Welcome Back George Zimmerman!

Executive Summary:

  • After several years of flying under the radar, Sarkes Corner Hall of Famer George Zimmerman is back in the news!  Hurray!

Sarkes has many skills and accolades.  Sarkes is renowned Statistician, could pass the Bar in any state after watching Judge Judy for 22 years, past Presidential Candidate, and future Pulitzer and Nobel Prize Winner.  But Sarkes recognizes that his fame as a Journalist is owed to George Zimmerman.

Recent Subscribers to Sarkes Corner might not know that Sarkes Corner was a struggling Blog until George Zimmerman came on the screen.  Sarkeses reporting on George Zimmerman cemented Sarkeses Journalistic Acumen. 

Well, George Zimmerman, the only celebrity in the Sarkes Corner Hall of Fame, is back in the news.  Many early subscribers to Sarkes Corner, including Sarkes Corner contributors sister Cindy Mamelian and friend Steve Peat Moss broke the story of George Zimmermans return to the headlines.

Sarkes Corner Hall of Famer George Zimmerman

You know George Zimmerman:

– Killer of of Skittle Eating, Ice Team Drinking, African Americans Teens

– Killer of Hoodie Sales in Florida

– 2nd Amendment Zombie

– NRA Poster Child

– Famed Artist and Copyright thief

– Serial women abuser

-Republican and staunch supporter of Donald Trump

Black Teen Trayvon Martin was killed for eating Skittles and drinking ice tea in a White neighborhood

After a failed marriage and several relationships with women that ended with our man George Zimmerman beating the women, George has resorted to Dating Apps to find his next girlfriend.  

Dating App Tinder recently removed Zimmerman from its platform. In true Zimmerman mode, our man went by an alias “Carter” and claimed to be looking for “carefree, fun!”

According to his fictitious bio, “Carter” (George) is a self-employed consultant who attended Liberty University (ironically, a Christian Evangelical University).  The profile stated that Carter enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking, quiet nights and takeout from Longhorn Steakhouse. The App shows George shirtless and wearing sunglasses. Another shows George with a dog, and yet another shows him in a cap and gown.  George (Carter) failed to say that he; Packs Heat, Abuses Women, hates Black People, and is a Serial Liar.

Carter has a different profile from George

Alas, our Man George was removed from Tinder citing impersonation as a violation of its policies.  Impersonation is one of George Zimmerman’s Core Competencies.  Recall that George tried to make money by stealing Black & White Photos, painting them, then tried to sell these fraudulent works on line as George Zimmerman original art.  George was just another staunch Republican executing a White Collar Crime.

George’s stole copywrited pictures and transformed them in to George Art

More fraudulent George Art

One must give George credit in his continued conquest of the Skirt.  Another Dating App, Bumble, previously banned George from their platform in December.  A spokesperson for Bumble stated:  “George Zimmerman was blocked and banned in December 2018 when we first discovered his profile and we have blocked and banned him again after we were informed by our users that he had created a new unverified profile.”  In his endless pursuit of the Skirt, George does not give up.  

In July 2013, a jury found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Martin. Martin’s death and the subsequent verdict caused national outcry.  A fledgling Blog, Sarkes Corner, provided America, Fair and Balanced reporting on the Zimmerman trial, in addition to in-depth analysis and commentary.

A jury of his Cracker Peers found George Not Guilty of Murdering Trayvon Martin

Since his trial, our man George has NOT kept a low profile:

  • He was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and domestic violence for threatening the father of his then wife with a hand gun.
  • In order to make ends meet, George attempted to auction off the gun that he used to Kill Black Teen Trayvon Martin.
  • He was accused of stalking a private investigator who had been hired by a film company working on a documentary of George’s life. George threatened to feed the PI to an alligator!
  • On two separate occasions with 2 separate girl friends, George was arrested for domestic violence.  
Since being acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin, George has been arrested several times

George Zimmerman is a solid part of the Orange Emperors Base; George is an Uneducated, Underemployed, Heat Packing White Guy.  On his way to becoming the greatest Conservative President we ever had, the Orange Creamsicle was a regular guest on the Fox News Fair & Balanced show, Fox and Friends.  On Fox and Friends, the Orange Jumpsuit said about George Zimmerman:

  • “I Don’t Disagree With Verdict But George Zimmerman is Not Going To Heaven Very Quickly”
  • “This George Zimmerman is really a mess – he really has to just disappear! He attacked his wife last night.”
  • “Who was at fault, Zimmerman or Martin, You could have solved it very quickly with a camera in the right spot,”

As it turns out, the Orange Traffic Cone did not need George Zimmerman’s vote in 2016.  Had it not been for the 5 million votes cast by Illegal Mexicans, the Orange Cheeto would have won both the Electoral College and Popular votes.

Taking pictures with his Base at a Rally in Florida, Trump did not realize he had posed with Zimmerman

Welcome Back George, you have been gone too long.  All of the fame and accolades bestowed on Sarkes Corner would not have been possible with out you.