English is a Second Language for the Florida Cracker

Executive Summary:

  • Four White people in a Florida-based gang are accused of beating a Black gang member unconscious and tattooing a racial slur onto his neck, which they misspelled
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) should be taught to Crackers and Crackerettes in Florida Elementary Schools
  • While generally recognized as a Genius, every now and then, Sarkes learns more about his Florida Cracker neighbors and life in general

Sarkes had generally believed that Gangs were homogeneous, i.e., comprised of like people, people of the same ilk.  We are all familiar with Hispanic Gangs, Black Gangs, White Gangs (KKK), Italian Gangs (Mafia) and Rich Old White Men Gangs.  BUT, in Florida, there is apparently at least one gang that embraces Diversity.  This is so progressive. 

Hispanic Gangs are “Mean Hombres”

Black Gangs kill each other in Chicago

Old Rich White Man Gangs getting richer, celebrating TRICKLE DOWN

The Crazy White Boys gang, (CWB), in Marion County Florida, is a role model for Gangs in that it embraces Diversity with Cracker members, Women members and Black members.  Sarkes ponders the once the CWB embraced Diversity and welcomed Women and Black members, whey didn’t they change their name? Hmmmmm  Maybe the CWBs had a dwindling membership.  

White Gang members Luke Evans, Brandon Hayley and Mary Elizabeth Durham were charged with aggravated battery and armed robbery for attacking Black Gang member Michael Hart.  Black Gang Member Michael Hart told police that the Perps came to his home on the evening of Jan. 24 and shut the door. The Perps told Black Man Hart that  they planned to cover his  gang tattoo, “CWB” for Crazy White Boys, on his neck. Apparently, Black Man Hart had violated Gang rules.

The CWB Gang embraces Diversity

White Man Evans pulled out a knife and he and White Man Hayley held Black Man Hart down and began tattooing his neck. Black Man Hart tried to resist but was knocked out by White Man Hayley.  Black Man Hart woke up to find the message “F–k, Niger” tattooed on his neck.  Spelling is obviously not a strong suit for the Florida Gang Cracker as he meant to tattoo “F – – k, Nigger”.  Hmmmmmmmm

Black Man Hart said his hands were twisted and his butt hurt as though he had just been sodomized. He also saw blood, but couldn’t provide any more details about the alleged assault. His cell phone had also been stolen.

The Perps, White Gang members Evans, Haley, and Durham, were arrested for armed robbery and aggravated battery.  During their initial questioning by the  Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Perps said said that they misspelled the tattoo and their intent was not to curse the landlocked West African nation, Niger.

Niger is a country in West Africa, close to where Obama was born

The Orange Diplomat calls Niger a “Shit Hole Country”

This is yet another example of the failed Elementary School systems in Florida.  Sarkes, a man of solutions, highly recommends that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, in addition to making “The Art of the Deal” a mandatory read in Junior High Schools, make English as a Second Language (ESL) a required course in Florida Elementary Schools.  Hmmmm, Sarkes ponders, is the Orange P-Grabber Tapping Betsy?

Betsy DeVos has no qualifications but does have big Ta Tas.  In this pic, the Orange Sniffer is pointing out Betsy’s qualifications

No friends, Sarkes does not make this stuff up.  Many of you have led sheltered lives and do not realize that people like these Perps live amongst us in America, each in their own way, Making America Great Again.