The Root Cause of these Mass Murders

Executive Summary:

  • An Ohio politician blames mass shootings on “drag queen advocates”, Obama, open borders, more 
  • Sarkes learns something new every day

“Many People Say” Sarkes, how do you know as much as you do about everything.  Well, Sarkes must admit, that while he has been called a Stable Genius, Sarkes learns something new every day.

Sarkes had always thought that the Tsunami of Mass Murders by Angry White Men were caused by the fact that they are Deranged or embrace a White Supremacy value system.  

Wow, was Sarkes wrong.  Like Sarkes neighbors in the Spring Run Silver Creek Conservative Breakfast club, who teach Sarkes the tenants of Conservatism, Sarkes now knows the Root Cause of all these Mass Murders.  Thanks to Ohio State Representative, Conservative Candice Keller, in a Facebook posting, laid it all out for Sarkes in a way that is easily understood.  

Conservative Candice Keller has figured out the Root Cause of Mass Murders in America, it’s simple

In her Facebook posting, Conservative Candice Keller complained that Liberals play the “Blame Game” after every mass murder perpetrated by Angry White Men.  Conservative Candice Keller said why not place the blame where it belongs.  She went on to identify those to blame for the Mass Murders:

  • Drag Queen Advocates
  • Open Borders
  • Fatherlessness
  • Gay Marriage
  • Violent Video Games
  • Acceptance of Recreational Marijuana
  • Democrats in Congress
  • Barrack Obama

Conservative Candice Keller summed up the root cause of Mass Murders by Deranged White Men – the breakdown of the traditional American Family. 

Drag Queens have caused many of the Mass Murders by Deranged White Men

The Invasion of America by Mexican Caravans have increased Mass Murders by White Supremacists 

If only they had a father, the Mass Murders would stop
Conservative Keller claims that Gay Marriage leads to Mass Murders
The White Man is driven to Mass Murder because of violent Video Games

If Mary Jane was illegal, there would be no Mass Murders

Democrats have driven many a Conservative White Man to become a Mass Murderer

One thing that Sarkes has learned from his Conservative neighbors…it’s always Obama’s fault

It seems simple, if Conservatives can repair the traditional American Family, the Mass Murders will stop.  If anyone can do it, the Conservatives can, after all, the GOP is the Party of Family Values.