Florida Cracker Boinks a Pony

Sarkes Corner is back in circulation and what a story with which to return!

Executive Summary:

– A Florida Cracker was arrested for having sex with miniature horse on multiple occasions
What, huh, are you kidding me, uh, say what, duh

Sarkes thanks Sarkes Corner Contributor and sister Cindy Mamelian for this story of a Florida Cracker Boinking a Pony.

A Florida Cracker has been arrested for having sex with a miniature horse on multiple occasions. Florida Cracker, 21-year-old Nicholas Anthony Sardo, of Citra, has been arrested and charged with four counts of bestiality/sexual contact with an animal.

Florida Cracker, Horse Boinker, Nicholas Anthony Sardo heading to the Hoosegow

Marion County Deputies say that on October 16, a witness came forward and reported that she had witnessed Sardo having sex with a miniature pony named Jackie G in a pasture on a family member’s property three days earlier.

Miniature Pony Jackie G recovering in his corral

Another witness came forward saying she saw it as well, and she approached Sardo about what she had seen, according to the sheriff’s office. Sardo immediately admitted to her that he had sex with the horse and also gave the same admission to a detective investigating the allegation.

Sardo added that he had sex with the horse four times during the course of a week, according to the detective. The sheriff’s office stated in a press release that, “he used a condom each time because he didn’t want to get a disease from the horse.”

Sardo is currently being held in the Marion County Jail.

Oh where to start:

Sarkes understands that living in a gated community in Bonita Springs, FL has many perks like year round Sunshine, Beaches, Golf, Pickleball, Bocce. Sarkes believes that living South Florida will add 10 years to one’s life.
Of course, there is a downside to living in the Gunshine state, specifically, co-existing with the Florida Cracker. The Florida Cracker is especially dangerous when Packing Heat (which they all do), or is drinking (which they all do) or Boinking animals (which some do).

Cracker Sardo may have a defense, Marion County Florida is horse country. Sardo can claim that he was overwhelmed by always being exposed to horses

What, huh, are you kidding me, uh, say what, duh

On his way to Mir-a-Lago for a well deserved and earned Thanksgiving holiday, the Orange Equestrian was asked about his Florida neighbor, Nicholas Anthony Sardo, Boinking a miniature pony. The Golden Horseman said: “You know, it could very well be Sardo, maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. It could have been a 400 pound guy on his couch, we may never know all the facts surrounding the vicious attack on Jackie G. In any case, Horse Face Sardo is a sick-o”.

The Orange Equestrian and his Boy Toy Vlads Putin