Proof Positive of the Intelligence of Florida Crackers

Executive Summary:

– Florida man’s own Dashboard Camera lands him in jail

“Many People Say”, Sarkes, can the Florida Cracker be as simple as you describe them in Sarkes Corner? “Many People Say”, Sarkes, you are painting an unreal picture of native Floridians just for the sake of sensational Journalism, are your stories about Florida Crackers are Fake New?

Florida Crackers are not the sharpest knifes in the Drawer

Sarkes, a Truth Machine, cannot make this stuff up. Here is another example.

Florida Cracker Xavier Moran was involved in a Traffic accident and told Police that he could prove that he was not at fault as his Dashboard Camera had recorded the accident, and would prove that he was cut off by another driver.

Florida Cracker Xavier Moran

Cracker Moran gave his dashboard camera to Police. While reviewing Moran’s Dashboard Camera, Police not only found footage of the Traffic accident, but also found footage of Cracker Moran burglarizing a beauty store after using a Baseball Bat to break the glass door to the store. Cracker Moran was arrested on Burglary charges.

Technology is too complicated for the Florida Cracker

The is another example and Proof Positive that the Florida Cracker is on the low end of any Socio-Economic and Intelligence measure.

Sarkes is amazed that while most Crackers live paycheck to paycheck, they always seem to have enough money to buy Hand Guns, AR-15s, Beer, and apparently, Dash Cams.