The Orange Creamsicle

Executive Summary:

  • At his TV address to the nation last night, the Orange Julius had an Orange Face and White Hands
  • Sarkes Daughter Caryn wondered how this could be.

In his address to the nation last night, the Orange Cantaloupe had a strange hue, his face was Orange yet his Tiny hands were White.  Sarkeses daughter was so confused that she called Sarkes with questions.  

the Orange Slurrpee appeared two toned, Orange and White, like a Creamsicle

the Classic Creamsicle, like our President, is Orange and White

Sarkes was not watching the Presidential address by the Orange Traffic Cone as he was watching taped recordings of Judge Judy, but Sarkes was able to provide several reasons as to why the Orange Zest was two toned.

Sarkes prefers reruns of Judge Judy than to watch the Orange Orator

Sarkes told Daughter Caryn that there were several reasons why the Orange Carrot Top’s face was Orange but his Tiny hands were White:

The LED lights were shining on his face and not his hands.

LED Lights give All Americans an Orange hue and should be eliminated

The Liberal Press Photo-Shopped the Press Conference.  The Liberal Press will do ANYTHING to make our President look bad.

The Truth can only be found on Fox News and Sarkes Corner

Obama was behind this Fake image, Phony picture, Failed Take Down, Witch Hunt, Charade, Hoax, Hit Job, Sham, Scam, Set Up, Treasonous act, Presidential Assassination, Harassment, Lynching, Triple Hearsay, Crusade, Terrible Thing.

It’s always Obama’s Fault

The International Electrical Workers Union are part of the Deep State and rigged the lighting at the Presidential address.

For some reason, Electricians are anti-Trump and are part of the Deep State

Sarkeses explanations as to why the Orange Juices face was Orange yet his tiny Hands were White seemed to satisfy Sarkeses Daughter Caryn.