All Armenian Men Look Alike

Executive Summary:

– GOP Senators confused Rep. John Lewis with Rep. Elijah Cummings

– Sarkes understands, as all Armenian Men Look the Same

With the sad passing of US Representative John Lewis, 2 GOP Senators, Marco Rubio, Florida, and Dan Sullivan, Alaska, posted tributes to John Lewis but used photos of US Representative Elijah Cummings, who passed away in October 2019.  Rubio and Sullivan are not to be blamed.  You see, both Rubio and Sullivan very rarely see African Americans in their home states of Florida or Alaska, so their confusion can be justified.  

Both Lewis and Cummings were both Old, Bald and African American
Rubio and Sullivan just made an honest mistake

“Many People Say” Sarkes, are you nuts!  Why are you giving these two US Senators a pass on an obvious egregious screwup!!!  This was no simple misunderstanding as you claim.  Sarkes, Sarkes, Sarkes what the (Boink) is wrong with you!!!.

Sarkes declares, hold on, contraire mon ferre.   You see, Sarkes, as a Brown, Armenian, Man, understands that differentiating people of color can be confusing as we all look alike.

To prove this point, Sarkes provides the Sarkes Quiz below.  In each picture, Sarkes is in one of the Frames and another, dark skin, Armenian, is in the other Frame.  Sarkes bets you will have difficulties picking him out of this photo array.  After all, we dark skin, Armenian Men, all look the same.

Armenian Men all enjoy a great BBQ meal
Many Armenian Men love to ride Bicycles
Armenian Men like to Flex their muscles on the Beach
Armenian Men often have White Friends
Armenian Men look good in Tuxedos
Armenian Men love games of chance
Since Armenia is landlocked, Armenian Men love to Cruise
Armenian Men look sharp in Bib Overalls
Sometimes, Armenian Men are in Gangs

So there you have it.  Sarkes asks that all NOT jump to conclusions when two of our countries highest ranking officials, Marco Rubio and Dan Sullivan, make honest mistakes. It’s not their fault. After all, we people of color all look the same.