Sarkeses Op Ed to Donald J. Trump

Executive Summary:

  • A Sarkes Op Ed to Donald J. Trump will be published next Sunday
  • Major Conservative and Liberal Media Outlets will publish the Sarkes Op Ed

Sarkes has written an Op Ed to Donald J. Trump which will soon be published in both Conservative Media (Fox News, One America News Network, etc), and Liberal Media (Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, etc), along with Independent Media like Sarkes Corner Fair & Balanced.

Sarkes provides the Op Ed to subscribers of Sarkes Corner in advance before it is published in the other Media next Sunday.

The Sarkes Op Ed to Donald J. Trump – May 24, 2020:

To:  Donald J. Trump

Sarkes would like to recognize your work in defeating the Covid-19 Virus that has plagued America.  History will show that you are the Greatest War-Time President in our history, the greatest.  As  result of your Strong Leadership,  the United States is open for business, and in record time, far ahead of all other nations in the world.   Americans can now go to Church, Bars, Restaurants, Barbers/Salons, the Beach, etc without fear of contracting Covid-19.  

The Orange Commander-In-Chief is our Greatest War-Time President, despite painful Bone Spurs

Despite the “sky is falling” crying by American Scientists and Physicians, you convinced Americans to use Hydroxychloroquine, Lysol Disinfectant Injections, and Internal Laser treatments,  resulting in American deaths being limited to only 100,000.  Without your strong Leadership, American deaths might have surpassed a Quarter Million or more!  These numbers are a tribute and a “Badge of Honor”.

Hydroxychloroquine, Lysol Disinfectant Injections, and Internal Laser treatments have saved many American lives

You have always said that you know more than all of the Generals, Scientists, and Physicians, and that Only You Can Fix This.  While some in America may have questioned these claims, your Leadership in defeating Covid-19 proves that you are right, Only You Could Fixed This, and you did.  Thank You.

The Orange Stable Genius knows more than Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scarf Lady

Now that the war against Covid-19 is over and America is open again for business, Sarkes asks that you now shift your attention to stop the Hostage situation that has been ongoing for close to a year, that is, the BOEING HOSTAGES BEING HELD BY THE FAA.

Sarkes asks that you go to the Orville Wright Federal Building, 800 Independence Avenue SW, Washington D.C (The Swamp).  This is the Headquarter of the FAA where 50,000 Angry Democrats are holding Boeing and the 737Max airplane Hostage. 

The FAA Headquarters in The Swamp where the Boeing and the 737Max is being held Hostage

There is probably no bigger Bureaucracy in The Swamp than the FAA.  The FAA will NOT Certify the 737Max even after Boeing has made and tested several changes to software and hardware to get those planes flying again.  It is time for your intervention.  Like in the war against Covid-19, Only You Can Fix This.

The Boeing 737Max is a high quality airplane being held Hostage by the FAA

Boeing is Americas largest Exporter by dollars,  Americas largest Aerospace Company, and Americas leader in both Commercial and Military / Space programs.  Boeing is a company with over 160,000 employees, all with high paying jobs and great insurance.  Boeing employees do not need ObamaCare which you have been trying to eliminate since your inauguration. 

If Boeing continues to be held hostage by the FAA,  150,000 employees may need to apply for ObamaCare

So, Donald J. Trump, it is up to you to go to the FAA and insist that the 50,000 Angry Democrats at the FAA RELEASE THEIR BOEING HOSTAGES, NOW!

Sarkes is proud to wear his 737Max Bicycle Jersey in support of the Boeing Hostages being held by the FAA