Bizarro World in Florida

Executive Summary:

– The NRA sues Florida over gun control bill, huh?
– More than 450 people in Florida ordered to give up guns under the new law

Thanks to Sarkes Corner contributor and sister Cindy Mamelian who specializes in stories about Florida Crackers and Packing Heat.

Florida Governor Tricky Ricky Scott signed a Florida bill into law that raises the minimum age for buying rifles and allows some school employees to be armed.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, Tricky Ricky, The Trickster

The Risk Protection Order was signed by the Trickster just three weeks after a gunman killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas and aims to temporarily remove weapons from gun owners who have been deemed by a judge to possibly be a threat to themselves or others.

Roughly 200 firearms have been confiscated in the state since the law was enacted along with 30,000 rounds of ammunition.

The first gun seizure under the law occurred when Florida authorities confiscated an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle from an Army veteran.  Jerron Smith’s gun was seized when he refused to surrender it voluntarily. Broward County Sheriff’s officers also seized a .22 caliber rifle he owned, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a bump stock and numerous other weapon-related items.

In addition to confiscating guns, the law also raised the age to buy a rifle to 21 and established a three-day waiting period on gun purchases.

The NRA is furious over this action by the Gunshine State to infringe on the God Given 2nd Amendment Rights of all Great Americans to bear arms. Florida once was the NRA’s Benchmark for laws protecting it citizens right to bear arms including it’s now famous “Stand Your Ground” law.

The NRA is not happy with The Gunshine State

As Florida moves to enact Gun Control laws in the wake of the senseless murder of scores of it’s citizens with semi automatic heat, Sarkes old home state, Missouri, the Shoot Me State, is poised to become the new Benchmark State for the NRA.

Missouri, The Shoot Me State, new darling of the NRA

Load and Lock Great Americans, Load and Lock.