America is Invading Mexico

Executive Summary:

  • A new report shows that Older Americans are invading Mexico
  • Mexicans are concerned that invading Americans will negatively impact the Mexican culture. 
  • To stop this invasion, Mexico plans on building a great big beautiful wall 

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Washington DC Bureau Chief Ashok Agrawal for his investigative report on the invasion of Mexico by Gray Americans. 

Old, White Americans are immigrating to Mexico in Uuuuuuge numbers.  Mexico is planning to build a great big beautiful wall and make America pay for the wall. Sarkes suspects that these reverse immigrants are all Demon Dems.   Ironic?

There is a little-noticed surge across the U.S. / Mexico border, an invasion if you will, of Americans heading south to Mexico.  The Gray American Barons of the 18th century built its mansions in Mexico, but today, the current Gray Americans invading Mexico are building Pickleball Courts. 

Gray American Invaders love their Pickleball

The invasion started with just a few American retirees. Today, dozen Gray Americans fill the Pickleball courts at the municipal sports center most mornings, swinging paddles at plastic balls. It is anticipated that if the invasion of Gray Americans into Mexico continues, Pickleball will replace Soccer as the national sport of Mexico.

Pickleball will overtake Soccer as the national sport in Mexico

The Orange ICE Agent regularly assails the flow of migrants crossing the Mexican border into the United States. Less noticed has been the surge of people heading in the opposite direction.  The Mexican Government estimated that the U.S. born population in their country has reached 1.5 Million, a fourfold increase since 1990.  With Gray Democrats going to Mexico in record numbers and the elimination of the 5 million Illegal Mexicans who voted for Hillary, the Orange Premier will have a landslide win in 2020.

The Orange Ice Agent is not concerned of the migration of Gray Americans to Mexico as these are mostly Liberal Democrats

Americans, lead by the Gray Invaders, are Mexico’s largest immigrant group. As in the United States, Mexicans are deeply divided over the invasion of the Gray Americans.  While American immigrants in Mexico have largely been welcomed, there is still a concern on how they might impact the Mexican culture and economy.  As an example, in the city of San Miguel, over 10% of the city’s 100,000 residents are the Gray American Invaders.  San Miguel’s mayor now delivers his annual State of the Municipality address in English and Spanish.

Mexican authorities say that many of the Gray American Invaders are undocumented (illegal).  Typically, they’ve overstayed their six-month visas. “Many People (in Mexico) Say” that they do not mind the Illegal Americans as they come to work or just spend their money in Mexico, just like illegal Mexicans living in America.

So why are Gray Americans invading Mexico?  Given the dollar’s strength against the Mexican peso, an American getting by on Social Security and a modest pension can rent a high-ceilinged apartment, hire a maid, and eat out most nights.  So in Mexico, a Lower Middle Class White Democrat can live like a Rich Old White Republican does in America.

A lower middle class White American Democrat can have an opulent life of a Rich Old White Republican in Mexico

The Gray American Invaders are keeping their American Culture and have no need to learn and speak Spanish.  One Gray American Invader, said, 

“For the things you can’t find, you just buy them off Amazon.”  This upsets many Mexicans who say that if the Invading Gringos want to live in Mexico they should speak Mexican.  This is no different than Conservative Queen Sarah Palin who says that Immigrants in the United States should speak American.

Sarah Palin says all Immigrants should speak American, and the Orange Bird Dog likes her big Ta Tas

There’s a dazzling array of activities for the English-speaking Gray American Invaders: the Rotary Club, Quilters’ Circle, American Dancing Clubs, Golf, Alcoholics Anonymous., and, of course, Pickleball.  

Gray American Invaders love to Dance, but not the Cha Cha
Gray American Invaders who drink too much Tequila can go to AA meetings

Since 2015, data from the American Government shows that more Mexicans have returned to Mexico than Mexicans moving to the United States, and the Invasion of Gray Americans is exponentially increasing.

As such, and in concern for the Mexican Culture, a source in the Mexican White House, code name SENIOR LEAKER, has told Sarkes that Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has ordered his Cabinet to start the planning for the building of a Great Big Beautiful Wall to stop the Invasion of the Gray Americans.  And, Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that Americans will pay for the new Wall. After all, Americans are already paying for the big beautiful Trump Wall currently under construction.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to stop the Invasion of Mexico

Mexico will build a wall to keep out the Gray Invaders and American Taxpayers will Pay

Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Sarkes Corner should be the news source for all Americans seeking the Truth.  You will never see this story on Fox News Fair and Balanced.   Sarkes has multiple degrees from several Universities, but none more prestigious than Trump University.

Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Graduate of Trump University