A Sarkes Corner Quiz

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes offers a Multiple Choice Political Quiz

The Quiz:  Identify who said the following:

“The party that lost the 2016 election, the Democratic Party, is trying to achieve results by other means.  The Democrats accused Trump of conspiracy with Russia, there was no conspiracy at all.  These are all made up charges.”

Was it:

A. Jim Jordon, Republican Representative from Ohio

Jim Jordan, like Sarkes, does not like to wear suits

B. Devin Nunes, Republican Representative from California

Devin Nunes is an Endangered Species, a Republican in California

C. Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas

Ted Cruz now sports a beard to confuse ICE when he goes back to Texas

D. Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader

Moscow Mitch has a strong resemblance to Howdy Doody

E. Vlads Putin, President for Life – Russian Federation

Vlads Putin is a Man’s Man

And the answer is D. Vlads Putin.  No, Sarkes cannot make this stuff up.  Vlads, commenting after the House Impeached the Orange Martyr,  vigorously defended his Boy Toy.  

Vlads and Donnie share a relaxing moment

We are definitely smack dab in the middle of Bizzaro World.  “Many People Say” that Vlads is setting up the Orange Credulous to get the Russian Federation invited to the G8 to be held at Trump Doral in 2020.  

The Russian Federation will join the G8 in 2020

Finally, Sarkeses source in the White House, LEAKER, reports that when the Orange Premier gets reelected in 2020, his Orange Majesty will create a “Worlds Strongman Club” to include his buds Putin, Erdogan, Xi, Durarte, and Jung Un

This is a Who’s Who of Strongmen