You Can Never Get Enough of George Zimmerman

Executive Summary:

  • Like a Bad Penny, George Zimmerman continues to resurface. 
  • George is suing Democrat Presidential Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.  

Welcome Back George Zimmerman, your antics never get old.  Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributors daughter Caryn Korkoian and sister Cindy Mamelian for this story about Sarkes Corner Hall of Famer, George Zimmerman.  

Our man Georgie Z has filed a $265 million defamation lawsuit against two of the Democrats running for president — Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.  A month or so back, Georgie Z sued the family of Trayvon Martin for $100 million for false testimony.   There is an old Fisherman saying:  You throw the line in the water often enough you will catch the fish.  

You all remember George Zimmerman:

  • killer of Skittle eating, ice tea drinking, young black man Trayvon Martin
  • killer of Hoodie sales in Florida
  • Neighborhood watch Police Officer Wannabe
  • serial abuser of women
  • Heat Packing, NRA Poster Boy for the NRA
  • failed fraudulent copy-write violating Artist
Murdered Black Teen Trayvon Martin liked Hoodies, Skittles, and Ice Tea

George Zimmerman is back in the news, Sarkes can never get enough of Georgie Z

“Many People Say” that George Zimmerman is a piece of Human Scum, low life and the epitome of a Florida Cracker.  Our man Georgie Z never ceases to amaze.  Zimmerman was acquitted of murder by a jury of his White Cracker Peers in the 2012 killing of Black Youth Travon Martin. Since his acquittal, Georgie Z has had a hard time holding down a real job.    

George Zimmerman celebrates his acquittal by a jury of his White Cracker Peers

You can say what you want about our man Georgie Z, but you must give him credit for having the entrepreneurial spirt.  Post acquittal, Georgie has tried to make money by:  auctioning off the Pistol he used to kill Black Man Trayvon, trying to sell fraudulent Artwork, and doing advertisement for the NRA.  

George Zimmerman needed cash so he attempted to auction the gun he used to kill Black Teen Trayvon Martin

Shameless George Zimmerman with one of several pieces of his Fradulent Artwork, this one of murdered Trayvon Martin

In Georgie Z’s latest money making scheme, his new lawsuit claims that Democratic Presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttegieg.  Georgie Z’s Shyster Lawyer, Larry Klayman said:  ”Warrne and Buttigieg defamed Zimmerman for political gain in misguided and malicious attempts to bolster their standings amongst African-American voters, all at Zimmerman’s expense.”   While Sarkes has watched Judge Judy for 22 years, Sarkes does not understand this legal Mumbo Jumbo. 

While both White, Buttegieg and Warren slammed George Zimmerman to gain favor of Black Voters

Asked to comment on this lawsuit, Judge Judy said: “What a Moron.  Don’t Pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”

Zimmerman’s shister lawyer in the lawsuit is Larry Klayman.  Shister Klayman is a Piece of Work himself.   Shister Klayman is a conservative activist who founded the watchdog group, Judicial Watch.  Last July, an ethics committee of the bar in the District of Columbia recommended that Klayman’s law license be suspended.

Shameless Shyster Larry Klayman, a Right Thinking Reagan / Trumpian Conservative, can make money leveraging Georgie Z

Woman Passes out while Walking Baby in a Stroller

Executive Summary:

  • A Florida Woman Passes out while Walking a Baby in a Stroller
  • And, she had a nearly Fatal Blood Alcohol Level of .338

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Florida Corespondent and Sister Cindy Mamelian for yet another story of a Florida Cracker gone bad. 

Sarkeses Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

A Clearwater, FL Crackerette Woman, Stephanie Saladino, 46, passed out while walking an infant in a stroller on a public sidewalk. 

Emergency crews responded to Bay Esplanade around 2:45 p.m. after Crackerette  Saladino was found on a public sidewalk next to a stroller where an 11-month-old Cracker child was sleeping.   First Responders also reported that they found alcohol in Crackerette Saladino’s belongings.

Thank God the Cracker Baby was not harmed

Crackerette Saladino and the Cracker baby were transported to a local hospital.  Nurses told police that Crackerette Saladino had a blood alcohol level of .338, four times over the legal driving limit and nearly fatal.  It is not clear if Crackerette Saladino was Packing Heat, as is the case with most Crackers.  

Crackerette Saladino was passed out so a Breathalyzer Test could not be performed

While a Blood Alcohol level of .338 might kill most people, not so with Florida Crackers who build up an immunity to mass quantities of alcohol

According to the arrest report, Crackerete Saladino told police she drank wine before taking the Cracker child on a walk, and ultimately passed out on the sidewalk.  The Cracker child is currently in custody of the Child Protection Investigator for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Crackerette Saladino is now in the Hoosegow, like most Crackers, she could not make Bail

A Racist Cracker Pilot

Executive Summary:

  • A Cracker was charged after writing Racist Graffiti on an airport bathroom wall
  • The Angry White Man’s Graffiti is second class compared to the African American and Hispanic Graffiti 

WARNING WARNING WARNING – This Sarkes Corner contains offensive and Uncomfortable language, but is true none the less.  WARNING WARNING WARNING

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Florida Corespondent and Sister Cindy Mamelian for this disturbing story of a Racist Cracker.

A commercial pilot, James Ellis Dees, has been charged with criminal mischief after writing Racist and Pro-Trump graffiti at the Tallahassee, Florida, airport.

Pilot Racist Cracker Dees took time between Flights to draw Racist Graffiti

Racist Cracker Dees was a pilot for Endeavor Air, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, was charged with nine counts of criminal mischief.  Racist Cracker Dees admitted that he wrote slurs like:


“MAGA = NO Niggers and NO Spics”


“Send them ALL Back”

“Lock Them Up”

While Racist Dees should have been checking out his airplane, he spewed this Racist Graffiti, multiple times, in the Tallahasse airport bathrooms and parking lot elevators.   

Endeavor Air flies Regional Jets for Delta Airlines

Endeavor Air made a statement:  “These actions in no way reflect the values of Endeavor Air and this individual is no longer employed by the airline.”  That is code for the Racist Cracker Dees got the Old Heave Ho.

If you flew a Delta Regional Jet in these Cities, Racist Cracker Dees could have been your Pilot

Police suspected that the Racist messages against African Americans and Hispanics was done by an Angry White Man.  The police noted:  “Some of the graffiti was done using red or blue markers and erased easily, and some was done using a black permanent marker which took some effort on behalf of maintenance to remove.”  Any city dweller knows that Graffiti done by African Americans and Hispanics are done with permanent Paint and are often works of Art.

African Americans and Hispanics would never use “Markers” for their Graffiti

Racist Cracker Dees, not the sharpest Racist in the KKK, was caught WHITE  HANDED on Surveillance Cameras that recorded Racist Cracker Dees writing the Racist Graffiti.  Racist Cracker Dees is a serial Racist as Police reported 20 incidents of Racial graffiti in the past year.  

Racist Cracker Dees admitted to writing “some of it but not all” of the Racist Graffiti.  Racist Cracker Dees is either a lier or there are other White Suprematists working at the Tallahassee airport.  

Racist Cracker Dees told Police that he had “been going through a really tough time and has anger issues.”  You think!

Many Sarkes Corner readers have lived sheltered lives and tell Sarkes that he must be making this stuff up.  Many of you have never encountered the likes of Racist Cracker Dee.  But Contre Mon Fare, these Racists have always been around.  In the past 3 years, under the Banner of MAGA, these Racists and White Suprematists have crawled out from under their Rocks and have been embolden too “MAWA”, Make America White Again.  In our Civilized Society, this may be the Racists Last Stand. 

Racist Cracker Dees has many White Brothers who share his beliefs and want to MAWA

The Kansas City Chiefs play in Kansas

Executive Summary:

  • Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for their exciting Super Bowl XIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers.
  • XIV is 54 for those of you who are not a Roman
  • After the game, the nation learns that the Chiefs play in Arrowhead Stadium which is located in Kansas, not Missouri

Thanks to cousin Greg Wilson for breaking this news late last night after the Super Bowl.  Cousins Dorothy and Greg are in Bonita for the annual Cousins Super Bowl party which was hosted this year by Cousin Debbie Esayian.  But Sarkes digresses.  

Super Bowl XIV (54) was played in Miami between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.  The Chiefs executed another come from behind victory, winning 31 -20.  It was an exciting game for sure.

The Chiefs put a beat down on the 49ers, winning 31 – 20

Sarkes, a Brown Man, particularly enjoyed the Half Time show with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez (Ja Lo).  At the Super Bowl Party that Sarkes attended, almost all of the participants, Rich, Old, White Men and Women, were confused, did not know Shakira, and for sure did not relate to to the Latin Pop music.  And no, there was no Wardrobe Malfunction, both Shakira and Ja Lo wore costumes with bare asses.  

Latin Pop was an appropriate Genre in Miami where Super Bowl XIV was played

Apparently, the Orange Linebacker was also watching Super Bowl XIV in the lush Theater at Mir-a-Lago.  Sarkes was invited to the Super Bowl party at Mir-a-Lago but prefers to watch the Super Bowl with his cousins. 

Shortly after Super Bowl XIV was over, the Orange Corner Back Tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 2 @ 9:36PM

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game, and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure. You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well. Our Country is PROUD OF YOU!

Immediately, Clarie McCaskill, former Senator from Missouri, Tweeted:

Claire McCaskill @ clairecmc – February 2 @ 10:02PM

Its Missouri you stone cold idiot!

Claire McCaskill thought that the Chiefs played in Kansas City, Missouri

The Orange Counter Puncher quickly counter punched:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – February 2 @ 10:19PM

Claire, you are a Loser you Fat Cow.  You are so dumb that you don’t know anything about your own state.  You are beleaguered and dumb as a rock. Let me share a map of your state as proof:

This map is proof positive that the Chiefs play in Kansas

The Map provided by the Orange Geographer clearly shows that Kansas City is in the state of Kanas, NOT Missouri.  Who would have guessed.  For the 58 years that Sarkes was a Missouri Citizen, he always thought that the Chiefs and baseball Royals played in Missouri. But Sarkes, a Truth Machine, must admit that he rarely traveled to the western side of Missouri.

While Sarkes has clear vision with his $6,000 Cataract Lenses, the Map provided by the Orange Topologist looks like it was altered by a Sharpie.  No, that’s not possible.