Boeing Under Siege

Executive Summary:

  • Boeing has been in the news daily with vicious attacks
  • Boeing is a victim of a Hit Job, Hoax, Which Hunt, Coup, and Failed Take Down

Boeing is under siege by Whistle Blowers, the Liberal Press, The Government Accountably Office (GAO), and Third World Country Airlines.

Boeing has been accused of Design issues in the 737 Max8, and Foreign Object (FO) issues with the 787 and KC46 Tanker programs.

Boeing is the largest Aerospace company in the World and the largest EXPORTER of American Made products.  Boeing employs over 150,000 Americans with high paying technical jobs.  In addition to producing high Quality Commercial airplanes, Boeing produces high Quality products for the US Department of Defense. Just a few of these products are:

F/A 18 a much better value than the F35
B1 Bomber a workhorse for the US Air Force
Apache Helicopter provides close in support
Harpoon is one of many Boeing missiles
C17 State of the Art Cargo Plane
Boeing Satellites work 24/7/365

But wait, “Many People Say”, Sarkes, how can you objectively report on these Boeing scandals as a retired Boeing Executive.  Shouldn’t your Recuse yourself from reporting on Boeing?

Sarkes Responds:  Yes, Sarkes retired from Boeing, gets a Boeing Pension, has a few Boeing shirts, and may have a share or two of Boeing Stock.  Having said that, Sarkes WILL NOT RECUSE himself from reporting on Boeing.  Sarkes, a Truth Machine, is offended that his Journalistic integrity might be questioned.  Sarkes is committed to Fair and Balanced reporting.

Sarkes has an extensive wardrobe of Boeing shirts and hats

On the question of whether Sarkes should Recuse himself for reporting on Boeing, the Orange Orator weighed in via Tweeter on Air Force 1 on his way to another great weekend of Golf at Mir-a-Lago:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – April 27 @ 11:56PM

“Unlike that coward Jeff Sessions, I applaud Sarkes for NOT Recusing himself from reporting on Boeing.  Next to Sean Hannity, there is no more Fair and Objective reporter than Sarkes.  Mr. Magoo Sessions is a Dumb Southerner and should have never Recused himself from the Russian Hoax, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else.  Sarkes should stand strong against the Enemy of the People, the Fake News Media.”

Mr. Magoo Jeff Sessions should have never Recused himself

Boeing has been accused of:

  • Taking short cuts in the accreditation process for the 737 Max8
  • Intimidating and manipulating the FAA
  • Sloppy manufacturing practices in leaving Foreign Objects (shavings, tools, etc) in the 787 and KC46 Tanker programs.  
  • Conflict of Interest charges against Under Sec Def Pat Shanahan, a former Executive VP at Boeing

Sarkes and the crack Investigative Reporters at Sarkes Corner interviewed numerous Boeing employees from Mechanics, QA Inspectors, and Management.  Also interviewed were employees of the FAA and Domestic Air Carriers.  

Sarkeses Findings:

  • In regards to Pat Shanahan, it is true that he called the Lockheed Martin F35 program F – – ked Up.  The GAO found that to be true, the F35 is BILLIONS of dollars over cost and YEARS behind schedule.  Lockheed Martin has been feeding off the US Tax Payer Teat for years with their failed F35 program.  
Sarkes worked for Pat Shanahan at Boeing and has seen that look, and knows exactly what he is thinking

  • In regards to the FAA, Boeing stated that they were following the instructions of the FAA, a regulatory agency, and the FAA had the final approval of the Accreditation of the 737 Max8
  • In regards to the FO in the manufacturing processes, Boeing said that FO has been a part of aircraft manufacturing for years, but Boeing makes sure that all FO is removed from the aircraft before delivery to the customer.
  • Boeing stated that in the few instances were FO was found by the customer, while it was possible it could have been Boeing’s fault, it also could have been the Russians, or the Chinese, or a 400 lb guy sitting on a couch in his mothers basement.

Sarkeses Findings: 

“Many People Say” to Sarkes that they think it’s Boeing’s fault. Sarkes has talked to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg; he said it’s not Boeing. Sarkes will say this: he does not see any reason why it would be.

While Sarkes has great confidence in Whistle Blowers and the Liberal Press, Sarkes will tell you that Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg was extremely strong and powerful in his denial.

Look at Muilenburg — what he’s doing with Boeing — I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Boeing and also rebuilding Boeing period.

Every time Muilenburg talks to Sarkes, he says, ‘We didn’t do that,’ and Sarkes really believes he means it.

Dennis Muilenburg is a strong leader

Sarkes concludes that Boeing has been a victim of of a Hit Job, Hoax, Which Hunt, Coup, and Failed Take Down.  Boeing has been COMPLETELY EXONERATED.

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, should I buy Boeing Stock.  Sarkes says that while past performance is not indicative of future results, and Sarkes is not a Certified Financial Planner, ………the answer is Yes.