Trump and Sarkes, 2 Peas in a Pod?

Executive Summary:

  • Is it possible that the Orange Cantaloupe and Sarkes have enough in Common that they are 2 Peas in a Pod?

“Many People Say” Sarkes, you and the Orange Jumpsuit have so much in common that you are 2 Peas in a Pod.

At first, Sarkes was in Full Denial.  How could this be?  Sarkes, a Truth Machine, stepped away from this story and asked his Crack Sarkes Corner Investigative Team to investigate.

In a somber meeting at the Sarkes Corner Headquarters, the Harsh Facts were laid out for Sarkes by the Sarkes Corner Investigative Team:

1. Sarkes and the Orange Creamsicle were both Democrats before becoming Republicans. 

Both Sarkes and the Orange Donkey were Liberal Democrats who saw the light and became Conservative Republicans

2. Not only did Sarkes and the Orange Ameba switched to become Republicans, both became staunch Reagan Conservatives.

Sarkes and the Orange Orangutan are Ultra Conservatives, walking in the foot steps of the Great Conservative Ronald Reagan

3. The Orange Commander in Tweets and Sarkes did not serve in the Viet Nam War. The Orange Podiatrist had Bone Spurs and Sarkes had a High Draft Lottery Number (Young Subscribers to Sarkes Corner need to Google “Viet Nam Era Draft Lottery” for details).

To this day, the Orange Orthopedic suffers from Bone Spurs which are so painful that he cannot sleep, so he Tweets

Sarkeses Draft Lottery Number was 288 out of 365 so he was not drafted

4. The Orange Exalted Leader and Sarkes have both been the Victims of Investigations.  The Orange Goliath was victimized by Mueller and the 17 “Angry Democrats”.   Sarkes was investigated by the “16 Angry Sweeds” on the Nobel Committee for Plagiarism while writing the Award Winning Sarkes Corner.  Both Investigations were Phony, a Hoax, Hit Job, Witch Hunt, Failed Takedown, Treasonous, and a Thousand Stabs, a Thousand.

The Orange Victim was the target of 17 Angry Democrats and was COMPLETELY EXONERATED!

Sarkes was falsely accused by the 16 Angry Sweeds on the Nobel Committee, all of whom are White, investigating Sarkes, a Brown Man

5. Both Sarkes and the Orange Flag Stick love to play Golf.  The Orange Divot uses the USGA Rules of Golf and Cheats to get his Low Handicap.  Sarkes uses the Eric Pedersen Rules of Golf but still has a High Handicap.

While the Orange Sand Trap has the skill, Bone Spurs have kept the Orange Bogey from becoming a Pro Golfer

6.  Both Sarkes and the Orange Tangerine are Colored.  Trump is Orange and Sarkes is a Brown Man.  Being people of Color has not stopped the Orange Zest or Sarkes from accomplishing great things.

The Orange Bully Making America Great Again one Tweeter at a Time

Brown Sarkes Making America Great Again one Sarkes Corner at a Time

7. Both the Orange Einstein and Sarkes are Extremely STABLE GENIUSES.  The Orange Monarchs Lackeys are often paraded in front of the Fox News Cameras to give testimony on the Genius of the Orange Intellect.  On the other hand, Sarkeses Genius is demonstrated in Sarkes Corner.  

Trump, Sarkes and Einstein are 3 Peas in a Stable Genius Pod, Trump and Einstein have similar Hair Styles

The Orange Merchandiser has added a ‘Stable Genius” line of clothes in his Trump Enterprises Catalog 

8. The Orange Pacifier and Sarkes are always Cool and Calm.  At a recent Sarkes Corner Staff Meeting, Sarkes took a poll of the Sarkes Corner staff and was told:

  • “Sarkes, You were very Calm, and you laid out the case”
  • “You are Calm, very Calm”
  • “You are always Calm”
  • “I don’t know how you stay so Calm”
The Orange Pacifier is always Calm, Very Calm, just ask him

Sarkes, a perennial finalist for the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, can make an inference from only 1 Data Point.  Here, the Sarkes Corner Staff has provided 8 Data Points, 8!,  that the Orange Tabby and Sarkes have much in common.  Now that’s powerful, indisputable Data.

Well, there you have it, the Harsh Truth, Proof Positive that the Orange Crush and Sarkes are indeed, 2 Peas in a Pod.

Sarkes and the Orange Nehi, 2 Peas in a Pod