Is Donald Trump Bi-Sexual?

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes believes that the Orange Gigolo is Bi-Sexual

Sarkes Connects the Dots where most do not even see the Dots. Sarkes connects the Dots and believes that the Golden Casanova is Bi-Sexual.

Dot 1: The Orange Skirt-Chaser is a Serial Adulterer who cheats on his wives with younger Big Breasted Women. The Golden Don Juan is also an self confessed P-Grabber of Big Breasted Women. It clear that the Orange Bird Dog is Heterosexual.

All of Trumps 3 wives; Ivana, Marla, Melania, are Big Breasted
Trump P-Grabs Big Breasted Women Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Summer Dervos, Others

Dot 2: At the Republican National Convention in 2016, the Golden Retriever
promised to “do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens,”. Given the anti-LGBTQ plank in the GOP Platform, this declaration was heralded as a sign of hope that Trump would prove more moderate in his gay-rights policies than the GOP. This statement drove a Uuuuuuuuge applause from the GOPs in attendance, but it was later discovered that they were just responding to the “Loud Applause Now” signs being held up by Convention organizers. In any case, the Orange Creamsicle’s commitment to protect the LGBTQs is a departure from the Anti-GOP position against the LGBTQ community.

Conservatives at the GOP Convention did not realize they were applauding for Gay Rights protection
Trump loves the LGBTQ Community and they love him

DOT 3: The Golden Goliath’s Bromance with his Boy Toy Vlads Putin was a head scratcher for all America. The Great GOP President Ronald Reagan once said about the Russian Commies: “Trust but Verify”. What Reagan really meant was “Don’t ever trust those Godless Commies”. Yet the Orange Oligarch continues to heap praise on Vlads Putin, Mr. KGB. It is suspected that the Bromance between Vlads Putin and the Golden Gulag is in trouble. Who knows what starts these lover’s spats.

Trump and His Boy Toy Vlads Putin in a quiet moment in the Russian Countyside

DOT 3 Continued: And at his rally in West Virginia this weekend, the Orange Cheese Ball said of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un: “I like him. He likes me. I guess that’s OK. Am I allowed to say that?” Then the Golden Romeo got a little weird saying: “I was being really tough and so was he. And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters. They were great letters. And then we fell in love.”

Trump and His New Boy Toy Kim Jung-un
Trump and Kim Jung-un in Nuclear Porn

So, the Orange Cantaloupe Bromances with Vlads Putin and Kim Jong-un is evidence that the Golden Goose is Gay.

There you have it, it’s clear that Donald Trump is our first Bi-Sexual President……..or so we believe.