More Cracker on Cracker Violence

Executive Summary:

– A bartender in Florida was arrested for throwing a beer mug at a customer’s head

Sarkeses Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

Cracker on Cracker Violence takes on many forms. Mostly, Florida Crackers take advantage of the Gunshine State’s friendly gun laws and shoot each other. Often, the Cracker chooses knives and sometimes just good old fisticuffs.

While the Florida Cracker is low on the Socio Economic and Intelligence scales, they can be clever. Such is the case in this Cracker on Cracker Violence at the Last Chance Bar in Daytona Beach, Fl.

The Last Chance Bar is not the typical Beach Bar that you may have frequented when doing Spring Break in Daytona Beach in your misguided youth, the Last Chance Bar is a haven for Florida’s Cracker population.

The Last Chance Bar in Daytona Beach, FL

A bartender working at the Last Chance Bar, Nicole Swindle, 28, was arrested for throwing a beer mug at a customer’s head after he made a remark about how long she was in the bathroom. Cracker Swindle was taken into police custody Thursday night.

Crackerette Nicole Swindle

According to police, a man had been waiting 30 minutes to order a beer while Swindle was in the bathroom. When Swindle finally returned to the bar, the customer made a comment in which he said Swindle wouldn’t have taken so long if she wasn’t a drug addict.

Taking offense to the remark, Cracker Swindle threw a beer mug at the man, hitting him in the head and causing a cut. It is not clear if the beer mug was empty or full of beer. Beer is a valuable commodity for the Florida Cracker so Sarkes hopes the beer mug was empty.

A Beer Mug like those used in The Last Chance Bar

Swindle is now facing charges of aggravated battery and is facing drug charges as well as for possession of pills police found on her person.  

Sarkes is Fair and Balanced and takes no sides on these issues, Sarkes reports, you decide. Sarkes has empathy for both Cracker Swindle and her Cracker Victim and believes that both share blame for this act of Violence.

First, a Cracker should NEVER need to wait 30 minutes for a beer in a Cracker Bar. The Cracker Customer was justified in his frustration for waiting so long for his libation. Having said that, the Cracker Customer should have know better, and that his verbal assault would surely result in a negative reaction from Cracker Swindle.

In regards to Cracker Swindle, we may never know why she took 30 minutes in the Last Chance Bar’s Rest Room. Cracker Swindle may have been suffering from Gastric Disruptions, Sarkes for sure feels her pain there. It’s possible that Cracker Swindle was having a Romantic encounter with another Cracker Customer of the Last Chance Bar, for sure that happens in Cracker Bars. Or, Cracker Swindle may have been taking the Drugs found in her possession.

No shots fired, but one Cracker down.