Young Cracker in Training

Executive Summary:

– A Cracker Family was pulled over by Tallahassee Police
– A Cracker Toddler walks over to police with hands up

Sarkes thanks Canadian neighbor Dennis Parras for this story that has gone viral. You see, Dennis, a Canadian, lives in the same gated community as Sarkes and is insulated from the Florida Cracker. As such, Sarkes had to provide a personal, detailed, explanation of this story. Canadians do not understand the Cracker.

Sarkes asks you to see the viral video of this Cracker / Police confrontation by putting the following into your Browser: “Florida Toddler gets out of car with hands up”. This is evidence that Sarkes cannot make this stuff up.

The story:

A toddler in a pickup truck, the vehicle of choice for the Florida Cracker, that was stopped by police in Tallahassee complied with officers’ demands to exit the vehicle with her hands up, even though she was only two years old, two!

Video of the incident has gone viral. The video shows police officers pointing their guns at the truck and yelling at its occupants “Put your hands in the air” and “Get out of the truck.”

Lowly and Beholy, the toddler then follows the police officer’s instructions, walking over to police officers with her arms in the air. An officer meets the girl and picks her up.

The Infant Crackerette followed Policeman’s orders
More Infant Crackertte, what a good little girl, cute

Police Chief Michael DeLeo said officers had been responding to a report of a shoplifting incident in which a gun was seen. Tallahassee officers pulled over the suspect’s truck.

Among those inside the truck were 2 Crackers, a Crackerette, and two infant Crackers a 2-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy.

Unexpectedly, the two-year-old infant Crackerette climbed out of the truck and imitated her parents by walking to the officers with her hands raised.
The bodycam footage shows a police officer talking sweetly to the girl as she walked away from the pickup truck.

“Sweetie, you put your hands down. You’re fine. You’re fine. C’mon to Mommy,” the officer said. A pellet gun was found in the back seat of the vehicle where the toddler was sitting. It’s unknown at this time if the toddler Cracker owned the pellet gun.

Crackers Chad Bom and James McMullen were arrested on shoplifting charges.

Sarkes Analysis:

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, what a sad story. These Florida Cracker Criminals put their infant children in harms way by committing a crime and then exposing their infant children to armed police.

Sarkes warns, don’t jump to conclusions. Sarkes connects Dots were most cannot even see the Dots. Such is the case here.

Sarkes connects Dots when most cannot see the Dots

Dot 1: Crackers all Pack Heat, so even though the gun used in this crime was a Pellet Gun, store employees, and Police, had to assume that the Perp Crackers had real heat.

Dot 2: Florida Crackers are usually on the lower end of the Socio, Economic, and Intelligence Food Chains and are benchmarks for the expression “Crime does not pay” and are often caught red handed.

Dot 3: Yes, while Crackers Pack Heat and Drink heavily, they are not necessarily bad parents. Crackers, like normal people, love their children.

Sarkes Connects these Dots: You see, while on the surface, it looks like these Crackers were bad parents, putting their infant children in harms way, they are actually Benchmark Parents for other Florida Crackers and Crackerettes with infant Children.

You see, these Cracker Parents obviously had trained their infant daughter to get out of the car with “Hands Up” when facing heavily armed police. You see, its not an IF, but a WHEN…….some day, this infant Crackerette grow up and will run afoul with the law. WHEN that happens, she will be well prepared to put her “Hands Up”.

A Florida Cracker, Hands Up
A Florida Crackerette, Hands Up

No, Sarkes cannot make this stuff up.