, to watch the Debate between Sleepy Joe Biden and the Orange Pinocchio.  Sarkes tasked these 6 Staff Members to evaluate how well Sarkes predicted the results of the Debate.  All 6 Staff Members gave Sarkes an A+, an A+, reporting that Sarkeses prediction of the Debate was perfect, perfect.  

The Staff of Sarkes Corner are knowledgeable, dedicated, and the Best in the Business

“Many People Say” Sarkes, the evaluation of the Debate by your 6 Staff Members is tainted.  First, you paid them overtime, and, more importantly, your Staff are Puppets, Lemmings, Dodo birds, Shills, Stooges, Lackeys, Boot Lickers, Brownnoses, Yes Men, and Yes Women, who Kowtow to your every whim.  In fact, “Many People Say”, your staff is worse than Donald J. Trumps Cabinet and Staff.  

Sarkes vigorously states that this is Fake News, Fake News!  First, Donald J. Trumps Cabinet and Staff are the BENCHMARK for Puppets, Lemmings, Dodo birds, Shills, Stooges, Lackeys, Boot Lickers, Brownnoses, Yes Men, and Yes Women.

When it comes to Yes Men and Yes Women, Trumps Staff are the Best in History, History!

Secondly, Sarkes is a retired Boeing Executive.  Boeing Executives are recognized as the Best in the Business, Best in Class,  Managing using modern Management tools like Collaboration, Teamwork, Coordination, Collegial, Participative, and Coaching. Boeing Executives are not Bullies and DO NOT Lead thru fear and intimidation.  

Sarkes was part of an Elite Confederation….Boeing Executives

So, Sarkes deserves an A+ for predicting, 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, what would be said during the Trump Biden Debate.  Sarkes is 1,000 Percent Correct, Perfect, Perfecto, Did Nothing Wrong, Complete Exoneration, Complete Vindication, Case Closed.  

In full open kimono, Sarkes did say that one or both of these Septuagenarians might nod off due to the late starting time of the Debate.  Sarkeses Staff Members reported that both Bozo Joe Biden and Ronald McDonald Donald stayed awake during the entire Debate.

It was a miracle that these 2 Septuagenarian Clowns stayed awake during the Debate