Does Trump Cheat at Golf?

Executive Summary:

  • Rick Reilly has written a book about how the Orange Duffer Cheats at Golf
  • Is this just another Vicious Attack, Hoax, Witch Hunt, Hit Job, Illegal Take Down, and Treasonous attack against the Orange Caddie? 
  • There are a number of different Rules of Golf, so what seems like Cheating may not be.  At Spring Run, some of us use the Pedersen Alternate Rules of Golf

The Orange Flag Stick is under constant Siege by the Liberal Press and Demon Democrats.  The latest assault against the Orange Shanker is from Sports Writer, Rick Reilly.  While both are famous Writers, do not mistake Rick Reilly for Bill Reilly.

Rick Reilly is leading the latest vicious attack on the Orange Ace

Bill Reilly was the Fox News Cash Cow but got the Old Heave Ho for P-Grabbing

Rick Reilly’s new book; COMMANDER IN CHEAT, documents that the Orange Flag Stick is a Serial Cheater when he plays Golf.  In addition to his Sports books, Reilly is best known for his work on ESPN and ABC Sports.  With his vicious attack on the Orange Bogey, Reilly is obviously a Demon Democrat. 

For sure, the Orange Bogey is the most proficient Presidential Golfer of All Time.  It is projected that the Orange Mulligan will play over 600 rounds of Golf during his eight years in office as President, far surpassing the previous record established by Barrack Obama who played 306 round of Golf in his eight years in office.

Barrack Obama currently holds the record for Rounds of Golf played as President

It is estimated that the Orange Slicer will have played over 600 Rounds of Golf during his eight years in office, a Record that may never be broken.

The Orange Birdie should get credit where credit is due.  He has kept most of his Campaign Promises………except 1.  During his Campaign, the Orange Sand Bunker said:

  • “I’m going to be working for you.  I’m not going to have time to play golf.”
  • “I love golf, but if I were in the White House, I don’t think I’d ever see Turnberry (a Trump Golf Resort) again, I don’t think I’d ever see Doral (a Trump Golf Resort) again, I don’t ever think I’d see anything — I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off, make great deals, right? Who’s gonna leave?”
The Orange Pinocchio has only flipped on one Campaign promise, not bad.
“Many People Say” you know when the Lier Lier Orange Pants on Fire is lying……his lips are moving

The foundation of Golf, from weekend Duffers to the Pros, is that the Sport is self-managed, there are no Umpires or Referees.  So what are some of the Fake News allegations perpetrated by Rick Reilly on how the Orange Fairway Cheats when playing Golf:

  • Taking credit for several Club Championships when he did not complete in the Tournaments.
  • Lying about his Score
  • Hitting Multiple Balls without counting the strokes
  • Sabotaging the shots of  his Opponents
  • Claiming during his Campaign that he was a “Winner” having won 18 Club Championships”
  • Claiming to have a 3 Handicap but Pros he has played with estimate that he probably is really a 10 Handicap
  • Taking a Competitors Golf Ball and throwing it into a Sand Bunker
  • Driving his Golf Cart across the Green
  • Always Tees off First even if he does not have the “Honors” (best score on the previous hole) and then drives down the Fairway before his Competitors hit their Tee Shot
  • Hitting a ball into Water and claiming he did not see it so he takes a second free shot
  • Putting a lower number on the Score Card than what he actually scored
The Orange Gimmie has been accused of Cheating when playing Golf

But is the Orange Stroke Play a Cheater when he plays Golf?  Sarkes says Whooooa, not so fast.  If one is playing Golf by USGA Rules then, yes, the Orange Ball Mark is a Cheater.  BUT, there are more than one set of Rules when playing Golf.  As an example, at the Spring Run Golf Club in Bonita Springs, FL, Sarkes home course, neighbor Eric Pedersen has developed an innovated set of Alternative Rules of Golf that are different from those used by the USGA.  As such, when using the Pedersen Rules of Golf one could be accused of Cheating under the USGA Rules of Golf.

Eric Pedersen, originator of the Pedersen Alternative Rules of Golf

In his Book, Rick Reilly asked;  Why does no one push back at all? Why does everyone he plays with just smile and let him cheat?.  The answer:  

Because it’s his course. You get to play free, and he’s probably gonna pay for lunch, but all that matters is that he wins. That’s the only requirement when you’re on the Trump train.

“Many People Say”; Sarkes, who cares? It doesn’t even matter does it?

Well, Sarkes, a High Handicapper, does not know if any of accusations that the Orange Worm Burner are true.  But, golf is based on integrity. Golfers call their own penalties. So if the Orange Divot Cheats at Golf, then why wouldn’t he cheat on Taxes, Wives, Elections, Suppliers, things he said he said to people, things he wrote, etc? He could lie about anything if he’s gonna lie about Golf. 

But, on the other hand, this could all be another Vicious Attack, Hoax, Witch Hunt, Hit Job, Illegal Take Down, and Treasonous attack against the Orange Flop Shot.