Kenya West, Blexit, and The Bromance

Executive Summary:

– Kanye West is now distancing himself from Blexit and Donald Trump claiming: “I’ve been used to spread bad messages”

– This has Uuuuuuuuge ramifications on Sarkeses Prediction that the Orange Oracle will win the 2020 Presidential Election on the coat tails of Blacks.

Frist, Sarkes is sure that his Rich, Old, White, Friends have no idea what is Blexit. Blexit is short for “Black Exit,” a movement and clothes line urging Black voters to leave the Democratic Party. The Blexit movement encourages Blacks to abandon the emotionally abusive relationship with the Democratic party in pursuit of freedom over tyranny.

Like the Orange MLK said to Blacks during his historical run for President: “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?”

Well, several Black Leaders; Omarosa Manigault, Mike Tyson, Diamond & Silk, Terrel Ownes, and Dennis Rodman are passionate supporters of the Golden Brutha. But none more powerful than Ye, formerly know as Kenya West.

Trump Supporter Mike Tyson
Trump Supporters Diamond and Silk
Trump Supporter and US Ambassador to North Korea Dennis Rodman

But now, Kenya West says that he is done with politics and that his Bromance with the Orange Casanova is over. In Street language, Donald Trump is no longer Kenya’s Bitch.

Less than a month after his bizarre visit with the Golden Commandant at the White House, where Kenya spewed a nonsensical, meandering, 10 minute, F-Bomb ladened, monologue, Kenya told the world that he had been misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when he was actually merely sleep deprived.

Kenya West at the White House with the Orange Brutha

Well, Kenya must have caught up on his sleep. He now claims that he has been used and become a Political Pawn. Kenya said: “My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being Creative!!!”

Kenya also wants to clear his name after the Blexit campaign launched a line of Shirts and Hats that touted: “Design by Kanye West”. Kenya now claims that he never wanted any association with Blexit or it’s founder Candace Owens.

Blexit Founder and Reagan / Trumpian Conservative Candace Owens

Candace Owens said: “Blexit is a renaissance movement and I am blessed to say that the Blexit logo and Blexit colors were created by my dear friend and superhero Kenya West”

Order your Quality Blexit Merchandise before the Mid Term Elections

Kenya wanting to set the record straight said: “I have nothing to do with Blexit”

Sarkes understands that we may never know the truth here and there are more questions than answers such as:

Was Kenya sleep deprived when he developed the Blexit clothing line and just doesn’t remember?

Is Kenya’s Bromance with his Orange Bitch really over?

Is the Bromance Over?

While Kenya and Omarosa have turned on the Golden Brutha, will other Black supporters; Mike Tyson, Diamond & Silk, Terrel Ownes, Hershell Walker, and Dennis Rodman stay committed?

Benedict Arnold Turncoat Omarosa

And where is the Black Guy with the White “Blacks for Trump” T-shirt at the Orange Monarch’s Political Rallies? He has been no where to be seen recently, has he turned on the Orange Brutha?

Why has Michael the Black Guy been missing from recent Trump Rallies?

Will Sarkes need to walk back his prediction that the Golden Gulag will win the 2020 Presidential Election on the coat tails of Blacks? Since Sarkes is rarely wrong, he is confident that Black America will come thru for Orange MLK in 2020, after all, “What the hell do they have to lose”.

Another Senseless Mass Murder Shooting: Fill in the Blanks

Executive Summary:

– With the continuous rash of Mass Murders by Angry White Men using Semi-Automatic Weapons, Sarkes has created a Standard Form that can be used when the next Mass Murder occurs. And make no mistake, there will be a next time, and a next time and a next time ……….. This Standard Form will save Sarkes time and angst, Sarkes will simply Fill in the Blanks.

Another Mass Murder by a White Man using a Semi-Automatic weapon has happened. In this case, the Mass Murder was in (Fill in the Location) Pittsburgh, PA.

The Mass Murder happened at a (Fill in the venue, example: school, mall, church, concert) Synagogue.

(Fill in the number of innocent people killed) 11 people were murdered and 6 were injured.

The Mass Murderer, angry White Man (Fill in the Murders Name and other details) Robert Bowers, hated Jews and blamed the Jews for the recent invasion of illegal Mexicans.

Angry White Man and Mass Murderer Robert Bowers

The Mass Murderer used (Identify the weapon used) a Semi-Automatic AR-15, the weapon of choice for Angry Mass Murdering White Men, and 3 powerful pistols.

The AR-15, the Weapon of Choice for the Mass Murderer in the US

The Angry White Man Mass Murderer (Select one: killed himself, was killed by Police, was Captured by Police) was captured by Police.

Shortly after the Mass Murder:

A spokesman for the NRA said: “Guns don’t kill People, People kill People.”

President Trump, the Orange Rifleman, said: “If there was an Armed Guard in the Synagogue, the results would have been far better.”

The President of the NRA said: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

A Conservative Friend of Sarkes said: “These Mass Murders with Semi-Automatic weapons are just the price of our Freedom”

Countless Politicians said: “Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the victims of this shooting and their families, Thoughts and Prayers.”

That’s if for this latest Mass Murder by an Angry White Man using a Semi-Automatic Weapon. Sarkeses use of the Standard Form should make reporting the next Mass Murder much easier.

Black Man Living in a White Condo Complex

Executive Summary:

– A Missouri Woman was Fired For Blocking a Black Man From Entering his Condo Complex

– Sarkes had warned about the Slippery Slope

In a recent Sarkes Corner, Sarkes had reported on a case of Babysitting While Black. In that incident, a Black Man was baby sitting two White Children. A White Women was concerned for the Safety of the two While Children and called the Police, after all, what was a Black Man doing with White Children. The Police confronted the Black Man and had to call the White Children’s parents to validate that, indeed, the Black Man was hired to babysit the White Children. This was a case of Babysitting While Black.

With White Folk acting with the Empowerment bestowed on all White Folk by the actions of the Orange Oligarch, Sarkes warned that we are on the brink of the dreaded Slippery Slope.

Well, it happened, and in Sarkeses old home state, Missouri, the Shoot Me State. A White Missouri Woman tried to prevent a Black Man from entering his luxury condo complex. The White Women, Hillary Kronke Mueller, an employee of the condo complex, was not aware that Blacks lived in the condo and felt uncomfortable letting the Black Man into his building. After all, how can a Black Man afford to live in a luxury Condo? The Black Man, D’Arreion Toles, repeatedly asked the White Woman to move but she refused.

D’Arreion Toles – A Black Man living in a Luxury Condo)

Hillary Kronke Mueller was fired by her employer, Tribeca Luxury Apartments. Ironically, Tribeca Luxury Apartments is a minority-owned company.

Of course, Hillary Kronke Mueller denied any wrongdoing and claims, like the Orange MLK, that she is NOT A RACIST. In fact, Mueller placed the blame on the Condo Association Board claiming that she was told to NEVER allow access to the building to someone that she did not know. Obviously, she did not know Black Man Toles or realized that Blacks were living in the building.

Hillary Kronke Mueller – says she is NOT A RACIST

There you have it, we are now heading down the Slippery Slope. Who is next?

Sarkes does not know Hillary Kronke Mueller, but wonders if she is related to the Despicable, Unethical, Deplorable owner of the Los Angeles Rams, Stan Kronke. Stan Kronke might be Pond Scum but surely he is not a racist. After all, 70% of his Los Angels Rams, the team he stole from St. Louis, are Black.

Stan Kronke IS NOT A RACIST – is he related to Hillary Kronke Mueller?

Trump Will Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Executive Summary:

– In previous Sarkes Corners, Sarkes had made the Bold prediction that the Orange ATM would handily win the 2020 Presidential Election.

– Sarkes still maintains that the Golden Profit will win the 2020 Presidential Election in a landslide but for different reason than before.

– With this discovery, Sarkes believes he will win the Nobel Prize for Political Science

Sarkes connects Dots where most do not even see the Dots. Such is the case with the 2020 Presidential election.

Gallop was the first polling organization to conduct accurate opinion polling for Presidential Elections starting with the 1936 Presidential Election. Political Polling for Presidential elections has typically been analyzed and used to determine where to spend campaign dollars and focus campaign resources.

The focus Demographics for decades have been: Age (Young , Old), Race (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red), Wealth (Rich, Poor), Sex (Male, Female), and Locale (Urban, Suburban, Rural).

Sarkes has uncovered that the Orange Statistician has changed the focus of his polling and has developed all new Demographic categories. The Golden Maestro will garner votes for the 2020 Presidential Election by focusing on MUSIC GENRES.

Here is how the Golden Instrumentalist will reach the American Electorate:

African American vote: The Orange Rapper has all but assured to have African Americans vote for him as he has embraced HIP HOP King Kenya West. Kenya has a Bromance with his Golden “Nigga” and will bring home the Black vote in 2020.

Kenya West has a Bromance with his Golden “Nigga”

Young White Man vote: The Orange Minstrel has all but assured to have Young White Men vote for him as he has embraced ROCK Music star Kid Rock. Kid Rock is a frequent visitor to the White House.

When he is not drunk, Kid Rock stumps for the Orange Minstrel

Rural and Suburban White Man and Women vote: The Golden Virtuoso has all but assured to have the Rural and Suburban White Man and Women vote for him as he has embraced COUNTRY WESTERN star Track Adkins. Trace is a passionate supporter of the Orange Steel Guitar.

Trace Adkins appeals to the Golden Virtuoso’s Base, Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural White Folk

2nd Amendment Lemmings: The Golden Rifleman has all but assured to have any great American who packs Heat, Republican and Democrats alike, vote for him as he has embraced Ted Nugent. Nugent, lead singer and ROCK guitarist for the Amboy Dukes, is the Poster Boy for the NRA and self admitted Obama hater.

Aging Rocker Ted Nugent Packs Heat and Loads and Locks for the Golden Rifleman

Hispanics: “Many People Say” Sarkes, you know that Hispanics hate the Orange Sombrero. Como Se Dice Sarkes retorts. Cuban Hispanics love Trump and Cuban American CALIENTA Queen Gloria Estefan will bring home the Cuban vote and maybe some other Hispanics.

Calienta Sala Queen Gloria Estefan could deliver the Hispanic vote

“Many People Say” Sarkes, there are several other important American Demographics that are not covered by a MUSIC GENRE, how can the Golden Composer win those votes?

Sarkes called his source in the White House, LEAKER. LEAKER confirmed that the Trump organization is focusing on MUSIC GENRES and recognize that they have some work to do. LEAKER said that they have approached:

For Old Rich White Man: The Orange Bassoon has had conversations with POP star Neil Diamond who has great appeal to the Old Rich White Man. Diamond, who is suffering from the early stages of Parkinson disease is considering doing Commercials for the Golden Trumpet to bring home the Old Rich White Man vote, but is not healthy enough to tour.

An ailing Neil Diamond could help bring home the vote of the Rich Old White Man

For Old Rich White Women: The Orange Fiddle has had fruitful conversations with POP star Ann Murray who has great appeal to the Old Rich White Woman. While Murray is a Canadian lives in retirement in an All White, Gated Community in Southwest Florida, she likes what the Golden Stock Ticker has done for her Portfolio and seems to be willing to help for the 2020 election.

Rich Old White Women love Ann Murray, even though she is a Canadian

For The LGBT Community: The Orange Clarinet is a big fan of Barry Manilow and was shocked when the Crooner outed himself a few years back. While the Golden Tuba has lost favor with the LGBT community, an endorsement by Barry Manilow could restore these lost votes.

Will Barry Manilow be enough to get the LGBT vote for the Orange Clarinet?

For Young White Women Vote: The Orange Harp had thought he had COUNTRY / POP Star Taylor Swift all but sewed up for an endorsement but at the last minute, Swift turned allegiances and is endorsing Democrats. This is a major blow to the Golden Fiddle who must know find a POP music star who appeals to Young White Women.

Taylor Swift has turned on the Orange Harp and is now supporting Demon Dems

Sarkes has connected some Dots which no-one outside the Orange Conductor’s team have ever seen. The Orange Trombone has developed a polling strategy which must be recognized for it’s Brilliance.

By connecting these Dots, and with this discovery, Sarkes expects to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Political Science, it should be a no brainer.

Sarkes is all but guaranteed the Nobel Prize for Political Science

A case of Babysitting While Black

Executive Summary:

– Georgia Woman Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting White Kids

A White Woman, a Georgia Crackerette, called the police on Corey Lewis, a Black Man, who was babysitting two White Children after she reported that she feared for their safety.

Black Man and Babysitter Corey Lewis

The Georgia Crackerette approached Black Man Lewis in a Walmart Parking Lot and asked if she could speak with the White Children. Black Man Lewis said no and the Georgia Crackertte called the police. The Georgia Crackerette then followed him to his mother’s house, where a police officer questioned Black Man Lewis and the White Children. 

The White Parents of the 2 White Children, David Parker and Dana Mango, were called. They told police that they had arranged for Lewis to look after their children weeks ago and were in disbelief when they received their call.

White Parent Mango told Police: “Are you saying that because there’s an African American male driving my two White kids that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned?” The Police answered: “I’m sorry ma’am, that’s exactly what I’m saying”

Sarkes connects Dots where most cannot even see Dots. Sarkes fears that this Babysitting While Black incident is just another case of Underemployed, Uneducated, White Folk And Rich Old White Folk acting with the Empowerment bestowed on all White Folk by the actions of the Orange Oligarch.

Sarkes warns that we are on a Slippery Slope. What is next after Baby Sitting While Black is stopped? Women back into the Kitchen where they belong?, LGBTQ’s back in the Closet?, People of Color under the Thumb of the White Man?

The Trump GOP want Women back in the Kitchen where they belong

Whoa Horse Whoa, Sarkes is overreacting, surely this is just an Isolated Incident. Its clear that Blacks, LGBT’s and People of Color love the Golden Goliath and he loves them.

Trump Loves Blacks and LGBTQs and they Love him

Donald Trump and Ass Wipe

Executive Summary:

– The Orange Charmin boards Air Force One with Toilet Paper stuck to his shoe

“Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!”

Forget this brew ha ha over the Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation hearings, the big news from last week is that the Golden Cottonelle boarded Air Force 1 with a strip of Ass Wipe hanging off the back of his loafer.

“Cottonelle, Looking out for the Family”

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, Ass Wipe!, Ass Wipe!, what are you talking about? Well, when Sarkes was an Engineering student at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T), toilet paper was called Ass Wipe. Sarkes cannot make this stuff up. This can be confirmed by thousands of Engineers who attended S&T in the 1970’s.

Missouri S&T Mascot Joe Miner Packs Heat and a Slide Rule

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, when you were an Engineering Student at S&T did you drink Beer? Sarkes responds: Sometimes Sarkes had too many beers. Sarkes liked beer. Sarkes does not like beer anymore. But Sarkes never drank beer to the point of blacking out. Sarkes is innocent, innocent of any charges associated with his time at S&T!

At MO S&T, sometimes Sarkes had too many beers, but Sarkes never drank beer to the point of blacking out.
Sarkes and Chris at MO S&T, Sarkes drank beer and girlfriend Chris (now wife) drank Diet Coke.

But Sarkes digresses, back of Point.

The Ass Wipe incident happened as The Orange Scotts was departing Minneapolis. After sticking with the president all the way up the stairs to Air Force 1, the Toilet paper finally loosened its grip once Trump walked aboard. 

“Scott Toilet Paper, Going, Going, still not Gone.”

Now Sarkes says, who amongst us has not walked out of a toilet only to find that we were dragging a piece of Ass Wipe on our shoes or hanging out the bottom of our pants? But what is interesting here is that NO ONE stopped the Golden Papyrus from walking up the stairs to Air Force 1 with Ass Wipe stuck to his shoe, NO ONE? This was not just a small piece of Ass Wipe stuck to a shoe. Someone; the Secret Service, the Marine Guard, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Someone, had to see this Ass Wipe dragging behind the Orange Toilet Roll.

Trump starts up stairs to Air Force 1 with Ass Wipe on his shoe.
Trump reaches the top of the stairs to Air For 1 with Ass Wipe on his shoe.

The Golden Crapper is always surrounded by at least a dozen people at all times. Is this just another step in the Mega Conspiracy to bring down the Reich of our Orange Fuhrer? History will show that this Conspiracy was Uuuuuge, a conspiracy of Demon Dems, Liberal Media, RINOs, and Benedict Arnolds. Is the Secret Service part of this Conspiracy?

Sarkeses White House Source, LEAKER, has told Sarkes that the Orange Thug is pissed that no-one stopped him from boarding Air Force 1 with Ass Wipe on his shoe. LEAKER says that the Golden Counter Puncher has ordered the FBI to determine which company; Proctor and Gamble, Kleenex, or the Scott Paper Company, produced the Ass Wipe that stuck to his shoe. There will be hell to pay.

Finally, the Orange Merchandiser is very familiar with Ass Wipe. The Trump Enterprises Merchandise offerings include: ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses, spring water, vodka, education (Trump University), and of course, Ass Wipe.

Donald Trump Ass Wipe, very popular and profitable.

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Executive Summary:

Sarkes investigates who originated the phrase: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

– Is Ted Turner’s, Ted’s Montana Grill, guilty of plagiarism?

Recently, Sarkes and Chris went to Ted Turner’s, Ted’s Montana Grill, in the Coconut Mall in Bonita Springs, for dinner. Ted’s Montana Grill offers a broad menu featuring Bison and other healthy offerings. Ted’s Montana Grill is a chain with restaurants in 15 states.

Ted Turners, Ted’s Montana Grill, Coconut Mall, Bonita Springs, FL

Chris ordered her standard Diet Coke and Sarkes ordered an Unsweet Ice Tea. When the server returned with the drinks, he placed a coaster which immediately caused Sarkes to ruminate. The coaster was printed with: “Do Something, Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way”.

Drink Coaster at Ted Turners, Ted’s Montana Grill

You see, over the years at Boeing, the Premier Aerospace company in the World, Sarkes and his 160,000 co-workers were exposed to dozens of catchy Slogans such as: Quality First, Forever New Frontiers, The Customer is Always Right, If it’s not Boeing, I’m not Going, A company of Leaders, and, of course, Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way.

Boeing is the Premier Aerospace Company in the World

So you can imagine Sarkeses angst when he saw the Ted’s Montana Grill Coaster, how could they be using the Slogan; Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way? Had they plagiarized this slogan from Big Blue (Boeing)?

Sarkes pushed the alarm and it was all hands on deck for the Sarkes Corner Staff. What is the origin of the phrase Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way?

It seems that the phrase “lead, follow or get out of the way” has been used by many famous people such as Thomas Paine, General George S. Patton, Lee Iacocca and Mitt Romney.

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way is widely attributed to Founding Father Thomas Paine, an American political activist, philosopher, theorist and revolutionary. A Sarkes Corner Staff search of his works revealed that the quote doesn’t appear in any of them.

US Founding Father Thomas Paine

World War II US General George Patton said: ”Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” At the time, people believed that this famous quote originated with the great General.

General George Patton, one Tough Hombre, a Man’s Man

Former Chrysler executive Lee Iacocca, who saved the Corporation from bankruptcy, was the face of Chrysler in their advertising campaign. In these adds, Chairman Iacocca utters the phrase: “In the car business, you lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

Lee Iacocca, Savior of Chrysler, Great Italian

A 1981 Biography of Ted Turner was titled: The Story of Ted Turner: Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of the Way. Apparently, Ted embraced the slogan and it eventually ended up on Coasters in his Bison restaurants.

Ted Turners Bio: Lead, Follow, or get out of the Way, on sale on Amazon

After his win in the 2012 Republican Primary in Florida, Mitt Romney quoted and gave credit to Thomas Paine when he said; Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of the Way. Apparently, the American electorate decided to “Get Out Of the Way” as Romney was defeated by Barrack Obama. As it turns out, if Donald Trump had proven earlier that Barrack Obama was born in Kenya, Mitt Romney would have been our 44th President.

Mitt Romney lost to Obama, he got out of the Way

There you have it, there is no conclusive evidence on the origin of the phrase, Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of the Way. For sure, Ted’s Montana’s Grill Coasters would lead an unsuspecting customers to believe that Ted Turner was the originator.

One thing is for sure, Ted Turner was not the Originator. Sarkes will be contacting Ted Turner’s Montana’s Grill Lawyers requesting a cease and desist order to stop using the plagiaristic Coasters. Sarkes is NOT asking the public to boycott Ted’s Montana Grill, that is too extreme at this point. The last time Sarkes boycotted a restaurant, Paula Deen’s Lady & Sons Restaurant, in Savannah, GA, they almost went bankrupt. Never underestimate the power of a Sarkes boycott.

No lines at Paula Deen’s failed restaurant in Savannah, GA

Finally, in a future edition of Sarkes Corner, Sarkes will analyze another great Boeing expression; Don’t be a JAFO (Just Another F – – king Observer).

Is Donald Trump Bi-Sexual?

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes believes that the Orange Gigolo is Bi-Sexual

Sarkes Connects the Dots where most do not even see the Dots. Sarkes connects the Dots and believes that the Golden Casanova is Bi-Sexual.

Dot 1: The Orange Skirt-Chaser is a Serial Adulterer who cheats on his wives with younger Big Breasted Women. The Golden Don Juan is also an self confessed P-Grabber of Big Breasted Women. It clear that the Orange Bird Dog is Heterosexual.

All of Trumps 3 wives; Ivana, Marla, Melania, are Big Breasted
Trump P-Grabs Big Breasted Women Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Summer Dervos, Others

Dot 2: At the Republican National Convention in 2016, the Golden Retriever
promised to “do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens,”. Given the anti-LGBTQ plank in the GOP Platform, this declaration was heralded as a sign of hope that Trump would prove more moderate in his gay-rights policies than the GOP. This statement drove a Uuuuuuuuge applause from the GOPs in attendance, but it was later discovered that they were just responding to the “Loud Applause Now” signs being held up by Convention organizers. In any case, the Orange Creamsicle’s commitment to protect the LGBTQs is a departure from the Anti-GOP position against the LGBTQ community.

Conservatives at the GOP Convention did not realize they were applauding for Gay Rights protection
Trump loves the LGBTQ Community and they love him

DOT 3: The Golden Goliath’s Bromance with his Boy Toy Vlads Putin was a head scratcher for all America. The Great GOP President Ronald Reagan once said about the Russian Commies: “Trust but Verify”. What Reagan really meant was “Don’t ever trust those Godless Commies”. Yet the Orange Oligarch continues to heap praise on Vlads Putin, Mr. KGB. It is suspected that the Bromance between Vlads Putin and the Golden Gulag is in trouble. Who knows what starts these lover’s spats.

Trump and His Boy Toy Vlads Putin in a quiet moment in the Russian Countyside

DOT 3 Continued: And at his rally in West Virginia this weekend, the Orange Cheese Ball said of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un: “I like him. He likes me. I guess that’s OK. Am I allowed to say that?” Then the Golden Romeo got a little weird saying: “I was being really tough and so was he. And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters. They were great letters. And then we fell in love.”

Trump and His New Boy Toy Kim Jung-un
Trump and Kim Jung-un in Nuclear Porn

So, the Orange Cantaloupe Bromances with Vlads Putin and Kim Jong-un is evidence that the Golden Goose is Gay.

There you have it, it’s clear that Donald Trump is our first Bi-Sexual President……..or so we believe.