The Orange Educator

Executive Summary:

  • The United States ranks low in the world in Reading, Science, and Mathematics
  • Only the Orange Professor Can Fix This

At great risk, Sarkeses source in the White House, LEAKER, sent Sarkes an audio tape of a meeting between the Orange Pedagogue and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Sarkes provides a transcript of that meeting.  Sarkes cannot reveal LEAKERs identity as the White House Staff has been threatened to be charged with Treason if they Leak anything to the Press.

LEAKER does not want to charged with Treason

Start of Transcript:

Mick Mulvaney (Chief of Staff):  Boss, your next meeting is with Secretary Betsy DeVos.  

Donald Trump:  Who is Betsy DeVos?

Mick Mulvaney:  DeVos is your Secretary of Education.

Donald Trump:  Is DeVos that older, good looking Blond with Big Ta Tas at our Cabinet Meetings?

Mick Mulvaney:  That’s her Boss.  She donated a ton of money for your 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Betsy DeVos is qualified to lead the Department of Eduction, she donated a ton of money to the Trump Campaign and has big Ta Tas

Donald Trump:  But Mick, we already have Filly in the Cabinet, Mitch McConnells wife, you know, the Chink, what’s her name?

Mick Mulvaney:  That would be Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.  So you have one Rich White Woman and one Asian Woman connected to the Senate Majority Leader.

Elaine Chao is qualified to lead the Transportion Department, she is an Asian married to Moscow Mitch McConnell, not to be confused with Hoody Dooty

Donald Trump:  Got it Mick, I have the most diverse Cabinet in History, History.  What does DeVos want to talk about.

Mick Mulvaney:  Secretary DeVos wants to talk about our low Education rankings in the world.  

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos enters the room.

Betsy DeVos:  Good Morning Mr. President, thank you for seeing me.

Donald Trump (whispering to Mick Mulvaney):  Wow, DeVos may be a bit old, but I could Tap that for sure.

The Orange Bird Dog cannot help but look at DeVos’ big Ta Tas

Donald Trump:  What do you have Betsy?

Betsy DeVos:  Well Mr. President, our Education rankings in the World are slipping.  Of the top 72 countries, we rank 24th in Reading, 25th in Science, and 40th in Math.  I have some ideas…….

Donald Trump (interrupting and raising his voice): Well, if it weren’t for the Blacks, Hispanics and Immigrants from the Shit Hole countries, we would be Number 1, Number 1!!!

Betsy DeVos:  Mr. President, what I would like to do …….

Donald Trump (interrupting and raising his voice):  Listen Betsy, no offense, but ONLY I CAN FIX THIS.  Here is what we are going to do.  We will convert ALL Public Schools to TRUMP UNIVERSITY PREPARATORY Schools.   Every Public School in the country, got it.

Trump University was another successful Trump project

Betsy DeVos:  Uh, oh, but Mr. President ……..

Donald Trump (interrupting):  If it wasn’t for the Angry Democrats and Failed States Attorneys, my Trump University would be producing highly educated and competent graduates.  The Trump University Mascot was a Lion and our School Colors were WHITE and ORANGE.  There were no Losers at Trump University.  

The Fighting White Orange Lions of Trump University are a ferocious mascot

Donald Trump:  So Betsy, go make it happen.  ALL Public Schools in America will be converted to Trump University Preparatory Schools by the end of the year, got it.

Betsy DeVos:  Got it Boss, will do.

Betsy DeVos leaves the Room;

Donald Trump:  Well Mick, that went well don’t you think.

Mick Mulvaney:  Uh, yes Boss, it sure did.  As usual, Only You Can Fix This.  Great solution.

The Orange Tutor is the smartest President in US History, History

Mick Mulvaney has kept his job by being a Brown Nosing Yes Man