Another Senseless Mass Murder Shooting: Fill in the Blanks

Executive Summary:

– With the continuous rash of Mass Murders by Angry White Men using Semi-Automatic Weapons, Sarkes has created a Standard Form that can be used when the next Mass Murder occurs. And make no mistake, there will be a next time, and a next time and a next time ……….. This Standard Form will save Sarkes time and angst, Sarkes will simply Fill in the Blanks.

Another Mass Murder by a White Man using a Semi-Automatic weapon has happened. In this case, the Mass Murder was in (Fill in the Location) Pittsburgh, PA.

The Mass Murder happened at a (Fill in the venue, example: school, mall, church, concert) Synagogue.

(Fill in the number of innocent people killed) 11 people were murdered and 6 were injured.

The Mass Murderer, angry White Man (Fill in the Murders Name and other details) Robert Bowers, hated Jews and blamed the Jews for the recent invasion of illegal Mexicans.

Angry White Man and Mass Murderer Robert Bowers

The Mass Murderer used (Identify the weapon used) a Semi-Automatic AR-15, the weapon of choice for Angry Mass Murdering White Men, and 3 powerful pistols.

The AR-15, the Weapon of Choice for the Mass Murderer in the US

The Angry White Man Mass Murderer (Select one: killed himself, was killed by Police, was Captured by Police) was captured by Police.

Shortly after the Mass Murder:

A spokesman for the NRA said: “Guns don’t kill People, People kill People.”

President Trump, the Orange Rifleman, said: “If there was an Armed Guard in the Synagogue, the results would have been far better.”

The President of the NRA said: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

A Conservative Friend of Sarkes said: “These Mass Murders with Semi-Automatic weapons are just the price of our Freedom”

Countless Politicians said: “Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the victims of this shooting and their families, Thoughts and Prayers.”

That’s if for this latest Mass Murder by an Angry White Man using a Semi-Automatic Weapon. Sarkeses use of the Standard Form should make reporting the next Mass Murder much easier.