Sarkes Sues the Baltimore Orioles, An Update

Executive Summary:

  • In a recent edition of Sarkes Corner, Sarkes explained why he was in the process of Suing the Baltimore Orioles.
  • There is some late breaking update.

Sarkes has explained that he is suing the Baltimore Orioles for Breech of Contract as Pond Scum owner Bill Veeck had signed a contract with Baby Sarkes in August of 1952 for Sarkes to become a St. Louis Brown starting in March of 1970.  

Why is Sarkes suing the Baltimore Orioles? You see, the St. Louis Browns left St. Louis in 1953 and became the Baltimore Orioles.

Sarkes maintains that Veeck, the precursor to Pond Scum owner LA Rams owner Stan Kronke, was making plans to move the St. Louis Browns to Baltimore WHEN he issued that contract to Baby Sarkes.  Therefor the Breech, Veeck had no intention of honoring that contract with Baby Sarkes.

Baby Sarkes was a natural with a Ball, and would have been a Star Baseball Player

Sarkeses legal team has contacted the Baltimore Orioles with an offer to settle this embarrassing issue out-of-court.  As you may know, the Baltimore Orioles are the worse team in Major League Baseball and have enough troubles without the threat of a Sarkes law suit compounding their woes.

Well, the Baltimore Orioles counter offer to settle this law suit was a joke.  They said that Sarkeses law suit was a Hoax, a Witch Hunt, and a Failed Take Down.  

To settle this matter, the Baltimore Orioles sent Sarkes a vintage 1952 St. Louis Browns Baseball Cap in hopes to makes this legal action go away.  Sarkes thinks not, this is not over, more to come.

Sixty six years too late, Sarkes finally gets his St. Louis Browns Baseball Hat