Drive Thru Window for Heroin Sales

Executive Summary:

– A Florida couple sold drugs from their mobile home

– These Crackers set up a Drive Thru Window from their Kitchen Window

Sarkeses Florida Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

A Florida couple accused of selling drugs out of their mobile home’s kitchen window were arrested last week. These innovative Crackers figured that if a Drive Thru Window works for McDonalds, it would work for them.

Florida Crackers Benchmarked McDonalds Drive Thru Window

Cracker William Parrish Jr. and Crackerette McKenzee Dobbs were arrested when police raided their Ocala, Florida, mobile home and found, heroin, fentanyl and drug paraphernalia.

Einstein Crackers Parrish and Dobbs

According to an Ocala Police Department report of the incident, officers found fentanyl prepackaged in foil as well as plastic bags and a digital scale in the kitchen.

Cracker Parrish and Crackerette Dobbs used the window of their Mobile Home as a makeshift drive-thru for their customers. These innovative Crackers used signs to signal when their mobile home was open for sales and where to drive.

The Mobile Home Heroin Drive Thru Window

Ocala police were watching this particular area after a rash of overdose incidents.

When questioned at the Ocala jail, the lawyer for Crackers Parrish and Dobbs thought he could get a pardon from the Orange Dotard as these Cracker Einsteins are Trumps Base and their votes are needed in the upcoming Florida Senate Election between Demon Dem Dinosaur Bill Nelson and GOP Criminal Rick, Tricky Ricky, Scott, the Trickster.