The July 4th Celebration in Washington DC

Executive Summary:

  • Late Breaking News, Sarkes reports on a Meeting in the Oval Office
  • Sarkes reviles behind the scenes decisions 

In Late Breaking News, before heading to Europe with the Sarkes Corner Staff, Sarkes received an Emergency Call from his source in the White House, LEAKER.  At great risk, LEAKER said that he had a recording of a meeting in the Oval Office between the Orange Commander and Chief of Staff (Acting) Mick Mulvaney, discussing the 4th of July Celebration in DC.  

Sarkes provides the transcript of the meeting between the Orange King Pin and Mulvaney, Word for Word.  Sarkes reports, you decide.

Mick Mulvaney and the Orange Czar discussing the 2019 4th of July events in DC

Mick Mulvaney:  “Boss, there are a few things we need to discuss about the 4th of July Celebration tomorrow ….”

The Orange Commandant: (Interrupting) “Mick, this will be the GREATEST event in American History.  There is no other Military that comes close to ours.  We will put all of those other parades to shame.  Even my buds Vlads and Kim will not be able to compete.  I am a WINNER and will always be a WINNER.  There will be a record number of people in the National Mall, even more than my Inauguration!”

Mick Mulvaney:  “Ok Boss, but I need to go over a few things.  First, the Press and Democrats will be watching you closely.  They claim that you are using Tax Payer money for what will be a Political Rally for your 2020 Presidential Run.  You need to be careful about what you say …..”

The Orange Monarch: (Interrupting) “Mick, F – – k the Fake News Media and the Socialist Democrats, they are all a bunch of F – – king Idiots, Stone Cold Losers, Low IQ, Deranged Animals.  I will say what ever I want, you understad.  Let them try to charge my Campaign.  I will just ignore them, and if they sue we have the Supreme Court in our pocket.  F – – K THEM! What’s Next.

Mick Mulvaney: “Uh, oh, well, OK, I don’t have anything else”

The Orange Emperor:  “Well Mick, I have a few questions.  Have Sarah Sanders get a hold of my Sec Def Patrick Shanahan”

Mick Mulvaney:  “Uh Boss, Sarah Sanders resigned as of the end of June and Shanahan resigned a few weeks ago over some Domestic Violence issues.  Your new Press Secretary is Stephanie Grisham who will do double duty as Melania’s Press Secretary.  Your new Acting Sec Def is Mark Esper.”

Sarah Sanders will go down in history as the White House Press Secretary that held the fewest and shortest White House Press Briefings

Patrick Shanahan will be Completely Exonerated, Case Closed, Boeing Executives are guided by a strong Code of Ethics

Stephanie Grisham will make a great Press Secretary, while she is not Blonde, she does have Big Ta Tas and could work at Fox News 
Mark Esper is doing double duty as the Acting Sec Def and Secretary of the Army, no big deal, the Orange Commander does not need a Sec Def

The Orange Autocrat:  “Oh well, we don’t need a Press Secretary, I told Sarah not to hold any Press Conferences, make sure Stephanie gets the word.  And I don’t believe for a minute that Shanahan is guilty of Domestic Violence.  He told me he did not do that and I have no reason to doubt him.  After all, he was a Boeing Executive and they have a strict Code of Conduct.  That Sarkes guy was also a Boeing Executive and his Sarkes Corner is Fair and Balanced.  Oh well, get Esper in here immediately.  

Meeting is suspended and 30 minutes later Acting Sec Def Mark Esper arrives from the Pentagon.

Mark Esper:  “Sir, Mick said that  you had a few questions about the 4th of July activities tomorrow.”

The Orange King: “Mark, Mick tells me that you have scheduled a Fly Over with Air Force 1, the F-18 Blue Angels, and the F-22.  If anyone asks, you are using DOD Training Budget for these Flyovers, understand.  And, Air Force 1 and F-18 Blue Angels are great Boeing products that always come in ahead of schedule and under cost so give them the most Air time.  The Failed Lockheed Martin F-22 is BILLIONS over cost and YEARS behind Schedule.  Scratch the F-22 from the Flyover.”

Air Force 1 is a High Quality Boeing product that has been serving Presidents for Decades

The Blue Angels are High Quality Boeing F-18s and will never be replaced by the Failed Lockheed Martin F-35 or F-22

Mark Esper:  “Uh, oh, well, yes Sir, will do”

The Orange Royal Majesty:  “And Mark, I want those Abrams Tanks that are staged on the National Mall to roll toward the Podium when I talk, understand.”

Mark Esper:  “But sir, we can’t do that, the DC Mayor and Police have told us that the Abrams Tanks are not allowed on their streets due to the damage that will cause…..”

The Abrams Tank is the fastest, most powerful Tank in the World

The Orange Potentate:  (interrupting)  “Just what about I just told you don’t you understand, remember that I am your Boss and you take orders directly from me.  And F – – k that Failed DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, her name is Bowser because she has the face of the Dog.  What is DC going to do, send me a Bill, (laughing), I’ll just ignore that like I do everything else, now make it happen.

Mark Esper:  “Yes sir, whatever you say”

The Orange Premier:  “Now Mark, Mick Tells me that the stupid Baby Trump Ballon will be flying over the National Mall.  That is Totally Illegal, Evil, flown by Fools, Seriously Flawed, a Hit Job, Phony and TREASONOUS, TREASONOUS!  If they fly the Baby Trump Ballon I am ordering you to shoot is down, I don’t care what you use. Understand.”

The Baby Trump Ballon is Treasonous and will be shot down

The Orange Exalted Ruler:  “Mark, one last thing, I want our troops to Goose Step when they march toward me before I speak.  If Putins, Kims, Duartes, and Erderon’s troops can Goose Step our US troops should Goose Step higher and better.”

Mark Esper whispers to Mick Mulvaney: (whispering) “Mick, we do not have any troops lined up to march tomorrow, where did he get that idea.”

Mick Mulvaney whispers to Mark Esper: (whispering) “Mark, just shake your head and leave.”

US Troops do not Goose Step but can learn fast

The Orange Fuhrer:  “Ok Mick, that should do it.  Oh wait, has my Uniform been delivered?  While I am the fittest President EVER, I want to make sure that the Tailor did not screw up and made it too tight.”

Mick Mulvaney:  “Your Uniform was delivered, I’ll bring it right up.”

The Orange Admiral looks sharp in his Uniform.  He won’t be wearing military shoes due to his Bone Spurs