Black Man Living in a White Condo Complex

Executive Summary:

– A Missouri Woman was Fired For Blocking a Black Man From Entering his Condo Complex

– Sarkes had warned about the Slippery Slope

In a recent Sarkes Corner, Sarkes had reported on a case of Babysitting While Black. In that incident, a Black Man was baby sitting two White Children. A White Women was concerned for the Safety of the two While Children and called the Police, after all, what was a Black Man doing with White Children. The Police confronted the Black Man and had to call the White Children’s parents to validate that, indeed, the Black Man was hired to babysit the White Children. This was a case of Babysitting While Black.

With White Folk acting with the Empowerment bestowed on all White Folk by the actions of the Orange Oligarch, Sarkes warned that we are on the brink of the dreaded Slippery Slope.

Well, it happened, and in Sarkeses old home state, Missouri, the Shoot Me State. A White Missouri Woman tried to prevent a Black Man from entering his luxury condo complex. The White Women, Hillary Kronke Mueller, an employee of the condo complex, was not aware that Blacks lived in the condo and felt uncomfortable letting the Black Man into his building. After all, how can a Black Man afford to live in a luxury Condo? The Black Man, D’Arreion Toles, repeatedly asked the White Woman to move but she refused.

D’Arreion Toles – A Black Man living in a Luxury Condo)

Hillary Kronke Mueller was fired by her employer, Tribeca Luxury Apartments. Ironically, Tribeca Luxury Apartments is a minority-owned company.

Of course, Hillary Kronke Mueller denied any wrongdoing and claims, like the Orange MLK, that she is NOT A RACIST. In fact, Mueller placed the blame on the Condo Association Board claiming that she was told to NEVER allow access to the building to someone that she did not know. Obviously, she did not know Black Man Toles or realized that Blacks were living in the building.

Hillary Kronke Mueller – says she is NOT A RACIST

There you have it, we are now heading down the Slippery Slope. Who is next?

Sarkes does not know Hillary Kronke Mueller, but wonders if she is related to the Despicable, Unethical, Deplorable owner of the Los Angeles Rams, Stan Kronke. Stan Kronke might be Pond Scum but surely he is not a racist. After all, 70% of his Los Angels Rams, the team he stole from St. Louis, are Black.

Stan Kronke IS NOT A RACIST – is he related to Hillary Kronke Mueller?