In the Hospital While Black in America

Executive Summary:

  • This is the 13th in the Soon to be Award Winning Series of “XXXX” While Black in America”
  • In this edition, a black hospital patient went on a walk with an IV drip and was apprehended by a security guard who thought he was stealing medical equipment

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me. 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner subscribers Canadian Bureau Contributor Peter Perrin and St. Louis special correspondent Dave Schepers for this head scratching story of being Black in America.

A Black man says he was racially profiled by White police officers while he was being treated at an Illinois hospital and went for a walk hooked up to an IV drip.  Police arrested Shaquille Dukes, 24, of misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a security guard called them, saying that Black Man Dukes was trying to steal medical equipment.

The Freeport, Illinois Police Department confirmed that Black Man Dukes filed a complaint “alleging unfair and biased conduct by responding officers.” The department said it has retained an outside, third-party investigator to “gather the facts, interview all parties involved, and determine whether officers conducted themselves in adherence to department policies and guidelines.”

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

Black Man Dukes stated that he was on vacation in Freeport, about 100 miles west of Chicago, when he came down with double pneumonia and went to the hospital. Black Man Dukes was admitted to Freeport Memorial Hospital for two days.

Freeport Memorial Hospital, the scene of the crime

On the morning of the second day, Black Man Dukes said he was feeling better and asked doctors if he could go for a walk. He went outside with a friend and his brother, still wearing his hospital gown and pushing a steroid and antibiotic IV drip.  Once outside, Black Man Dukes said a White Security Guard called them over to his car and asked if they were trying to “leave the hospital and sell the IV equipment on eBay.”  Freeport, IL has a population of over 25,000 of which 16% are African American, so the White Security Guard must of had experience with the Criminal Black Man.

Black Man Shaquille Dukes was given permission by doctors to take a walk

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

“I was livid, I was irate,” Black Man Dukes said. “The first thing he said to me wasn’t, ‘What’s your name? Can I help you?’ but ‘Are you stealing this?'” Black Man Dukes said his friend began recording the encounter, as Black Man Dukes was trying to explain to the security guard that they were on a walk.

That’s when the security guard White Security Guard called for police backup. The White Security  Guard told police, “I have three black males attempting to steal medical equipment from the hospital.”

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

Police arrested all three men, charging them with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Two of the men were also charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest, according to the Freeport Police. 

Black Man Dukes was handcuffed and was Perp-Walked to the Patrol Car

Balck Man Dukes stated that police officers took his emergency inhaler and his IV was removed, though not by a doctor. Black Man Dukes was taken back to hospital in handcuffs

The Freeoirt Police department has appointed an independent investigator to look at the case, and the hospital declined to comment, citing patient confidentiality.

Huh, what, um, wow, whoooa, are you kidding me.

The Sarkes Corner Medical bureau looked on E Bay but could not find the going resale rate for a steroid and antibiotic IV drip.

Its hard to find an IV Drip on Ebay