Trump Will Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Executive Summary:

– In previous Sarkes Corners, Sarkes had made the Bold prediction that the Orange ATM would handily win the 2020 Presidential Election.

– Sarkes still maintains that the Golden Profit will win the 2020 Presidential Election in a landslide but for different reason than before.

– With this discovery, Sarkes believes he will win the Nobel Prize for Political Science

Sarkes connects Dots where most do not even see the Dots. Such is the case with the 2020 Presidential election.

Gallop was the first polling organization to conduct accurate opinion polling for Presidential Elections starting with the 1936 Presidential Election. Political Polling for Presidential elections has typically been analyzed and used to determine where to spend campaign dollars and focus campaign resources.

The focus Demographics for decades have been: Age (Young , Old), Race (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red), Wealth (Rich, Poor), Sex (Male, Female), and Locale (Urban, Suburban, Rural).

Sarkes has uncovered that the Orange Statistician has changed the focus of his polling and has developed all new Demographic categories. The Golden Maestro will garner votes for the 2020 Presidential Election by focusing on MUSIC GENRES.

Here is how the Golden Instrumentalist will reach the American Electorate:

African American vote: The Orange Rapper has all but assured to have African Americans vote for him as he has embraced HIP HOP King Kenya West. Kenya has a Bromance with his Golden “Nigga” and will bring home the Black vote in 2020.

Kenya West has a Bromance with his Golden “Nigga”

Young White Man vote: The Orange Minstrel has all but assured to have Young White Men vote for him as he has embraced ROCK Music star Kid Rock. Kid Rock is a frequent visitor to the White House.

When he is not drunk, Kid Rock stumps for the Orange Minstrel

Rural and Suburban White Man and Women vote: The Golden Virtuoso has all but assured to have the Rural and Suburban White Man and Women vote for him as he has embraced COUNTRY WESTERN star Track Adkins. Trace is a passionate supporter of the Orange Steel Guitar.

Trace Adkins appeals to the Golden Virtuoso’s Base, Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural White Folk

2nd Amendment Lemmings: The Golden Rifleman has all but assured to have any great American who packs Heat, Republican and Democrats alike, vote for him as he has embraced Ted Nugent. Nugent, lead singer and ROCK guitarist for the Amboy Dukes, is the Poster Boy for the NRA and self admitted Obama hater.

Aging Rocker Ted Nugent Packs Heat and Loads and Locks for the Golden Rifleman

Hispanics: “Many People Say” Sarkes, you know that Hispanics hate the Orange Sombrero. Como Se Dice Sarkes retorts. Cuban Hispanics love Trump and Cuban American CALIENTA Queen Gloria Estefan will bring home the Cuban vote and maybe some other Hispanics.

Calienta Sala Queen Gloria Estefan could deliver the Hispanic vote

“Many People Say” Sarkes, there are several other important American Demographics that are not covered by a MUSIC GENRE, how can the Golden Composer win those votes?

Sarkes called his source in the White House, LEAKER. LEAKER confirmed that the Trump organization is focusing on MUSIC GENRES and recognize that they have some work to do. LEAKER said that they have approached:

For Old Rich White Man: The Orange Bassoon has had conversations with POP star Neil Diamond who has great appeal to the Old Rich White Man. Diamond, who is suffering from the early stages of Parkinson disease is considering doing Commercials for the Golden Trumpet to bring home the Old Rich White Man vote, but is not healthy enough to tour.

An ailing Neil Diamond could help bring home the vote of the Rich Old White Man

For Old Rich White Women: The Orange Fiddle has had fruitful conversations with POP star Ann Murray who has great appeal to the Old Rich White Woman. While Murray is a Canadian lives in retirement in an All White, Gated Community in Southwest Florida, she likes what the Golden Stock Ticker has done for her Portfolio and seems to be willing to help for the 2020 election.

Rich Old White Women love Ann Murray, even though she is a Canadian

For The LGBT Community: The Orange Clarinet is a big fan of Barry Manilow and was shocked when the Crooner outed himself a few years back. While the Golden Tuba has lost favor with the LGBT community, an endorsement by Barry Manilow could restore these lost votes.

Will Barry Manilow be enough to get the LGBT vote for the Orange Clarinet?

For Young White Women Vote: The Orange Harp had thought he had COUNTRY / POP Star Taylor Swift all but sewed up for an endorsement but at the last minute, Swift turned allegiances and is endorsing Democrats. This is a major blow to the Golden Fiddle who must know find a POP music star who appeals to Young White Women.

Taylor Swift has turned on the Orange Harp and is now supporting Demon Dems

Sarkes has connected some Dots which no-one outside the Orange Conductor’s team have ever seen. The Orange Trombone has developed a polling strategy which must be recognized for it’s Brilliance.

By connecting these Dots, and with this discovery, Sarkes expects to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Political Science, it should be a no brainer.

Sarkes is all but guaranteed the Nobel Prize for Political Science