Sarkes is running for President in 2020

Executive Summary:

– Today, Monday, January 21, Sarkes is in WDC, The Swamp, visiting granddaughter Baby Adds
– In this appropriate setting, Sarkes hereby officially announces that he will run for President in 2020

Well, Sarkes really tried to avoid this but has no choice. Sarkes declares that our current government is not working and wholesale changes are needed. Our House and Senate, Both Dems and GOPs, have paralyzed our government and the Giant Orange Earth Brain is ruling only for his Base; uneducated, underemployed, rural, white folk. It is now time for change.

Sarkes cannot do this alone. Sarkes is calling for:
– Americans MUST vote out ALL incumbents in the House and Senate in 2020
– Americans MUST vote for Sarkes for President in 2020

“Many People Say” Sarkes, you are on record that since you have retired from Boeing, you want to be a JAFO (Just Another F – – – ing Observer). Isn’t running for President anything but being a JAFO?

Sarkes Responds: While it’s true that Sarkes wants to be a JAFO in retirement, he is putting those plans on hold for the good of the county. In fact, Sarkes won the coveted Leadership Magazine’s 2018 Man of the Year Award.

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“Many People Say” Sarkes, its about time, but what is your Platform?

Sarkes Responds: Sarkes is running as an Independent on the Sarkes Independent Party. Sarkes will self impose a term limit. Sarkes will serve only 1 term as President.

The Platform of the Sarkes Independent Party is in development, but there are 2 Planks already established.

Sarkes Independent Party Plank 1 – Organization

Sarkes WILL NOT have a Cabinet. Rather, Sarkes will have a small cadre of Generals which will create The Sarkes Tribunal. Sarkes IS NOT smarter than the Generals. In fact, there are a bevy of Generals available to serve on Sarkeses Tribunal now that the Orange Commandant has given them all the Old Heave Ho.

Sarkeses Tribunal, all Generals

No Government offices / departments (State, Defense, etc) people will be eliminated. Rather, the Government offices / departments will be delegated authority to serve the people of the US. Over site of these Government offices / departments will be provided by The Sarkes Tribunal.

Sarkes may need to start his Presidential term with a Sarkes Tribunal consisting of all Old White Male Generals, but Sarkes is committed to finding some Generals who are Women, Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red…………..surely some of these Generals exist………….don’t they?

Sarkes Independent Party Plank 2 – Build The Wall

Sarkes will build a Wall on BOTH our Southern and Northern Border. The Sarkes Wall will be a Big UGLY Wall and will cover the entire Southern and Northern borders.

The Sarkes Big UGLY Wall will cost the US Tax Payers little to NO tax dollars. “Many People Say”, Sarkes, are you on Meth? How can you build a Border wall that will not be paid by the Taxpayers.

Simple, the Sarkes Big UGLY Wall will be built entirely of used tires; car tires, truck tires, tractor tires, any and all tires.

You see, over 250 MILLION used tires must be recycled every year in the US. Sarkeses friend and neighbor, Jim Helgeson, Owner and CEO of Riley Park Tires in Greenfield, IN, is a Tire Expert, and tells Sarkes that his company pays between $2.00 and $35.00 for each tire, depending on the size of the tire, to recycle. Of course, this cost is transferred to the consumer as a “Disposal Fee”.

Tire Dealers all across America pay MILLIONS, MILLIONS, to recycle old Tires

Under Sarkeses plan, instead of paying between $2.00 and $35.00 per tire to recycle, Tire companies all over America will send their used tires to the Southern and Northern Borders to build the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall.

The Liberal Press Fake News Media have challenged Sarkes about his plan to build the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall out of used tires. Here are their questions:

Question: Sarkes, you said the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall will not cost the Taxpayers anything, how can that be?

Sarkes Answers: The used tires will be transported to the Southern and Northern Borders by US Military Transport Trucks. You see, the Military is already funded and properly equipped. And, the Navy CB’s will build the Wall. Tire Dealers all over America will save Billions of Dollars in recycle costs, Billions, and these savings will be TRICKLED DOWN to consumers. This is a Win, Win, Win.

The US Military has plenty of Trucks to move the Tires

Question: But Sarkes, won’t a tire wall be easy to breech?

Sarkes Answers: Quite the opposite, the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall be designed to make it virtually impossible breech. The tires will be strategically piled so the Evil Doer who is invading our country will either give up or fall thru to the bottom of the tire pile. If the Evil Doer falls thru to the bottom of the tire wall, they will be extracted and sent back to their homeland.

A Prototype of the Sarkes Big Ugly Wall made of Used Tires

Question: Sarkes, you said that the Big Ugly Wall will be “virtually” impossible to breech. What will Customs & Border Protection do if someone does happen to breech the wall?

Sarkes Answers: Sarkes, a benevolent Leader, is so confident that his Big Ugly Wall of tires will NOT be breeched, that he will give any illegal, without a criminal record, IMMEDIATE Citizenship and a great paying job at a Roofing Company or Landscaper if they breech the Big Ugly Wall.

Sarkes offers immediate citizenship and a job to any who breech the Big Ugly wall

Last Question: Sarkes, will the Big Ugly Wall be able to protect against the Caravans of Illegals that we have recently experienced.

Sarkes Answers: Now Sarkes knows that this will be controversial, but if America is invaded by a Caravan of Illegals, our Customs & Border Protection officers will set that section of the Big Ugly Tire Wall on fire. Have you ever seen a Tire fire? This will repel and turn around the Caravan. The Sarkes Big Ugly Wall can then be easily repaired.

Caravans of Illegals will not be able to breech the Big Ugly Wall
The Big Ugly Wall can be lit to repel Caravans of Illegals

More Planks of the Sarkes Independent Party will be published when established.

Until then, spread the word. Sarkes for President in 2020. Help Sarkes save America.